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  1. Could be a combination of factors for Kelly’s inner thoughts kept private. 1.. Kelly’s shyness you perceived. 2.. A 49er public relations rep. sitting in the press conference room during interviews last year reavealed a secret power structure that qualms coaches. The suits run the show and their arrogance seeps through…Who can ever forget Baalke interrupting the Coach Tomsula during his hiring press conference with: Tomsula will run the football. Or this uncomfortable looking picture:

    Kawakami: 49ers’ new coach Tomsula now Baalke, York’s puppet

  2. My take: Kelly’s from New Hampshire, where people are direct, soft spoken, unflashy, and keep to themselves. He’s also a student of football and has developed his own a theory of offense — borrowing richly from guys who have tried this and that — based on probability, logic and simplicity. Whether or not one thinks his system is the cat’s meow, the guy is a “genius,” and geniuses tend to be observers. A good example of that would be Walsh. I also believe that Kelly’s an efficiency geek. Uses a lot of science, including management science. He could probably teach in a business school. Based on your description, he’s delegating and keeping track. He might be the kind of person, though, who is a quick take, so he doesn’t have to see much. And it’s very, very early — players are getting up to speed and the pads aren’t even on. He might begin to focus on players when that happens. As for not doing one-on-one interviews, my guess is that he sees them as inefficient, a waste of time. For him, it probably makes more sense to get his message out through groups and via radio. Btw, have you listened to his radio sessions with Murph and Mac? He can be one of the guys when he wants to be. And I really like his humor. On the dry side, but you have to like the dry side.

    1. George – Wow, calling Kelly a genius and citing an example using Bill Walsh is borderline dangerous. I also think Kelly is a football genius. Watching Walsh offense brought pure joy to these eyes. Watching Kelly at Oregon reminded me so much of Walsh tenure with the Niners. Of course the scheme is entirely different but the innovation is exactly the same. Walsh brought something new to pro football and changed the game. I believe Kelly is on the verge of doing the same. People call his offense gimmicky I call it great fun to watch. If this works, pro football will once again change and it will be a another Niner HC who will make an distinct impression in football lore.

      1. uc, I suppose some will say it’s premature to call Kelly a “genius” because his system hasn’t won any championships in the NFL. I wouldn’t argue against that, but I think it’s fair to call him a “genius” as far as college goes. Like Walsh he’s cerebral and innovative. Like you, I loved the Walsh offense; it was poetry in motion. Hopefully you are right about Kelly being on the verge of something special.

        1. George

          Like yourself, I’m waiting and hoping for the next coming of the guy with the white hair …believing that ‘Chip’ was him. ‘Chip’ sort of got his nose bloodied at Philadelphia with the choosing-up of sides in their FO food fight. I was absolutely elated when he was hired to the 49ers….but beware…

          I’m hopeful but realistic, I’m not sure that the “Walsh mystique” is possible in this day and age due to the ever demanding screams for ‘more input’ as #5 called for. When bloggers like Grant call for more one-on-one interviews, it may be upsetting the apple-cart that ‘Chip’ doesn’t want to spill. Only time will tell, but perhaps we’re asking for TOO MUCH information that might be more harm than good….

    2. There is no comparison between Walsh and Kelly. Kelly’s innovation isn’t schematic; it’s efficiency. Walsh devised an offensive system that changed the game in many ways. Kelly has simply figured out a way to run as many plays as possible over the course of a game. There is nothing overly unique or unprecedented about what Kelly does. The run and shoot was a big success in the NFL for awhile too. A lot of Coaches in the game ran hurry up offensives long before Chip Kelly came around and his system is devised of a select number of plays run out of different formations, also not new.

      The only difference between Kelly and any number of College Coaches with similar offensive backgrounds is opportunity. Kelly got an NFL job because he was successful with his system at Oregon on a big stage. When he got hired by Philly, no other team was running a system that fast and the Eagles were dynamite that first year. The second year they were still good, but not quite as explosive and the numbers in every category began to drop a little. Last season there was a major drop, part of it due to poor decisions on personnel, but some of it is the fact teams have now seen it and had a chance to prepare for it.

      The only way Kelly will have consistent success in SF is if he is able to evolve and keep changing his system as defenses become more adept at stopping it. There were signs of that while he was in Philly as he started to move to a higher pass to run ratio instead of the run to pass he had used previously, but it also resulted in fewer yards and points scored so the changes haven’t been overly successful. Kelly has to become more than a fast paced offense guy. There has to be an ability to win on scheme as well.

      1. As you say there are signs while he was at Philly that he is willing to adapt. While Kelly will be mostly running the offense, as I understand it, the new OC will be providing input on adding more power run plays to the game plan.

      2. I think George is using the term genius purely in a colloquial sense.I’m not sure if Bill Walsh was a genius , I do recall him rather dismissive when being described so,however I am sure he was ahead of his piers in his ability to see the “hitherto unperceived relationship of things”.Does Coach Kelly have the same ability? The answer to that question will unfold in time. One thing seems clear, if Kelly is going to be a winner in the league it will require more than a hurry up run and shoot as Rocket intimates.He will be required to demonstrate a truly adept fecundity and modification to scale the lofty heights of the Great One.

    3. Kelly is an incompetent NFL coach. The poster child for the college coach who believes he knows everything and therefore have stopped growing. His revolutionary offense in simplistic and easily defended. Its’ inability to sustain drives exposes a poorly designed and ineffectively executed defense to be undressed on a weekly basis, in full view of all who watch. By the time he left Phila., which he entered to great hype, he was a reviled charlatan.
      The perfect successor to Tomsula, another puppet for York to blame for his own indecisiveness.

      1. Chip Kelly started with two 10-6 seasons. Last year, his 2 big mistakes were assuming Murray would fit his system and not retaining Mathis. Even with those mistakes, he almost returned to the playoffs.

        Even with his initial success, he did not have a mobile QB. Now he has 3. The Niner Offense cannot help to improve because it could not be as historically bad as last season. With an improved O line and a healthy Hyde, Chip will solve the offensive incompetence.

        Personally I am extremely happy with the hiring of Chip Kelly, because Tomsula is not the HC, and those DJ position coaches are long gone, too. Chip is one of the bright spots of this off season.

        It looks like Chip has worked on his people skills, and the retention of Kaep makes me hopeful.

  3. *Also remember “Coach Baalke” coaching up Tomsula’s defense, actually coming down from the front office and replacing Tomsula as coach. Aside from running Tomsula’s offense–telling him were going to run the football, Baalke thought he could be George Seifert also.
    Jed could have saved more money by not hiring anyone–just Baalke.

    1. I must have ready a different article from you. What conclusions did Grant draw? Was there a conclusion paragraph that you got that the rest of us didn’t?

  4. TomD

    May 21, 2016 at 11:43 am

    Current View of York 49er ownership by many fans:

    Tim Kawakami: Ask any ex-employee of 49ers if I’m way off about the York’s and team management. If you find one that disagrees, I’ll happily report that.

    Gabe Glynn ‏@TechknowCEO · May 19  Millbrae, CA

    @timkawakami I know a former high ranking employee, who retired. With Eddie, first class. With yorks, counting dollars and cost always.

     Retweet


     More

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · May 19

    @TechknowCEO Yep, that is what you will hear from everybody who departs there, pretty much.

    @timkawakami I kinda feel like people only need to ask a rational minded individual to see you’re being spot on lol

    Paul ‏@RealPaulMadison · May 19

    @timkawakami I’m so tired of Jed/York supporters being babies. I’m sick of it. If they want you to praise them, do something praise worthy.

    1. So, fans have only to add up the clues. Baalke runs the show. He drafted all power run blockers without pass blocking skills (a Baalke specialty). Joshua Garnett surprised draft analysts because he’s a skilled run blocker only, considered the best one in the draft, but the 49ers traded up to get him. Ole Miss Tackle, Fahn Cooper, another road grader w/o pass blocking skills made analysts wonder aloud, how do these blockers fit Kelly’s zone blocking scheme. Answer. They don’t. They fit Baalke’s power run scheme. Baalke’s told us a million times, he runs a defense and run oriented team with a game manager a QB—so fans should not have been surprised he has not drafted a pass dominant QB ever. Baalke believes you run the football until 3 and 9 when the game manager actually has to deliever a strike. He will go down with his philosophy. It’s outdated, and unless your team has an all start at every defensive position, expect a low scoring offense until Baalke is escorted from the building

  5. As someone that suffers from social anxiety, I think you are partly correct on that angle. He has many of the trademark observable symptoms. Rapid speech, often talking at length on his areas of expertise (as a means of comfort), stumbling over witty comments by trying to get them out too quick.

    However, I think Chip also believes he is the smartest guy in the room, and doesn’t like anything or anyone to paint him in a lesser light. So he doesn’t like having his actions questioned (which is tantamount to questioning his intelligence), and combine that with some general anxiety in public he can become quite aggressive. Based on his PCs in Philly he can get quite hostile on occasion when this happens.

      1. Chip seems like a football nerd, and I’ve got a feeling Kaepernick is going to like him like he did Harbaugh….

        1. I think players that need to be cuddled and told how great they are will find Kelly difficult to work for, and players that are football junkies, and like discipline and structure will love playing for Kelly.

          Don’t know how Kaep will go with Kelly. I get the feeling he falls into the former group to a degree. He’s a hard worker, which will suit Kelly, but can he play his best for a coach that doesn’t go out of his way to make him feel confident and needed? Harbaugh was great for Kaep because he was all about pumping up the players’ egos.

          1. This is where position coaches and coordinators help. They have to be the coddlers or the drivers pending the situation.
            Every successful head coach has guys that can adapt to what ever the players need at that moment!
            That’s what made Bill Walsh a genius.

