Here’s the blueprint for Jed York to rebuild the 49ers

Jed York still doesn’t get it.

All he had to do after firing his third head coach in three years, plus his general manager, was show humility. Say something like: “Look, Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke weren’t the problem. Jim Tomsula wasn’t the problem. I’m the problem. My ego is the problem. I think I know more than I do, I think I know football but I don’t and that’s why I keep hiring the wrong people. That’s why I alienated Jim Harbaugh. That’s why the 49ers are a national joke.

“But now I know what I have to do, and I know what I don’t know. I need guidance. So, before I hire the new GM and head coach, I will consult with Steve Young, Ronnie Lott, Brent Jones, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Jeff Garcia, Mike Holmgren and George Seifert. The greats of 49ers history. I’m sorry I didn’t do this before. Please forgive me.”

York didn’t say that. Instead, he acted more arrogant than ever. He actually wanted credit for learning things. He repeatedly said he learned the Niners need a new “culture,” as if he even knows what football culture is. As if he’s not the one poisoning the culture in the first place.

York also said he learned a general manager and head coach have to like each other and work together. Give the man a freaking medal.

Or don’t. Because the very next day, York reportedly scheduled several interviews with potential head coaches, which means York has learned nothing.

An owner first needs to hire a GM, and then let the GM interview head-coaching candidates of his choosing. And the new head coach needs his own quarterback, the most important position on every football team.

The holy trinity of football — GM, head coach, quarterback. Cue the Angels’ Choir.

There is an order to these things. If York messes up the order, he creates a problem. He’s already creating a problem. He is the problem.

What good head coach will come to the 49ers if he doesn’t know whom the GM will be? And what good GM will come to the 49ers if can’t vet and hire his own head coach? No qualified personnel executive will leave the fertile grounds of New England or Green Bay or Seattle to come to the scorched earth of Santa Clara just to be the new head coach’s butler.

York is clueless. He doesn’t understand the process. Let me fill him in.

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  1. I’d be happy with either option.

    But WRT to looking for a HC before hiring a GM, in fairness he is doing both at the same time. I expect he will hire both about the same time too, and whoever gets hired will do so knowing who they are being partnered with.

  2. I’ve always thought the best odds of success in the shortest amount of time is Caserio/McDaniels/Garoppolo. In the name of the GM, Head Coach and Quarterback. Amen, Grant….

      1. It’s worse. In 22 years he’s not produced one successful HC candidate. The man, simply put, is a control freak and has his hands in everything. Consequently, his assistants don’t get any autonomy. They just follow his orders.

        Walsh, OTOH, gave his assistants a lot of authority. And helped them to grow. That was, for Walsh, a big thing. And it produced one of the greatest and most successful coaching trees in the history of pro sports. Because, learning their lessons in staff development from Walsh, they passed it on.

        1. I think that philosophy is what separates Harbaugh from singletary. JH looked for great men around him, MS looked for people he could dominate

    1. First, while McDaniels may have learned his lessons during his abysmal failure in Denver, it’s still a high risk (therefore stupid) choice when this team needs someone with a better chance of success than yet-another-over-rated Belichick protege.

      Second, have you never actually looked at Belichick’s ‘coaching tree?’ I bet you haven’t.

      But before we look at his, let’s look at Walsh’s 10-year reign of success: Holmgren, Seifert, Hackett, Wyche, Green, Fassell. Who in turn produced Coslett, Carroll, Shanahan, McCarthy, Gruden, Mariucci, Reid, Sherman and a whole bunch more…

      Now let’s look at Belichick — NOT ONE SUCCESSFUL COACH IN 22 YEARS despite over 22 years of coaching that has produced a .673 winning percentage (including .739 in New England!) And look at ‘best’ of what’s he produced: McDaniels (failure (and thought Tim Tebow was an NFL QB)), Crennel (2x failure), Mangini (2x failure), Weis (2x failure).

      Marty Schottenheimer, the man who couldn’t win the big one, has done a better job — Bill Cower, Tony Dungy, Herman Edwards, Cam Cameron and Wade Phillips. And they’ve produced some good coaches along the way.

      Sid Gilliam — Don Coryell, Al Davis, Chuck Knoll, Bum Phillips. Who, in turn, produced a lot of good coaches — Madden, Flores, Jim Hanifan, Joe Gibbs, etc… Who in turn, produced a lot of good coaches.

      Belichick is a sterile tree. Lots of pretty blossoms. No fruit. So, please, just stop because with 22 years of NFL head coaching Belichick has produced ONE successful coach/admin, the GM of Atlanta and, considering the track record, I’m not sold on him!

      And, FWIW, there are reasons for why Walsh’s assistants were successful and Belichick’s aren’t. But it’s already tl;dr as it is.

      1. Moses

        Wow…you’re right…I would not have guessed that BB had such a failed bunch… Sid Gilliam, Tommy Prothro, and Walsh were the real genius’…Kelly could have been…but not in one year….

    2. Totally agree Razor, with the second either Garrett or Allen, whomever is available. And also imho, trade up to get my draft crush, Corey Sanders.
      What would think about Riddick/McDaniels/Garoppolo?

    3. Good luck with that….. please tell me when ex pats, QB’s, coaches and GMs have ever panned out elsewhere outside of that organization?

    4. That’s exactly what I want and I’m sure a lot of faithful would be happy with. So you know what happens next. :-(

  3. Agree that the appeal of this job is that the GM gets to hire the coach. If Jed thinks a qualified GM is just going to take the job with his coach selection–he will fail again. Only guys like Jimmy Rays son or the ESPN hosts (Riddick) may consider the job because they are not that good. The Packers executives and New England executives have too much sence and too many good advisers around them that they would never consider the Niners anything more than an interview practice if the coach was pre selected.
    Hopefully most of the interviews Jed & Prague are doing with coaches is for their Rooney rule or familiarity.

    Remember they did get this wrong before when Nolan was hired prior to the GM.

    1. Grant sez :

      “…York didn’t say that. Instead, he acted more arrogant than ever…”

      Ya kno.. Grant ..
      some, here, didn’t take Jedsters ..

      “I’m the owner” ..remark as arrogant.. but..
      to me … I felt like punching him in the nose !
      I didn’t think that’s what the fans
      wanted to hear …

      In fact … after his Black Monday presser ..
      I’d bet my last sandwich .. Jedster has
      turned up the fans ..hate-volume eleven …
      upon himself ..

      He couldn’t go into a WalMart and ..
      buy himself … a clue !

      1. Come on, some stupid little pissant was playing ‘gotcha’ games in his usual little pissant way. That wasn’t ‘journalism’ on his part, it was being a rude ***hole.

        1. Moses – you know your football but seriously – Jed’s mommy owns the team. Succession to the throne is not an American tradition. IMHO it is very fair to ask the question: What exactly, besides being related to the Queen do you have to offer in the way of business, and particularly the business of NFL football, acumen? Your comment about Grant is unfair.

    2. They hired Terry Donahue, Bill Walsh’s hand-picked successor.

      It may have not worked out. But it was not wrong. Walsh was one of the greatest developers of coaches and admins in NFL history.

      And while Walsh wasn’t perfect, only a fool wouldn’t follow Walsh’s advice.

      So while you can look back in hindsight. It’s 20/20. And back then, that was the right choice. Unless, of course, you think you’re better than Walsh and can prove your chops with your Internet record… :)

      1. Moses

        The way I remember it was that Walsh recommended Donohue as a GM, and Dr York hired him….and then proceeded to direct him to empty out the roster of any high-priced players (IE: the good ones)….it was at that point that BW sort of faded into retirement. I don’t believe that Walsh saw what was coming when he recommended Donohue ( an acknowledged football guru at UCLA). That’s when the niners went to hell….Thanks Dr York….

  4. I may be giving Jed too much credit by suggesting this, but it may just be an information session in regards to seeing what Coaching candidates have connections or prior relationships to prospective GM candidates and vice versa. If he goes ahead and hires a HC with no idea who the GM will be, well that would fit his prior history and we can likely expect another few years of dysfunction. Hopefully that is not the case.

