How the 49ers have been successful running the ball vs. the Seahawks at Candlestick

Last season when the 49ers played the Seahawks at Candlestick, Frank Gore gained 131 yards on 16 carries. 18 of those yards came on one “wham” play, and 48 of those yards came on two “trap” plays.

On the wham play, the 49ers let Alan Branch penetrate the backfield and Bruce Miller blindsided him with a wham block. Gore ran right up the middle for 18.

On the first trap play, Iupati was the trapping guard. He trapped Branch. Anthony Davis and Alex Boone couldn’t finish their blocks on the linebackers, so Gore gained only 11.

On the second trap play, Alex Boone was the trapping guard. He trapped Jason Jones. Staley and Iupati finished their blocks on the linebackers and Gore ran up the middle untouched for 37 yards.

Traps and whams are good plays to slow down all-out penetration by the D-line. The interior tackles and nose tackle have to be more deliberate and watch for blocks coming from different angles.

From the Diamond formation, the Niners present a potential wham block from either of the up backs.

The traps usually come from Iupati because he’s the best trapper on the team. The trap with Boone last season against the Seahawks was especially effective because Staley and Iupati pack more punch at the “second level,” the linebacker level, than Boone and Davis.

For the most part, the point of attack for the whams and traps occurs on the right of the of 49ers’ offensive line, just as the Niners more frequently run the power off tackle play to their offensive right with Iupati pulling as the off guard.

The 49ers haven’t run many whams and traps this season. Their run game has revolved around power runs and weakside leads for the most part. The Niners ran one trap against the Seahawks Week 2, but Gore lost a yard because the trapper, Iupati, couldn’t move Brandon Mebane, who tackled Gore in the backfield.

Will the 49ers run traps if Iupati doesn’t play and Staley doesn’t play and Boone has to play left tackle? That probably depends on how well Adam Snyder and Joe Looney can trap. The Seahawks’ D-line is better this season than it was last season because they’ve replaced and upgraded Branch and Jones with Tony McDaniel and Michael Bennett.

If you were the 49ers’ run game coordinator like Greg Roman, how would you attack the Seahawks on the ground this Sunday?

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  1. The Seahawks shift into a Bear front when the 49ers go into the diamond which makes the trap game tough sledding. Too much congestion.

    1. that’s why the zone read-option out of the diamond formation would be an excellent addition because one of the up backs will arc release around the playside edge to block the individual who has the QB. also, vs. the 46 defense, other perimeter plays are very effective. even if the Seahawks play zone coverage out of the 46 rather than the usual man-to-man and/or combo coverages, Niner wideouts should have some room to roam in the secondary if they can get off the LOS.

      1. “vs. the 46 defense, other perimeter plays are very effective”

        True, which is why we saw them try to go after the Saints with outside runs.

  2. Looks probable Staley plays Sun.I concur with R.Lott,play a very aggressive passing attack to loosen the box early then quick hitters inside the tackles ala vintage Gore.

    1. When I hear aggressive passive attack I assume that means blitzing, otherwise you’re suggesting that the pass rushers normally hold back a bit. Jack has posted stats that suggest blitzing Wilson is counterproductive to the cause.

    2. Respectfully, isn’t that what Payton/Brees tried to do and couldn’t get the ball through tight coverage? They’ll have to be creative.

  3. The Rams were very successful with cut back runs at the point of the attack. Killed them with that. I’d like to see a couple of counter trey’s with Hunter see how it works. Also a couple of designed keepers by Kaep. The goal though is move the chains.
    The good news is that now that we have Crabs back, Sherman won’t be on VD. Would like to see a couple of shots to VD and see the Seahawks try to cover that.

    1. bay says “The good news is that now that we have Crabs back, Sherman won’t be on VD”
      When did Pete Carroll hire you as his defensive coordinator? Also, I see yesterday you are throwing around violent threats to people attending games? Wow you really are a different cat.

    2. It will probably be Kam Chancellor on VD in most part. Davis should be able to find some success but has to be ready to be physical in creating initial space.

      1. They will bring Sherman down on Davis as well if there is no receiver out wide. Did that in week 2, and again in week 5 against Indy.

    3. FDM,
      you’ve revealed yourself to be slime in my book. Do I dislike Prime? You bet I do. He’d been banned from this site on several occasions and that is not by accident. I mostly ignore him these days. And as for threatening him, I didn’t threaten anyone with violence. I left that up to interpretation.

