Hunters Point vs. Santa Clara

Some say nothing goes better with beer than politics. If that’s the case, consider heading to Pete’s Tavern in Mission Bay tonight at 6 p.m. to hear SF planning commissioner Mike Antonini’s views on the proposed Santa Clara stadium site, per a blog post in SF Weekly.

Antonini’s view, in a nutshell: the idea sucks.


The planning commish favors a Hunters Point stadium to replace Candlestick Park, and these are some of his points:

• South San Francisco is more of a mass-transit hub than Silicon Valley.
• The Santa Clara plan still lacks $300 to $400 million in investment funds.
• Having the 49ers in San Francisco is psychologically important to the community.

This issue will heat up as we get closer to June 8, when Santa Clara residents vote on Measure J.

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