            1. To me this is an insightful comment. In most businesses (and I think you can include the military as well), the person running the show isn’t buddy/buddy with all of the employees. I’m not sure this applies 100% to football, but IMO, it’s appropriate for Kelly to be the one with the vision and giving the orders which are then carried out by the lower level coaches (or officers and top NCOs in the military example).

              1. Where do you think I get my inspiration from?

                Bill Walsh may have written a lot of what I postulate, but his inspiration may have come from Sun Tzu.

              2. If it were that easy wouldn’t every NFL coach just repeat read Walsh’s book and never stray from it?

              3. Seb you need more than Walsh and Sun Zu Zu. You need increased dose of medication!

              4. Wilson, one of main lessons Sun Tzu emphasized was that every situation is different, and the best strategy is to be constantly changing to get a step ahead of the competition. Being flexible and dynamic, with quick assessments and rapid adjustments is why Sun Tzu was so effective. Just reading a book, garnering schemes and repeating the old strategies and tactics lead to going to the NFCCG three times in a row to 8-8. Other teams will catch up, so constantly changing is not just common sense, it leads to victories.

              5. Prime, mocking the name of one of the preeminent military strategists in the history of the world really defines you.

                Sun Tzu and his teachings were studied by Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Lee, Rommel, Eisenhower, Patton and Bill Walsh.

          2. Scooter,
            Harbaugh was/is a great salesman. Let’s not forget that he also pitched a good sales game to one Alex Smith in 2010. AS re-upped with the 49ers because of Harbaugh. Harbaugh also continued to underscore the importance of having Alex Smith on the team when Kaep took the wheel.

            This generation of professional athletes are unlike those of the last century. Most of todays athletes require the social and personal attention not afforded to those who came before them.
            I can’t picture players like Dick Butkis, Johnnie Unitas or Hacksaw Reynolds needing to be pampered and cuddled like todays players.

            Some of todays players need this treatment more than others do, and some of todays coaches are much better than others in providing a platform for this. Harbaugh may be the extreme example at it. But it also begin to wear thin on many players before his exit.

            Kaep likely had the hardest year ever as an athlete last season and because of it, I actually believe that a mentality stronger CK will emerge.
            But we really won’t know how all this shakes out until September.
            And by the mid-way point of the season we may also have an ideal how the players are adapting to Kelly and visa-versa.

          3. As they say, who ever the hell they are, it’s the coaches that know which buttons to push and when to push them that are the best coaches.

      2. That was a good article. Couple of thoughts, I didn’t see anywhere that Chip based a lot of his offensive strategy on his defensive knowledge. I also think McCoy and others were butt hurt and spoke of racism as reasons for rejection.

  6. Yeah, no good self respecting coaching candidate will come to San Francisco until Maraathe, Baalke and York are out of the building.

    San Francisco is where good offended and coaching careers come to die.

    Chip Kelly is not a great coach by any measure, but he will be the scapegoat this year when whatever bum they put behind center is not completing passes to Quinton Patton and Bruce Ellington.

    This offended is going to be absolutely horrific!!

  7. Kelly and Baalke are both introverts. I imagine people intensive social encounters easily tire them. They can’t wait to get off the podium. That doesn’t mean they can’t be jerks. I does mean they might not be.

    In their minds sweeping generalizations, straw man statements, internet echo chamber rumors are the enemy. They want to speak in exact terms, and only with a select few that speak the same language. I’m hoping Tom Gamble will smooth things between York-Marathe-Baalke-Kelly.

    Kelly’s father was a lawyer and former Jesuit. I split religion when I was a kid, but I heard Jesuits are all about debate and rhetorical argument. Jesuits question everything. To have a parent that was both an attorney and Jesuit says alot about how he handles questions.

  8. He doesn’t want to get to know you because you are utterly uninteresting. You’ve achieved nothing with your life except for following in your daddy’s footsteps and writing idiotic blog posts where you try to tear down NFL coaches and players who are actually achieving things. Present in all your posts is an obvious inferiority complex and a little man’s ego. I feel sorry for the team’s coaches for having to spend even a second of their lives dealing with you

    1. So why are you wasting time writing this screed? Your life must be a living hell for you to tear down some one in a vain attempt to feel better.

      Actually, I am glad that Chip is not granting a ton of interviews. It would be a sign that they are desperate, like hearing Marathe praising Hayne before he went to the Olympics. He also should be concentrating on coaching the heck out of the players.

      I do not think they should let Chip interview with Grant, Lowell, Maiocco, Barrows, TK, Branch, Inman or Lynch. They should let him interview with Gary Radnich, who will keep it light, but elicit good knowledge and insight. Tom Tolbert would be another media personality who I think would make Chip look good.

        1. Prime, it was in the context of wasting time writing something when the writer just declared he would not waste time.

          YOU are dissing me about writing screeds? LOL That is rich.

          1. You waste everyones time cause every thread there you are with 30 entries. I have to scroll through your posts all the time. So annoying, hence your name, Sebnnoying!
            Talk about wasting time!

            1. Here we go again. Sounds like you have not learned your lesson. I swore I saw you write that you were not going to engage me anymore, but like a moth to a flame, you flitter about, with predictable results.

              Lets talk about screeds. You seem to specialize in them. Sometimes, you devolve into name calling right away, as if you cannot debate with a scintilla of common sense. Do I devolve into a troglodyte and scream that you are an imbecile or ignoramus? No, I do not have to. You just do it yourself by writing such lame infantile screeds.

              Have a nice evening. Like you say, a storm is coming.

              1. Why insult Jon when all he is doing is expressing an opinion? Self awareness pal, look it up!

              2. Poor Jon can defend himself. You are not doing such a hot job defending him.

                Seems like you want to attack and insult ad nauseum, but if I say one word out of line, you cry like a baby, sniffling that I hurt some one’s feelings. Please grow up.

              3. Your the guy saying all you do is express your opinion and if people don’t like it they should ignore you.
                So what are you doing to Jon hypocrite? You like to talk a big game but have little stones to back it up don’t you Seb?

              4. Prime, you claim I insulted Jon, so now you get to insult me? Sounds like you should think deeper into your own self awareness.

              5. You mistake insults to reality. How many people on the blog have called you out for posting ad nauseum? Only for you to tell them to ignore you because all you are doing is expressing an opinion.
                So now Jon expressed an opinion and you insult his life? I’m not insulting you.All I’m doing is calling you out on your BS!

              6. Prime, I invite posters to ignore me if they want to. I also ignore posters if I want to, but you seem to be begging for it.

                You do know how this is going to end up. We will trade insults back and forth until some poster, usually Scooter, begs us to stop. I am happy to oblige you, but I feel kinda let down. You seem to quickly devolve into name calling. You have now just challenged my manhood, and I expect some expletives will follow.

                I feel sorry for you. I relish a challenge, but you are such an intellectual lightweight, I cannot in all good conscience consider you a worthy opponent. Please try harder.

              7. Prime- ‘I am not insulting you. All I am doing is calling you out on your BS’

                I win again.

              8. Or should I say Sebnoying? Undeniably!

                Is it a Sebcosis, or is he Sebmented? Ab-Seb-lutely!

          2. I can say this Seb, and be certain that I’m not making a mistake. You use the word screed more than all the humans I’ve come into contact with through out my long long life of speaking and reading.

            In your hands a screed is “a long and often angry piece of writing that usually accuses someone of something or complains about something.” ,,, Merriam-Webster

            1. Sir, I hope you can at least acknowledge that screed is an appropriate term used to describe what many posters write on this site. I am sure you will have also seen, leaks, smears and backstabbing a lot, too.

              You could say -‘A long and often angry piece of writing that usually accuses someone or something or complains about something’.

              I just say screed.

          1. Dang, my “laughter” response was supposed to follow Jon’s 7:27 PM post.

            I hate it when that happens. Now it looks like I was laughing in response to the latest inane post by the blowhard known as Sebnynah.

            1. Yup, it looks like you are laughing at yourself.

              Guess I am getting the tag team approach, but no worries, I think name calling just defines you.

    2. Jon you hit the nail in the coffin. The Cohns take it very personal when they get rejected or ignored by coaches of the 49ers. Funny thing is they used to hate Harbaugh when he was here and now that he’s gone they all of the sudden praise him lol That’s the bayarea media for you smh

      1. Maybe you are too young, but Lowell and Bill Walsh used to have huge controversial standoffs. I detested LC for his needling of BW, but read every word he wrote.

        Lowell’s column in in the green section was a must read, to me.

  9. I essentially agree with George and Scooter. Kelly, being from the NE, does not have the laid back California aura, or the warm welcoming gregarious Southern influence. Being from New Hampshire, he is used to hibernating during the cold winter, and then burst with energy during the summer months.

    Kelly, with his laconic demeanor, is transformed during the pressers because that is his job. He becomes a chatty Cathy, gushes forth with a torrent of words, and tries to convey his thoughts by using wit and congeniality. Once it is over, he probably retreats into his shell, and one can see his mind working a mile a minute. With his close friends, he probably is more relaxed and talkative, but many people who associated with him said that he was never a social butterfly. Of course, this is just my opinion, and may be way off base.

    Chip could be called a genius if he makes Kaep better, and they roll into the playoffs, but he himself professes not to be a genius, and just says that his scheme is successful with the right players, running plays that have been around for years. He is innovative and creative, and if Bellichick used him as a consultant, he must be pretty smart with good ideas.

    I am hopeful. I think Chip Kelly has worked on his People Skills. That interview with Murph and Mac made him sound well grounded with a sense of humor. It sounds like he has hit the ground running with the practice tempo and scheme. Looks like the players are happy and focused, working hard to improve.

