Is there any doubt Manningham will play this season? Roman: “That is pure speculation. I wish I could give you a better answer.”

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

ROMAN: We’ve had a real sprint to get caught up with (the Titans’ defensive) personnel. Some of these guys I remember from the Pac 10 when I was at Stanford – Ayers, Verner and Casey. We as a staff and as an offense are really focusing in on their personnel, getting to know them for the first time very unlike a division opponent. I think they’ve got a very good defense. Griffin and Pollard, very talented safeties. Pollard has been doing it a long time. It looks like he’s brought a lot of attitude to that defense. Verner and McCourty are doing a great job at corner, and Casey is one of the better defensive tackles we’ll play against all year. And then Brown and Ayers are some of the fastest linebackers we’ll play against. Very talented defense. They’ve held people to minimal scoring and we’re very impressed and I think our guys have a healthy respect for what they’re watching. Any questions?

Q: Where do things stand with Vance McDonald’s progression?

ROMAN: We’ve asked a lot of him the past couple weeks, really the past three weeks, and couldn’t be more pleased with how he’s done. Really expect him to take those kinds of steps moving forward. One thing you notice about players is everybody is going to make mistakes as a rookie. That’s a fact. Do you repeat those mistakes? Thus far he’s done a good job of learning from the good, the bad, the ugly and moving on a better football player. He’s done a really nice job and needs to continue. He’s a unique guy. I think he’ll become more inundated into our passing game as we go, but he’s performed a critical role for us in these past three victories. At times, you want to bring them along as opposed to just throwing them in the deep end. I think Vance is a great example of that.

Q: On the 18-play drive when you called the same play five or six times, how fun was that just to keep repeating that play until they stopped you?

ROMAN: Jim and I were saying it reminded us of when we played USC back in whatever year it was where we were just rolling the same play over and over and over again. The guys were just getting better at it every time. It’s a credit to the players on the field. When they’re doing that, calling the plays is pretty easy.

Q: Why was LaMichael James was inactive on Sunday?

ROMAN: Every week there is a real, real, on our team there are a lot of different variables that go into it and a lot of different scenarios that could happen. That just happened to be where we were at as a team. LaMichael is a very important part of our offense and will continue to be so.

Q: How have Kyle Williams and Jon Baldwin looked in practice as you look to establish a No.2 wide receiver?

ROMAN: They’re doing a really good job. Kyle had a huge play on the third-and-7 at the end of the game. Really good timing. Big play for him. Wouldn’t have been an 18-play drive if he hadn’t have made that play. Jon continues to do a good job and he gets better every week. Week to week their roles will change but they’re doing a good job and we have complete and utter faith in them.

Q: Is Mario Manningham anywhere near football shape?

ROMAN: He’s getting there. It’s a process and anything beyond that is irrelevant. Yesterday was his first day back out there. Jim talked to him about a certain way of getting back into it. Thought Mario did a really good job with it and he’ll just continue to progress but it’s day to day. You love to see him back out there. Any time you go through a season with a guy, you develop a trust and a relationship and just a feeling of togetherness. When you see a guy like that come back from an injury, all of us are just thrilled. He’s just going to work his way back.

Q: Do you have any doubts that Manningham will be able to play this year?

ROMAN: Well, he had an injury, he’s rehabbed it very hard and he’s starting the process. Beyond that is pure speculation. I wish I could give you a better answer. He’s working hard and making progress

Q: What are your thoughts on Dr. Garza’s passing?

ROMAN: I was deeply shocked and saddened by it. I think everybody was. It was addressed and I think we all mourn and pray for him. I think that really sums it up.

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    1. What source a you referring to that the niners are interested in Hakeem nicks? The giants have pubicly stated that rumors of him being available are false… Plus why aquire a guy who is a free agent at the end of the year who is going to demand 50 mil…. I much rather keep a third rnd pick instead of a rental.

      1. You asked for a source and I gave it to you. Teams generally don’t forecast their intention to trade a player because it decreases their leverage, it’s basic negotiating.

