How the Niners offense will attack the Giants defense

Here’s how I expect the Niners offense to attack the red hot New York Giants defense.

I expect the Niners to split out Vernon Davis at wide receiver often, much more than usual. The Giants are going to double team him, probably with a cornerback and a safety.

I expect the Niners to use that against them. They’ll split Davis out wide and have him run deep. Two Giants defenders will follow him wherever he goes, so if he can’t get open at least he can open up space for other 49ers to make plays.

I expect Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter to make most of those plays.

I expect both running backs to catch passes and gain big chunks of yards on plays that start with Smith faking a handoff. Smith will play fake and Davis will run a fade or a deep post to clear out a section of the field. Smith will look to hit Davis for a big gain, but if he’s covered Smith will check down to his running back who should have open space in front of him.

I also expect the Niners to use play action roll outs. I’m talking Vernon Davis split out wide to the right, play fake to Gore off right tackle, run Davis deep down the right sideline and roll Smith back around to the left where he’ll hit a wide open Bruce Miller or Joe Staley or Isaac Sopoaga.

That’s what I expect. How about you?

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