How the Niners win games

The Niners just beat the Lions 25-19 to go to 5-1 on the season. Here’s how Jim Harbaugh’s team wins games.

First, the Niners have a better defense and special teams than most of their enemies, I mean opponents, so that’s a good initial advantage.

From there, the Niners defense can take away a run game without fail, so they make opposing offenses predictable.

On the other hand, Greg Roman’s offense very rarely is predictable. Unless he lines up zero wide receivers, it’s nearly impossible to tell before the snap if the Niners are going to run or pass. On several plays, Ndamukong Suh froze on pass plays, just didn’t rush Smith at all, because he thought a run was coming. This happened on straight pass plays, not even play actions.

The Niners maintain unpredictability on offense with their balanced attack, which keeps defenses on their heels. They also force the other team to throw predictable passes.

The predictability/unpredictability factor has been the Niners’ biggest asset this year, and Harbaugh’s coaching staff gets the credit.

I’m working on my grades now. Be back at you soon.

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