  1. Nicks is a marginal player at best. He’s made a few highlight catches but has not had consistency.

    We already have the players we need on the team.
    VD is becoming our deep threat and number 1 receiver. AB is settling in to our #2 wr, and now we need to develop J.Baldwin, M.Moore.

    QP might be available to return about the same time as Crabtree.
    Once Mario is at full speed we are suddenly going to be loaded with WR’s.

      1. Nicks does not fit the mode of the 49er plan. They don’t want to pay big bucks and he is a diva, that is two strikes against him, and the third strike is the Niners follow the Patriots plan, find receiver’s through the draft or cheap free agents.

      1. Seahawks can’t sign him to their practice squad unless he clears waivers. If they sign him now, he’ll be added to the 53-man roster.

      2. I know, but they really wanted to sign him to their PS before the Niners signed him. Maybe the Niners sign him to their PS if he clears waivers, we’ll see.

      1. His release probably signals that Dorsey is unlikely to go and either Purcell or Dial will be receiving a promotion.

      2. BREAKING NEWS : Chris Harper has been picked up by the Seattle Seahawks, BJ Daniels has been waived and the Niners claimed BJ Daniels and have now waived McLeod Bethel Thomas. Jim Harbaugh has been quoted” that we are happy that BJ has returned to the team” Ba Da Ding

      3. PP Time, Prime Time, Axel Time, Randy Time. John Boy time Elizabeth Time, Waltons time. You have to beg to be on this site, after being thrown off more time then your boy toy rolls to the right and throws the ball out of bounds. Have you mocked any Cancer patients today? Your the blog buffoon, you have so many profiles, you don’t even know who you are any longer. It must be hard to look in the mirror and see failure in your life. When was the last time you had a Girl Friend. Was it the Lincoln administration. hahah This site is your social life. LMAO. I have empathy for you, because you are a miserable soul.

      4. I just grilled an entire “meat” dish in your kitchen Neal Jordan. You are the biggest hot head. I could say hello to you and you would go off like a little, scared puppy. Hahaha!

      5. Neal,

        Stay classy. Prime is making his mark as being a wet towel on a cold day! He just won’t stop. If we all just ignore the guy, maybe he’ll actually disappear.

      6. Good news for the 49ers fan, the Texans rookie qb Case keenum is starting this sunday against the Chiefs at arrowhead staduim. Thers no doubt, that Alex Smith and the Chiefs are going to win their 7th straight game in a row, and the chiefs record will be 7-0 for these season. The 2014 draft pick, that the chiefs traded for AS to the 49ers is looking very good, It looks like the 49ers, is going to get, their 2nd rounder in the 2014 draft. Its worked out pretty good for both parties on the trade.

      7. I think Lameareafanatic predicted a 6-10 season for the Chiefs. I guess this is one of your multiple opinions that was wrong hey Bay? AGAIN!

      8. Neal Jordan it figures you like the SHARKS. They are the softest (your stomach) team in the NHL. Every year they choke (what you do for a living) in the playoffs and lastly, they will always be the 3rd best (story of your life) team in California. A perfect match!

      9. Prime, It won’t surprise me one bit if Alex and the Chiefs goes 9-0, they looked very good and their defense is relentless against opposing qbs. I believe the Chiefs will beat Denver, when they face each other. The Chiefs football team is just going to get better. The chiefs is quietly doing, what they need to do to win games. It doesn’t matter, what the critics are saying about Alex and the Chiefs playing a soft schedule. People doesn’t get it, you’ve to play each one of the teams on your schedule to get the W.

      10. Prime,

        Not only did Bay say the Chiefs would win only 6 or 7 games, he bet MidWest on it,

        Bayareafanatic says:
        June 28, 2013 at 10:39 am
        Last year the Chiefs lost half of their games by an average of 20 points, and they also gave up 40+ sacks. They plug in a QB who benefited from a strong running game and a world class defense…. At best they win 6 or 7 games. At best….. They are not a sleeper, they are a coma….