    I like both options you gave. I’d also be happy with some of the other options with Shanahan as HC and Wolf or Paton as GM.

  5. I like the Green Bay guys the best because they are system guys. I was listening to Andrew Brent today and he talked about how all the Green Bay guys learned to draft young talent, develop young talent and not be afraid to play young talent.
    If Wolf would come here I think it’s a no-brainer.

      1. Maybe .. maybe not ..

        seems the
        “Fire Baalke” banner .. worked ..
        Who knows ? … could be
        this could work as well

      1. Toub is one of the best choices available for the position and Romo will go where ever he’s traded to. With a new GM and HC in place Romo if traded to us will have no problem becoming the new face of the franchise. He’ll eat it up.

        1. Romo is a glass doll and has not been healthy to play a whole season for how long????? Signing Romo means you better have a solid #2 warming up in the bullpen because it only is a matter of time before the cart comes onto the field to haul him off for X-rays and then off to the OR. Trading for Romo and him $15-$17M salary is far too much to invest in him at this late stage in his career, especially when considering the severity of his injury history.

      2. Behind this offensive line and in this division, you might be lucky and get 6 games from Romo. Would it be conducive for Mahomes development to be thrust into the fray that soon, and who is the quarterback developer?

        1. I love what’s said about our OL here. I know people will piss and moan about PFF, but this is pretty true overall.

          30. San Francisco 49ers (59.3)
          It’s only four years since the 49ers owned the league’s best offensive line. Like the rest of the roster, this unit has collapsed into ruin. Nobody on the line has a PFF overall grade above 80.0, and even LT Joe Staley, for years one of the league’s best tackles, has surrendered 31 total QB pressures, though his run blocking has at least remained strong. This is a line with no real strength, though it is at least better run blocking than it has been pass protecting.

          1. I was actually surprised at how good, in general, the pass protection was against the Seahawks. I don’t have PFF, but I’m wondering if the line has a better grade as a whole since Beadles moved to center.

            1. This is what was a bit comical to me:

              “This is a line with no real strength, though it is at least better run blocking than it has been pass protecting.”

              They played pretty well in Seattle. Most of the sacks seemed to be on the QB. Weren’t there like 4 sacks or something. Not a great showing but they ran for 2 TD’s on the Seahawks which I liked.

        2. Good thing he wont be playing behind this offensive line because the new GM will find at least one or two viable starters to beef it up and then a couple more next off season.

          1. Isn’t Dallas considered to have the best OL in the NFL? He didn’t last long behind that line. Every QB gets hit at some point and Romo has, imo, shown that he can no longer survive the hits.

            As a teacher for a young guy, I don’t know. Romo might be very good.

            1. “Every QB gets hit at some point and Romo has, imo, shown that he can no longer survive the hits.”

              Well then I guess they’ll just give him away since he has no value anymore ;)

              I don’t know how much instruction Romo gave Dak but clearly he didn’t hurt his progress.

              1. “I don’t know how much instruction Romo gave Dak but clearly he didn’t hurt his progress.”

                No doubt he helped Dak. How much would you be willing to pay Romo to join the team? If he came for 7 or 8 million per year, then I wouldn’t be against considering him. With the increase in the salary cap and the huge rollover, it wouldn’t be a big hit at all. But at $17 to $18 million per year, that would make me queasy. That difference could contribute mightily to picking up an edge rusher in FA.

              2. If you have rookies behind Romo on next to nothing, does it matter if you pay Romo a lot? I don’t think he plays anywhere for less than starter money.

              3. I don’t think $$ is the question. I’d pay him normal starting QB money which is $15m+ these days. The real question is what would it take to trade for him. If he can be had without giving up a first rounder I’d say he’s worth it. Even if we only get 25 games out of him in two seasons he’ll get us 10 wins each year and he’ll be a great mentor for whomever we draft this year.

              4. Scooter:

                I don’t disagree with you, it’s just that I’m not convinced that we’ll get more than a few games out of Romo per season. If they can setup a compensation system for him based on games played then I wouldn’t have a problem with a much higher package; but I doubt they’ll be able to do that.

    1. Romo wants to go to a SB quality team, not this dumpster fire.

      He would be committing suicide to try and play here. All 3 division opponents- Seahawks, Cards and Rams all have impressive D lines that would want to dismember him, and he would have to play them twice a year.

    2. I just don’t understand why people keep bringing up Mahomes. He’ll be lucky to be a 3rd stringer… in the CFL.

  6. “An owner first needs to hire a GM, and then let the GM interview head-coaching candidates of his choosing.”

    Grant: Didn’t you just respond to someone yesterday that Seattle hired Carrol first and then Schneider.

    The point is that for special HCs you make exceptions. McDaniels needs to be interviewed now, otherwise it is too late.

  7. People of power, need to believe they are the creators of their own destiny. That they know greatness, how to make greatness, because they made themselves who they are. 49er greats of the past aren’t the answer. You need management who consider ownership and the team of almost equal value. You need an owner who knows that of the management staff and abides by its outcome. So, what they need most is better front office management. Once they have that the owners job is done but to sign the checks and maybe go to the games. The best management hires the best GM. The best GM hires everybody else. Simple yes?

    1. John Huelsman— You are correct. The problem with the franchise is the lack of a proper organizational structure. No real set area’s of responsibility and authority. Authority and accountability must go hand in hand. Jed either does not understand that or he just chooses to ignore it because it allows him to also defer accountability for his interference. He and his inner circle can interfere and make decisions for their underlings and then hold them accountable when things go south. This is not a lack of experience issue but one of character. Learning only comes when one takes responsibility for our own mistakes. — Mama is right this time— The Yorks are the Devil.

      1. Yes he is correct. The problem with the franchise is there is no TRUE accountability. The buck stops with Jed which means it stops….nowhere. Like he said: Mommy can’t fire me.

  8. Grant, it’s interesting that Eliot Wolf, George Paton, Brian Gutekunst, and Nick Casserio have all agreed to meet with Jed about the open GM position. Some of these guys have refused GM interviews for years, and suddenly they’re interested in the 49er opening this year.

    What is your opinion on the significance of that?

          1. On the other hand, maybe they want to meet and speak to Jed to learn what not to do to be successful. Just saying.

      1. There are only 32 NFL General Manager positions available and they don’t come up very often. We see an elite few turn down the opportunity to interview for the position but they are the exception and they are already in positions that are likely to evolve into said job.

        When one does become available, the rest of the candidates will gladly interview for one of the most coveted executive jobs in the world.

      1. Seriously, it’s a shocker. Maybe there’s a rumor behind the curtain that there’s a big pay day to be had? Maybe Eddie D is working behind the scenes, vouching for The Weasel (Jed, that is)? I can’t take credit for the name; my good buddy uses it all the time, and it fits.

  9. Question to those who support Wolf for GM. I don’t know him, but he’s only 34 years old. My only concern is the lack of direct experience (which to me also includes learning from your failures). It does sound like he had a pretty good head start since his father is Ron Wolf. But is the lack of experience for this position something to be concerned about?

    1. I think it is a concern, but shouldn’t be considered a breaking point. Same with McVay as a HC candidate. If they have what it takes (whatever that is) then does it matter they are young?

    2. The lack of experience would also include not ever having had to deal with people like Jed York. It’s much like the typical stereotyple where women believe that they are the one that can change a cheating husband. When you get involved with those that lack character then you are the one who usually reaps the consequences. Character comes via accountability and that is something that Jed has avoided his entire time as CEO.

      Even if these coaches/GM’s get concessions/control in writing the Yorks have shown that they do not live up to their written contracts. The illusion of starting with a blank slate is what draws them to the table. That was the intent of firing Chip. But it is just an illusion because the problem was always at the top and that is still there. — Mama is right– The Yorks are the Devil.

      1. Thank you for that, CFC. Wolf has been an apprentice under a master, and seems poised to orchestrate his own mastery….

        1. Almost feel like he’s been preparing for the job since he was 10 years old. He clearly loves the sport and he’s been raised in it by one of the best in the business at the position he wants to hold. He’s as qualified as any of the other ‘top’ candidates and given his pedigree and his passion I feel completely confident that in spite of his age he’s the best candidate for the job with Ballard no longer an option.

