Help wanted: 49ers coach for a day


Chip Kelly needs your help.

During the second half of games this season he always runs out of ideas. Which is strange, because he’s chock full of them during the first half. His offense averages 5.7 yards per play before halftime and just 4.3 yards per play after halftime.

I have a solution.

Each of you draw up a play Kelly can use during the second half. Together, you guys can create an entire second-half playbook.

Create your play using First, e-mail me at Then, I’ll send you an invitation, you fill out the form and then make your play.

Seize your chance to become the 49ers offensive coordinator for a day. Show the world your expertise.

This is my Christmas gift to you.

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  1. I hadn’t realised Floyd is available as a waiver wire pick up. Might be worth making a claim just to see what he can do in this offense and get a leg up in negotiations if they are interested in keeping him beyond this season.

      1. another simple reason why Belichick is the best in the league. he will find a way to make Floyd productive and Brady will get him squared away in a hurry. shocked that the Niners did not put in a claim, NOT because the Chipster, unfortunately, would struggle with how to use him!

    1. Very interesting article… based on that I would say the biggest issue with qb’s unbiased this draft would be accuracy. Almost every qb appears to have the requisite arm strength, height and escapability but few have demonstrated accuracy to all levels.

      1. When all is said and done, Watson will likely be the QB that rises to the top again come draft time. Especially if he plays well in the playoffs.

    2. That article is in line with my thoughts a few days ago on how you can draft and develop a QB no matter what offense he’s played in if he has the fundamental talent.

    3. I have no problem bringing in more QB’s from the less traditional type offenses as long as we’re talking mid to late round selections. It’s when they talk about taking them first round that I throw my foot on the brakes. I’ve stated repeatedly that even though I like Mahomes the best I still wouldn’t touch him before pick #60. I wouldn’t have drafted Prescott in the first round either. I’m all for looking past the scheme they’re in if they check all the important boxes but the risk of how they’ll handle a pro offense means they should be taken no earlier then the end of the second round.

      1. The problem is that more and more of the ‘top’ QB prospects are coming from spread offenses. So if you aren’t willing to pull the trigger early you’ll miss out. It is still rare for the Prescott’s of the NFL to last beyond the 2nd round.

        1. The problem is identifying the correct top prospects. Prescott was never considered one and that’s why the Prescott’s do last beyond the 2nd round. Goff went #1 but should he have? Should he have gone first round? Should Wentz have really been considered a top 10 pick? He started out pretty good but has looked very much like a rookie recently. Would Prescott look this sharp and polished on a team like SF? Obviously not.

          Goff isn’t doing much to convince future teams to use high first round picks on Air Raid QB’s even ones that come from Cal. Wentz might make it harder for small school QB’s to go #2 again so soon. Prescott probably went pretty close to where he should have.

          1. Its still way too soon to make any definitive judgement on any of these players. Wentz has looked promising despite his struggles. I don’t think the Eagles have any regrets taking him just now. And I think there are plenty of teams that would take Wentz early having seen him play in the NFL.

            Goff and Lynch have struggled, but it is still very early days. They didn’t come from pro style college systems so there is a steep learning curve. Anyone expecting those guys to step in as rookies and play well was kidding themselves. But you don’t draft QBs (or any player) based on what they’ll do as rookies. Carr struggled as a rookie too, but I bet in a redraft there would be many teams happy to take him #1 now.

            With Prescott, there was talk of him potentially going in round 1 prior to his DUI. I’m sure it was mostly smoke, but he was being discussed as a top QB prospect. And it is rare for quality NFL QBs to fall beyond the 2nd round. Most of the top QBs in the NFL were drafted in rounds 1 or 2.

          2. “Its still way too soon to make any definitive judgement on any of these players”
            Who was making any? I asked if they deserved to be drafted as high as they were?

              1. Its no different then judging incoming rookies and guessing where they should be drafted. Did you think Goff was worth the #1 pick before the last draft? If you didnt then thinking hes not worth one now isnt juudging him any differently then before the draft.

              2. I said I wouldn’t take Goff until the 2nd Round. Now that he’s been Fisherized, I wouldn’t touch him until the 5th. Wentz was the only one I liked in the 1st, but where Lynch was taken….

            1. Like Scooter said, it is too early to reach any conclusions on them Coffee. A great example of this is Alton Smith. After the first seasons, many of us would have thought that he was worth a high pick, but that thinking changed after the second season.

  2. Another play. Shotgun, 4 WRs, 2 on each side. HB in pass protection. Both WRs on the left side will run slants, the outside WR runs 8 Yds then cuts, the inside WR cuts at 5 Yds. The inside WR on the right side runs what looks like a slant but turns it into a hitch route after two steps towards the middle to sell the slant. The outside WR on the right runs a vertical route to draw attention from the safety. With other teams playing man and trying to take away Kap’s outside running lanes we should attack the middle of the field.

  3. This team is so obviously on cruise control for the rest of the year. I don’t think there’s time for Floyd to do anything. But he’s cheap, and he’s a FA after the season, so pick him up just for the comp pick when he leaves.