    If Chip can solve the offensive malaise, he will aid the defense because the defense was on the field a lot when the team went 1-13 on third down conversions. I really think a healthy Kaep will take the league by storm, again.

    Drafting Buckner was a shrewd move because he will improve the pass rush. I was in favor of moving back in the draft, but Buckner, with his Oregon ties, was too good to pass up. I think Garnett will start, and the sleeper in the draft will be Blair.

    Chip now just does not have a mobile QB, he has 3, so he should be able to run the Chip Kelly Offense even if a QB gets injured or another falters. I worry about the Coordinators, but Flaherty and Azzinaro may make up for their deficiencies. If the team stays healthy, I think they will surprise a lot of people.

  10. Kelly was scorned in the banishment from Philly that lead to an exodus of anything Kelly touched no matter the cost. He was labeled damaged. No one wanted him outside of SF. He is anxious to establish his credibility once again. So, he vomits football jargon. He gives excess information to establish his brilliance. He is signaling to others what makes him an authority. People will follow the lead of a credible knowledgeable expert. However, he will exponentially increase his credibility if he can get someone to introduce him as brilliant. Shucks, Grant, mission accomplished.

    Next time, I suggest you look for the strings working your hands before you start pecking away at keys.

  11. Grant, does that mean that Kelly is letting the position coaches do more coaching than Harbaugh did? Or is Kelly doing just as much? Do you feel a leader of a coach is necessary for players to look up to you?

  12. Speculating about Chip Kelly’s personality has been jolly good fun. Analyzing his football schemes is eagerly anticipated.

  13. Got to love these articles where some whiny self important journalist has his panties in a bunch because coaches won’t give up valuable time to give an interview. If I was an NFL coach I wouldn’t want to be interviewed by Grant Cohen either. Or his daddy, or his daddy’s daddy.

  14. “Kelly doesn’t seem interested in getting to know us. Or maybe he is interested but doesn’t feel comfortable around new people. Maybe meeting others gives him anxiety. Or maybe he’s obsessed with business. I am not judging him. I’m describing.”

    When you say “maybe” before you suggest the person suffers social anxiety… you are absolutely judging and not “describing”. You are guessing. Which is like assuming except you don’t make me look like an ass when you do it too, only you look like an ass.

    1. Have not seen your name before, so you are probably an account made up just to insult Grant. Trollers keep trollin’.

      There are a few posters on this site who likes what he writes. In fact, when he writes about the OTAs, I feel like I am standing on the side lines. I am not interested in the fluff, I want the nitty gritty, and I think Grant is insightful enough to deliver. He dwells on the salient points and identifies weaknesses as well as strengths. He comments on what posters want to know, and allows posters to discuss football strategy in a manner that is understandable to the common fan. I may think I know a lot about football, but there are other posters who know way lots more than I do, and I am fortunate to be able to learn from their wisdom. Grant, and the posters, are a big reason I like this site so much.

      I think his writing style is refreshing. You probably think TK is a god, and maybe your name reflects that premise. However, Grant may seem like his father, but Grant is way preferable to me. He can be light and witty, but he hits on what I am interested in, and gets his message across loud and clear.

      Of course, he can be negative, but when a team is 5-11, that is the proper tone to set. With all the roster turnover, coaching changes and FO turmoil, Grant is not a sunny rainbows and unicorns type of guy. He is a realist.

      So go ahead and bash Ol’ Grant. However, do not expect that you will get in your SCREED without comment.

      1. You will be singing a different tune once Grant gets to another Kaepernick article. Stay tuned Sebnnoying!

        1. Prime, I will accept where ever the Chips may fall. If Kaep cannot win the starting job, I hope he is a supportive team player and works hard to improve, and improve the team.

          Like you said before, Kaep took the league by storm. With Chip allowing him to accentuate his strengths, Kaep will do it again.

          1. Yawn! Why are you babbling about something you repeated all offseason? How old are you? Alzheimer’s? Senility?

            1. Yup, since you keep engaging me, I will use the opportunity to throw your own words into your teeth.

              When you said that Kaep took the league by storm, you had to acknowledge that Kaep was elite and played at a SB level. Now, you may have changed your tune, and say he will not do it again. However, Kaep, when healthy, behind a decent O line, and under the tutelage of Chip Kelly, will come storming back.

              I remember how gleeful you were when it looked like Kaep was heading to Denver. Now, it seems like he has a good chance of starting again, so now I know why you are so grumpy, as if some one peed in your wheaties.

  15. Sounds like Kelly and Baalke are a perfect fit. Our team is run by a pair of socially inept introverts. I can see players that are more brawn then brains and the alpha-jocks having problems with Kelly. I think if you look at the players that have already voiced their displeasure with him they generally fall into one of the two. To be successful Kelly needs to have the right mix of assistants that off-set and balance his nerdy less ‘one of the guys’ personality so that you don’t get guys feeling alienated in the locker room.

    1. Employee Introverts. Jed’s ideal corportate environment. No one to rock the boat.
      In this way Paraage and Jed can quietly go about their analytics, drafting costless 7th round offensive tackles; 1st round guards w/o pass blocking skills thus preventing large payments to pesky primadonna 1,350 yard receivers or prolific passing QB’s. Anyone defying the formula of road grader offense (like an offensive passing genius) or wanting to draft a top 10 QB or WR is shown the door….Welcome to 49er land, 2016…

      FORWARD PASS (Wiki):

      The first legal forward pass in American football took place in 1906, after a change in rules.

      The forward pass is one of the main distinguishers between gridiron football and rugby football (union and league) from which the North American games evolved, in which the play is illegal.

  16. Possibly the above forward pass definition will end Seb’s futuring lobbying for more rugby players….Catching passes is illegal in rugby Seb…If you’re capable of extrapolation then you will likely conclude this was why Hayne could not catch punts, hence, his nickname, “The Fumbler.”

    1. And Seb,

      Please do not apply for 49er talent scout. You would be the type to buy in to Trent’s football vision, scouring the earth for future barren wasteland pass droppers in rugby or offensive linemen w/o pass blocking skills, signaling to the NFL, we’re running, only.

      1. It’s time for the 49ers to get a GM who can actually spot a real , multipurpose tailback–like a Roger Craig or Ricky Waters—capable of running and catching.
        Offensive linemen like Sapolu, Cross, Quillan, Wallace, all multi-taskers, capable of changing positions.
        I new the moment John Gruden criticized the 49ers for moving up to draft a 1st round guard who could not play two positions (guard and center) in case of injury, what the 49er offensive playbook would be. A combo, some of Baalke’s power blocks combined with the lesser athletic ZBS system of Kelly. Brilliant. Enjoy your time off looking for a new job next year Trent!

      2. TrollD, you seem in good humor today. Beating a dead horse talking about a player who retired.

        Maybe you have not watched much film, but I have seen Hayne catching passes.

        Please, do not associate me in any way with Baalke. I abhor the ACL and red flag picks.

        Now we know why Hayne retired. Paraag Marathe used his ANALytics to downgrade Hayne, so when Marathe desperately said that Hayne had intangibles, he knew Hayne was leaving because Marathe stabbed him in the back and was partly responsible for Hayne to be cut on the team bus. Marathe was so desperate, he mentioned intangibles, which is the antithesis of analytics, to give glowing praise to Hayne. Now we know why Marathe was allowed to speak.

        Go ahead, defend a coaching staff that was so obtuse, they sat the best player to return punts. They were so content to lose, they made the PR signal for a fair catch with room to run, even while behind.

      3. TrollD, you did not venture a mock draft. Was it because you would be so far off, you did not want to be ridiculed for being so clueless? Sounds like a profile in courage.

        I, on the other hand, enjoyed the process and ventured many mocks. Many times, I traded back to garner more picks, but thought that Buckner would be selected before the Niners by either San Diego or Balt.

        On my last mock, I selected Buckner, Garnett and Cooper. I hit on 3 picks. Can you name one poster who did better? Maybe I am a better scout than you think. Last year, I thought they would draft Armstead, and move back in the draft to garner another pick. Yet, I also was convinced by Karl Cuba that La’el Collins may have been a superior choice, and hindsight proves me correct considering the O line woes last season. However, with his red flag, I would have stuck to the Armstead strategy.

              1. FYI,

                I posted several mocks. Opinionated, yes, however, I stated 49ers would draft defense in the 1st.

  17. Also, Seb, and I know you read this, however, unlike you I don’t boast about my correct predictions. I was the one who stated that Hayne would not make the opening day roster, due to stiff competition–Kelvin Taylor, Fla. draft pick has more experience than hayne in an option run offense; Last year’s draft pick, Mike Davis, beat him out then Draughn , Dujuan Harris and Hyde stand in the way. Baalke made up A BS story to cut Hayne, and protect himself from another AJ Jenkins or last year’s free agent fiasco.

    1. TrollD, I only commented because you dissed my football acumen. You gave me the opportunity to refute your assertion, so I did not bring up that fact to boast, but as a defense against incorrect assumptions. You led with your chin.

      You have posted a mock? How many correct picks did you have?

  18. Is it possible to have a football forum where half a dozen people don’t dominate all comments
    and spend most of their time pissing on each others ideas and comments> I try to learn things on forums to help my football Knowledge. Maybe you folks should meet at sunrise
    with drawn Glocks and decide once and for all who’s right?

    As for Grant he is a 49er reporter who tries to find out what’s going on, what’s hot and what’s
    not and has to crank out articles to get his pay. Sometimes he hits it and sometimes he
    doesn’t. I think he was most informative in his article and I feel I know Kelly a lot better now than I did before. I think Kelly is NOT an introvert. But he chooses to let people not to
    get too close to him. That’s his right. he always gives interesting football lectures -right, Grant? I think he’s a stream of consciousness guy and you can have a lot of fun with it

      1. Jack,

        Have you read 49ers Paradise Blog. The posters there converse with one another constantly. However, if you search the internet I’m sure you’ll find one more suitable to your liking.