          1. CFC

            It’s almost comical to go over the blog and see all of the reasons to fail…The whole process is a crapshoot, so “the sky is falling ” isn’t a good reason to wait for the second coming of Bill Walsh. Wolf seems to be head and shoulders above the rest of the herd., so hire him….Let him pick his own HC, and we can move on from there. Caution is a great trait, but is often the reason for failure….there’s too much skepticism on here. We don’t want to saddle our GM and HC like we did Çhip”and leave them to fill out a coaching staff with crumbs and leftovers…be positive GET IT DONE….now

    3. Theo Epstein was the GM of the Red Sox at 28, and had a World Series ring at 30. Age shouldn’t be an issue. The guy has been around NFL front offices his entire life.

    4. Cubus,

      I get what you’re saying on the experience part, but he’s been doing player evaluations since he was 14 (according to reports).
      I’d be OK with either path.

      Green Bays GM tree is impressive. Belichick’s tree, either for HC’s or GM’s isn’t. That’s my reservation with the Caserio/McDaniels/Garoppolo troika. I wouldn’t hate that, but it does make me nervous.

      Also, how often does a backup QB who is traded away turn out to be great, instead of fools gold? Brett Favre and ???

      This list of flops / JAG is long.

      Wolf, Gutekunst, or Paton would be ok with me. Riddick might be ok.

  10. At Monday’s press conference, Jed York said: “But it has to be a partnership, it’s got to be a collaboration between me, the head coach and the general manager so we can get this thing right.”

    The only way to “get this thing right” is for Jed to hire a competent GM and retreat to the owners’ box. If he insists on being a partner or collaborator, the organization will continue to struggle.

    1. Exactly! He doesn’t know what he is doing and his interference will eventually destroy any short term positives. His mantra about it being a partnership is to provide himself with an out if it goes south. Partnership is the red flag- It means interference with the option of blaming the partner ( coach or GM ) when things blow up.

  11. If Rob Schneider buys the Niners, Grant will definitely be appointed President of Football Operations (okay,… maybe Foosball Operations).

    If you listen to the Brent Jones podcast on KNBR, he seems to have been consulted on the coach-GM search.

      1. Brent Jones had clear opinions on who should be the next GM (Wolf or Kirchner, in that order). It seems that Jed has consulted him on the current GM/coach search and he did not deny it when asked point blank (he acknowledged he had been consulted on the Harbaugh hire). Incidentally, Brent Jones seems to think highly of Al Guido — as a business person. He seemed a little more sympathetic about the Niners powers-that-be compared to earlier weeks.

  12. Hiring the HC before the GM would be an issue but I don’t see doing some legwork on potential HC candidates as being a problem especially candidates who are in demand like Shanahan and McDaniels who have small interview windows.

    Finding out their level of interest in the job and their level of interest with working with some of the potential GMs you have lined up can help expedite the HC search when you do hire a GM.

  13. I am surprised that no has mentioned that the two DCs, McDermott and Joseph, the 49ers plan to interview run a 4-3 defense.

    1. Much easier with the Niner personnel to play the 4-3 OVER and UNDER schemes than the pure 3-4 and play a 1-gap scheme rather than the 3-4 which requires multiple players at different times to be versatile enough to be a 2-gap player. In the pure 3-4, the NT has to be able to play a two-gap. Then your Mike also has to be able to play a two-gap, and finally your BASE end, the 5 technique has to be able to play a two-gap. Playing the 3-4 on the TE side and a reduction on the weak side equals your 4-3 scheme with a shade NT. The Niners have the 5 technique, the shade technique and the 3 technique already on the roster. If Lynch was not such a bust, he could be the perfect OE (open side end in the 4-man line). Niners still need the LBers and some improvements in the secondary.

    1. I still like him? Sorry, not sure what you are getting at. Are you suggesting I didn’t like Landry?

      I would still take OBJ over Landry every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Landry is a good slot WR, in the mould of Boldin. OBJ is a dynamic playmaker in the mould of Antonio Brown. I know who I’d want. The guy with 1,000 more yards and 22 more TDs despite playing 5 less games.

  14. The York’s made their interview list 7 weeks too late.

    6 coaches have already been fired, and 15 are expected to be gone.

    This is the way it plays out:

    1. The York coaching comedy team tour begins by limousine to the airport. Flying to each of the coaches city and being played (leveraged) by all of them…Who can ever forget the comments by Gase, a few years ago that he have to accept Tomsula as his defensive coordinator.

    2. York said he hasn’t fired the assistants yet, so we are left to believe another house favorite (like Tomsula) will be forced on the next GM or coach.

    3. When asked : “Why have Baalke continue contract extensions if you are moving in another direction,” Jed responded: “Because I trust Trent.”…..If that’s the case, why did you fire him (another sign that dysfunction is alive and well and nothing has been learned).

    4. After being leveraged by all of the coaches, the sham/joke coaching tour will wind up back at 49er headquarters to hire a man already in the office: Tom Gamble.
    The York’s, known for going cheap with the assistants will keep or hire cheaper ones based on the following history:


    Think about it. Erickson, Nolan, Singletary, Harbaugh ( a gamble w/o NFL headcoaching experience who no one could say, w/o a doubt, they knew he would be successful), Tomsula, (and Kelly) who I never considered a qualified NFL head coach.

    And the question posed to York about hiring a team president like John McVay
    was to Bill Walsh, was danced around by saying: “You don’t fire the owner,” and we already have one, “Al Guideo.”

    Well, excuuuuuuuse, us Jed, I didn’t know Guido had any football experience listed in his resume other than a BBA from Jersey University, and “getting Levi Stadium built under budget, and under time,” according to

    Oh, I forgot to mention the lured Taylor Swift to Levi’s Stadium to perform a concert—Kudos, I’m sure that qualifies you to make money—-er, I mean, to be a football man.

    Thank goodness the 49ers have their priorities straight.

  15. @timkawakami The TEAM gives CK an award for inspiration. 1 WIN. Maybe they should have gotten rid of the team and KEPT the GM and the coach
    12:58 PM – 4 Jan 2017

    stephen obaza ‏@StephenObaza · 1h1 hour ago

    @evanadrian and its the TEAMS job to play FOOTBALL!! Not make POLITICAL statements! Get use to LOSING! But enjoy being “inspired”

    G-Scott ‏@9ergreg · 2h2 hours ago

    @StephenObaza @timkawakami OMG

    G-Scott ‏@9ergreg · 1h1 hour ago

    @StephenObaza theyre so far away from being respectable…100% due to Jeddy&Trenty. Both morons

  16. We got 2 Great Coaches from Stanford Walsh and Harbaugh lets go get David Shaw off the Farm pair him with Louis Riddick completely Fresh Start and we can go back to playing a Physical Brand of Football.

  17. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 4h

    I know this angers Jedbots, but there’s a reason Eddie D didn’t mention Jed or John York’s name during his Hall of Fame induction. Sorry.

    Art Y ‏@artytec_art · 3h3 hours ago

    @timkawakami I think we can infer what that reason is. Uncle Eddie tired of being Jeddy’s crutch.

    Cale ‏@Loodog26 · 4h4 hours ago

    @timkawakami Can’t say as I blame him. Seems like the York’s can’t get out of their own way!!

    Robert spontak ‏@SpontakRobert · 2h2 hours ago

    @timkawakami why would Eddie say jed s name at the HOF! JED is a cartoon character not someone you speak of at the HOF

  18. Who wouldn’t want to work for the 49ers?
    By Ann Killion |
    January 4, 2017 | Updated: January 4, 2017 4:12pm



    We are looking for leaders to build a championship

    Ideal candidate: You are a coach and are BFFs with a GM or vice versa

    We don’t have a specific order of hiring. We’re not sure what we’re looking for. Sell us on yourself! We’ve been gullible before.

    • Get along with the boss, who has a long history of making bad decisions. Do not make him uncomfortable. His preference is for boot-licking yes men,

    • Ignore mystery man Paraag Marathe, who pops up in football meetings that have nothing to do with his primary responsibilities (contracts) despite being “demoted” a year ago. Overlook his bizarre influence over the owner.