  4. Love Steve Young my favorite all time 49er always tells it how it is and the Truth. Talks about how the Yorks love to make money and use it for there own bottom line and how they don’t use it to improve our “talented” roster and how bad Trent Baalke really is by ignoring QBs for years and years. Here we got a reporter that has a beef with a HC like a baby crying because somebody said something bad to his daddy lol Chip Kelly’s been here almost a year but the 49ers mess started in 2014.

  5. Well, thoughts of Floyd playing in SF are down the drain as he was just claimed off waivers by the Pats.

    And who was it saying that SF shouldn’t get a guy who was a headache?? Seems the Pats, the best organization of the last 15 years, know talent when they see it.

    Fortune favors the bold.

    1. eMJay,

      I also wanted Floyd. We could have given him a three week audition. If he didn’t want to get his act together we could have just let him walk. If he did well on and off the field we could have tried to sign him to a 2 or 3 year contract. The Pats want to wins. The 49ers want to make as much money as possible.

      1. The Patriots can take a flyer on a player like that because of the culture within the clubhouse. We have no such culture and have no business really even contemplating bringing in a player like that. He wouldn’t have a chance. He just got his best shot at putting his situation behind him, and getting his career back ascending….

        1. “He wouldn’t have a chance.” Maybe, OK likely but it would be a three week experiment with no financial commitment beyond this year.

            1. seb,

              We are losing with class? Jed has no class, Kawakami, Girl Scouts, possibe Measure J violation and he is still here.

              Baalke cuts Hayne on team bus and tries to trade an injured player, yet he is still here.

              Marathe with his leaks is still here.

              But yeah, stay classy 49ers.

              1. Floyd gets a DUI in college and still got drafted. He gets a second DUI and gets claimed a day after he was released. Teams that want to win will take talented but troubled players.

                My last post was about Jed’s hypocrisy. I think Jed is always looking for an excuse to cut salary. You may care about class but Jed does not.

              2. I would argue the most classless example was how harbaugh was shown the door. Constant leaks of in house friction and how he was in jeopardy of losing his job at seasons end smacked of either front office sabotage or incompetence, neither being a good thing. Then this was followed by Jed talking about how they needed to get back to winning with class and implying it was Jim who was the reason for their lack of it. This simple statement on his part showed just how little class he had… it’s no wonder the organization followed suit.

    2. Losing Gronk made them desperate, but I just consider it another Cheatriot stunt.

      Spygate, murderer, Deflate Gate, now a dangerous drunk that passes out in an intersection.

  6. Trent Dilfer caused quite the stir Tuesday on KNBR, when he said the 49ers coaching staff has failed miserably the last three seasons, and that GM Trent Baalke provided talented groceries that were not cooked properly.

    Tolbert and Lund played that sound clip for Steve Young on Wednesday, and asked the Hall of Fame quarterback to respond.

    Let’s just say Young didn’t exactly agree with Dilfer.

    “That’s okay. But the problem is that there’s one job in football you’ve got to get right, and that’s quarterback,” Young said. “Every team that has no answer at quarterback, or is fading at that answer — let’s say the Rams, Arizona, Chicago, Buffalo — those teams are the…those teams are not going anywhere.

        1. I know because I posted two of the articles pertaining to the interview. Citing the source or providing a link to the article will help you to avoid someone questioning the credibility of the post.

          1. It’s cool but I could care less what anybody else thinks if it’s true or not the important thing is is that it’s out there for everybody to see and the only reason I post it on here is because Grant only focuses on the HC and pretty much ignores the real problems.

      1. Seb…..
        Is that right?

        Well, when the wind blows North, don’t walk South!!

        (Im sorry, Seb–I could not resist. My apology…)

    1. Well you would think that some of the players that were drafted and since moved on would be good elsewhere if it’s all player development. This is only true of the db’s he has selected… his rb’s, linemen, wr’s and linemen have all been washouts.

  7. Where to start….

    First of all, recognize that all of the players have good speed and strength. Most are talented, but only a few are elite. The problem with this team is that they give good effort, but are not succeeding. That could be a huge diss on the coaching, and it is partly correct. Comparatively, most teams have 43 million dollars more of talent than this team, so that is a salient factor.

    Eddie succeeded because he got the best players that money could buy. Jed is trying to be cheap, with cheap results. You cant coach up less talented players and expect them to over achieve. With even squads, coaching could be the difference between winning and losing. With less talent, the margin of error is small, and the Niners seem to shoot themselves in the foot so much, it looks like Swiss cheese.

    Coaches can make a positive impact, but bad coaching is all too apparent. Sorry, O’Neil may be a swell guy, a good family man and is honest and forth right, But he sucks at defending. Every screed against him in Cleveland manifested itself here. If Fisher can be let go week 13, O’Neil should have been fired 7 weeks ago. Any team with a 12 game losing streak should have the players, coaches, GM, and even the owner, worried about his job.

    This is one of my main beefs about the team. They seem to play players out of position, and play favorites. Garnett did not deserve to start over Tiller. He was also playing out of position. He should have been put at LG. I hope they go desperate, and start Balducci, because Martin was like a turnstile.

    Heck, they should have been playing Balducci on the defensive line, because that squad needs bodies.