        Bayareafanatic says:
        June 27, 2013 at 11:41 am
        lets make a bet. Loser stays off the blog for a month. And lets make the over and under 7. If the Chiefs win under 7 games I win, if they win over 7 games you win…..Deal?

        MidWestNiner says:
        June 27, 2013 at 12:00 pm
        How about just saying that the other guy was right Bay? …. Over/under 7 games with the loser admitting in bold type that they were wrong and not make any excuses for it. Deal Bay?

        Bayareafanatic says:
        June 27, 2013 at 12:04 pm

        Nick says:
        June 27, 2013 at 9:58 pm
        Holy crap, the Chiefs are leading in Grant’s poll for the sleeper Super Bowl team. Talk about lunacy. The Smither’s are out in full force.

        bayareafanatic says:
        June 27, 2013 at 10:01 pm
        Stupidity in action….

      11. The Alex Haters love to hate on him, and will never give him the credit for what he did on this team, and while he may not be elite, under good coaching he showed that he could lead a team and win.
        While his stats are not great for KC, Andy Reid has said he does what he needs to help the team win.
        And the biggest difference for the Chiefs has been the QB play. Matt Cassel was a turnover machine,

        I compare Alex to the 2012 SF Giants baseball team. It’s torture watching them scrape enough runs to win but they somehow do it.

      12. I don’t need to Nick. I never said they were a Super Bowl team, or a 6-7 win team. I had them as a 9-10 win Wild Card team.

      13. Nick row likes to change the debate once the parameters change. Classic hater in denial. It’s that Cal education paying off.

      14. Neal

        Goof job ignoring the troll Prime. Its just a matter of time before everyone ignoring the misfit troll will drive him crazy. At some point everyone will recognize him following up football related posts with ignorance from him. He wants to start a fight. Let him play with himself. He’s good at that anyway! Lol

      15. 77fan – Did you have to bring up the “A” word…I thought we were all starting to get over it. :)
        I’m at Taps bar/restaurant in SoCal and 2 drunk obnoxious Seattle fans are next to me…..I may have to throw down tonight. I know I could break one of them in half but the other one looks like Tony Siragusa.

      16. Neal Jordan don’t forget about our bet on tonight’s game pal. Even if you lose you will have a chance to redeem yourself with some cred on the blog. Good luck to you sir!

      17. Crabs 15 — I know what was I thinking?
        I was at Barney’s Beanery in Santa Monica. It slowly became a Niners Bar, but now the Seahawk salty dogs are now coming out in full force.


      18. Prime, Jack – I’m gettin to old to rumble but If these dickwads cross the line I’ll handle it. The friend I’m with couldn’t hurt a butterfly but he’s a great friend. That fat guy is pissin me off though….drinkin Stella like a puss, instead of the awesome homemade micro beer here or fresh Octoberfest. I like Stella but not here.

      19. Crab ask the fat guy why do so many SEA players wear those gay visors? The more I watch that team, the more I hate every one of their players.
        Carson Palmer gave SeA the game. Same thing as he did last week to the 49ers

      20. Jack whats your point? All you had to do was ask and I wiuld ha ve said i missed on that one. What you did was anti climactic. It’s a fat fail. At least make all that work worth it.

      21. Missed on that one? Try every time you put those sausage fingers on a key pad and talk football. Guy, you are like 0 for a million+ on anything football related.

      22. No problem Jordan, first time on in several hours, I had a Cardiokick boxing class ,then Sharks game, didn’t watch football game, but heard Seahawks won. Well we have to win on Sunday.

    1. His spot on the roster was not going to last with Manningham and maybe Crabtree returning anyway. I wonder if they offered him a higher salary to stay on the PS if he clears waivers? Seattle will likely try to sign him to their PS too.

    2. A move that had to happen at some point. It was either him, Moore or Osgood, and Harper provides the least value to the team atm. Again, hopefully he clears waivers and makes it to the PS, but not going to hold my breath.

    1. You are right Nick. You can tell by his interview that’s he lacks confidence to go play on the knee. Its not uncommon.