    • Get yourself a national reporter on speed-dial. Leak your gripes and finger-pointing to said reporter. That’s one of the foundations of our workplace.

    Be prepared to be fired even if you lead the team to three straight championship games.


    • Relatively new and unused stadium. Roomy on game days.

    • Great tradition, which has been largely abandoned.

    • A huge payout: When you are dismissed, you will be set for life.

    • Enormous salary: Name your price! We are desperate!

    The San Francisco 49ers are one of only 32 teams in the National Football League. They once were a leader in innovation and high standards. They no longer are. Did we mention they are one of only 32?
    Ann Killion is a San Francisco Chronicle columnist. Email: Twitter: @annkillion

  19. Jed should start building an organization with class by acting with class. Stop the leaks and smears by shutting up. Jed should start by keeping his word. He promised that Chip would get more than one year. I heard him say those words in a PC, so millions could have heard him, too. Jed should behave honorably by admitting his mistake, and working hard to rectify his blatant lie. Jed should go to Chip, admit he behaved like a classless boor, and offer to let Chip kick him in the rear end in front of the whole team. Of course, Jed does not have enough character to do that, but that is what he should do. Jed should then apologize profusely and say that he made a mistake. Again, I do not think Jed is big enough of a man to do that. Then Jed should offer Chip back his job that was scurrilously taken away from him, and as a sign of contrition, let Chip choose the next GM. Chip will obviously choose his buddy Gamble, and I am positive that those two can work together since they have done it before.

    If Jed can start acting with class, the Niners have a chance. If Jed continues his farce of trying to select a GM and HC, he will reel from disaster to disaster, and keep being humiliated, and keep losing.

    Until Jed starts acting with class and makes amends, just expect more pain.

    1. Go cheer for someone else if you dont like it then. Better yet go prune some trees instead of watching football. It’s not like you have a clue anyways!

      1. I will cheer for this team no matter what, but I will also demand that they behave in a manner that makes me proud of them, instead of retching. You are the one who should leave, because you were gleeful when they lost.

        Of course, Prime, you know nothing of class, either. I remember you swearing on a sack of bibles that you were leaving, and would never come back. Yet here you are, acting like a classless boor, too. I would never bet you, because I think you would welch on the bet.

        Over the years, I have done many jobs just on a handshake. I sleep well at night, because people know my word is good. I have always been paid, except once. I decided that I did not want their money anymore, just chalking it up to a life’s lesson.

        Keep haunting my posts. I notice that everyone else have learned their lesson and realize that they will never out post me. You have given me every reason to denigrate your football knowledge, and will continue to post my lists because of you. I also like to verbally annoy you, so keep up the jabs, I like to counter punch. Remember, a storm is coming.

          1. If you think that I will let Jed get away with his continual leaks and smears, then you will be sadly mistaken.

            Until Jed is held accountable for his actions, he is going to keep insulting our intelligence. Just because he is the owner, I will not let him behave with such an unctuous and boorish behavior. The emperor has no clothes.

            It all starts at the top, and until Jed starts acting with class, he will keep dragging the Niners into the gutter.
            By letting him get away with it, you are part of the problem, too.

            I can only imagine what the potential candidates are thinking about Jed. They will endure those interviews where 2 totally incompetent people are wanting the candidates to kiss their ass, just to get listed as an interviewee for different teams. Jed and Paraag the leaker will choose the biggest ass kisser.

            The head coach’s first question should be-‘ are you going to leak that I will be cut just before my last game like the others?’ The GM will only ask-‘ Can I cut players on the team bus, too?’

            Jed deserves to be humiliated more, but I just want the Niners to start winning and becoming a class organization again. Who do I think I am? I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who wants a championship team behaving like champions, including the CEO.

            1. You post on a blog and somehow think you will affect how Jed acts? How arrogant of you to think that Jed listens to you or gives a damn what you think!

              1. Just Me, this is a well traveled road with Seb. Nearly everyone here at some point has engage on this topic with him. Do what you want, just letting you know.

              2. No, no, Jed admitted he reads social media and gets the message loud and clear. He keeps leading with his chin with incredibly stupid admissions.

              3. If Jed reads and takes suggestions from social media (though as highly unlikely as anything else you post here), that confirms his stupidity much much more than anything having to do with his Niner ownership decisions.

        1. “I notice that everyone else have learned their lesson and realize that they will never out post me.”

          Not sure that’s the trophy you think it is.

          1. Wilson, I notice that you have refrained from engaging me in long posts, so I will commend your common sense and intelligence.

            I should be commended for not engaging the trolls, because in the end, they just waste time and space. I have shown restraint, and only use Prime as a punching ba- i mean spar.with because he is so easy.

            1. Seb, like some of the others I have taken a break and posted less since the last 16 weeks have just been the same regurgitated stuff over and over. Its not appealing to participate in.

              People are coming back to talk about the GM/HC options. If its been rehashed or thoroughly beat to death I am just moving on.

              True you’ve avoided Tom and Darren. If we could only cure you of your addiction to Prime.

              1. His addiction is to Kap not me and talk about a hate on for Jed York. I told him he needs professional help but won’t listen!

              2. Maybe you could shout down Prime. He is the real problem. I do not intentionally razz him all the time, but just respond to his bloviating and ad hominem attacks.

              3. Prime, you sure seem persistent, I am not the one hurling invective and insults, nor devolve into name calling. I do not need to to show how pathetic you are, you do that yourself.

              4. I see more people calling out your ridiculous ideas and posts more than me. I’m just here to all out your BS and read other posters.
                You are really just my punching bag!

              5. Gee, Prime, you are now parroting me. Please try harder, I feel kinda let down, like I am fighting a battle of wits against an unarmed man.

    2. Seb – You touch on an issue that has troubled me. Why did Jed have to fire Kelly? If Jed, who claims to defer to those who are knowledgeable on football decisions, was honest, how could he make the decision to fire Kelly on his own? Instead, he should have gone to Kelly and told him that things were going to change and that a new GM might not want him so he is free to seek other employment if he wanted to. Particularly when Chip could have bolted for Oregon while Jed sat on his ass and thought about things. But instead, Jed alone made the decision to fire Kelly only after Chip passed up a good opportunity and remained loyal. I’m Italian and these things do not go unnoticed to us. (Nor do they go unpunished) It is a clear example to him of speaking out of both sides of his mouth and as any good business person knows, you have to listen with your eyes when dealing with the Jed’s of the world. How does Jed know that a competent GM wouldn’t say he could work well with Kelly before he has interviewed anyone? Oh, Jed has spoken to his various and numerous “contacts” around the league who have informed him so well over the years. Or maybe he consulted Grant’s blog periodically. Jed is a bull##it machine but is too naive to realize that others can see it. Whatever comes out of this will be driven by hope and PR and if successful, will be due to blind pig luck. Grant is criticized for asking the only real question worth asking: Given the record, what in the world makes Jed think that he can actually pull this re-whatever of the franchise off this time. The only legitimate answer is: Well, my Uncle Eddie did it under very similar circumstances and so will I. Hope is not a plan. For those who don’t like negative waves, be assured that my negative waves will have absolutely no impact on the final outcome.

      1. WC, good post. Jed should have never fired Chip until he had a candidate in place. He should have fired Baalke one week before the last game because then there would not have been that leak that Chip would be fired before he coached that last game.

        I am actually hopeful, because now that Baalke is gone, they will jettison the ACL strategy, and decent Free Agents might actually be signed.

        Still, for all the Pollyannas who whine about how negative some others are against Jed, they will be led like sheep and will continue to be fleeced. It all starts at the top, and Jed is just not cutting it. Until he admits he is in over his head, he will reel from one disaster to another, The fact that he is doubling down and including the leaker in the interviews just means Jed is a clueless arrogant berk, who thinks because he is the son of the owners, he gets to play King for the day. He will choose some unqualified ass kisser, so just expect more losing. Well the emperor has no clothes, and these interviews will prove it.

        Some posters will put their fingers in their ears and trill Lalalalala, but that will not make the Niners better. The ONLY way Jed can get the Niners back to a winning culture is by changing and learning from his mistakes.