      I have a team of boys that have all become an extension of my family. I will always fight for those boys. The second that Prime attacked them he crossed a line with me. And he did it multiple times. I don’t know what world you live in, but you don’t sit down and have a beer and be cordial with someone like that.

      1. Get over your self. You take things way too seriously on here, I know, I have been on the blog just as long as you.
        Asking someone to leave their family at the gate because you don’t want them to witness what they have coming? Really, you talk about crossing the line? Are blog comments really keeping you up at night and taking them that personal that you are threatening some one violently? As for “I left that up to interpretation”. Grow up. We all know what that means.

        Grant how you allow threats like that to remain on the blog shows how classless this place has gotten. As for you Bay I knew you were different but that was totally unacceptable.

      2. Whatever Bay, all this bantering back and forth is all smoke. Do you really think any of us if we met face to face would resort to anything more than just a laugh?
        Pretty sure Prime, myself, Rib, Claude and a host of others who had words with you would probably just look back and laugh at all the confrontations.
        I think Prime said something like you coached girls instead of boys? I hardly see that as something to throw a violent threat towards. Then again maybe you take things more seriously on here than most. If that’s the case maybe you need to re-evaluate this whole blogging thing.

      3. FDM,

        Prime Slime douche, called my wife ugly, what a scumbag, along with gay bashing and a host of other things. I would never go there, secondly Slime is going to leave his family at the the gate, who the hell is his family, he is going to leave DS, his oldest sister at the gate, who the hell cares.

      4. I love how now the players he coaches are his kids and how I directly I insulted each and everyone one of them.
        Bay you are the biggest 50 yearold baby I know. If we met the last thing I would do is fight. My life and career is more important than gettin revenge. Remember when you attacked my mother? That was okay right but you don’t see me crying do you?

      5. FDM,
        one word for you. Spineless. Nothing I didn’t already know. Guys like Prime get what they have coming to them. None of the other guys you mentioned should be grouped in with him.
        Do yourself a favor. Mind your own business.

      6. FDM,
        you engage me I don’t engage you. I stay away from trash. Keeps me smelling just fine. You are garbage. Stay off my threads as I see zero value in communicating with you. Ciao.

      7. Fdm….. You’re out of line dude. The first thing you did was attack Bays outlook and then stuck your nose in his and primes argument. Stay out of it. You speak highly of yourself and then do a 180 and get involved in cyber talk. Take it easy Fella.

        I would hope everyone on here if they met could laugh it off and have a beer. Does anyone really take this blog trash talk seriously? I have my fair share of “blog enemies) on here, but I’m old enough to know words mean nothing, and if I ever did run into a Claude, ribico, Oregon, or fdm I’d offer them a beer and want to laugh at some of the good ones they got me with and vice versa. Am I really the only one who thinks the trash talk is fun? I hope not.

        Hope to see anyone who’s going at the tailgate party. It would be cool to put a face on the names. And talk some 49er football. NIIIIINERS!!!!!

      8. I agree MD. It’s the internet, who cares what anyone on here says? I’ve talked trash with several of you on here and I’ve got it back. Nothing personal at all, I laugh about it. At the end of the day we’re all 49ers fans; I would buy any one of you a beer.

  4. Does anyone else feel the same as i do, that this weeks game is a very important test for CK. He is at home with all of his weapons healthy. I believe its time for him to show continued growth against a very good team. What i really do’nt want to see is a return of that confused look he had earlier in the yr. I believe this game and the first rd of the playoffs will go a long way towards making the decision as to whether or not the team picks a QB in one of the first two rds

      1. Bay i believe that if the team is looking for a #2 they should go the FA route. If they use a 1st or2nd rd pick they are doing it because they do’nt have the confidence in CK and i believe the only way they will have confidence in him is with either a good game this week or less likely a poor game this week followed by a very good game in the 1st rd of the playoffs

      2. Hey Bay,
        I like A.J. McCarron of Alabama. He may be available late in the 2nd rd.

        He is (ok, here it goes) an Alex Smith type QB, great game manager with a better arm and fearless when throwing the ball down field.
        He hardly makes mistakes and has a very good feel for field awareness.
        I don’t believe he makes it out of the 2nd rd.