    Cromartie is a puzzle. Bethea looks slow and timid. He takes bad angles. If anything, they should move Ward back to safety, but Cromartie showed me that he has thump, something sorely missing on the defense. Reaser and Dontae should play more.

    Brooks may have cost them the game, again. When he shot himself in the foot again by jumping off sides, he essentially made it a free play, and the Niners were out of sync. I want to see Rush, because Brooks is a liability.

    Bellore made some tackles, but rewinding the plays, at times, he also seemed to jump out of the way to plug the wrong gap. At least he did not block out his own player, but since he has started, they have not won, and the 200 yard rushing games are partly due to his play.

    On 2 games which the Niners had hope of winning, they gave Harris 2 touches. None this last game. It was almost like they wanted to lose.

    The other main beef about this team is that they are not utilizing Kaep correctly. Next game, the Falcons will strive to keep Kaep contained in the pocket, and send a blitzer in his face. You heard it here first, but I am only saying what every other team has done, and the Niners are too obtuse to consider that. In fact, they will probably stack the box and dare them to pass.The Niners, now that they know the oppositions’ strategy, should make adjustments to take advantage of that scheme. In other words, out think their enemy.

    So far, the Niners have not been up to the challenge.

    So, to make second half adjustments, the Niners should not have gone away from what was working in the first half. In other words, do not be shaped by their opponent. I sure am glad that they followed my advice and lined up Hyde deep in the I and let him build up a head of steam before running downhill, attacking their weakest part, and those first half runs last game made me hopeful.

    Other posters are so inured to my ideas, they can quote them verbatim.

    The salient points are-

    Do not force Kaep to be only a pocket passer, because that is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

    Roll out Kaep so he can elude the pass rush, threaten to run, buy time, discombobulate the DBs so they forget all about the receivers, and let Kaep hit a wide open player for a big gain.

    Or let Kaep use his speed to out run the safeties.

    Let Kaep move, like the Sundance Kid. He is accurate on the run.

    Put a tight end in motion to pinch in the DE, then leak the TE out for a safety valve while Kaep is allowed to roll out.

    Do not put a man in motion, then have him stop, because that defeats the whole purpose of having a man in motion. Put a WR in motion so he can avoid the chuck at the line of scrimmage.

    Niners should attack the edges by spreading them out. they should shape the opponent, and think 2 plays ahead.

    I will say once again, that the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. If Kaep walks up to the line, looks confused, and calls a time out, he should just continue past the side line to sit on the bench and let Gabbert play. While behind, they should never let the play clock to go past 15 seconds.

    I hope the coaches are smart enough to debate the cost benefit analysis of the Third Down Bomb play.

    I will come up with an assortment of plays, but the first thing I will advise, is to be less predictable, more innovative and stop running into the teeth of the defense.

    1. Seb-
      You make us all tired. We have all seen what Kap can do-all of us, with our own eyes.
      Why do you keep pretending he’s an accurate passer????? Kap is to accuracy what Montana was to choking in big games—they both don’t do it!

      1. Saw, it is just my nature. I am for the under dog, and Kaep is being criticized up and down, both right and left.

        It is a great American tradition to stick up for the little guy.

        As a die hard faithful Niner fan, I like to support the starting QB, and all along, I have called for Chip to make it competitive.

        Maybe sit Gabbert and elevate Ponder, then let Kaep start, and as long as he can lead to a score, he gets to keep starting. Once they have to punt, the back up gets his chance until he fails to score. It is a desperate strategy, but this team has a 12 game losing streak, which is reason enough to be incredibly desperate. It would reward success, and might light a fire under one of them.

        1. This isnt about the under dog story Fraudnnoying. This is about a guy who isnt very good at his job any longer. Like always, clueless!

          1. If I can paraphrase Oregon- Blah blah blah. You were the one wanting Gabbert, who is truly inaccurate.

            Kaep is a Super Bowl QB who has set records, and you also preferred a 6th round pick who was cut.

            find me a QB who can put his foot on the one half yard line, then sprints up field for a TD untouched. Until you do, I feel perfectly fine supporting a QB who did that.

            1. When Oregon says Blah! blah! blah! He’s talking to YOU and TomD!
              You really that unaware? Good gawd. Appalling. And you evoke him?
              You don’t even know when he’s mocking you? Attaboy.

              1. Seb at this point I truly believe you are on here for some self fulfilling agenda. You dont care about the 49ers. In fact I’ve never actually hear you say something intelligent or substantial pertaining to them

                All you advocate for is Kaepernick. Yet all you do is bring up plays from 4 years ago. That tells me you dont know the game. He has NOT developed and neither has your thinking.
                You are a fraud. Stop pretending and seek attention elsewhere.

              2. Prime, I am a die hard faithful Niner fan who was an eye witness to the Glory Years. Those memories will sustain me, even through this drek.

                You on the other hand, hate the starting QB with a burning passion, and seem gleeful when the Niners lose. You admitted to liking the Raiders, so don’t tell me who is the real fan.

                Water boy, stick to Football For Dummies. I am contemptuous of any poster who thinks the CFL compares well with the NFL.

  8. Razoreater

    December 14, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    When you’re waived by the Browns, you know this is the end. His football friend, the end….