    1. Jack, I do not prevent you from posting as much as you like. Try to out post me.

      If you notice, I do not send out posts indiscriminately, but just try to respond whenever comments are directed at me, or if I find the post is interesting enough to comment on.

      This site is much more preferable to NN where they comment on team optimist or team pessimist, or Kaepologists or Yorkists, ad nauseum. On there, I read maybe 10% about football. The rest is talking about talking.

      Please do not introduce gun duel references on this site. Some posters are so unstable, the may take your post as an invitation.

      1. How about you just let things go for a bit? Take a break, think about how people receive and respond to you? Look at what you’re doing to the blog. Observe how your posting addiction ends up taking this blog from talking about football to talking about you. No more justifications or reasons why people can pass over your posts or how you’re just posting ideas or you just want to win. Prime’s right be aware of what’s going on. People receive you much likeTom. Is that what you’re aiming for? I pass over most of what you’ve written and on this thread you’ve hi jacked discussion on a good article and as numbers of people have pointed out its wrecking it for other users.

        I am not arguing this with you just trying to invite you to step back for a bit.

        1. Wilson, I will accept your advice and tone it down a bit.

          However, saying that I have highjacked this blog site just gives me way too much power. Sounds like posters are letting me control their actions, and that is the last thing I want to do. Prime keeps engaging me when I am sure you have seen that I studiously avoided him until he started attacking me again.

          Maybe you should reprimand Prime. I am content to post on a site I like. There is no reason why posters need to get upset over what I post. It is just my opinion, and I invite posters to ignore my comments if they want to. Believe me, scrolling past my posts may seem like a horrendous inconvenience to some, but it is very simple to do. In this age of computers and the internet, thoughts can be transmitted around the world in a blink of an eye, when early last century, it took months to hear news from down under.This is a blog site, and if one stays within the parameters of civil discourse, they can write whatever they want. Notice that George and I are at least polite towards each other? Why do they get to spew insults at me, yet if I respond in any way, I am the bad guy?

          My advice. If you do not want to make it about me, stop focusing on me. Tell TrollD and Prime to stop attacking me. All I want is to be able to discuss the Niners with other Niner fans. This is the off season. There is not much to talk about now that the draft and OTAs are over. Training camp is months away.

          1. Seb, you are correct that it is unfair to solely reprimand you. You do get a lot of abuse, and if those people abusing you stopped doing so then there would be a lot less stupid diatribes for everyone to have to scroll past.

            But don’t think that exonerates you from any blame. I have had a number of (annoying) exchanges with you. You are extremely sensitive to any comment that doesn’t praise what you say and/ or provides a counter point to your point of view.

            You have a lot of out there opinions. And you are entitled to them. You are even entitled to share them in this forum (though please feel free to reduce the amount of rehashing of past posts/ ideas – we got it (and probably disagreed with it) the first time).

            However, other people are also entitled to their opinions, and to sharing them. They are also entitled to disagree with your opinion.

            And we should all be entitled to not having to wade through 100s of posts from one source. Not because there is a rule against posting all the time. Simply because its just common courtesy to not try and take over every thread. Its like being at a party and having one person that needs to change the conversation and attention back to them at every opportunity.

            1. Scooter, I have really tried to be civil, and this last exchange between me and Prime was not my usual response. I could have been a lot meaner.

              I think your 100 post comment is unfair. In most blogs, I have restrained myself to a few comments, but when posters address me, I just feel it is polite to respond. I also think that when some one posts something that I disagree with, I have a right to challenge it if I do not attack or insult the poster.

              I do not change the topic back to me, I always try to stay with the subject. Maybe other posters should not take things so personally.

              I wholeheartedly agree, there should be common courtesy. If TrollD and Prime attacked you like they attack me, you would be screaming bloody murder. I deserve at least the courtesy to not be barraged with infantile screeds ad nauseum.

              1. Prime and I have had our disagreements in the past. If you ignore his personal attacks he’ll get bored of the game.

              2. “If TrollD and Prime attacked you like they attack me, you would be screaming bloody murder”

                @ @

                @seb…are you claiming victim?

                @ @
                ‘ > ‘

          2. Seb its not worth the time to engage the two you mention. Those guys resort to personal attacks when challenged. You at least try and engage civilly and you consider what people are saying. I skip over their posts and yours at times but the combined total of the three of you is out of hand in this thread. No one is saying you can’t post your opinion but some of your regurgitated stuff gets old when repeated in every thread regardless of topic.

            1. Challenged? Sounds to me like you and Scooter have been on the tail end of being challenged and cannot handle the backlash of a debate.
              Sure it gets a little out of control but for you guys to call it personal shows how weak and sensitive you both are. And to defend Seb, well that’s just you both in a nut shell.
              Look, if you guys can’t handle the heat,go cook in another kitchen ladies!

              1. Prime:

                Most of your “football related” posts are interesting and at times make me rethink my position on an issue. That’s the good part about your posting. However, for the good of the blog, I would like to implore you to not respond to Seb and instead just stick to your football posts. Thanks in advance for considering this request.

              2. Agreed cubus, when Prime sticks to football he’s got a lot of good thoughts to share.

              3. You can’t blame Prime, Seb needs to chill on the dumb rants……

                @seb – your regular once a month is ok…..

              4. Oneniner, No one is defending Seb, we were both calling him out to knock off the incessant posting. We also weren’t blaming Prime for anything. Seb was pointing it takes two to tango since you can see people keep replying to him which is a huge part of the problem.

                Scooter and Cubus are right, if you keep it to football and don’t argue over stupid stuff with Prime things are fine. Prime’s looking for a fight sometimes and he’s tenacious about it. Most people just let it go, Seb however keeps going back for more of a tongue lashing from Prime. To the point that this whole thread has become about this non sense and we’re not talking about football.

  19. Grant, imagine a blog populated with you as “the writer”, Seb and TomD as “the bloggers.” What excitement, over and over and over again.

    1. Sir, this is the off season, and not much is happening. I plan on writing many things on team strategy and utilization of personnel, but was just chillin.

      If you want me to begin, I will get started……

  20. I will start by not writing about the Niners. I want to talk about the league. They are now proposing more byes, up to 6 in a 22 week schedule. I am for that because the players will have more time to rest and/or heal, so it becomes a contest of wills instead of a war of attrition. No more 3 day rest periods for a Thursday Night game. It may help reduce concussion problems.

    It may not be 6 byes, but a lesser amount, just as long as the bye is scheduled with the Thursday night game in mind.

    I would also like to see them eliminate one preseason game, and make a 17 game schedule. Eventually, another preseason game can be eliminated and converted into another game that counts, making an 18 game schedule with at least 3 byes. Players should get paid more because they will play more. The increase in the number of byes is critical to reduce injuries that occur due to lack of healing and recovery time.

    Preseason games should eliminate the possibility of a starter getting injured by having each team designate 22 starters who will not be allowed to play. They will still get paid, but it will allow the second string to have valuable game time experience.

    1. I have never understood the whole Thursday night game setup. There are enough buy weeks in a season that it seems the NFL could easily set up these games after buy weeks. They might have to get a little bit creative in terms schedule setup but it seems that it could easily be accomplished from week 5 onward. And no, I dont think we need Thursday night games every week of the season.

      1. The NFL wants more profits, so the Thursday Night games will continue. My main objection is the 3 day rest between games.

        I agree, if they schedule 2 games in a 3 week period, there could be 10 days rest between games if they schedule the Thurdsday Night game in conjunction with a bye.

      2. The effect of Thursday night games is so overblown it’s becoming an urban legend. There has been no data to indicate more injuries happen with fewer days rest. The players don’t like it, but it’s not putting them in harms way anymore than playing on Sunday. If anything the players benefit from the extended lay off they get after playing a Thursday game as there is no other time their bodies will go that long without contact the entire season other than the bye week.

        There is also the fact that Thursday games didn’t seem to be an issue until they became a weekly staple. Nobody was whining or complaining over Thanksgiving day games. Detroit and Dallas had to suck it up and play a Thursday game every year, and there was no uprising of anti Thursday zealots then, so why now? All that’s changed is the fact every team has to do what those two teams did every year for 40+ years.

    2. Seb ..

      It’s not the league proposing this 22 game season
      as this excerpt from an NN piece mentions .. =>

      ” …..Friend of the site Melissa Jacobs, formerly founder of The Football Girl and currently NFL editor for put together a fun way to change up the schedule in a big way. In her weekly Sunday column, she discussed the idea of a 22-week schedule that would still only include 16 games, but would add various bye weeks….

      I guess reading comprehension .. isn’t your strong suit.. huh ?

          1. However, I did say I wanted a 17 or 18 game schedule, so maybe that is where you were confused. There would be 2 preseason games and 18 games played within a 24 WEEK schedule, with 6 byes.

          2. Seb …

            Again … .. it ISN’T the LEAGUE ..
            proposing the 22 game season !!

            reading comprehension lacking ..?

            (still waiting for you to admit you’re wrong)

            1. Of course, I am mistaken. It is not the league office itself, but some writer associated with the football industry.

              However, there has been talk around the league about eliminating preseason games, and expanding the number of games.

              Sorry, you mentioned a 22 game schedule, so that is what I was responding to. When wrong, I will admit my mistakes, but please do not put words in my mouth. I definitely do not advocate a 22 game schedule.

              1. Seb Sez :

                “…..It is not the league office itself, but some writer associated with the football industry….”

                By that standard .. Grant could have proposed it
                and and that would mean the same .. right ?

