Have the Niners lost confidence?

SANTA CLARA — You might be wondering if the Niners lost some confidence after their 16-6 loss on Thursday night to the Baltimore Ravens.

Here’s today’s scene from the locker room. You can judge for yourself.

In the middle of the room Anthony Dixon started a dance party. He blasted his iPod speakers so loud it was hard to interview the players. The message was clear – today was a dancing day, not a talking day.

Once Dixon put on “Do It, Stick It” by 3 Deep, his teammates went into a frenzy. C.J. Spillman jumped up and did “The Dougie” in the middle of the room. Reporters were interviewing Adam Snyder at the time, but everyone had to turn and watch Spillman do his dance.

Ricky Jean Francois saw “The Dougie” from across the room. He ran over and pushed Spillman out of the way so he could do his own dance. It was a some kind of combination of the running man and the moon walk.

Dixon and Reggie Smith sat at their lockers and watched the whole thing, bobbing their heads and rapping the words.

Chris Culliver was too shy to dance in the middle of the room, so he danced facing his locker. He spent three minutes putting some kind of product in his hair, and he made this activity a dance of its own.

A lot of the players stood in a circle and watched the dance party with delight. Alex Smith gazed from the periphery, sipping on a protein shake, looking like he was considering whether or not to jump in there and bust a move as well. But he stayed on the side and watched with a smile.

Do you think the Niners have lost their confidence? I’m going to go out on a limb and say they haven’t.

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