How Greg Roman will attack the Bears defense

As I explained in my previous post, the Bears defense uses a Tampa 2 scheme which is tough to pass against. The 49ers heavy personnel formations may give the Niners an opportunity to avoid passing into that Tampa 2 shell.

From the heavy formations, the quarterback can throw play action passes to a receiver working against a corner man-to-man or in a 3-deep zone, which definitely is better than throwing into a Tampa 2 shell.

Tampa 2 will result in many short passes, shallow crosses and checkdowns to the running backs. If Alex Smith plays, I doubt Greg Roman is going to have him taking deep shots against the Bears Tampa 2 defense.

The passing philosophy Roman probably will exhibit vs. the Bears is “to make them bleed” and play pitch and catch with a variety of short, high percentage passes after the run game hopefully puts the offense in very manageable down and distance situations.

Against a Tampa 2 defense, the Niners definitely don’t want to get behind the chains on 3rd downs because the offense will turn into a punt fest.

In this game, RAC (run after the catch) will be critical vs. the Bears cornerbacks and Will and Sam linebackers, who are the underneath defenders. That means Roman will most likely continue to feature Michael Crabtree in the pass game.

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