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It was a light day in Santa Clara today. For the newspaper, I wrote about Ahmad Brooks. But now seems like a good time to solicit some questions from y’all.

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Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky paid a visit to third-year linebacker Ahmad Brooks last week to inform him of a possible position change.


“He said they were talking about putting me at defensive end to rush the passer,” Brooks said. “It’s not definite, but he said it would be the quickest way to get me on the field.”


The 49ers have a bye week. They do not return to action until Nov. 10 when they face the Arizona Cardinals on “Monday Night Football.” The week off affords the 49ers’ coaching staff a chance to evaluate whether changes at certain positions are warranted.


“It gives us a chance to really put players in situations where maybe if it were a regular practice we wouldn’t have that time to make those changes and implement certain situations to find out if that player can do this or do that,” 49ers interim coach Mike Singletary said.


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Thanks to the Goal Rushers, the Stockton booster club, for inviting me to attend their Monday meeting.


As it turns out, I needed a couple glasses of water as my voice got a nice workout. I was the only speaker at the event.


The 49ers player scheduled to attend was a no-show. But there’s good news: The club’s community relations department ‘fessed up and apologized. They plan to make amends for it by sending two guests to Stockton for next month’s gathering.


* * *

Ordinarily, I don’t like mixing politics and sports. But I thought it would be interesting to poll the players on the 49ers’ 53-man roster on which presidential candidate they support.


Today, I quizzed 37 players — a pretty good sample of the locker room. I promised confidentiality. Are you curious what I found or could you not give a darn?


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There is no media availability on Thursday. The team will be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday before returning to work for “bonus practices” on Monday and Tuesday. They will have Wednesday off before beginning their typical preparations on Thursday for the Monday night (Nov. 10) game against the Cardinals.


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Leave your questions in the comments section and I’ll answer as many as I can in a separate post.


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