    December 14, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Thanks, Baalke!

    TomD’s Response: Baalke, covering his As- , holding on to Lemonier years, when it took the Browns no time to cut him.

    I have mentioned for years the Niners hide bad draft picks on their roster to the detriment of the team, while good teams, like the 1970-80’s Steelers’s hid good players on their roster. It’s where Bill Walsh picked Brent Jones off of.

    1. Holding on to bad draft picks was another Baalke special beat writer’s neglected to fault him for.

      While many of Baalke’s picks rode the roster bench, writers would ask: “Why isn’t so and so playing.” Of course Baalke new they weren’t good enough to play at all, so he would hide them (not play them). A few more drafts go by, and writers focus on the new players, forgetting about the stashed ones.

      In fairness, the level 49ers dysfunction has been mentioned by nearly all the bay area beat writers, however when coupled with stashing bad players to save a GM’s job, while Jed is focused on financial dysfunction via the Girl Scouts of America imbroglio; the threatened lawsuit of Tim Kawakami and stiffing him for a $1,200 dinner bill–it just shows the total dysfunctional chaos reigns supreme and why they can not hire good coaches until Jed and Trent are gone !!!

  9. 2nd Half Play the current 49er Way
    Give no less but no more than 50% effort, but look like your really trying. Do not excel as your contract value will go too high.
    Avoid a long term injury so the team will not have to pay you an injury settlement.
    Remember; its not whether you win or lose but how much the concession sales are for each game.
    If you feel the need to be entertaining make a snow angel in the end zone.
    If we win the game that is ok, but it is not key to profitability.
    As to the play; Throw lots of bombs because the fans love them and think we’re trying to win. Don’t worry if it’s intercepted because we really don’t care about winning.
    And don’t forget; there is a sucker born everyday and we sold most of them PSL’s.

    The York family

  10. An old play designed by Seb is submitted here for your critic, Grant:

    First, take every wide receiver off the field. Put running backs with leather on in the WR positions…This demonstrates the toughness Sun Tzu preached, by beating the enemy before the fight (play begins).

    2nd: Tell the refs, your offensive tackle is eligible before the play begins…What coach could predict a 320 Lb, OT would line up as an eligible receiver on every play. The art of tomfoolery….Seb said that Sun Tzu stated if you can fool the enemy before the first fight (play) you win again.

    3rd: Hike the football. The Field General runs to the sideline as if he’s running a sweep, then tosses it all the way back across the field to the halfback (still in the backfield). When the defense reacts to the running back, the running back tosses it back across the field to the QB, and they play keep away for awhile, tiring out the defenders running back and forth.

    When they’re so tired they can’t stand anymore, then Kap launches the ball 70 yards down field to the tackle-eligible player (the game of keep-away gives a 320 Lb man time to get downfield). TOUCHDOWN !!!

  11. New plays for this hapless group of NFL yahoo’s is like spitting in the wind because there is always, always a failure to execute.

  12. OK. I’ve got the perfect game winning second half plays in a list.
    I can’t tell you guys that list, or the Falcons will be ready for them.
    If the 9ers lose, they didn’t use my plays.
    If they win, then clearly they did. Uh-Duh!

  13. This is my – Lookoff Play.

    Kaep should Take the snap, look left, point left and pump fake left, then he should pivot and heave the ball down the right side line, to the WR who initially went 5 steps, did a double move, then flew down the side line.

    1. This is my – Lookoff Play.

      Kaep grab a Football for dummies 101 book. Read the part where to be successful in the NFL you must be able to play 90% from the pocket.
      If you can’t get it, which I know you won’t, see you in Arena League next year!

      1. Football for dummies? Yup, that is about your speed.

        Personally, I like books with titles like- Building a Champion, Finding The Winning Edge and The Score Takes Care of Itself.

          1. Well, I AM old fashioned. I like books written 2400 years ago like – The Art of War.

            Sounds like they would need to format your reading material in comic book form, to go along with your Football For Dummies.

        1. How about “Knute Rockne, All-American”?

          I understand Patton read that book before putting a whuppin’ on your guy Zoo……………

            1. I know all about Sun Tzu and the Art Of War……..But could it be……….no…….but is it possible…….I guess it has to be! You,The Mighty Seb…….ARE SUN ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. No biggie, Prime tends to lead with his chin.

              I kinda feel sorry for him. Water boy, now Football for Dummies, he is a joke by his own words.

  14. As a 49er fan I might be suspected of a persistent anti-Seahawk bias, which I admit to, but JFC! These unies are sickeningly grotesque.
    The Seattle Pickles?
    The Seattle Glow Worms?
    The Seattle Pollywogs?
    The Seattle Salamanders?
    Yikes! Embarrassing in the extreme.

    1. Bill Walsh studied colors and determined that red helped the receiver stand out so he was easier to target.

      These Seahawk unies just hurt the eyes.

    1. Steve does not want to burn his bridges, but what he said, he said, and at least he was being passionate, and honest.

      This clarification is just a CYA move.

  15. Hmm, maybe the Niners should copy a Seahawk play. They put a man in motion, Wilson hands off to him who pitches back for a flea flicker, who then throws way down the field. Too bad it was short, because Baldwin was wide open.