      3. I don’t see them picking a QB until day three at the earliest. From that group I could see: Stephen Morris, David Fales, Jordan Lynch, Braxton Miller, Tom Savage and others who are athletic than polished right now.

      4. Old Coach
        FA for back up QB make sense because they’re ready. A draftee is probably a #3. But who?
        Bradford and Vick will want to start. If they become available, so will Shaub & Cutler. Then what? Cassel, Freeman, Sanchez, Gabbert probably aren’t an upgrade on McCoy Did I forget anyone?

      5. QB’s for next year. I hate to give up on McCoy. He was a stud in College. If we are going to replace him, I’d like to see him replaced by McCown or Even Shaun Hill. Don’t laugh.
        Next I’d like to see the Niners select a QB in the draft. But I don’t want to see them spend a first or second round pick on one. Maybe a James Franklin or a Jordan Lynch.
        Receivers I like are Beckham and I know he’s a little undersized, but he plays with a nasty edge is Cooks.

      6. I like Keith Price from UW. Where do you guys think he lands? Also, again the Mettenberger situation. What round does he land with the ACL?

      7. Grimey i think Mettenberger will go late 1st early 2nd i could see the 9ers using a 2nd on him but only if they are sure CK can compete with the top half of the league next year.

      8. Bay, I like Bekham too. Also Moncrief(Miss.), and Davonte Parker(Louisville). There’s a lot of good WRs this year. The 9ers have to seriously re-evaluate their scouting and coaching if they miss on a WR this year.

      9. Grimey i think Price could be one of those QBs who start out being projected as a middle rounder who shoots up the board late in the draft season.

      10. Old Coach,
        I have a hard time believing a team is gonna spend a high round pick on a guy that’s gonna miss most of his first year due to injury. The 9ers have a lot of picks and a good QB situation. They could easily put him on the Lattimore plan. Another team that’s hurting for QB production doesn’t have that luxury.

        Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m not trying to replace Kap. But with the rookie salary cap spending a first round pick on a backup QB isn’t a burden financially.

      11. I agree with you there coach. He has a lot of experience, talent, and a great disposition. Would be fantastic in the 9ers offense.

      12. I love talking draft. There’s so much potential in these players and the possibilities are fun to think about. How do we get this guy and how does he fit in the system?

      13. You guys are so so critical of CK. The kid can play. Its Roman that needs to go. When CK isn’t given three plays or confused he is amazing. I have said this before and this is the same qb that outdueled Tom Brady and audibled off of cover zero into a hot route to win.

      14. I’m a big Johnny Football fan. Literally the most exciting player I’ve ever seen. The most elusive QB ever, very good runner, accurate arm, not always perfect decision making, will be a big time NFL QB. Almost certainly will go too high for the 49ers but maybe the Raiders will grab him.

      15. Manziel is an immature douche. He’ll be the next Ryan Leaf no doubt. Most elusive QB ever? LOL. He’s a good college QB, but it ends there.

    1. I think it’s important for the obvious reasons of making the playoffs and getting over a psychological hurdle, but I don’t see it as an indictment of Kap’s future Coach. I don’t see any way they draft a QB in the first two rounds no matter how Kap plays the rest of the way. They’ve invested a lot of time in this kid and have seen his natural ability. He’ll get at minimum another full season before they even consider taking a QB with a high pick imo.

      Like you, I want to see a more confident QB, but at the same time we need to keep in mind that he’s still a work in progress and hasn’t had much help from the running game the past 3 weeks either. If the Oline can’t open holes or protect him well on Sunday, then it’s not on Kap if they can’t move the ball.

      1. Rocket if CK looks lost presnap and then looks confused after the snap [like he was earlier this year] for the last 4 games especially against the better teams are you confident enough to hand him the ball next year unchallenged

      2. If he completely falls apart then maybe they consider it Coach, but I don’t see it happening. I think he’s shown enough last year and this year to warrant confidence that he can become a very good QB for them. He still has a lot to improve on but he’s their handpicked guy and they’ll be patient with him imo.

      3. Rocket your post is very logical but if you give CK another full yr before you draft a QB you very well may be giving him 2 full years. If the draftee is’nt ready his rookie yr, Can this team going into a new stadium survive with a QB who looked as totally lost as CK did early in the season for 2 full years? Now do’nt misunderstand me i’m rooting my butt off for CK and i hope he continues to play like he has recently but i want him to show me he can beat a good team, this year.