      1. If they just reduced my pay by a huge margin, I wouldn’t be in a big hurry to get back on the field after a potentially crippling injury.
        What is a number two receiver that is familiar with the offense worth? When he was expendable, he was worth $1.8 million. Now I say based on the teams needs he’s worth at least $3 million. Business is brutal, it’s a dog eat dog world.
        Trent Baalke do your job, give this man some incentive to get back out there as it will benefit the entire team.

      2. Nobody forced Manningham to sign the restructured deal. He could have walked and tried to get more from another team. He’s been out for about 10 months now and just put pads back on for the first time 2 days ago. This isn’t about money, it’s about being 100% confident that he can play full go with no reservations.

      3. If I were meaningful, I’d be disappointed about the pay cut as well. In the back of my mind, I think Meaningful is looking forward to next season moreso than this season. He will be a free agent at the end of this season. One would also think he’d like to go out and play hard for a new contract somewhere in the league.

        I think our front office is making another mistake for the third year straight with the wide receiver position. We definitely need to pick up a weapon via trade. The draft of 2014 can’t help us win a super bowl this year. We are seriously lacking at wide receiver.

        Every team in the league knows our strength is running the football. Let’s look at which playoff teams can potentially neutralize our run game.

        1. Seattle
        2. New Orleans
        3. Packers

        2 of these teams are not as good vs the pass. Dahlias and the Packers are not very good against the pass. If we’re trying to win a super bowl, we have to make sure that our roster is tailored to compete and beat the Seahawks.

        I noticed a lot of this late in the game last night vs Arizona but I also remember it from last season in Alex Smith’s last game against the Seahawks as well.

        In the 2nd half, Smith kept checking down to Gore out of the backfield. The 1st drive of the 2nd half, he took the team down the field primarily with that checkdown to Gore. Palmed has success with it last night late in the game as well. (Seattle may have been giving Arizona the Underneath stuff.)

        I think LaMichael Names becomes a powerful weapon in this checkdown scenario. One condition, James has to hold on to the football. Clearly Gore can execute this plan like he did last year. However, James’s speed makes him much more of a threat.

        Yes, this is all premature but clearly, we’re going to have to be Seattle twice to win a super bowl this year. On top of all of that, we need our entire defensive line healthy to contain lynch and get pressure on Russell Wilson Get better Aldon Smith. Go Niners!!!

      4. Bay

        I personally think we have to make a trade for Gordon. I like Nicks but I don’t know if his speed is gonna help us stretch the field. You’re right about Manningham. I don’t know where his head is right now. I do know we can’t compete with the Seahawks offensively with these receivers we have. Even with Crabs healthy and Boldin. Clearly, our wild card would then be VD. Seattle will single Crabs and Boldin. Can they stop VD with Chancellor or Earl Thomas?

      5. Jack

        Nobody is disputing the fact that he dididn’t have to take the pay cut. Obviously, his injury put him in a position of weakness. If he refuses the pay cut, he gets released and nobody signs him. He’s out of a job this season. He had very little choice. It doesn’t mean he was happy with it.

      6. They wont bring in a bad boy like Gordon. They weathered through Brooks and Aldon and cannot afford anymore PR nightmares. Gordon is out. I think what they will do is go Crabs as a #1 VD as the #2 with Boldin as the slot. VD will alternate streching the field and playing decoy.

      7. “The 1st drive of the 2nd half, he took the team down the field primarily with that checkdown to Gore.”

        Exactly, and that is how you beat the Seahawks defense. They are strong on the outside, but they can be beat with the underneath stuff.

        The other issue is that the Seahawk offense is the worst possible matchup for the 49ers d. They stay committed to the run, and Wilson has shown the ability to beat them.

        Really looking forward to that week 14 matchup.

      8. “If he refuses the pay cut, he gets released and nobody signs him. He’s out of a job this season.”

        Right, and based on that Manningham has 1.8 million reasons to be happy and prove to the league that he is worth more.