                After all .. Grant is a writer who is also
                associated with the football industry !

                And for that matter…

                So is one of this blogs statesman ..
                .. our very own Jack Hammer !

                But, this is all moot, because of what
                the 2nd and 3rd sentences of your post in question..
                conveyed …. and …

                the only way you can get out of being wrong
                about this one … is ..

                to claim ignorance of
                the English language !

        1. You clearly have never put on a pair of shoulders pads in your life!
          Personal or not, that type of suggestion for a 22 game schedule comes from a complete moron or someone who is lonely and seeks attention. Which one are you Seb?

          1. Seb’s post at May 22, 2016 at 10:32 pm :

            “…I want to talk about the league. They are now proposing more byes, up to 6 in a 22 week schedule….”

            You’re >STILL wrong, bud !

              1. You said “the league”…”the league” refers to the office of the NFL, no one says “the league” when talking about specific teams, no one says “the league” when talking about the players (they say NFLPA), no one says “the league” when talking about coaches, front offices, reporters, cheerleaders, grounds crew, parking attendants, ushers, the homies selling tickets on the corner, the birds flying over head, and the excrement floating down sewer pipes after every home game..

                You done messed up and you won’t just admit you did. Be a man (or woman) and just say you jumped the gun and went all Seb.

              2. MJ, maybe you should read what I wrote. I started by saying that I did not want to talk about the Niners, I wanted to talk about the league. To me, that includes whatever anyone associated with the game is talking about.

                That columnist did not petition the league office about the 22 week season with 6 byes, she just postulated the possibility. In that context, she addressed the league about a new idea. Specifically, she was included in the -THEY, when I continue with-are now proposing.

                No where did I ever mention the league office, and since Goodell is the head of the league, and I specifically did not mention him because I think he is not smart enough to think of something like that, the whole idea that the league office means anything at all associated with football is specious.

                You are trying to hard. When I say -They are proposing, I meant the columnist, and not the official league office.

                A little bit of advice- choose your battles wisely. Crowing that you caught me in a mistake is pitiful, especially such an innocuous one.

                FYI, I did write- ‘Of course, I am mistaken, it is not the league office itself, but some writer associated with the football industry. That sounds like I admitted my mistake, but yet you will not accept that.

              3. “I will start by not writing about the Niners. I want to talk about the league. They are now proposing more byes, up to 6 in a 22 week schedule…”

                Again…THEY refers to THE LEAGUE…THE NFL..not specific teams, players, and for damn sure NOT A REPORTER. No one in their right mind would say “i want to talk about the league” and then next say “they are now proposing more byes” and be talking about some random reporter writing an op-ed piece. Thats just moronic. Its either that or you have no understanding of the English language and how to use pronouns..the league = they, and no one else.

                Why can’t you admit you are wrong, that you totally went all Seb, didn’t read who and what was wrote and just went straight to opinion. Are you that stubborn??

                You done goofed!

              4. I’m fairly confident we can rule out that Seb doesn’t have command of the English language, given the fact he’s known as the Vicar of Verbosity….

              5. “I will start by not writing about the Niners. I want to talk about the league. They are now proposing more byes, up to 6 in a 22 week schedule. I am for that because the players will have more time to rest and/or heal, so it becomes a contest of wills instead of a war of attrition. No more 3 day rest periods for a Thursday Night game. It may help reduce concussion problems.

                It may not be 6 byes, but a lesser amount, just as long as the bye is scheduled with the Thursday night game in mind.

                I would also like to see them eliminate one preseason game, and make a 17 game schedule. Eventually, another preseason game can be eliminated and converted into another game that counts, making an 18 game schedule with at least 3 byes. Players should get paid more because they will play more. The increase in the number of byes is critical to reduce injuries that occur due to lack of healing and recovery time.

                Preseason games should eliminate the possibility of a starter getting injured by having each team designate 22 starters who will not be allowed to play. They will still get paid, but it will allow the second string to have valuable game time experience.”

                Tell me, in your 3rd paragraph, you say, and I quote “I would also like to see them eliminate one preseason game, and make a 17 game schedule.” You never once changed the possession of who “they” were, you said “the league”, and then it was they and them…yet you claim you wanted to talk about anyone associated with the game, so how does ANYONE but the NFL change the amount of games…please…enlighten us. So in paragraph 1 “they” is anyone associated with the league from Goodell to Ralph who yells out “HOT DOOGGSSS” at the Bears game?? And in paragraph 3, “them” refers to the NFL only, since I don’t think Ralph has any control or say in what the league does and how many games they have.

                This is why people don’t like you and are beyond annoyed with you. You blast off these posts left and right, you take no accountability when you are wrong and beyond way off (which is basically 90% of the time) and then you boast and brag about how you “predicted” this move, that draft pick, etc (even though no one has ever seen these predicitons…well accept maybe the doll in the corner of your room you speak to, you know your buddy Billy).

                How about toning down your posts, limiting them to 5 per article, and stop acting like you are some Nostradamus when you come off as NostraDUMBus.

              6. MJ, I see you doubling down.

                When Prime mentioned that Kaep took the league by storm, he did not mean that Kaep stormed the league office at 345 Park Avenue.

                When I say that it is more of a pass happy league, I am not referring to Goodell engaging pleasantries with an intern in the league office.

                Your definition of the league is way different than mine. Columnists who write about the league are part of the league, and the whole industry.

              7. Seb just a heads up, the blog is annoyed by you. Read the comments. Posters no longer come on here because you are polluting the site. Take a hint. Self awareness, look it up. Unless you are trying to kill Grants site. if so, you are doing a great job!

              8. Yawn, this is a blog site. Posters can post whatever they like, whenever they like, as many times as they like.

                I am flattered that some posters think that I have so much power, they are intimidated by me. Some even declare that they fear me. They really need to get a reality check. The world does not revolve around a blog site. I expect that many posters have better things to do now that it is the slack time during the off season.

                If I were a true troll, I would never invite posters to ignore my posts if they want to. Maybe it is like a moth to a flame, they cannot help themselves, but the best course of action is to just let me post in peace.

                Attacking me willy nilly is self defeating and counter productive, as you have learned so well. I relish a challenge. Please follow Scooters’ advice.

                I hope you see that I can be civil and polite. I do praise good posts and will counter the hateful screeds. Maybe the best way to deal with the situation is to not let me dominate their thoughts so much that they go all cray cray. Be calm and respectful, and post in a way that lets all posters have their say. I may say a lot, and post unrealistic proposals, but that is my way to get my point across. Grant does the same thing. When he declares that Wentz will be chosen first. He did it to generate debate, and be provocative.

                Jack says he will not post if I am on the site. Maybe I drove him away, but if he had a scintilla of common sense, he would realize that maybe that was my purpose. He seemed to delight in zapping me with some zingers, but when I returned the favor, he cut and ran.

  21. Here’s a response from Bruce Miller that I found telling. Maybe nothing new but it continues to back up a prevailing thought:

    On Kaepernick situation and being close to him:

    “I think the best thing about it is we have a lot of guys who can lead this football team.”

    Translation: Kaepernick is not the leader of this team.

    1. I didn’t read it that way. Bruce Miller has been very supportive of Kaep this entire time. I believe the leader on this team is Navarro. With the Ravens it was Ray. Leaders have to lead by example. But most important then anything is winning games. If Kaep can put the team first and win games he will be celebrated as a leader. You can’t go into the season with Gabbbert as the QB. If you do your going to have empty seats just like last year towards the end of the year. Kaep gives the fan base a little hope. Like many have suggested the Future QB prolly lies in the 2017 draft. If they start Gabbert they have conceded just that.

      1. “Rebuild A Winner May 23, 2016 at 9:19 am
        I didn’t read it that way”

        What a surprise.

      2. RAW, I agree. If Kaep can lead the team to victory, he will be rejuvenated.

        Gabbert is a swell guy and popular with his team mates, but a 5-28 record hangs around his neck like a millstone.

        Bruce Miller should not be too secure with his new position on the team. He is pretty slow for a TE, and may be better suited as a FB, so he may be traded to another team.

  22. Speaking about the league, and the league office specifically, I am glad that some one on the league staff has finally admitted that concussions are a problem.

    I would like the league office to mandate that every player get a brain scan before the season. It would be a good way to have a baseline set of data so that when a player is concussed, they can monitor the differences in an effort to assess the severity of the concussion.

    Of course, the league office has also downplayed, obfuscated, covered up, and conspired to do deny any reason to take concussions seriously, so my proposal will probably never be implemented.

    Specifically, with the Niners, they should mandate to the players that head slaps are to be forbidden, especially in celebrations. Have the players slap the shoulder pad and stay away from the helmet. Concussions are cumulative, so the less head jarring, the better. When 20 players slap a players head after a good play, it is 20 touches that are unnecessary.

  23. I’m still perplexed about how a QB’s physical prowess has, for many fans and even writers, exceeded (or at least equaled) in importance his ability to play the position from a mental perspective. Here’s a quote from Fucillo over at NN regarding an article he wrote on Gabbert:

    “I will continue to believe Kaepernick is the more physically gifted quarterback.”

    Perhaps, Fucillo is just implying that given the choice between Gabbert and Kap, he’ll take the one that is more physically gifted. I’m not trying to make a comment on Gabbert over Kap or vice-versa, just that I’ve always believed and I think history shows that the best QBs have not been “physically gifted”. It would seem to me that this perspective is being supported by the QBs being produced by the current “college system”. I’d be interested to hear some other opinions on this.

      1. Kaep is the new day Drukenmiller (how the hell do you spell his name again). The guy was seen in the weight room doing 500lb dead lifts and all the media were in awe…and then you had Steve Young laughing about it.