      4. agreed w/ op, except for the fact that the run game always gives CK something b/c even when it’s not working, teams stay in 8 and 9 man fronts. this should make the reads and throws easier.

        i don’t think the 2 full years is a problem. The team is aging w/ Justin, Gore, Carlos, Staley, Goodwin, Vernon, Ahmad, Ray McDonald, Boldin (if he’s retained) all over 30 next season.

        Who knows what will happen with Iupati, Crabtree, Aldon, Whitner, Brown, Wright, Culliver…

        Next season is probably their last run with this group. No matter how he does, they’re going to have to pay Kaep starting QB money.

      1. Fales and Carr are going to gain well-deserved recognition by scouts once their tapes are evaluated and the combine process and interviews are concluded. Too many observers, notice I didn’t say experts, discount them due to the level of their conferences and their out-of-conference competition, but both are quality QBs.

      1. Snyder had a +.7 against NO (-.4 pass, +1.o run), -1.9 against Wash (-1.3 pass, -.4 run), and -.1 against St Louis (-.5 pass, +1.1 run).

    1. I haven’t looked at the metrics, but he’s one of my favorite players; I’d call him a serious upgrade over last year. BUT, I’m worried as hell about the concussions he’s collecting…

  5. I think the success of the entire offense will depend on which Refs are assigned to call the game. I haven’t seen a team get away with the absolute mauling the Seahawks seem to get away with most weeks. If the Refs call the game in accordance with the rules then the Seahawks defense will have to loosen up which will open up the 9ers run game. If the Refs allow the Seattle secondary to grab and hold on every play then the 9ers won’t be able to run because Seattle will load the box. Roman should test the refs early to see what he gets as far as calls.

      1. Gee, Thanks for brightening my day.

        I don’t care what Blakeman or the NFL say, the Panthers final play against the Patriots was obvious pass interference. Not that I care when the Pats get screwed but you can’t wrap your arms around a player when the ball is in the air and then say someone else on the defense was making a play on the ball. It’s crap calls like that that turn people off to the NFL.

    1. Good point Houston. Therefore our players should be coached to act a little bit as well when they are being crabbed! If the game gets chippy they must throw the flag to control the game just like the rams game. The problem in Seattle when we played them was the lack of physicality by the offensive players as well. They should hit these guys every chance they have! Specially Sherman and Thomas. We should have a lineman to just nail Thomas when he comes for run block.

    2. Maybe they will give us the crew from the superbowl. You know the crew that was diverse and didn’t have the highest scores for the season. At least it will be “colorful” on the field.

      1. It definitely won’t happen because the 9ers personnel isn’t well suited for Kubiak’s scheme. Having said that, Kubiak is a fantastic offensive coach who is one of the most underrated play callers in the league. His system is absolutely fantastic and he will make someone a great OC very soon.

      2. The system Kubiak runs is partly based on the West Coast Offense. Kubiak was the QB Coach in San Francisco with Mike Shanahan before they both moved on to Denver. Shanahans offense has its roots in Bill Walsh’s offense.

  6. Niners coaches heaping praise on Russell Wilson is calculated to elicit a response from Kaepernick. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds.

    1. It’s not like I know any better than you, but I’ll disagree. I think Jim and Vic were stating the obvious in their praise. What did you see Monday night? This season? The guy’s good. As I listened to the delivery of their praise it didn’t seem like calculated speech to me, it seemed more natural. I’ll pass on the conspiracy theory this time. : >)

      1. ck is your future. The west coast offense would be great for him. Quick passes, defined reads, rhythm offense. I hope harbaugh doesn’t get to stubborn.

      2. i disagree that the west coast offense would be great for Kaep.

        his weaknesses are short throws, pocket movement, taking snaps from center, and reading defenses.

        his strengths are throwing down the field, throwing on the move and running straight.

        he’s probably better suited for an Air Coryell type offense or the Pistol (except Gore and the OL aren’t great out of the formation now that teams have adjusted somewhat to the zone read).

    1. Sully i thought his first game back he really struggled locating the ball. His second game i was’nt even sure whether he was in the game untill Jack gave me his stats. He was’nt targeted almost at all but that could mean one of two things he either had great coverage or the QB he faced was pretty bad.

