Hill says he’s seen Smith improve over four years

Quarterback Shaun Hill was clearly disappointed Monday when he met with the media just hours after coach Mike Singletary informed him of the decision to start Alex Smith against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday.


But Hill stood there and answered every question. Here is part of his interview with reporters that cover the team.




* * *

Hill said he could not put a finger on why things did not turn out as he had hoped. But he was not second-guessing himself for how he approached the job. He said the 49ers’ struggles were not due to any lack of preparation.


Although they’ve found themselves competing against each other, Smith and Hill remain good friends. Said Hill, “This is a tough business and you’re very fortunate to find good friends in this league. So the business part of this won’t change our friendship.”


(Too bad some of the fans of both players aren’t as mature as Hill and Smith.)


Hill said Smith took no shortcuts to getting back into the starting lineup. “He’s a better player now than when I got here four years ago.”


Hill said the person most responsible for making Smith a better player is Smith himself with the work he’s invested.


* * *

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