      9. Jack,

        What I don’t like about our defensive matchup with Seattle. Nobody seems to be able to corral Russell Wilson once he leaves the pocket. On top of that, he’s been very accurate throwing on the run. The kid is fast and elusive. I’ve not seen a team touch him when he leaves the pocket. We need a spy on him. I think we need Bowman to spy on him.

      10. Still hoping that Patton and Williams are 2nd half of the season weapons for us. They have to work harder on consistently getting open so that Kaep trusts them more. Both IMO are dangerous after the catch guys.

        Jack you are correct, against Seattle the underneath stuff is there especially for a quicker back like LMJ and Hunter. Also the 15 yard out / comeback pattern was open pretty consistently against anyone not named Sherman……

      11. Our pass rush is at least as good as AZ. They were putting some hits on Wilson last night. Abraham look rejuvenated. Cross our fingers Aldon is back by the time we play the Chickens in December.
        Unfortunately AZ couldn’t run the ball and that was their Achilles heal last night. With the turnovers their defense handed them, they should have been able to put the chickens away.

      12. Bay,

        After last night’s game, its clear to me that Seattle is better than we are right now. We may be better when we get healthy, if we get healthy. They will be better as well. I don’t think Williams and Patton help us bridge that gap. We need a clear difference maker at the wide receiver position. We don’t have a downsized threat at receiver. One to go along with Vernon Davis.

    2. Jack one thing that worries me about Seattle is their ability to make nothing plays into something. How many times did Russell almost take a sack and turn it into a huge 1st down? He is not flashy but has that whatever it takes to win quality that makes a very basic offense very dangerous.

      1. Good point Prime. I think the one thing that could limit Seattle is really focusing on stopping M. Lynch. He is the cow bell for them as much as Russell is able to escape. My point is try and make Russell play exclusively from the pocket and give him those little scampers and let Willis, Bowman, Reid make he pay for being a runner. I think we have the horses to contain him.
        The thing with the Seahawks is like Atlanta, don’t give up the big play, stop the run and they are not as good.

      2. Don’t forget that defense. They really do have the best secondary in the league. Sure they clutch and grab but it’s effective and they can shut down anybody.
        To me they are the best team in football right now, bar none!

      1. Wilson was only worth 20. something. That’ isn’t great. You could pick up rivers or even pryor and get more points. I have Kaepernick on my FT in yahoo. I don’t particularly think it’s a good start this week against a strong Tenn Defense. He’s projected there at 16. I’m starting Foles.

        As for Seattle, I think the way you beat them is to attack Wilson. He has terrible ball security. They have no receivers.
        On Offense you have to run the ball with success. Seattle is going to slow your passing game down. You need your Running back to get chunk yardage and control the clock.
        Vernon Davis should be used as a Wide out to stretch the field. J. Finley is going to show the league how it’s down this week. Perhaps Roman can take some notes.

  2. Jack,

    Arizona may not win this game, however, Seattle’s has been exposed to leage official for all the defensive holding penalties and pass interference calls. I’ve not counted them all but there certainly have been quite a few of them. Several more that didn’t get called. That’s why we need a new threat at wide receiver like nicks or Gordon. No matter how you slice it, our receiving corps, even at 100% are not good enough. There’s something about Manningham that I’m sensing.i just feel like he’s not going to be effective at all. I don’t sense anything about him that tells me that he’s dying to get out there. Having to take a pay cut to stay with the team didn’t help either.

    1. 23jordan, you know the Seahawks are going to get better. Just wait till the hawks get all the key players back from injury. The hawks are going to be dangerous in the playoffs. If the hawks wins the NFC West, the road to the NFCC is through Seattle. Every one knows how tough it is to play the Hawks at home. The 49ers already knows that, after the 42-13 drubbing by the hawks last season, and these seasons 29-3 humiliating defeat in seattle.

      In your comment, it seems you’re in doubt with the 49ers wr corps capability? Is it because you know the hawks are a much better team all around, than the 49ers?

      1. The Niners are a playoff team. If they end up playing the Seahawks, it will be for the 3rd time. I think the Seahawks are a more complete team. Russell Wilson does have this magic about him, but I also think the Niners have a good enough LB corp to spy on him.