    Maybe Blake Bell throwing the flea flicker, because he used to be a QB.

      1. Usually with Walsh, it was just a pitch back for the flea flicker, but I am glad that some winning teams are showing the world what it takes to win. Innovative thinking.

    1. >>Hmm, maybe the Niners should copy a Seahawk play

      Hmm, maybe the Niners should copy a Rams play. Fake punt on 4th down deep inside their own territory. Have Pinion short arm it. His 0 for 1 for 0 yards would be a better stat than Kaeps entire Bears game. All arrows up!

  16. Seahawks got the 13th man working for them. I thought the Ram’s defender had the ball and took two steps before Graham disturbed his grip. Could have been a game changer.

    1. part of graham’s foot was out of bounds while he and and Ram defender were fighting for control of the ball. since graham had his hands on the ball at that very time, ball is no longer in play.

  17. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I wish to detail some more plays.

    Kaep should get the snap, fake the pitch to the right and roll out on a naked bootleg to the left. He should attract the defenders to his side, then pass the ball to the RB he faked to previously. Hopefully, the defenders will not have time to recover, and the RB could have a convoy for a big gain.

    If fortunate enough to have second and short, do not run the ball. Do play action pass for a long strike down field.The defense will be keyed up to stop the run, so it will surprise them. Even if it fails, it will still be third and short.

    The other team will stack the box, and dare the Niners to pass. The Niners should counter that strategy by lining up 4 receivers wide to spread them out, then send all 4 deep and/or gash them up the middle.

    The Niners should look at plays that the Seahawks and Patriots run that are successful, and copy them.

    If Joe Staley is back, they should keep Beadles at LT, move Garnett to LG, use Balducci at center, start Tiller at RG, and keep Brown at RT. Then they should utilize Staley as a fullback and TE.

    The Niners should still give Hyde the rock, but utilize Harris as a change of pace back in the Zone read, and even run the pistol with him.

    The Niners have a chance to win if they roll out Kaep at least 10 times.

    Kaep should not worry about winning or losing, he should just concentrate on converting third downs and scoring TDs. Like Bill said, the score will take care of itself. Kaep needs to constantly score, because the Niner defense will not be able to stop the Falcon juggernaut.

    The Niners need to go bold, and not settle for FGs, especially in the red zone.

    If the Niners do not change, they will lose. Chip should turn Kaep loose. He should let Kaep be the field general, and have scripted plays with the authority to morph into another play. When the defense has the defensive alignment in place to stop the play, Kaep should run a naked bootleg. I want to see Kaep score a TD.

    Above all, they should be more deceptive and less predictable.

    1. Staley at FB would work occasionally. I’m all for using the Pistol with Harris and Hyde. Anything with a lead blocker.

      Kap as field general = delay of game penalties. Ponder will start the last two games of the season.

      I’m surprised we don’t have more plays being suggested. Kudos to you Seb for drawing up plays. Kelly needs all the help he can get.

    2. Kap can only roll to his right. Teams know this and will force him to his left where he can not throw. There are good reasons why they do not roll out Kap.

      1. Hmmm, Kaep has plenty of arm to roll left and throw right. He did it several times in a Seahawk game.

        I remember on time that he rolled left, attracted several defenders, then threw right to Gore who scored a TD.

        Next you will be claiming he is inaccurate after he threw for 400 yards.

    1. I like Mahomes, Webb, or Falk. We might be able to get Webb in the third round.

      I used to play a lot of Madden so I’m into play calling, pre snap adjustments, and audibles. People don’t like it when I talk Madden so I won’t elaborate.

        1. seb,

          I agree if Kelly is still coach because we won’t get any defensive FAs. If we have a new coach we should go QB in the 2nd. Whichever QB the new coach likes. If that happens to be Rush in the 4th then so be it.

          1. 80, I am confident that Chip may stick around, because no decent coach in his right mind will want to come here.

            That was the problem with the JH fiasco. They cut off their nose to spite their face, then did not have a candidate in place to succeed him. JT was a desperation hire, and so was Chip, because the word went out.

            The NFL coaching fraternity is a close knit bunch, and they all saw how JH was treated. Niners are radioactive, and may be forced to find another DJ to help coach the team.

    2. Mahomes runs that air raid offense. He will need a couple years to figure out how to run a pro offense.

      Just look at Goff. He ran the same offense, and he is getting stomped in the pros.

      1. Just look at Goff. I tried to look away tonight.

        Kaaya might be the most pro ready as far as the offense he runs. If we go QB with the 34th pick I would take Falk. I like his accuracy. I will make my top 10 QB list after the combine.

        1. 1st time I’ve watched Goff play an entire game, and I saw nothing to dissuade my original assessment. If they don’t get him a developer, and quick, his face will end up on a box of YIPPS Cereal….

        2. I was not a fan of both Goff and Wentz, and my assessments are proving correct.

          Kayaa may be available later on, and if Kizer falls to the second, the Niners should pick him, especially if Kaep leaves.