    2. Wright has played 48% of the snaps the last 3 weeks and given up 6 catches on 8 targets for 107 yards, a QB rating of 116.7. (From PFF)

      1. Jack, does PFF account for situations where a team has a lead and is giving up a lot of the underneath stuff? Or is it that only when they grade?

      2. Space,

        The rating is based off the NFL’s system and does not account for situations. His grades have been ok. Not in the red and not in the green.

      3. Jack, thanks again. Webzone has now been saved in my favorites.

        Just passing this on, but I was reading on another blog where a poster suggested that Skuta might be better at containing Wilson because he is not quite as aggressive as Brooks or Smith and should be rotated in more often on passing downs for this game. What do you think?

      4. Space,

        I really liked what Skuta brought to the base D, he really sets the edge well. I think Smith has done a real nice job there too the last couple of weeks. Perhaps playing RGIII a couple weeks ago will help with Wilson.

  7. Grant can you settle an arguement for me? Its between myself and an aquaintance who reads this blog but does’nt post. Our disagreement is over what percentage of the reader responses you read. Taking into consideration days you do’nt post. We have a friendly wager. So on days you are posting what percentage of reader responses do you read? Thanks OC

    1. Grant if you are around. I need you to settle a large bet. If you could give me a guesstimate on my last post i would be happy to share my 5 dollars with you if i win the bet

      1. MWniner my favorite moment was the final game of the 1972 season J. Brodie hit Dick Witcher in the end zone with no time left to send the 9ers to the playoffs. Brodie had been out since the 5th game with a broken ankle. he entered the game in the 2nd half with the niners trailing by 20. The fans carried Brodie off the field after the game. They crowd surfed him about 8o yards and for a real piece of trivia who was the QB that Brodie replaced?

      2. I’ve been there for so many memories.
        But my favorite memory. Was the comeback vs NY.
        The moments like the catch 2 and the Vernon post were absolutly amazing. But that game for the whole second half was the greatest football I’ve seen in person played. Especially when shockey was talking trash to my section in the stands. I will never forget the roar of the crowd, I will never forget the looks on the faces of NY players who were so cocky earlier, ill never forget Garcia looking directly at me ( I like to think) while doing his best hanks dance after his score, ill never forget the debacle on the snap. And I’ll never forget looking at my wife’s (girlfriend at the time) face at her first ever Football game. Soooo many ups and downs in that game. And honestly not a single fan thought they would come back from that deficit. The saints game was close because of the decade of horrible football was finally done, but that game is the most memorable.

      3. Me too. That game stands out. Funny we had box seats and at half time we almost left. It was that close. My buddy said lets go to centerfolds. We can watch the 4th quarter there at least with a smile on our faces. I said, lets watch one more drive. The next drive Garcia hit Owens for a TD. We never left. It’s like it was yesterday. You remember the little moments during a game like that….

      4. Not a game I attended, but sometime in Eddie D’s heyday there was a Monday Noght Game at The Stick. When the network patched to the booth there was this ferocious roaring crowd and Al Michaels struggling to be heard over the din, shouting something like: It’s a Magnitude 8.8 at The Stick!
        Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for Sunday! Bay, youre up!
        That might have been that awesome 10-7 win over the G-Men.

      5. Old Coach

        I miss read the statement, yes in that particular game he replaced Spurrier. My mind led me astray again. I read it as who did Brodie replace when he began his career. Oh well. Thanks for the correction.

  8. Well I’ll see everybody at the game who are lucky enough to have tickets. It will be a day of mixed emotions utter joy over the 9ers kicking the seahawks ass mixed with a little sadness saying good bye to the Stick.

    1. Grab something on the way out, coach …
      (even if it’s one of those giant jars of mustard
      from the concession stands ! lol)

      But, most importantly … bring some kind
      of voice amplifying device …
      ya know like a horn or something …

      MAKE IT LOUD !!!

  9. Losing Joe Staley and Mike Iupati to injury, regardless if Staley plays against the Seahawks, could be the best thing to ever happen to Jim Harbaugh’s career, and I’m not joking. Now, without Staley and Iupati, Harbaugh needs to pass the football against the Seahawks to win the game, and I’m not so certain Harbaugh and Roman would have done that with Iupati in the game. You talk about running the ball to beat the Seahawks? I say you beat the Seahawks by throwing the football a lot.

