Ian Williams: “When they activate you off PUP, that’s the paper hurdle. I still have to get over that mental hurdle.”

SANTA CLARA — Ian Williams was interviewed next to the 49ers’ practice field Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: How did walk through go for you this morning?

I. WILLIAMS: It went good, getting my steps in and just getting the feel of hearing the calls and stuff like that — having somebody line up opposite of me.

Q: Did you get any indication of how everything is feeling, or is walk through too slow to tell?

I. WILLIAMS: Walk through is too slow to really judge that. Just staying on schedule and working my way in.

Q: Was there ever a time when you wondered if you were going to make it back to 100 percent, or do you still have questions perhaps?

I. WILLIAMS: Early in the recovery portion, someone may have doubts a little bit. But after a while, I’ve been training for a while now just to get all of that out of my head. It takes time to get that out of your head?

Q: Is it all out of your head?

I. WILLIAMS: It’s different running around and cutting and everything like that — that’s the easy part. Anybody can do Combine drills, but when you’re pushing against somebody that’s 350 pounds, that’s totally different than running the 40. I excited to get back out there and just see how it feels.

Q: Is there any way to simulate that in the weight room?

I. WILLIAMS: The training staff here, they’ve put me through rigorous workouts. They’ve gotten me to where I am now. We’re still just working our way up. We’re building every day.

Q: What was the final step for you to clear that hurdle to get cleared?

I. WILLIAMS: I don’t think I’m clear of that final hurdle yet. I’m still working every day to get better, to push myself to see how far I can go and better myself.

Q: What do you mean you don’t think you’ve cleared the final hurdle yet?

I. WILLIAMS: When they activate you off PUP, that’s the paper hurdle. I still have to get over that mental hurdle, things on the football field you’re not accustomed to off the field.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Glenn Dorsey?

I. WILLIAMS: I have. I’ve been there. I’ve been talking to him. We’ve been texting back and forth. He’s  never had surgery before so I told him how surgery was. I told him it’s a little weird falling asleep like that. But he’s doing well, his spirits are high and he’s going to come back whenever he can.

Q: Vic Fangio said you had a setback in the spring. What was it?

I. WILLIAMS: Just having to go back in and take the plate  out. That was months ago. I’ve been here training my butt off with Uye and the training staff, they’ve been kicking my butt every day and preparing me for Sundays.

Q: Was there an infection?

I. WILLIAMS: Something like that. I really don’t try to ask too many when I’m in there. As long as I’m healed and I can do what I can do, I feel good.

Q: Is there anything you picked up from watching Dorsey the past year that you can apply to your game?

I. WILLIAMS: Having Glenn come in here last year was huge. Everybody wants to blow it up as a tackle battle, but having a great veteran come in and actually talk to you and teach you some things — also having Justin and Ray in there like that, and other guys. Watching Tony (Jerod-Eddie) play nose guard, I try to take everything from all of those guys’ games and mix it all into mine.

Q: With Dorsey out, do you feel any more pressure than usual to show that you’re ready and can fill that role?

I. WILLIAMS: I’m not going to lie to you, yeah, it’s pressure. It’s the NFL, so it’s pressure every day. But this is what we do. We’re built to withstand that pressure. They put us through workouts to break through those walls of  pressure. I feel that they put me through a lot of hard things.

Q: Is playing in Week 1 realistic for you?

I. WILLIAMS: Uhh…just building up. It’s hard to put a schedule in. Just building up every day.

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    1. Give the guy a break. How’s he supposed to be mentally ready with out any kind of full contact yet? I would think it questionable if came back saying he’s 100 % and indestructible.

      He’ll be a lot better once he gets back in practice. I dont expect to see him in preseason. Maybe shared time week 1 until he feels 100%,

      1. He’s got to visualize himself dominating. Don’t get too deep in the weeds of questioning yourself. The fact that he’s excited to get back out there is encouraging….

  1. They did a feature on him a couple years ago, espn?, someone, and he was so humble and wanting to help out his mom. He got cut and then he got signed to the PS. He’s a really great dude who came up dirt poor and only wants to be a good provider for his family. I’m rooting for him and he’s in my prayers…

  2. ESPN’s projected 53 =>

    Colin Kaepernick
    Blaine Gabbert

    Frank Gore
    Carlos Hyde
    Marcus Lattimore
    Bruce Miller
    LaMichael James

    Anquan Boldin
    Michael Crabtree
    Steve Johnson
    Brandon Lloyd
    Bruce Ellington
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    1. If Gabbert doesn’t show better, there will be a third QB, probably JJ.
      Ramsey may be FNI List or PS.
      Acker? Boone?

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