        3. If that’s all you guys took from watching Goff last night then you weren’t paying close enough attention. He was under constant duress every time he dropped back and showed a great ability to climb the pocket and set himself. That’s advanced pocket awareness and one of the key skills that made him a top pick. He missed a few throws, no doubt about it, but there were also multiple drops and no help from the running game. Football is not about one player. You need the other parts working to have success and the Rams Oline is a mess. The next HC has got to get that fixed or Goff will wind up like David Carr.

          I can’t believe how wrong I was about Greg Robinson. I thought he was going to be a plug and play LT who would be solid for the next ten years. He is absolutely terrible.

    3. Ideally you want to draft Mahomes either at the end of the 2nd or in the third. Using a high second is putting too much risk on the side of the team. Let’s use our first two picks at the top of the round and then keep our fingers crossed he’s there at the beginning of the third or give away a 6th and move back into the bottom of the second to get him.

      He’s still my first choice at QB this draft but we need to get in a couple solid ‘safer’ picks before grabbing Mahomes.

  18. Chip needs help. The best way to help him is to fire Baalke, or at least kick him into the financial sector away from the personnel.

    If Jed gets rid of Baalke, I will stop calling for Jed’s head, because at least one person will be held accountable. For continuity, they should just elevate Gamble.

    Gamble will retain Chip, who I think was given a raw deal. Despite all the drama and this horrendous losing streak, the locker room seems tight. There have been many other locker rooms who would have disintegrated into a pissing match, so Chip has done a good job keeping the team cohesive, and no one is being thrown under the bus.

    It does look like Chip has learned from his Philly experience, and has worked on his people skills.

    Now, if only he can learn from a 12 game losing streak……

    1. Oh please, anything to get you to stop calling for things. Like a petulant child establishing conditions for behavior.

      1. Cassie, Grant gave me a Christmas present, and I am playing with it.

        Maybe instead of the incessant snark, you should try to say something.

        With a name of the daughter of the Niner GM, I can only conclude you are a FO plant; a shrill shill, an odious toady.

        If this team was 12-1, I would never dream of lecturing them, but with a 1-12 record, I want to burn the place, down, and feel perfectly justified in thinking that I am a genius compared to them.

        Petulant child? Look in a mirror. There is a reason why your daddy took away your twitter account.

    2. how can any true football sage call for “continuity,” and just elevate Gamble? how does that fix the defense, especially from a statistical perspective when the DC has the same track record from year to year, regardless of the team colors he is wearing? you cannot claim it is just a personnel issue because how can the same personnel not be at fault for being up by 2 scores in the first half; yet, be at fault for being shut out in the second, and one week this so-called questionable personnel puts up over 400 yards, while in a future week it barely generates 27 yards passing in the second half of a game? as an amateur, viewing from the outside, there has to be more than personnel contributing to this spiral to the bottom depths of the NFL.

      1. I have stated before, that the opposition is looking at the signals, and by the second half, they have deciphered them, so the opposition knows what is going to be run. That makes it way too easy to stymie, and is a logical conclusion why the Niners suck so bad in the second half.

        Niners need to be way less predictable. Everyone and their cousin knew that Hyde would get the ball on 4th down, yet Kaep, if he had kept it, was so alone, he could have jogged into the end zone.

        Kaep did put up 400 yards, but the Niners cannot, or is unwilling to make adjustments. He also lost his number one WR and starting TE, and the O line was in flux, so coupled with the opposition getting wise to the play calling, the cupboard was bare.

        I agree, it is not only personnel, it is the coaching, too. Every time I see the whole offense stand up and look at the side line at 15 seconds, I am reminded of Pee Wee football. Modkins is a joke, and cannot even figure out the time. O’Neil is a remedial DC who never heard of gap integrity. The position coaches seem to play the wrong players in the wrong position. I want both the DC and OC gone, like 7 weeks ago.

        Maybe you are not paying attention, but it is because of Baalke that the Niners failed to obtain decent FAs. Gamble would be way better because he is not Baalke. Until Baalke is gone, just expect FAs to avoid the Niners like the plague. Baalke is so clueless, he re-signed DEVEY.

        Looks like Jed is sticking around, but I have high hopes that Baalke will be cut on the team bus. Glad he is taking ALL THE BLAME, because he richly deserves it, and he is the architect of this downward spiral.

        I want Gamble, because he would probably not jettison Chip, and Chip is the only person in the world who would be capable of convincing Kaep to stay. I am at the point that I want Kaep to flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire, for his own sanity.

        I am so mad at Jed and the FO, I almost want Kaep to go to a division rival and haunt the Niners for years just to rub their nose in it. It would be delicious Karma if that happened, but I also want the Niners to win Super Bowls, and think that throwing away the last Niner QB to lead them to a SB is imbecilic.

        1. Seb–

          Admirable that you stick up for the underdog, except for one thing-Kap put himself in this position. No way is he a victim……..
          You know, and I know you know, that Walsh would have Kap learn footwork, mechanics, timing, how to read a defense, etc… There was a specific reason Madden said Montana was the most mechanically perfect QB he has ever seen-not only because he was a great and willing student, but because of Walsh.
          Walsh would have MADE Kap learn these things, or he would have given him a bus ticket-literally. This “I’m not into mechanics” from Kap would not be tolerated.
          On top of this, he goes on and on about the greatness and wonders of Fidel Castro-but he surely wont go to live there, will he? He also won’t go to live in North Korea, China, Putin’s Soviet Union, etc etc.
          Do you realize what he sounds like to real veterans? To people who have to work for a living?
          Your thinking with your heart, not your head………

          My point???? Your sympathies are seriously misplaced.
          What’s more, today, right now–this guy seriously stinks.

