Hypothetical injury report for Monday’s game

The 49ers did not practice today. Neither did the Arizona Cardinals. Still, they had to follow NFL rules and submit an injury report for Monday’s game.

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UPDATE: Lowell Cohn changed his mind and decided to post the transcript of his interview with Jed York. You can read it all right here. Enjoy.

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The league asked them to play the hypothetical game. If there were a practice today, how would each team’s injured players be designated. Here is how each team answered:




Out: S Dashon Goldson (knee).


Did not practice: WR Arnaz Battle (foot) and OT Barry Sims (ankle).


Limited participation: OT Jonas Jennings (shoulder) and DE Ray McDonald (knee).


Full participation: TE Delanie Walker (elbow).




Did not practice: TE Leonard Pope (ankle).


Limited participation: WR Larry Fitzgerald (thumb), TE Ben Patrick (knee), DE Travis LaBoy (groin), T Mike Gandy (ankle), CB Eric Green (knee), WR Sean Morey (hamstring) and TE Jerame Tuman (ankle).


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Here are some sacks-allowed stats from STATS, LLC. In the past, I’ve kept these stats myself, but I didn’t have time to keep them this season. It is difficult to assign the blame on sacks if you don’t know the design of the play. Certainly, J.T. O’Sullivan has been responsible for a good number of sacks this season, but here is how STATS assigned the blame:


Barry Sims 7.5 sacks allowed for 43.5 yards.

Joe Staley 7 for 48 yards

Adam Snyder 5.5 for 35 yards

Tony Wragge 4 for 23 yards

Eric Heitmann 3 for 20.5 yards

Jonas Jennings 1 for 5 yards

David Baas 0 for 0 yards


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Also, here is the complete list of 49ers pass targets (with receptions in parenthesis) by my count:


Isaac Bruce 47 (23)

Frank Gore 45 (32)

Arnaz Battle 41 (24)

Josh Morgan 26 (11)

Bryant Johnson 25 (16)

Vernon Davis 25 (16)

Delanie Walker 11 (7)

Michael Robinson 5 (5)

Jason Hill 5 (3)

Zak Keasey 5 (3)

DeShaun Foster 3 (2)

Allen Rossum 1 (1)


(There are three passes that were either spikes or throwaways.)


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Finally, Lowell Cohn interviewed Jed York this morning. Lowell has some quick impressions of Jed that he shared in his blog. But he’s making us wait until the weekend to read what they talked about.

Lowell has the transcript of the interview on his blog, right here.

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