Hill gets the nod to be starting QB

Coach Mike Singletary informed the quarterbacks this afternoon at Shaun Hill will replace J.T. O’Sullivan as the team’s starter for the Monday, Nov. 10, game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Hill is always upbeat, but he seemed particularly so this afternoon. He declined to talk about the decision — saying the announcement should come from Singletary. Just moments ago, Singletary confirmed Hill as the starter.

* * *

Vernon Davis said he and coach Mike Singletary talked briefly this afternoon. Davis said he did not do much talking. Instead, he listened to what his coach had to say.


“He pretty much told me that I have to be aware of what’s going on on the field,” Davis said. “If someone says something to me, I can’t let it bother me. I have to be bigger than that. I agree. I shouldn’t have retaliated after the guy said what he said.”


Singletary talked a lot about respect today. Does Davis feel like he was showing Singletary respect?


“Well, one thing about me, when I get heated, I just want to be to myself,” Davis said. “I didn’t really hear him calling me at the time. I was just in another world . . . I didn’t say anything to the coach. I just did what he said. He told me to sit down, I sat down. He told me to go inside, so I went inside.”


When asked if he talked back to Singletary, Davis said, “No, not at all. . . . I didn’t say a word.”


“I believe we can make it work,” Davis said. “Coach Singletary really wants to win. He’s excited. This is his first time handling a big job like this. He has to get comfortable and we have to get comfortable with each other. I think he’s going to do a good job.”


Singletary intimated that Davis was not a team guy. (OK, he didn’t intimate it, he said it.) How did that make Davis feel?


“I know I’m a team guy,” Davis said. “I asked him about that comment he made. He basically told me that he didn’t mean that. He knows I’m a team guy. I am. My teammates know it. I love my teammates. I love the coaches. I think they’re doing a good job around here. I would never do anything to hurt my teammates or put them in any kind of trouble.”


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