        Jed will only regain any trust by keeping his word. Jed promised that Chip would get more than one year. By reneging on that promise, Jed is poisoning the well. He already killed the Golden Goose by firing JH.

  20. Charles Robinson on working for the York family:

    It meant working for an impetuous and involved owner in York; sitting in football meetings with head of football operations Paraag Marathe, a numbers guy whose influence over ownership was unparalleled; and navigating his way alongside Baalke, who – fairly or not – had been tagged by some in the personnel community as untrustworthy.

    TomD’s Response: As the 1st one on this website to cite Marathe’s influence over the York’s from his analytics dept., and being given a coaches position in the coaching skybox booth, years ago, of play challenger– whether to challenge a play by throwing the challenge flag.

    What coach in his right mind would accept a position with this craziness going on ??

  21. Barrows on Paraag Marathe: The issues are when he’s dabbling in football matters

    “The issue with Paraag among coaches and GMs is when he starts to sit in on the football meetings and they are like, ‘Why is the non-football guy part of this meeting?’ And apparently, that was an issue for Chip Kelly this year as well if you read that really good Yahoo! Sports report that came out yesterday.

    It would seem that Marathe will be “dabbling with the football-related matters” when it comes to finding both a new head coach and general manager

  22. Y’all do realize that no matter who Jed picks, you people still won’t be happy. I believe if bill Walsh was resurrected and Eddie d was his gm, you guys would still have a problem with Jed. It would be someone else’s achievment. My point is, we’ve hated and crushed him for years now, now that he’s seen the err of his ways, let’s give him a chance to screw it up again or see if he will practice what he preaches. He may indeed bring in top notch executives, I hope so anyway. Here’s hoping to what’s best for the Niner Organization!!

    1. Good post Steel. The only way to evaluate these new hires will be wins and if they are improving from week to week.

      1. Thanks Prime. Ay least guys like you and coffee andd scooter talk about ways to build the team. Not ways to kill the owner. We did that for 5 months. On to the next one.

  23. Here’s the team I would build:

    GM: Eliot Wolf
    HC: Dave Toub
    OC: Mike McCoy
    DC: Gus Bradley
    QB: Tony Romo, Brian Hoyer, Pat Mahomes

    1. I’m certain we can get 16 games between Romo and Hoyer…barely. The rookie just needs to be ready to go in 2018.

      1. Dallas is going to command a 1st or 2nd for Romo. Too high for a rebuilding team like the 49ers.
        Dallas is also not going to send him to a rebuilding team. He goes to a team willing to give up a high pick and in contention or close to it. Jets, Denver, or MIN

        1. Well Prime you brought up some good points until you mentioned Romo going to the Viks. Viks just gave up a first and 4th for Bradford so there out. You mention contenders then you mention the Jets. Jets are just as bad lol.. Broncos or Arizona is a good destination. There is also NO WAY Dallas will get a first or second for him. Teams know they have to cut him at that salary next year. A third is much more realistic.

          1. Why do they have to cut him? I agree AZ is good spot for him as is the Jets. They are a QB away from being a good team. Their QB play killed them this year.
            As for the Vikes. I see them cutting Bradford. He clearly is not worth what they gave up but they were desperate and have no pressure to keep him.

            1. Mike Zimmer stated 2 days ago that Bradford has earned the job for 2017… The Cowboys are not going to pay Romo’s salary to be a back up. Just like the Niners with A Smith. They had to trade him. Romo is better then Smith but he is also 36 and has a lengthy injury history. Best they can fetch is a third I would guess…

              1. My best guess is Denver, like they did with Manning. Romo should be utilized sparingly, and saved for the playoffs. That defense is still legit.

              2. True, but if they get lucky in free agency and draft well, they can fix the problems. With that defense, they will be competing for the SB.

              3. I would expect Chicago to go with Romo. The problem with Romo is he has 1-2 years left. So you look at teams that are molding a rookie QB. That makes LA rams an attractive match.
                The Jets are willing to splash around free agency so I wouldn’t rule them out.
                Cleveland is in complete rebuild mode so they should pass unless they intend to draft a QB and have him sit behind Romo for 2 years. They have the sort of knee jerk ownership who would pay for Romo.
                Houston would be my final guess. They appear to have the defense and Romo could lead them to relevancy. They just overpaid for Osweiler so I doubt they can afford another big hit to the cap.
                1. LA Rams
                2. Chicago
                3. Houston
                4. Jets
                5. Cleveland.

              1. I still think Elway could work some magic and get a RB, OL help and Romo in the offseason if Kyle S shows up.

              2. Wonder if the elder Shanahan will be the sticking point. Sins of a father…

                That is why I think Shanahan will go to San Diego, and maybe he can help Rivers be more like Ryan.

              3. Hmmm, sounds like Shanahan wants to go to Denver, because he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. Wonder if he wants his father to work with him.

                Of course, Denver is the best option for any new coach. They won the Super Bowl last year.

      2. Romo is the most expendable in that plan. He’s a good starting QB that is only good for maybe two more seasons. Someone that can be a good mentor for a rookie that needs a couple seasons on the bench. If his price is too high then I would pick somebody else. He’s just the better choice for the job.

        I don’t know if I would call the Jet’s close to being contenders. Min has Bridgewater and Bradford. Denver is a possibility but we’ve seen Elway be stingy.

        If Romo is too expensive to acquire then I guess a combo of Glennon and Hoyer can get you through a season or two. Not much for the rookie to learn from.

  24. Kevin Jones ‏@Mr_KevinJones · 12m12 minutes ago

    Steve Young said Josh McDaniels is his top candidate for the 49ers job. Said the Patriots dynasty blueprint looks just like SF’s old one

  25. Jason Cole said Mcdaniels is 49ers top choice.

    Insider Buzz: McDaniels Is 49ers’ Top Target, May Not Accept Job If Offered

    By Team Stream Now , B/R Video Jan 4, 2017

  26. I agree with Steve Young, and commented on the irony a few days ago. When Kraft started, he modeled his ownership after Eddie and the 49ers, just as Jones did. If York is serious about changing the culture, the Patriots are the team to get your blueprints….

    1. Razor, I usually agree with you, but on this subject, I beg to differ. While some of the functional elements of the Patriot organizational plans can be acquired and adapted, I do not think they should be copied. Remember, they have gotten the upper hand by cheating. Spygate, Deflate Gate.

      The organization the Niners should emulate is Seattle, even though it is hard for me to say it. Seattle has built a system, that while I intensely dislike them, I also have to grudgingly say that they are doing it right. Of course, they have PEDs, but the Niners have alcohol and other issues, too. That defensive system should be copied and emulated. Pete Carrol, being a Walsn disciple, has everything I want in a HC. Shrewd, bold, daring and unrelentingly positive.He can intelligently assess players, can maximize their potential, and is a master motivator. Of course, he is also brain dead at times like in the SB, but he has assembled an impressive team that is a formidable opponent.

    2. I believe the 49ers are the blueprint. Our west coast offense was built for every era. Get back to that, we have the blueprint. It’s sitting right in his office. His1st mistake was choosing a bill parcels disciple to let take our culture awayy. Hell, even harbaugh came in here with a Michigan, Chicago bear attitude era. We have the model on how to build a franchise. I say he use it. All the respected advice u need is everywhere in your building. Screw the pats,packers,and hawks way. We should do it our way

  27. Jed and his loyal sidekick should just hire anyone who’s not white and obese since they’re paying 2 of those guys $30m+ not to coach. Rules out Andy Reid or the guy just fired from university of Minnesota. But Lynn and Teryl Austin should be high on the list! We can call it the Balooney Rule. Haha

      1. Garcia as a QB coach could be good, not sure beyond that though. From an article while he was coaching with Montreal in 2014:

        “In time, I’ll grow into the Xs and Os. I’m more of an emotional leader. I can bring a lot of personal experience, how I approached and played the game, the decisions I made to help put our team in a winning position.”

        1. That sounds a lot like Singletary. I think Garcia needs to forget about a short cut and find a job Coaching QB’s at the College level.