          1. Yes, I agree that Walsh would have taken Kaep like he took Steve Young, broke him down, and rebuilt him into a prodigious scoring machine.

            However, he saw in Young what I see in Kaep. They are both dual threat QBs, that can pass and run. Walsh saw that the NFL was evolving, and players like Cam, Mariota, Winston and Kaep will start dominating the league.

            Of course, with all those QBs, they need a strong supporting cast. Look at Cam. From a 15 game winner who almost won a SB, to out of the playoffs because the FO cut their best DB.

            Joe Montana would be the first to say that he could not have achieved greatness without Ronnie Lott. The present Niners need so much help throughout the defense.

            We may differ on Kaep and his protests, but he is protesting against injustices, so I think that is admirable. The Castro shirt is puzzling to me. Why borrow trouble? He must have known that Castro was reviled by the Cuban exiles, and most Americans think he did bad things as any dictator would. However, he did peacefully relinquish power, and they are moving away from the communist dogma into a more free market economy.

            It is your prerogative to think he stinks. He has not shined in the last 2 games. I still think he can redeem himself, and NFL QBs do not grow on trees. With the proper coaching, I think Kaep gives them the best chance to win. Gabbert certainly is not the answer, and if you think a house painter can come in there and light it up, you are way more optimistic than I am.

            1. Seb

              Relinquished power peacefully????
              He was a dying old frick who “relinquished power to his bloody brother-cut out of the same DNA cloth!

              Not shined in the last two games??
              He hasnt “shined” in the last three years!!!!!

              The house-painter out-played both of these im-posters during the pre-season. A small sample, true…but he already sees the field and has better touch than Kap. Having said that, their QB answer is not currently on this team. As I have said before; Kap is a great athlete who happens to be playing the QB position.
              You have to look at this more objectively, Seb, and get over that 400 yard game, which is very misleading.
              You can be my GM, Seb, but were bringing in Holmgren to pick the QB.

  19. Just sent out invitations to join the coaching staff. This way, everyone can see each other’s work. Let me know if you did not get an invitation.

    1. Sorry, Grant, but after infecting my son’s computer with a virus, he has quarantined me to this site, so here is only where you will see my plays.

      At least he has let me see the avatars, so I cannot complain too much. =/

      1. That’s a strong statement, Rocket — coming soon after that introspective remark about your evaluation of Greg Robinson :)

        1. Lol, I actually meant in regards to where I think they will be valued after the combine and workouts. I’m not predicting their NFL future yet.

            1. I am of the human race. Whatever I say will be used against me, so I will reply by asking if you are an unintelligent racist bigot? Or maybe just a racist bigot, because the unintelligent part has already been confirmed.

              1. I’m Italian Canadian. I’m not
                gonna use race here to further embarrass you. Your football acumen is more than enough. I’m just curious. If you don’t want to share, just means you are not proud of what you are! That’s sad in itself!

              2. Same filling, just in jumbo shells. I finish it off with my Godfathers Pasta sauce after it’s simmered all day….

              3. I am just needling you. If posters had followed my history, they full well know who I am.

                I will give you a hint. I have been to about 20 Grateful Dead concerts.

              4. Dead Head, huh? I used to get some liquid L from a dead head couple in Tahoe. Cool peeps! Never got into their music even though I had breakfast with them Sunday morning at the first US Festival in San Bernardino….

        1. Prime…..

          Your an Itialian? Great people. I’m married to an Italian, 2nd Generation.
          She is one combustible can of tomato sauce!!! I’m mostly a Mick, myself….

      1. Seb!!!!!

        Your an old Dead-head, you son of a gun!!!!!!

        Do you go to the Jazz festival up there on Johnson’s Beach? Float around on a tube? I do that once in a while….

  20. Steve Young’s two interviews of the last two days on KNBR are definitely worth listening. However, the reporters and headline writers misrepresented what he was saying — hence his second interview yesterday to clarify what he meant. However, Carmen Policy was more direct in his criticisms on KNBR with lines such as Niners’ “approach to the competitive end has been overshadowed by the business end”, and dark remarks about “” a franchise that is always kind to the bottom line”.

      1. Disagree. The video clearly shows the crown of Sherman’s helmet hitting the face mask of Goff.

            1. Refs would have called it, but that looked textbook to me. He was not head hunting, but he laid the wood to him. Goff was wrecked.

        1. Maybe it’s his cologne, because a lot of teams been sniffing around. The Packers keep promoting him. Only one promotion left and that’s GM. I highly doubt he leaves Green Bay anyway….

            1. Yea, Kirchner is some one I’ve looked at. Will McClay of the Cowboys too. I dunno, Grant. Gonna have to be one competent SOB to clean up this poopfest! Carerio would still be my first choice….

    1. h-mmm … interesting .. #80 ..