    I wrote last night, and I’m right about it, that our offense has an identity crisis that’s tearing it apart from the inside out. One offensive camp has Frank Gore, Iupati, Greg Roman (and probably Eric Mangini). The other camp has Goodwin, Kaepernick, Patton, Crabtree, La Micheal James and Hunter. One camp is smashmouth football, the other camp is spread offense. Now when there’s a fight between two kids at the dinner table, dad usually steps in and says, “You’re right, you’re wrong……get me a Budweiser.” Harbaugh, in this analogy, is dad who’s saying more often than not, “Greg’s right, run the ball.” But Harbaugh’s wrong. Even with Manningham and Crabtree out, the 49ers should have been passing the football, not running it; however, Greg Roman doesn’t know pass so to point Harbaugh’s hands were tied. Because of Greg’s status as Stanford’s run game coordinator, we got a spin job from 4949 (what is it? Centennial Drive? I forgot). The spin job was that to win in the regular season without Crabtree and Manningham (and to a lesser degree Patton) we had to lean on Gore. Horse shat. Roman needed to develop a passing attack with what he had, but Roman’s offense was too complex to a point of being stiffing. We’ve all seen Kaep’s million timeouts that would make Mike Martz blush.

    So enter this weekend’s game. Now Greg, even with his merry-go-round backfield of shifting players pre-snap, can’t fool or out-muscle anyone (especially not Seattle) with a power run game behind Snyder and Looney, or even Snyder and Staley. So Greg’s going to have to pass to beat the Seahawks, and in doing so he’s going to have to have been burning the midnight oil creating passing plays Seattle hasn’t seen.

    The reason I say this might help Harbaugh’s career enormously this weekend is because I remember the Ravens, not the Titans, the Ravens. Last year, the only reason the Ravens won the Super Bowl, out of no where I might add, is because John Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron, and Joe Flacco threw the lights out all playoffs long with his deep ball. That was a shift from a vanilla offense mid-season under Cameron, to a more high powered passing attack down the stretch that won John Harbaugh his first ring. The loss of Staley and Iupati, even if Staley plays in a banged-up or limited fashion, could force Greg Roman (if he’s smart and that’s asking a lot) to get out of his run-first comfort zone and maybe start catching the league off-guard with a pass first offense for the next six or seven weeks. Wouldn’t that be something? Throw the goddamn ball, Niners. Dump the power run game!

    I want to see spread formations, five wide, empty backfields, quick passes, fast tempo, one call at the line, make ‘em use their timeouts, play action, fakes, trick plays, Gore on the sidelines, an occasional draw to Hunter and Kaepernick running not around the line but through the line and up the gut for first downs. I want to see La Micheal James motioning out of the backfield and into passing routes, turning four wide into five wide. That’s how the 49ers will beat the Seahawks. They won’t beat the Seahawks trying to run the football.

    1. Spitblood, interesting post.
      Re. the Ravens, I agree with you. Flacco also caught lightning in a bottle for about 5 games to end the year, including for about the first 35 minutes of the Superbowl. They went all the way on Flacco’s hot streak.

  10. Brian Baldinger on the NFL Channel thinks that the Niners should run Kap with read option plays to get the run game on track. What do you folks think?

    1. Running Kaepernick is an idiotic idea. Most fans saw how stupid the concept was over the off season. At the time, they had fresh memories of Kaep’s amazing throwing performance during the playoffs. That sentiment has cooled because of Kaep’s struggles with Roman’s offense without Crabtree. But what if we gave Kaep an OC with a clue who knew how to run a pro style, not college style mind you, but pro style offense? Kaep would be the toast of the NFL right now, not Russel Wilson. Running the man with a golden arm would be unheard of if Kaep had an OC. People say good coaching makes the difference of about three or four games per season. Please. Good coaching makes the difference between worst and first – ask Chiefs’ fans. I have an idea…. let’s let Greg Roman run the read option…. against Seattle, by myself.

      1. um. this is Jim Harbaugh’s offense. he’s been running it since he started as a head coach at San Diego pre-Roman.

        And it’s a pro-style offense. Part of the reason Luck was regarded as ahead of the game vs RG3 was b/c he had run a pro-style offense at Stanford.

        It’s good QB play that makes the difference. See Colts when they lost Manning and then got Luck. See Arizona when they got Kurt Warner and then lost him. See Bill Belichick in Cleveland. See Seattle with Russell Wilson. etc etc etc.