        2. Jack,

          It makes sense to you to bring in a QB coach who is self admittedly light on X’s and O’s, especially when the 49ers are probably going to have a young QB to develop?

          It’s sounding more and more to me like Garcia wants the job, but doesn’t want to pay the price.

  28. Grant

    Please explain Walsh->McVay and Carroll->Schneider in the context of this article.

    And please, for the love of all that is good, stop pushing Garcia on us. He was nowhere close to great, ever.

      1. Bill Walsh would disagree about his assessment as a player, but he might not be so positive about Garcia as a coach.

          1. You have to decide which side of that you want to land on. Popularity contest or actually one of the best QB’s in the NFL?

              1. I see what you did there :) Think JG’s HC material because of 4 PB’s? Do you think those other 2 years his play was really worthy? I think 2 were legit, the other 2 not so much.

              2. There’s some similarities. Did he punch Jim Kelly too? JH did his time coaching. He attracts great talent and people play great for him. He doesn’t care what people think. Tweeting out is something JH would never do. JG needs more time coaching and proving people will follow him.

              3. Grant don’t you think Garcia would be better served working as a coordinator first?
                I mean Harbaugh earned his stripes through the coaching ranks. Garcia has to put in more time before getting a HC position.

          2. He’d be worse than Tomsula at coaching. I liked him as a player. His overall body of work aside from those two stellar seasons isn’t consistent.

            1. Ok.. Seb …

              you “bloviate” .. a lot
              around here .. but ..
              I gotta disagree with you, on this one …

              While I have always loved the 49er
              “stars” …. only two 49er players .. ever
              gave me that … “lump in the throat” feeling..
              every time they ran with the ball …

              Wendell Tyler …
              (either 11 yes .. or a fumble .. there was no
              in-between with him !) … and

              Jeff “Garlic Man” Garcia …but ..

              I loved his play … and
              his courage …

              People thought he was nuts.. on the field ..
              but … he ..was ….
              Good !

              Can’t believe … I’m agreeing with
              Grant .. but .. I’ll go him one better …

              Wanna know what I’d do .. ?

              I’d keep Kaep … and give him
              Jeff Garcia.. for a QB Coach …

              and then tell Kaep …

              Happy Birthday … and .. if
              you still want your job.. here ..

              LEARN .. from this man !

              1. MWN, nice post,

                Sorry to disagree with you. While I will agree with you about Wendell Tyler, the other RB that I loved to watch run was Roger Craig. Those legs churning like pistons always seemed to gain 3 more yards.

                Wendel Tyler was so great, it seemed like he glided along the ground. However, he did carry the ball like it was a loaf of bread.

                I will concede that Garcia could help Kaep

              2. What does being a good QB have to do with being a good QB coach?

                Garcia has been quoted as saying that he’s more of an inspirational coach and that he’ll “grow” into the X’s and O’s part of the job.

                He sounds like someone who feels like he deserves an NFL coaching job because of his achievements on the field, rather than someone who is willing to exhaust every avenue to get there.

                Of course, he wouldn’t want football to get in the way of his interest in clothes design…
                Loved him as a player, but…

          3. Also take a look at the Niners record books. Single season passing yards? Hint: it’s not Joe, Steve, John, YA or Colin.

              1. None of the above have expressed any coaching interest. So as far as what this discussion is about Garcia>All those other Niner greats (and in Kaep’s case, Niner mediocrities)

              2. None have expressed interest because they are too smart.

                Garcia is way too desperate and his latest tweet was a disqualifier. Way too easy to rattle, and talking about losers is just a losing more.

                JG burns bridges. He does not build them.

              3. JG wheedled and begged Kaep to hire him, THEN trashes him when he does not get hired. Burning bridges shows no foresight. Trashing Kaep shows a lack of character, and poor assessment skills.

  29. ‘Nothing I am going to say is going to be a satisfactory answer.’- That line was well rehearsed.

    Too bad he is dead wrong. What is a satisfactory answer?

    Jed- ‘I screwed up. I took my eye off the ball. It happened on my watch.’

    ‘I need to rectify my mistakes. I need to stop leaking. I need to start keeping my word.’ ‘I need to grow up and behave like a mature adult’.

    ‘I will not make brash statements that will come back to haunt me.’

    ‘ The Niners deserve better leadership’.

    ‘I will hold myself accountable’

    That is a blueprint to starting the rebuild.

          1. Where in Canada are you? Right or did I get your location wrong? We’re supposed to get between 6-14″ tonight and tomorrow. Bet its cold there when we’re at 6 degrees here.

    1. Seb, you left out a key maxim… ‘I promise not only to read, but act immediately and positively on Sebnynah’s posts; each and every one.’

      1. Cassie, I do not even bother to send posts to the organization anymore, because they are ignoring them anyways.

        I will just be content to post here, and get my frustrations off my chest. To me, it is almost cathartic to express my opinion in such a blunt direct manner. If the Niners are too stupid and too arrogant to accept my advice, they will just have more 2-14 seasons.

        Sometimes I think they do exactly the opposite of what I want them to do, just to try and prove me wrong. Too bad they still lost. Use time outs wisely? No, lets burn them for no good reason at all. Stop shooting themselves in the foot? It looked like Swiss cheese. Be more deceptive? Naw, just run into the teeth of the defense. Run the Hurry up? While behind, they sauntered up to the line and did several shifts, and let the clock run down below 10 seconds. Break containment? Huh, they never heard that term before, just like Gap integrity.

        1. >>If the Niners are too stupid and too arrogant to accept my advice, they will just have more 2-14 seasons.

          *Your advice*? LOL. I wish claude balls were still here. He’d cut your pompous self to shreds.

          1. Rib, many others have tried to do just that, but maybe you have noticed that all but Prime refrain from engaging me.

            I have many many times stated emphatically that these are just my opinions, and posters should feel free to ignore them, if they want.

            If you are incapable of remaining calm, and let me get under your skin, it is not my fault. It just says a lot more about you than it does me.

            This is a blog, posters can say just about anything. People need to have a thick skin. I have been insulted, denigrated mocked and have had expletives hurled against me, yet I still can also have polite, civil conversations over a wide range of subjects.

            The Niners have been in a tailspin. They need help. They do not seem to have a clue. When I say that the Niners should play smarter, your response is to rip the messenger, when most intelligent people would agree that statement.

            When I say that Jed should keep his word, your response is to defend him as if we are powerless peons who should just accept Jed’s malfeasance because he claims to be the owner.

            Go ahead, be a shill for this organization. Rip anyone who claim the emperor has no clothes. Accept the pitiful failures and incompetence. I will not.

          2. Rib,

            I have been pondering whether the sebnynah poster might perhaps be a kind of Turing Test ( experiment. If so, kudos to the programming team on creating a program that so nicely passes as an emotional and irrational fan. However, I must also point out that they have quite a bit of work to do on the self-awareness algorithm. The obvious lack of self-awareness would probably be quickly telling in a forum that is not as argumentative, polarizing and rife with malformed and insufficiently supported hypothesis as a sports blog.

            1. Sorry, I am just a live human being, not Siri.

              I have also the same human emotions as most other people. Anger, betrayal, resignation and acceptance are just some of my emotions, but you must know that this IS a blog site and not a court of law.

              I also have a creative perspective, and can imagine various scenarios and situations.

              Self awareness? When has that stopped posters from posting their opinions? Like you mentioned, this is a sports blog site, not the Library of Congress.

              Your avatar is very fitting.

    1. This is bad. GMs and HCs already have a bad opinion of Jed, Wait until they meet him and Marathe in person. We’re not getting Shanahan or McDaniels.

      1. Jed- ‘So, what is the biggest impediment to the Niners becoming successful again?’

        Answer- ‘You are, Jed.’

        Jed- ‘Thank you for your time.’

    2. No surprise. His already big ego quadrupled once Levis construction began and I can only imagine the convulsions he displayed at the banner last Sunday from his private suite – “Levis stadium – the house that Harbaugh built”

      F’king hate Jed York.

      1. Wolf might be interested but I doubt it. It will probably end up being Gamble. The only alternative would be Holmgren but he won’t even get an interview. Interviewing Jimmy Raye scares me. Gamble/Raye would be a fitting stupid choice for Jed.