      Bill Walsh-tree experience ? … If this one turns gold …
      just .. maybe … a return to the
      lady what brung us to the dance …

      the BWO ! …

      (fun to dream ..huh ?)

  21. Ron Wolf with GB
    Hired Holmgren, traded for Favre, Signed Reggie White when we wanted him. HOFer.

    Eliot Wolf
    Has been with GB since 2004 in different roles. GB has been good at times. But most importantly he is not Baalke or Gamble.

  22. Nice fantasies, but NO ONE is wanting to come here and destroy their career, until Jed goes. Since he seems to be staying, the pragmatist in me says Gamble, with Chip and Kaep. It will provide continuity, because if they blow it up, it may take 5 years to start from scratch.

    They should parlay their high pick into several bodies, and fix the defense. With those 400 yard games, the offense has shown glimpses of good play. I preface all the improvements with the caveat of Baalke getting cut on the team bus. Until he goes, no decent free agent will come here.

    If the Niners want to win, they cannot sit on the salary cap. They need to spend to within 10 mil, to cover contingencies. They need to fill every hole, so the draft becomes a case of drafting the best player available, not reaching for need. Saving the salary cap just helps losing.

    Many will scoff at the notion that the Niners could possibly win, but several games, they jumped out to a 14 point lead, and last game, it went into overtime to decide it. If the Niners can eliminate the unforced errors, and play energized and focused, they have a chance. Against Atlanta they have a daunting task, but if Army can win, the Niners have a chance.

    Just as long as Baalke goes, I will take anyone, even Joan in accounting.

  23. Tim Ryan wanted more long plays downfield on third down.

    This play I call the Third down Bomb. On third down, Inside their own 30, Kaep should roll out, buy time with his legs, then heave it down field for essentially a jump ball.

    Four things can happen. It can be completed, which is excellent. It can draw a pass interference penalty, which is equally good. It can fall incomplete, which just means its time to punt. It could also be intercepted, but since it is contested, the ball should be downed where it lands. It essentially becomes a 60 yard punt.

    So 2 excellent things can happen, an indifferent thing can happen, or a bad thing can happen, but it will possibly make the opponent to start deep in their territory, so it is a strategic move.

    The Niner coaches should debate the cost benefit scenarios. If successful, it could help demoralize the opponent, and make them defend the entire field.

    It takes a bold coach to try the Third Down Bomb, but Big Balls Chip may be the coach to do it.

  24. I didn’t sign up to draw second half plays after giving it some thought. I’m not imagining any mystifying new play that nobody’s seen before. It’s all been done, all been seen before even if you dress it up differently. I think the timing for when to call a play is more important.
    So I like play sequences where you can do something different off a recurrent formation and play action. You have to establish some success with the base play; you know, blocking and stuff like that, or nothing matters.
    But in a simplistic example, in a one back set you can run a wham or trap off tackle play several times to both sides and get modest results, and later run a play action pass off of that motion. It doesn’t have to be a deep shot play. The edge backer is conflicted with beating the block, so sneak the H-back out for 4-5 yards on 2nd & 2, or if the Safety breaks on the short receiver you might have the post available.
    Not rocket science, just keeps them guessing a lil bit.
    CAUTION: You have to do something different than that the next week, LOL!

  25. I am not saying the Niners HAVE TO run exotic plays. I want them to mix it up, using tried and true old school plays like a simple screen, or a reverse. It is not rocket science to invite the blitz, then take advantage of the defensive weakness due to the blitz.

    The Niners should assume the opponent is stealing their signals and act appropriately, like internalizing the snap count and running multiple plays out of the same formation. If they are audiblizing after looking at the defense, they are allowing the defense to shape them.

    The Niners are also too formulaic. Running on first and second downs, then passing on third down, is way too predictable. Running into the teeth of the defense is problematic, because the Niners do not have the talent to over whelm the defense.

    Putting a man in motion allows for a player to be at full speed at the snap of the ball. It could allow the Niners to over load a side. Kaep can read the defense’s reaction. It would allow a WR to avoid the chuck at the line of scrimmage. It could be used to pinch in the DE so Kaep could roll out. Putting a man in motion, then have him stop, is just a time consuming shift. Hopefully, the Niner coaches can study how Roger Craig was used as a man in motion to help stomp the Broncos in the SB.

    The Niners need to be more deceptive. I would love to see Kaep do a pump fake to freeze the safeties. Misdirection plays will allow for the defense to over run the play. Fake pitches to a naked bootleg could be effective, too.

    Above all, the Niners should be balanced, so the defense must respect both the pass and run.

    1. Something I forgot to mention. Chip is stubborn, and set in his ways.

      Chip needs to eat some humble pie and start using a fullback. With the loss of Bruce Miller, some will say that he does not have a fullback, but maybe he should think outside the box. Use Hyde as the FB, or a TE. If the backfield is Hyde and Harris, the defense cannot key on just one player.

      Also, Bill Walsh used the FB in a myriad ways, so the Niner coaches should study how Roger Craig was used in the Super Bowls to see how an elite Fullback can affect the game.

      Heck, they should ask Rathman, and use the plays he ran in his SB.

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