        And, physically, Gabbert is 1 inch taller and 5lbs heavier (listed weight), and while maybe not as fast in the 40 in shorts and a tshirt, he is a lot quicker with his feet and in small spaces.

        I think we should ignore the love notes of reporters who’ve never spent 1 day with pads on when it comes to grading qbs because they are enamored with a perceived physical advantage.

    1. I think its borne from the belief the mental side can be taught, and therefore the more physically gifted player has the higher upside. Unfortunately not every player can be taught the mental side of the game as effectively as others.

      1. Scooter: Partially agree, but I think there are mental “gifts” that cannot be easily taught. Reaction time (which is intertwined with decision making and would include processing time) for a QB is, IMO, a big factor in how well a QB plays. While I think one can, with practice, improve reaction time, I’m not so convinced that one can improve it to the limit of human potential, just their own potential. Still, I would agree that if you teach a QB to make better decisions, that will aide in the reaction time perceived by fans, coaches, etc. So, in other words, some QBs might be able to get to their potential of a 4.6 forty equivalent but never be able to achieve a 4.3 forty. Is it an absolute requirement – probably not. But speed whether mental processing or physical speed helps in football.

        Pocket awareness might be another one to consider. Some QBs just have a hard time ‘feeling’ the rush. Do physical gifts improve this feel more than mental gifts?

        1. Actually I think I just poorly communicated what I meant. I agree 100% with your comment re mental gifts – some guys just get it better than others, are wired the right way. But its something that is hard to measure. So people see the physical gifts which can’t be taught, and hope the player is someone that can develop the mental side.

          Pocket awareness is very much one of the mental gifts. Hard to develop, though it can be developed to some degree. But some guys just instinctively operate within the chaos well.

          1. give me an Above average Oline and I will get you a degree in pocket awareness……..

            Tom Brady mentally gifts were taught to him, …

            ..he was groomed into a top notch QB, physically, mentally gifted QB……no way we hear of Tom Brady without Belichick

            1. Brady was a pretty good QB in college too. He was drafted low largely because he was scrawny and lacked arm strength.

              Here’s a breakdown of him from his draft profile:

              Positives: Good height to see the field. Very poised and composed. Smart and alert. Can read coverages. Good accuracy and touch. Produces in big spots and in big games. Has some Brian Griese in him and is a gamer. Generally plays within himself. Team leader.

              Summary: Is not what you’re looking for in terms of physical stature, strength, arm strength and mobility, but he has the intangibles and production and showed great Griese-like improvement as a senior. Could make it in the right system but will not be for everyone.

              Notice that he was always considered a smart, mentally gifted player.

              1. Agree. The coaches helped develop those football mental abilities just like any “gifted” individual (music, chess, etc.). The better coaching or teaching allows for the ultimate expression of the talent to be reached earlier and possibly even to a higher level.

          2. I had a thought after I posted regarding pocket feel. It seems obvious, so is probably not an issue, but, I’ll mention it anyway.

            Peripheral vision probably plays some part in pocket feel. I don’t have one handy, but I wonder how much a football helmet limits peripheral vision, if at all.

            I suppose if it were important, someone would have thought about redesigning helmets to improve peripheral vision.

            1. I’m a big advocate of peripheral vision. I think it separates elite guys from average.
              I read an article somewhere long time ago that talked about how Wayne Gretzky was able to process players coming into his periphery faster than anyone else. Remarkable beyond comparison.
              I think it’s an undiscovered skill in sports.
              Cubus if you come across articles related to peripheral vision, please let me know!

              1. Agreed, and its not just peripheral vision. Some guys have almost a 6th sense of pressure coming even when it is outside their field of vision, even peripheral vision.

                The other important attribute in this is understanding and manipulating the pocket. Its one thing to see/ feel the pressure, another to know how to avoid it by making the appropriate movements in the pocket.

          3. I think Jeff Garcia had good pocket awareness. Seemed like he knew where every player was on the field. He was good enough to win, but his DBs let too many big plays defeat them.

      2. If a player isn’t seeing important elements of the game, who is going to teach the player what to do in those situations that are not seen?

        I’m not talking about an uncovered receiver not being seen from the line of scrimmage either. ;-}

        1. It seems to me that reviewing film would help in the situation you describe. The coach shows the QB where he missed seeing things – most likely linking what was not seen to the defense played. The QB hopefully stores that in his memory and also hopefully gets to practice that play a few times. Perhaps these new virtual reality headsets could help as well.

          1. Yep, coaching, film review, practice reps and mental reps. Only way to develop the mental side of the game outside of learning in-game. Some guys will be better than others at learning and doing it, as with anything.

    2. Cubus,

      I believe drafting based on physical measurements and capabilities is the number one reason so many players – not just QB’s – wind up as busts. There seems to be an arrogance on behalf of NFL decision makers that they can make a player successful even if that player hasn’t shown it in College.

      Gabbert is a great example of that. He looked like a prototype NFL QB in every way but didn’t produce like one in College. In fact he was a big drop off from the guy he replaced who didn’t look like a prototype NFL QB, but put up great numbers his entire College career. Gabbert’s College play and production was 3rd day level, but because he was 6″4 220 with a big arm, he was drafted 10th overall.

      Sometimes you just have to trust what you see in the game film and accept that not all physical specimens can play the position. That is why I shook my head when people were knocking Goff for his lack of athleticism and weight. None of it matters when you watch him operate in a chaotic pocket and deliver a perfect strike. To be an effective QB you have to be able to get the ball to the best option and let the other guys make the plays. Many of the athletic guys never learn that.

      1. “I believe drafting based on physical measurements and capabilities is the number one reason so many players – not just QB’s – wind up as busts.”

        Rocket: I don’t disagree with this statement. But I’m wondering if the current “college system” is skewing the players (especially QBs) ultimately available in the draft away from the mental side of the game to the physical side of the game – resulting in some potentially promising college QBs not seeing enough playing time to warrant draft consideration (or early round draft consideration). And because we are talking about young men who are still developing, there may be an enhanced effect. Further, the difference between many college systems and the NFL offenses makes it difficult to project how well these athletes will perform in the NFL. Not sure I expressed well what I’m trying to say.

        1. Great point Cubus. College football has become a new game, something completely different than the NFL.
          Accuracy, leadership and fundamental intelligence is so prevalent in each game but in the NFL it is magnified a 1000 times more.
          Players are asked to do so much more in the NFL in every facet and to the utmost detail.
          That’s why to me the draft is so subjective. Did anyone know that Joe Montana and Brady were going to be ultra competitive? I think that’s why those guys were so successful. They didn’t have the physical tools, hand size.They just hated to lose.
          I made a point prior to the draft that Baalke needed to draft guys that hated losing more than they liked winning. Mean tough guys with skill is how I phrased it. I think those qualities can be scouted and are more important than a long jump test or cone drill.

          1. Yeah, I remember you making that good point. Seems like Garnett is a smart yet mean tough guy don’t you think?

            1. Absolutely. Seattle has been drafting bullies for years and look how successful they have been with not very good skilled players on offense.
              Richard Sheramnd, Angry Doug Baldwin.
              Guys who didn’t have the physical attributes but became very good players. Game day players not combine players.
              Garnett looks to be one of those guys too!

              1. Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin have always thought Jim Harbaugh bad mouthed them. I’ve always thought Trent Baalke vetoed them. The actual story would be interesting to know, because they both have very strong “hate to lose” football personalities.

              2. I find it very hard as to why Harbaugh was not advocating to draft at least one of those guys.

              3. Prime

                Harbaugh has a personality disorder and neither Baldwin nor Sherman had any respect for him at Stanford, and made it known. They’ve both spoken about it publicly. Harbaugh was pushed out of San Diego, Stanford, and San Francisco because he has a degenerate personality.

              4. Sherman has always been an excellent athlete. Baldwin is an average athlete. What both have are grit and smarts (both football smarts and beyond). Not only did both have poor relations with Harbaugh (Baldwin definitely did not want to play for Harbaugh ever again), I think Baalke balks at drafting any Stanford player in the early rounds because he fears that they have choices other than football for which they may leave after a few seasons. I am pretty confident that Garnett is a Kelly pick. Kelly also was the first 49er to call Garnett within a minute or two of the pick.

              5. Harbaugh has a personality disorder and neither Baldwin nor Sherman had any respect for him at Stanford, and made it known. They’ve both spoken about it publicly. Harbaugh was pushed out of San Diego, Stanford, and San Francisco because he has a degenerate personality.

                Where do you come up with this stuff Pork? Have you actually read the story behind this or is this simply another Pork off the cuff special?

              6. Rickety

                Read THE story? There are several, so I don’t know which one you’re referring to. Is it your contention that Harbaugh does NOT have a personality disorder or that Sherman/Baldwin actually liked him or that Harbaugh wasn’t pushed out of SD/S/SF? Or are you simply challenging for the sake of the challenge?

              7. He wasn’t pushed out of SD or Stanford for starters. His personality is not a disorder if it actually results in teams that win games which is exactly what happens every where he goes. Sherman and Baldwin were angry that Harbaugh didn’t give them good recommendations to scouts and that he didn’t let them be themselves while at Stanford. In other words he was a College HC who kept his players in line and guess what…it worked. I don’t know the truth and neither do you because neither one of us was there but as usual you say something not backed up by fact like it is widely known and accepted.

              8. Rickety

                It’s pretty widely known and accepted that Harbaugh was pushed out of the 3 jobs in question. It’s also highly unusual that a coach who wins SO much is, at the same time, SO uniformly loathed by the people in the administrations for which he works.

                And within the results of the dozens of hits you get on Google if you search for Jim Harbaugh personality is the article, which I’m sure you’ve read, that features The Brothers Harbaugh both exposing Jim’s inability to get along with anybody. Then you remember Boone saying Harbaugh was likely insane, etc … It’s all pretty clear.