        Same coaches, different QB’s, different results. The only other big difference maker is turnover differential which was 2011 49ers (and Alex improved by finding his nitch as a QB who is great at managing the game).

  11. Truth is that I have such little faith in Greg Roman that I don’t know that he will do the intelligent thing, whatever that is, based on past history, the in-game defensive alignments, the personnel, and so on. So just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean that he’ll even try it again.

    1. good thing coaches are secondary to players.

      i’ll take the same team w/ the best QB and the worst OC in the league vs the that same exact team w/ the worst QB and the best OC in the league any day.

      Guaranteed to win every game where turnover differential isn’t a major factor.

      1. Agree, but in this case Greg Roman might tip the scales enough that a winnable game becomes a loss – that a potentially dynamic offense becomes average.

      1. Brotha,
        I would love nothing more than to see Lattimore fully recover from this injury, but he is coming back from one of the most devastating and gruesome injuries that I’ve seen.

        Former raiders RB Napoleon McCallum had an injury very similar to that of Lattimore and never played football again.

        Sure, I know that there has been huge advancements in the medical field from the time McCallum suffered his injury back in 94, but for a player that makes his livelihood on getting hit more times than often in the legs, it become a very ambitious task to pin my hopes that Lattimore is going to be our next big star at RB.

        We need to draft or sign a FA RB in the off season that gives us more security in this highly important facet of our offensive scheme.

        F.Gore will not be the answer next season and KHunt is not an every-down player imo. LMJ is less likely to be an every-down RB than is Hunter and be not be here next season.

        Going into next year’s draft we need to prioritize on:
        1. WR
        2. RB
        3. DT – unless Tank is the answer post J.Smith.
        4. QB – or FA signing – CK needs to be pushed a little.
        After this, we could draft BPA.

      2. agree w/ AES except i don’t think they need to prioritize RB next draft. Hunter should be better in year 2 after the injury and you could probably run some kind of rotation between him, Dixon and James even if Gore and Lattimore aren’t available.

        been spoiled w/ Gore, but most teams run a RB by committee system. only concern is whether Dixon is good enough as the “thunder” option. James maybe as the 3rd down back.

        Is Hampton still on the PS? he’d be a rotation option as well if he’s figured out blitz pick up.

    1. Wow it’s worse than I thought. Well that explains why we’re one of the worse ranked passing offenses in the league.

      1. We were one of the worst ranked passing offenses in the league with Smith as the starter, and that was with a healthy Crabtree. I know that doesn’t support your agenda, but it’s the truth.

      2. Fansince77 says:
        December 7, 2013 at 10:59 am
        Did I say anything that it was better with Smith? No I did not.

        Then fansince77 says:
        December 7, 2013 at 11:00 am
        And Crabtree was never healthy. He missed training camp, broke his foot. He even said he was finally healthy last year.

        But I will still continue to back the excuses for smith though. Lol

      3. Yes. They’re crazy and they’re only letting folks in with those. Me and the bro in law, half partner of the season tix. Decided to not get one this season. BUT!!!!
        If you have a handicap placard you can get in. I’m getting tired of these new rules they imply during the week that make it more difficult for real fans to get in and have a good time. I’m nervous about the new stadium and the lame rules they will be enforcing their. Fn Raider and some 49er fans ruined everything for everyone.

    2. Hammer,
      No big revelation here. We all know that it’s been a mixed bag year for CK and have exhausted every angle why.
      Everything from:
      Non-football intelligence – inability to read defenses
      G.Roman – holding him back
      The loss of M.Crabtree
      O-line breakdowns
      Etc, ad nauseam.

      I’m not a huge numbers and stats follower because they are robotic in that they don’t figure in so many other aspects and circumstances surrounding the game which lead up to the final stats. But that’s just one man’s opinion.

      What I do see is a QB that is not a finished product and one that had enormous expectations placed on his shoulders leading into this season.
      I also see a QB who has not complained or pointed the finger at coaches or players for his poor play.

      What we have, like it not is a QB who was hand picked by Harbaugh
      to be the 49ers QB for next 7-10 year (?).
      If CK proves that he is not the answer, than we move on without him, but I don’t make that move until he proves to me beyond reasonable doubt that he needs to move on.
      At the moment, that is not even a distant consideration.

