How 49ers can slow down Seahawks pass rush

On Sunday, the New York Giants defense sacked Alex Smith and  Colin Kaepernick 6 times, hit them 3 times and hurried them 18 times according to Pro Football Focus.

On Thursday Night, the 49ers have to face an even better pass rush. Seattle’s defense has 19 sacks through 6 games. Chris Clemons has 7 sacks. Bruce Irvin, the nickel pass rusher, has 5 sacks and he’s played less that 50 percent of the Seahawks’ defensive snaps.

Seattle’s pass rush is one of the fastest and quickest in the NFL. The 49ers figure out ways to slow them down.

Here are two ways the 49ers can do that. Please share your own ideas, too.

  1. Run the ball. Run it with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter. Run it from basic formations. Keep the Seahawks’ nickel defense off the field. Avoid all obvious passing situations and keep third downs manageable. If the Seahawks don’t know when the 49ers will pass, that’s plays to the 49ers’ advantage.
  2. Don’t cut the grass at Candlestick this week. Drench the field. Make sure it’s wet and soft to take the speed away from the Seahawks’ defensive line. If the they complain, the 49ers can just tell them Candlestick is below sea level and it’s high tide.

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