                I don’t dislike the guy, actually. I think he’s much better suited to the NCAA than the NFL, and I think what he is d

              9. I found it amusing that with one question, a six year old was able to engage Coach Harbaugh on a humanistic level, whereas the Bay Area reporters were unable to do so with the multitude of their combative questions….

              10. It’s pretty widely known and accepted that Harbaugh was pushed out of the 3 jobs in question. It’s also highly unusual that a coach who wins SO much is, at the same time, SO uniformly loathed by the people in the administrations for which he works.

                By who Pork? Seriously give me some examples of how this is widely known and accepted.

                You are saying these things like they are gospel and yet there is nothing to back it up. Harbaugh is a different cat, no question about it, but the reality is so are a number of Football Coaches including the best one – Belichick. It doesn’t mean they are loathed by everyone they meet, and it certainly doesn’t mean their players don’t follow them.

                There will be players who don’t like their Coaches in any sport at any level. What you have with Harbaugh is somebody who lives and breathes the game and expects his players to do the same. His results say the players follow him and they wouldn’t do that if they loathed him as you say.

                The articles about his personality you are referring to are from when he was a kid for goodness sake and paint him as a competitive guy which he still is now. He also has a number of friends all over the football landscape and players who swear by him.

                This is just like the post you made about Kap hating his contract. You get an idea in your head and believe it to be true when there is nothing to back it up.

              11. I wonder how much the players really like Walsh. Sure they speak in glowing terms about him now, but how about when they were actually playing for him?

              12. Jack, when you’re a winner, people tend to ignore any shortcomings. Case in point, Donald J. Trump….

              13. I’m guessing Walsh had players who hated him at times too. It’s unavoidable when you are leading grown men who have their own views and a need to be individuals in a team sport. The only way you truly unify any pro team is by winning. It truly is the magic formula that brings a locker room together.

              14. Unfortunately the excellent piece by Seth Wickersham on Harbaugh in 2014 has been taken down by ESPN. It went into detail regarding the chaos Harbaugh creates and operates in, the tension he appears to intentionally create, and the way he tried to make the locker room ‘us against everybody’ (including the FO). That last point I would wager is the main reason the FO wanted rid of him, and to be perfectly honest, rightfully so. No organisation can survive long term if the HC instills a divide between the players and the FO. Even if they are incompetent.

              15. Scooter,

                I remember it well and found a piece Cam Inman did on it:


                It was a good indepth piece that told us what we already knew: Harbaugh is probably the most competitive guy on the planet and has a tendency to rub people the wrong way if they don’t share his enthusiasm and commitment to the game. He has a genius about him in regards to getting players to play up to and often beyond their capabilities and unfortunately that led to problems with Baalke and York, but as we’ve clearly seen since he left, he was the most valuable piece of the puzzle.

              16. We’ve had this discussion a few times so won’t go into it again, but will just reiterate I strongly believe you can not sustain any semblance of success if there is conflict at the top of the organisation, or if there is distrust between the FO and player group. And Harbaugh has been reported to have created such conflict most places he goes.

              17. Scooter,

                Harbaugh is intense and competitive. It rubs some people the wrong way and York and Baalke couldn’t handle it, but it doesn’t mean he’s a degenerate personality, and he was not pushed out of SD and Stanford, or at least there is no evidence of that. The guy wins every where he goes and the bottom line in this industry is to do just that. Again, Belichick is not a likable guy and has no commitment to players at all, but he wins. Harbaugh just wins and that is why you hire him and figure out a way to get over your hurt feelings.

                If we had a front office that wasn’t led by a week kneed and sensitive son of the real owners, and a GM who has as much or more of a personality issue as Harbaugh, he would likely still be here.

              18. Can we just both accept the FO is weak? Not trying to defend them.

                But it was reported the Stanford administration was less than upset to see Harbaugh go. He has a history of creating friction. I don’t think it matters where he goes, he’ll do that. I honestly believe Harbaugh will struggle to have sustained success at any professional football team unless he is given complete control.

                Perhaps that is what the 49ers should have offered him. I don’t know. But I am wary of providing that much power to one figure. It dilutes them. There aren’t many Belichick’s in the world.

              19. Scooter,

                Yes we can accept that. It just never ceases to amaze me how things get twisted around and stated as truth when nothing could be further from it. This started with Pork’s statement about Harbaugh getting pushed out of SD and Stanford which was a complete fabrication.

                Stanford tried to keep him actually. Offered to redo his deal and offered more than the Niners, but ultimately could not offer him what he truly wanted which was to Coach in the NFL.


              20. He’s eccentric and doesn’t interject well with everybody, but that describes a lot of historically successful people. It’s up to the employer to decide how much they value winning. The part that really stood out about that piece was Baalke’s comments to his friend. It shows how weak minded he is and how he is unable to separate the reason he is there – to win football games – from his ego. They should have given Harbaugh a shot being both HC and GM. Wouldn’t be any worse than it is now and could have potentially been a lot better.

              21. Maybe. But having the HC also the GM rarely works out. Not many Belichick’s in the world. And not sure Harbaugh ever wanted that sort of control anyway. I think he likes having someone to complain to.

              22. Rocket,

                It sounded to me that Stanford “tried” to re-sign JH the way the Giants “tried” to sign Pablo Sandoval. They made it look good for the fans, but offered just little enough to be sure he wouldn’t come back.

              23. Stanford offered him more than the Niners did ex, so I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion. After what they had gone through before he arrived I’m guessing they were more than willing to put up with the other stuff.

              24. Rocket,

                It’s a single article in the Stanford Review, so the we don’t know if the offer was really six million or not.

                Let’s say the report of a $6M offer from Stanford is actually true, why did JH take $1M less per year from the 49ers?

                It could be he knew there were those in the administration at Stanford who didn’t want him back and that realized that he had had enough of them, as well.

                If Stanford really wanted JH back, why would they screw around with offering him a $3M per year, four year contract extension?

              25. ex,

                Harbaugh wanted to coach in the NFL. That’s the only reason he didn’t go back to Stanford. They tried to keep him and for good reason. He brought that program back from the dead.

            2. Rickey

              … what he is doing taking his camps around the country is awesome, because it is good for the kids, and shines a light on the NCAA-SEC collusion.

              I don’t care if you don’t see it my way. That’s cool. But if you think the fact that someone succeeds with a certain message precludes him from having a degenerate personality, then you’ve forgotten about Hitler and you’re delusional about Trump.

          2. Prime Time

            I am mostly in agreement with you on your ‘mean tough guys’ statement, but like everything else it has to be tempered, or we’ end up with 53 players on the IR on opening day….

        2. Cubus,

          You expressed it perfectly and I agree with you. The College game promotes athleticism from the QB position as much as it does the ability to throw the ball accurately and winning with the mind. College Football has become it’s own game as Prime said and the reason is Coaches at smaller institutions needed a way to level the playing field. The only way to do that is to find an edge in any way you can, and part of that was finding QB’s who could run, often better than they could throw it and to get the ball into the hands of the fastest guys on the field. The College offense is now a spread, fast paced scheme built to run as many plays as possible and take advantage of defensive lapses due to fatigue and an inability to get lined up before the ball is snapped.

          The problem with that is it doesn’t prepare QB’s for the next level where parity reigns. All of a sudden it’s more about reading a defense and finding the right matchup and less about getting the ball out quickly to a WR on a bubble screen. Kelly runs the College offense, so if he is able to have sustained success, then it will be easier to find a QB to play in this system than most.

      2. I agree with much of what you have to say but with a few differences. Gabbert is a bad example, as he was not looked at as an elite prospect. He was fast, and had good size but nothing else that would be looked at as elite. He didn’t have a big arm, was not extremely accurate and there were major concerns about his ability to read defenses based upon the offense he came from.
        Also it must be understood that many teams use the traits you are talking about very effectively, Seattle is one case in point. They are big on pSPARQ (sp?) scores and it has lead to them drafting a handful of very good picks. Granted this is probably something better used at positions other than qb.
        I am not positive but I believe I had heard Pittsburgh has kind of gone the other way basing their drafts mostly on college production. This is also kind of tricky to do due to the variation of college offenses, defenses, and opponents. Example how good is a running back, if he racked up 600 of his 1500 yrds against terrible opponents? Or how reliable is a qb’s completion percentage if his offense

        1. Shoupbj,

          The only reason Gabbert was taken 10th overall was because he fit the prototype physically of what teams were looking for. You don’t go 10th overall with his numbers, we both agree on that, so what else would make a team take him that high?

        2. Shoupbj

          ” He was fast, and had good size but nothing else that would be looked at as elite. He didn’t have a big arm, was not extremely accurate…”

          Where did you get this stuff ? You don’t get to being a top 10 QB with what you’re describing….you’re making half of it up….

  24. The college game is totally different than the pros. In the college game, physically superior players can win against lesser opposition, but in the pros, everyone is good. Players are essentially equal in speed and strength, so the mental aspect becomes the deciding factor.

    I sure am glad that Chip praised Kaeps’ intelligence, because he will want Kaep to out think the opposition. Making the correct reads and split second decisions require a sharp mind.

    Another factor is the speed of the game. Every rookie I know of always talked about how fast the game is compared to their college days. When throwing, the windows to throw into become a lot smaller. Every player has good recovery speed, although some elite few are better than the rest.

    Another factor is if the QB can transition from the college game to the pros. Gabbert was thrown to the wolves, so his confidence was shattered, and it has taken years for him to regain his confidence. Aaron Rodgers was allowed to sit and learn from a HOFer. He learned his craft and gained a SB victory.