        1. Touting low level candidates like a sports talking head and 30 year olds just shows how desperate they have become.

        2. If it is Gamble in the end then York failed miserably considering he already ruled out Gamble at his press conference. Wouldn’t surprise me but my money is on Riddick. He publicly kissed Jed’s azz and said he’d take the job if offered.

          1. Gamble would be the GM. I thought we were interviewing Jimmy Raye the coordinator. I didn’t know anything about Raye III. After doing some research, I don’t like his resume.

            He was wit SD from 96 to 2012. SD got some good players like LT, Gates, and Rivers but they have never been a consistent playoff team.

            He has been with the Colts since 2013. The Colts D has been awful. Indy is no longer a contender. Raye III is a no go.

            1. #80,

              You don’t have to explain who Raye III is to me. I know already. That’s why I asked you the question, it was clear you thought two GM candidates were a GM / HC tandem. You’re the one who was mixed up.

              1. Hit ’em

                “It was clear you thought two GM candidates were a GM/HC tandem.” Duh, I admitted that. I thought Jimmy Raye was the same Jimmy Raye that worked for us. Excuse me for mixing up Jimmy RayeII with Jimmy RayeIII. Really, how could anyone make that mistake.

                Are you still butt hurt because I put an end to your statement/unsubstantiated claim that Bill Walsh was not an OC with the Browns? I ask this because you said “Who is the HC and who is the GM in your Gamble/Raye scenario you keep talking about?” I had never mentioned Raye before that post.

                I corrected you on Walsh. You corrected me on RayeIII. But you exaggerated because you are still butt hurt. Get over it, we all make mistakes.

  30. I really don’t have clear preferences for a particular GM candidate. No hotshot “Director of player personnel” I can throw out there.

    All I have to go on our recent drafts. Even that assumes the player personnel exec had heavy influence on a teams draft. (for example, Baalke was McCloughan’s player personnel guy)

    So how does a fan that isn’t an expert on NFL execs develop GM preferences? Flawed as it may be, recent drafts are all I have to go on. And google.

    Which begs the question, why all the love for Packer execs? Aside from Rogers, did they really draft that well? A great quarterback hides a multitude of sins.

    1. Grant’s right. I want a Wolf at the door of the Niners. Young Eliot may want to strike out on his own with the Niners instead of waiting for the old man to step aside and then succeed him (no doubt Grant feels the same way sometimes ? ;-) .Also Eliot wen to the U and may miss the sunshine and warmth…. Niners should give him the Justin Smith copter ride if he shows interest in the Niners’ job.

      1. Grant sez:
        …He is the Bill Walsh of GMs….”

        Like B2W.. I know very little about
        the GM candidates … but differ from him
        by being too lazy to do the homework .. but ..

        Grant … would Ron Wolf .. be conducive
        to the BWO ? …

        1. I’m only (starting) to look into names that have been thrown out as possible candidates. I want a GM that…
          – Has a good draft record. Great eye for personnel. This is number one.
          – Understands how to conduct a draft.
          – Has the ability to evaluate quarterbacks, and teachers of quarterbacks
          – Is a true manager that can get coaches, players and managers to work together.
          – Builds a team towards the direction football is going, not towards what it is. Recognizes the Rules Committee (for whatever reason) is hostile to running quarterbacks, and will do all it can to profligate pocket passing offenses.
          – Is a “football guy” with plenty of league contacts and influence
          – Comfortable with media, holding semi-regular pressers. This takes pressure off the HC to be the company secretary every time an idiot has a fender bender.
          – Blows off the self defeating secretive nature of the 49ers. Super secretiveness smacks of lack of confidence.
          – Stands up to Jed when it comes to revenue vs competitive advantage issues. (hate those stupid Monday night openers)

  31. From Emily Kaplan of The College Column:

    Christian McCaffrey did not attend Stanford’s bowl game, and that’s O.K. I’m focusing on McCaffrey instead of Leonard Fournette here, because the Stanford running back’s decision to skip his bowl game was slightly more controversial (Fournette had been battling nagging injuries, while McCaffrey was, theoretically, healthy). On the game broadcast, CBS’s Allie LaForce aired an interview with coach David Shaw, who asserted he completely supported McCaffrey’s decision. But there were two things LaForce reported that stuck out to me: (1) The team gave McCaffrey a standing ovation when he relayed his decision; and (2) It was the coaches’ call that McCaffrey not attend the bowl game, so he wouldn’t serve as a distraction. These anecdotes reiterate the sentiment I received from NFL evaluators: Since he left in the good graces of his teammates and coaches, McCaffrey will not be knocked for his decision in evaluations. So perhaps this can put the bowl skipping debate to rest… at least until next year.

    Let us put this to bed already.

    1. The team gave McCaffrey a standing ovation when he relayed “his” decision.
      It was the coaches’ call that McCaffrey not attend the bowl game, so he wouldn’t serve as a distraction.

      Was is “his” decision or the coaches decision? If this really was a coaching decision then fine it is put to bed. But this would have been a non story if Stanford said it was a coaching decision right after McCaffrey announced he was skipping the bowl.

      I have to take their word for it though. So it is a non issue unless he falls in the draft. I’ve seen him projected anywhere between 17th to 45th pick.

      1. The way I read it McCaffrey made a decision not to play, the coach decided he didn’t want McCaffrey attending as an observer.

        I never had an issue with bowl skipping.

  32. Why don’t you report and write with humility?

    Write like someone that doesn’t project like they know everything about a sport they have never played, coached or managed.

    1. Writers who use that style will not have a job for long. Grant, being the son of a newspaper columnist, had access to the Niners during the Glory Years as he was growing up, so he had more access to the intimate workings of the whole organization than few others.

      As for X’s and O’s, at least Grant knows what Gap integrity means.

  33. Final thoughts on Paraag Marathe. Most knowledgeable people in the league know the story about Tomsula leaving Dec 3rd 2015, and not returning until Paraag Marathe was demoted. Tomsula found out who the source of the leaks were, that JH accused him of, and missed a scheduled PC because of it. Since this story is common knowledge, it is also common knowledge that Paraag was demoted, but Jed did not follow through with his pledge. Jed pledged to fire anyone he found out who was doing the leaks. Since Paraag is the leaker, Jed reneged on his pledge, and has doubled down by having Paraag accompany him in the interviews.

    The first question the potential candidate should ask is since Paraag is the leaker, why would Jed think that the candidate would want to say anything in confidence and not expect it to be leaked? Then they should refuse to say a word while he is in the room.

    These candidates are not stupid, and probably have done due diligence by calling up the 3 former coaches to gain their perspective.

    Jed, by towing Paraag along, has entered the 3 Stooges territory, only it is only 2 stooges. 2 suits that have no business making football decisions. A clueless imbecile and Wormtongue.

    1. Paraag may be responsible for the reason why the play calling seemed to keep running into the teeth of the defense. Paraag was using anal lytics to decide on what play to call. Too bad the other team probably had analytics, too and just worked backwards to get into the best alignment to thwart the offense.

      Now I read of anecdotal accounts of how JH and Tomsula were frustrated by the lack of flexibility they had due to Paraag. I wonder how much the anal lytics contributed to the 13 game losing streak.

  34. I haven’t yet read the other comments, so I may very well be repeating some, but Lowell, your take on this is … ABSOLUTELYY SUPERB! You KNOW where you hit the nail, brother! Actually, I thought it was your father’s column (got in my email) until I saw the email address at the bottom.

    Maybe Jed actually DOES realize this but can’t say it publicly? Who knows.

    To get your holy trinity, he would just have to get the word to these two guys when he interviews them soon and make the offer.

    Will he? Maybe.