      1. AES,
        I agree with most of what you said about KAEP. I may be tough on him not but that’s not out of hate, only that he is failing to meet expectations.
        However, while he has not complained, he has also shown signs of immaturity in how he deals with the media.
        He all the physical tools, now it’s clear that it’s all upstairs, how fast he learns and processes the information of reading defenses.
        The game has slowed down for Russell Wilson. It hasn’t yet for Colin.

      2. Fan…
        His expectations are obviously to be a pocket qb. It hasn’t been a full season yet. Shoot atleast I have Alex smith 3 seasons to “blossom” he will be just fine in due time.

  12. I’d be curious to see the list of QB’s that have already spent a year or two in the league and are still called “read one and done” that have gone on to have successful careers.

    If you cant find your second receiver by your third year then you probably never will.

      1. thing is, Rodgers barely played his 1st 3 seasons and had over 4000 yards passing, at 63.6%, 28 TDs and only 13 INTs his 1st season as a starter.

        Yes, he improved upon that w/ more experience, but i think this shows that those 3 yrs helped.

        Colin is not the same as a true 2nd yr QB, he should be more advanced.

        ppl love to spew how complicated this offense is, but the truth is that that’s only true for the run game. the passing game is rudimentary.

        What his talent level is in terms of seeing the field and reading defenses w/in the 3 to 4 seconds allotted to him is as of yet unknown.

        QBs who are limited physically and hence drafted in the 5th round or go undrafted (Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Matt Hasselback) can be successful depending on how well they do these things.

        and it probably doesn’t matter how hard you work – see Alex Smith. Colin no doubt works hard as well or he’d be Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf, but it might be a thing that either you have or you don’t.

  13. Grant…. When’s the prediction? It’s difficult at times to get the Internet out there in the web unfriendly parking lot. I want to see you be wrong again. I’m sure you’re taking the craphawks. :-)

  14. Fansince77 says:
    December 7, 2013 at 11:04 am
    “I agree with most of what you said about KAEP. I may be tough on him not but that’s not out of hate, only that he is failing to meet expectations.
    However, while he has not complained, he has also shown signs of immaturity in how he deals with the media.
    He all the physical tools, now it’s clear that it’s all upstairs, how fast he learns and processes the information of reading defenses.
    The game has slowed down for Russell Wilson. It hasn’t yet for Colin.”

    All good Fan,
    I agree with your take regarding CK. I have no problems with fans snipping on CK when he deserves it. And yes, after the dramatic transition from AS last year and going to the SB, the expectations are extremely high.

    But sometimes I think that had CK won the SB last year, after seeing some of the stink bomb games he’s had this season it’s fair to conclude that he is far from a finished product. Winning a SB (had that happened), does not a polished QB make.

    Kaep has a lot of refining to do in his game, and the positive I like is that he is working very hard to achieve greatness.
    From his high school coach (Larry Nigro) to his college coach (Chris Ault) and now Harbaugh, they have shared the same comments when it comes to CK’ intense work ethic, intelligence and huge competitive nature.

    Yes we have all witnessed some ‘smh’ games with CK, but we have also witnessed some incredible throws and runs that gives me reason to get excited for greater things yet to come for CK.

  15. Ha!
    Sounds interesting.
    I like to be there to get my Ric Flair strut on.

    The Big Game will be played there, and now WWE Wrestlemania.

    Makes me think that the City of San Francisco could have been making this money with a new stadium instead of towing cars and raising bridge tolls (lol).

      1. Finally! The Rock has come back ….. to Santa Clara …

        The most electrifying man in sports entertainment is going to knock you on your candy @$$…LOL

  16. 1. David Shaw is not gonna leave Stanford.
    2. Coach Harbaw will not impress in the postseason.
    3. Pete Carroll will enjoy his gum chewing tomorrow.
    (It will taste like a ‘W’…)

    1. What is your purpose here? GTFO. You’re just a clown who brings nothing to this blog. Go join a Seahawks forum and spew your unintelligent nonsense over there.

      1. LSX,
        This persons sole purpose is to spew their anger over Harbaugh’ decision to go with CK over Alex Smith last year.
        Looks like this poor soul has been damaged for life.

    2. How have your predictions for the Chiefs been lately? Remember what you said about the Rams v Niners? You’re really on a roll.

    3. 1. I agree that David Shaw won’t leave Stanford….yet.
      2. He already has and will again.
      3. You’re right in that Carroll will like his gum tomorrow and that it will taste like a W. After all, the question WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?! does start with a W.

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