    Kaep was allowed to sit for a year, and when given an opportunity, he took the league by storm. He was able to effectively transition from the college to the pros. Of course, lately he has regressed, but with a decent O line and capable coaching, I hope he returns to the playoffs.

    Nowadays, the league is evolving. It is a much more pass happy league with all the rule changes. Hopefully, Chip will find a balance between running and passing the ball, so the opposition does not stack the box and dare the Niners to run.

  25. Checks in to see what’s going on….every recent comment is from one commenter….logs off.


    1. Jack

      I always liked reading your posts, and hope to in see more in the future. With that said, agree that some seem to have propensity to post, and have taken over this blog….

    2. Maybe you could bring us back to football rather than fueling the fire. You earned a great deal of respect for your insight and it is sorely missed.

      1. Hey Matt. Thanks. I’ll start commenting more often once the season gets rolling and we finally see what things look like. Right now it’s pretty much like trying to find a black cat in dark closet.

        We can make assumptions based on what we saw from Kelly in Philly, or the team a year ago and that’s fine but I’m kinda just waiting to see for myself.

        My hunch is that things will be a lot prettier than last year, and the results will likely be a little better. If the offensive line comes around, and the QB can make a few plays things could be a lot of fun this fall.

        1. I too enjoy your comments, Jack. We did have some discussions yesterday, but you have to wade your way through the blog to find them. Think of it as navigating pre-automobile city streets.

    3. Jack, you may fear me, but my bark is worse than my bite.

      I apologize if you feel so intimidated, and will refrain from being too harsh towards your posts in the future.

      1. Seb I don’t respond to you very often but I’m going to do so for the second time in a week because you are so delusional and full of yourself it is unbelievable.

        No one fears you. No one is intimidated by you. People are annoyed by you. You make the same asinine comments over and over, the most basic football for dummies observations along with your own personal nonsense mixed in. You offer nothing worth responding to which is why many don’t bother. You left NN because you felt the contributors there were treating you badly right? Now you are having the same problems on this sight. Look in a mirror for heavens sake. You have no self awareness or understanding that you are a football forum parasite. It’s not everyone else that is the problem Seb. It’s you.

        1. Rocket, when some one writes -Fear the Seb, I assume they mean they fear me. I did not force him to write that.

          I was banned from NN because I wrote this statement- True fans do not want their team to lose. I do not choose to return because they are talking about talking, and if you think that I post too much, others on NN post ad infinitum.

          Yes, I write the same things over and over, because they are now burned into your psyche. It is a trick advertisers use, and if you had ever studied marketing in college, if the professor was truthful, he would admit that it is subtle form of imprinting. And your responses to me are Pavlovian.

          I also write the same things, in fact for years, because they are so logical and basic, I want the Niners to employ those tactics. Chip will stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. He will run the no huddle with quick snaps. He will utilize players properly in order to accentuate their strengths while hiding their weaknesses.

          I have to laugh. No wonder the Niners and their fans are losing so bad. They get upset so easily. Sun Tzu said that it is easy to defeat opponents who are arrogant and full of hubris. He would advocate angering those opponents because then it would be easy to defeat them. Niners fall into that trap way too many times, and fans like you are patsies, too. Please grow up, and wise up.

          Posters attack and insult me all the time. I just wish they would man up and stop crying when I return the favor.

    4. Grant

      You see this? The CrackerJack is a pretty solid barometer of the tone of your readers right now, I think. You may want to block Seb or at least give him a stern talking to for a while. Or not. After all, he is responsible for 85% of your blog’s comments.

      1. I couldn’t agree more! The guy has completely hijacked this blog with his unceasing prattle. How long is this going to be allowed. I myself have been blocked several times for speaking my mind, without ever writing a single, profane or inappropriate word, but this clown is permitted to post and post and post. And it’s always the same drivel about the leaker and the pay cut, the cut on the bus, etc., etc., etc. Enough is enough! We’re all down on the 49er front office. We get it.
        But this is too much, too often. Hot air without substance!
        I have enjoyed reading the commentary from the regular posters on this site for years and it looks like more and more of those regular contributors are leaving and disappearing because of this parasite and his delusions of grandeur. .
        Sebwhatever, If enough people tell you the same thing over and over why can’t you see that YOU are the problem and not everyone else?

        Take a break. go on vacation, sabbatical, hiatus, whatever. How about a nice cruise around the world? For a year, without any computer access.

        Just stop!

        1. Bar, seeing this period as slack time with not much happening, I plan on writing some thoughts on game management and strategy, but will post less.

          The draft is over, and that was what I was really interested in. Kaep, even with all the slights, is still on the team, so I am happy. Niners have a lot of work to do, but hopefully, Chip will fix the offensive malaise.

          I have less confidence that O’neil will fix the defense, but thank goodness the Mangenius is gone. I just wish they did not grab another Cleveland Browns coach.

      2. JC, maybe Grant allows me to stay on because I am the only one who defends him when haters attacks him by dissing his writing. He also probably sees me as a provocateur, who says things he wishes to say, but is restrained. So he is just using me as a poster who is a loose cannon who will attack the FO, while he cannot.

  26. On Wednesday, Jim O’Neil will have a PC. I hope Grant could ask 2 questions.
    1, Which Niner DB do you think could be the Joe Haden of the defense?
    2. After the Cleveland experience, given the criticisms from your past defensive players, what lessons have you learned, and how will they affect your defensive scheme with the Niners.

  27. Since this blog is about Chip Kelly, I wish to post something I wrote almost two and a half years ago. It does repeat a lot of what I have been saying, so it at least shows that I am consistent. It was written for Jim Harbaugh, but since Chip is now the HC, he should relate to what I want the Niners to do.

    I started the Quest for Six by suggesting that everyone who wants the Niners to improve should read -The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. I also wrote something about focusing energy and teamwork to overcome obstacles. This is about game management and strategy.

    Obviously, JH and JT did not read what I wrote, and now they are gone. Maybe Chip can glean a few nuggets from my suggestions that will help him win. Actually, I took a page out of the Chip Kelly Oregon offense when putting together my suggestions, so I am positive he will run the no huddle with quick snaps.I do mention Kaep, but maybe Gabbert could be inserted as the QB instead if Kaep still is regressing.

    10 ways JH can Improve. (and J Tomsula) (And Chip, too). SF Gate Nynah Dec 31, 2013.

    1, Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem- IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side line. It seems to tick off the refs and is counter productive. Use biting humor to get your point across. Channel Bill Walsh. ( Study his side line demeanor). Study the game winning drive before -The Catch.
    2. Consider time outs to be precious, and use them for ( legitimate) challenges and the last 2 minutes ( of each half).
    3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep that he could get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time.
    4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate Delay of Game penalties and stop the defense form substituting.(It also might catch the defense off guard so they jump off sides and the Niners would get a free play for a strike down field.).
    5. Expressly forbid Kaep to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.
    6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. Stop forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer. Use designed roll outs to fluster the defense.
    7. Establish the running game, then use play action for long strikes down field.
    8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.
    9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels.
    10. Niners will win if Kaep gets the ball in FG’s (playmakers) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes, ( fly sweeps, Zone Read, flea flickers, hook and laterals) and even the Statue of Liberty.

    1. Oh for Pete’s sake. We have all read this before. What is it you want, a hearty pat on the back for your version of the 10 Commandments? What is it you are trying to get out of posting this stuff over and over again?

      Oh shoot, that’s right I forgot, you think the coaches and players read your comments. Here’s a suggestion, if you are writing this for their use, please email the 49ers directly. Go straight to the source.

      1. Scooter, I do not bother, because if the Niners are too stupid not to monitor the blogs, they deserve to lose.

    1. Matt, yes, it is simple and straight forward, but both JH and JT did not do it. JH had a SB quality squad and could not get a play off in time. JT was just farting around.

      Hopefully Chip will be able to do those things, especially since he has done them from his New Hampshire days.

      I totally agree, being competent enough to execute the game plan is huge, if they want to win.

  28. Grant,
    This topic is way over exhausted. Please have mercy on us and offer something new.
    And perhaps limited words per blogger.

    1. And perhaps limited words per blogger.

      Isn’t it enough that Mrs. Obama has limited the children’s lunches, and Mr. Bloomberg the soda pop size? Do we really need another limitation on our freedoms?

      1. Razor,
        There is one blogger that is extreme in his verbose. A person could get carpels tunnel scrolling through his “war and peace” narratives.

        1. AES, I know that pressing a button is such a tedious bother, but it is really not that hard. Scrolling past my posts may upset you and many others, but this IS a blog site. They invite people to post.

          No wonder the Niners are doing so badly. Even their fans get upset over the most innocuous things.

      2. Razor, you advocate limiting the size of my post, then complain about the limitations of freedoms. Pot, meet kettle.

        1. Nah, I never complained about your posts. They don’t bother me, but I’m pretty sure I’m one in a million….

            1. Seb using the old thesaurus to make himself look smart. Too sad! The storm of needing attention is coming Seb!

              1. Prime, first you complain about the length of my posts, then complain when I use one word. SMH.

  29. The only people who may have a glimpse into Kelly’s inner-thoughts are certain coaches and probably Baalke. I don’t see a problem with that…for the media, it leaves them guessing…and I’m sure some fans wonder, too. But, being a new head coach with a lot of new and returning players, he’s also figuring out who his contenders and pretenders are. There’s no reason he needs to name his starting QB at this point…not when Kap is still weeks away from being healthy enough to fully practice. There are some key competitions for a number of positions…and I can’t find any problem with that, either. He’s got a few players changing positions or tweaking how they’ll contribute to the offense & defense. It’s a work in progress…so we’ll just have to live with that ’til he’s seen enough to know who his starters and reserves will be.

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