    Re: the recent story I read on Jeff Garcia. Since about 90% of all NFL coaches are considered failures and fired during the first three years or so, it really would not be a big risk to hire Garcia as HC. Chances are the next 49er HC will eat it anyway. If I was the owner and couldn’t get your trinity, I’d certainly consider hiring Garcia, offer him a two year deal and say “show me the graph going up.” Of course that would louse up the whole hire the GM, who hires the coach … I’m just babbling here. I really don’t expect success with these hires. Maybe we’ll all be shocked that Jed had it all planned. But likely he’ll settle for the only people who will take the jobs if they can’t get better gigs. And yet … he can always offer Harbugh one percent of the team and full power over personnel …. (hey, the A’s had to give Beane a piece to keep him…)

  35. Actually fans sort of can fire the ownership by simply refusing to buy the product anymore. Badmouthing the product works in the same direction. However, having a regional monopoly of sorts makes this difficult to achieve. Best case for the team would be if Steve Young was taking over the team as head figure of a new ownership consortium. Worst case is if the Yorks remain in charge and continue to make football relevant decisions. Sadly the latter is many times more likely to happen than the first..

  36. Yorks aren’t going anywhere. Either root for the laundry or not. This is a 32 person billionaire fraternity that is not sold off on a whim. You could refuse to buy products/tix in the old days and there was some affect to hurt an owner. However, now a days the team has psl’s locked up for 10 years (which we are only 4 years into) and the tv contracts are huge. So unfortunately you either root for the laundry or not. Regardless the Yorks are going to profit over $100 mil per year & the value of the team has grown from maybe $200 mil to about $3 billion in the time they’ve owned the franchise. So they may be irogent bit**s, but they aren’t leaving until they die.

  37. The NFL is showbiz, entertainment (just not very good in the case of SF). Disney is a leader in entertainment, with major focus on fantasy. So I guess it’s not too surprising that desperate, beleaguered fans would resort to fantasies in regard to their team.
    That the media wallow in fantastical and sometimes narcissistic speculations speaks to the demise of journalistic standards and addictions to clicks by the 5th estate.
    We’ve been offered some very…….uh,…..creative…suggestions as though they’re plausible when they are actually poppycock.
    John & Denise are going to fire Jed.
    Jed is going to fire Jed.
    Jed is going to promote Gamble who will bring back Chip (!)
    Jeff Garcia for HC
    A laugh a minute around here.

    1. You got that right, BT. I don’t fault the media, other than the perception that some of these more outlandish user blog postings are treated as legitimate ideas.

  38. Gamble doesn’t ever get a mention, it’s like he’s invisible over there. Right now, he is the only “football guy” at 4949 on the mgmt team. They at least need one football opinion, but he is not referenced as part of the team. He must have done simething to pi$$ Jed off?

    1. There was not one mention of Tomsula getting an interview, until the Fangio and Gase candidates were eliminated and Tomsula was hired. Maybe Gamble is flying under the radar and is just waiting to pick up the pieces after the debacle unfolds.

  39. Grant, I think you’re wrong about Yorkie.
    I think he did NOT make football decisions. I think he relied on Baalke and others (like Tomsula) to make his decisions and then he would agree and make it seem like his decision.
    Yorkie’s problem was that he allowed Baalke to have too much influence. Yorkie was more involved in the business aspect and he probably felt he was good at making decisions from the advice he got in the football part.
    He’s not stupid, he got the new stadium, made money and continues to make money. I think he’s also a loyal guy, and Baalke has a strong personality and overpowered him.
    Right now he’s doing due diligence and is getting familiar with the football world.
    He’s doing what you told him to do…..

    1. Jed is not doing what Grant told him to do. Grant told him he was incompetent to lead the search, but Jed ignored him. Grant told him to get a football guy to help lead the search, but Jed doubled down and brought Wormtongue with him.

        1. Unicornville is believing Jed has everything under control and he knows what he is doing. Everything will be all right and they are marching towards another SB.

          Sometimes, the truth hurts.

  40. So Tom Cable will interview for SF HC position. I’d be interested in folks’ thoughts on him.
    He is currently IMO the best OL coach in the league. He has been a HC in college and the NFL. It was evident during his time in Oakland that he understands what a HC needs to do. I thought he showed that he didn’t have an elegant way of doing it, but like the other former HCs, maybe he learned something. Maybe he’s Wayne Fontes.
    I’m not disqualifying him, just not sure he’s the answer.

  41. I would consider Cable a retread. He is not an up and comer, not the next wave of talent. He was a tire fire in Oakland. Jed will get crushed if after all the “culture” (don’t forget “class” too). Just imagine…Cable culture. OMG. Jed has to splash, and splash large this time around.

    Now, Jed being Jed, here’s a scenario. He really in his heart of hearts wants Gamble, he knows he can control Gamble, Gamble will operate as the loyal subordinate.But he cannot indicate his preference right now for obvious reasons. So Jed launches the million mile interview march. At the end, he says he carefully considered many great candidates, but it turns out the true diamond, the star, is right here. Jed realizes fortuitously the best candidate is already here! Wow who woulda thunk! Unbelievable! Introducing your new GM, Mr. Gamble. And so it goes. Now Gamble is better than Trent, but the problem here is Jed/Parag still running the show.

    You read it here.

    1. The Jiffy Lube franchise mechanic is where the York’s (Jed) begin their coach/Gm search.

      No football coach with a gradualte degree (that’s a university degree + 2 more years of grad school) is sabatoging his career anytime soon to work with the dysfunctional York’s while Paraag is given the job challenging plays from the coaching skybox and uses his analytics to push said coach around, dictationg his plays.

      1. I still remember when Harbaugh and an assistant showed up for work and a Silicon Valley exec was parked in his parking space.

        Then, after a tough loss, there was the Jed led, Silicon Valley Executive wine sipping tour through the 49er locker room. It’s when Harbaugh made the famous comment: “what are you doing in here, this locker room is for men?”

        What choice did Harbaugh have. Jed backed him into a corner. Either Harbaugh says nothing in front of the team to the wine sippers and look like a whimp, thereby losing NFL league wide self respect, or stand up and keep his reputation in tact for his next football job.
        Paraag’s connections to the who’s, of Silicon Valley is a big reason Jed keeps him employed.

        1. Make no mistake. The suits run the show. Harbaugh found that out when he pulled the team from the shabby Levi Turf as unsafte.

          That was another nail in the coffin, because on that day, all of the Silicon Valley executives were sipping wine in the stands to watch the stadium’s maiden practice.

          It was a slap in the face to the York family to have a mere football coach tell a billionaire what to do in front of….guess what….other billionaire…oh my god, the gall of this man, the York’s thought.

          And after talking with Harbaugh and others, all football coaches will stay away from this rotten franchise unless severely overpaid.

  42. Jed needs to get a blueprint to success by thinking it through.

    He needs to strategically think about permutations and consequences.

    Jed should think before he acts. There was no reason for him to fire Chip, except to stroke his ego and look bad for reneging on a promise. When Jed fired Baalke, he could have said that the new GM will decide the fate of the coaching staff. Jed could have given any of the coaches permission to pursue any other opportunities if they wanted to, so they would not be left twisting in the wind.

    Jed should have rewarded Chip for keeping the locker room united. Bill Walsh stressed good locker room dynamics and stressed how important it was to have them, and how easily it could be lost. Jed would have shown respect to the players by keeping the team together until a new GM is hired. THEN Chip could be fired, or retained.

    Instead, Jed kicked Chip while he was down, and basically told the team that their feelings are not important, and that they were just pieces of meat. When he asked for questions, the silence was deafening. That is not class, that is the opposite of class.

    Jed needs to think it through. These football execs are not stupid. When Jed brings the leaker to the interviews, it just reinforces his disdain for people who hate leaks. Then he leaks some more, just to try and put a positive spin on the situation, when in reality, it is an unmitigated disaster, with Jed being humiliated and scorned to his face.

    Jed should go to his uncle, admit he is screwing up royally, and beg for help. Jed should shut up, listen to his uncle, and do what he says.

    The very first thing Eddie should tell Jed is to send Paraag, the leaker, home. Then Eddie should accompany Jed to the interviews, and sit next to Jed. Eddie should not say a word, but his presence alone will command respect. He should let Jed do all the talking, then when the meeting is over, while in private, he should give Jed a blunt assessment, and ways to improve. Jed should listen intently, and follow his advice.

    This present course is a farce. Jed needs to get a lot smarter, a lot quicker.

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