        It will come down to what kind of offense Greg Roman comes up with in the rubber match to counter the Seattle defense. They can out physical the Niner Offense so my hope is that Greg comes up with some schemes involving LMJ or KH. I think those guys in the passing offense, spread situation.

      2. Fansince77, Even if the 49ers get their injured players back, its not going to make a big difference playing the Hawks at home in the playoffs. Last time the 49ers played the hawks, they had Aldon, Willis, Bowman, Brooks and Smith on defense. And the 49ers offense had Kap, Carbtree, Vernon Davis, D. Walker, L James, Kendall and F. Gore, and still the hawks humiliate the 49ers. The Hawks my friend is just going to get better, even without their key players they still win and dominate games.

  3. My apologies for this being late. This week has been absolutely hectic for me so I haven’t really had a chance to post the results of the Week 6 standings and results for the Quest4Six fantasy league. I’m staying up long enough to post them while I have a breather so here we go:

    1. Amsterdam Invaders 6-0
    Defeated Orenthal Hernandez 126.28 to 124.08

    2. West Coast Bias 4-2
    Defeated TeamSF 102.46 to 83.98

    3. TeamSF 4-2
    Lost to West Coast Bias 102.46 to 83.98

    4. GreenDart 3-3
    Defeated Uaaaatchi 102.98 to 75.92

    5. NF_HAS 3-3
    Lost to barnone dmp5 84.74 to 78.90

    6. barnone dmp5 3-3
    Defeated NF_HAS 84.74 to 78.90

    7. Uaaaatchi 2-4
    Lost to GreenDart 102.98 to 75.92

    8. Orenthal Hernandez 2-4
    Lost to Amsterdam Invaders 126.28 to 124.08

    9. MidWestNiner 2-4
    Defeated Coffee’s for Closers 87.60 to 83.06

    10. Coffee’s for Closers 1-5
    Lost to MidWestNiner 87.60 to 83.06

    I will try to get next week’s results up faster, but I can’t make any promises as life loves to throw curveballs at you whenever it can.

  4. So on a short week after being “tenderized” by the 49ers, marshawn lynch ran for 91 yards against the catdinal defense. I wonder if he gets graded a B for his performance……….

  5. Crab15 sez Oct. 16, 2013 at 3:52pm: “The Alex issue may never go away.”
    BINGO!!!! Hoont! There it is! We finally have the unifying issue that we could all agree on.
    Original Sin? Nope, much dissension.
    Evolution through Natural Selection? Not everybody’s on that bus.
    Global Climate Change? Not.
    Balanced Budgets out of Washington or Sacramento? Pfwisssh!
    But ‘Alex’? Hah! If there were only 5 people left in the entire Bay Area, 2 would be arguing over Alex!

  6. Make the Seahawks “Best” secondary cover receivers sideline to sideline through traffic. Meanwhile send VD deep. Wilson while skilled, is very lucky. Keep him in the pocket and squeeze it like a vise. Those rainbow bright passes won’t seem so beautiful….

    1. Good point Razor but their secondary does great things in the run game too. Their physicality is something spectacular and really hides their flaws at the LB position.
      My guess would be to play action them to death an stick to the run game. Seattle seems to be a better team when they can play with the lead and be physical at the line of scrimmage and get away with all that holding.
      On offense maybe it’s luck but they have a penchant for making nothing plays into head scratchers.
      If we can keep winnin and gain some confidence offensively I see no problem going up there and winning with a genius type game plan.

    1. Good points. But I think the Niners will win by over a TD. The D line is the key for the Niners on D, and I’m confident that they will do OK against an average O line with a rookie center.

    2. Another good post Jack. I’m very worried about this sundays game if we win i belive we will win the NFC west. If we lose i believe Seattle will win the west and i do’nt think the 9ers can win in seattle [with their technology produced sound advantage] in Jan. Thats why i believe this Sundays game is the most important of the year.

    3. That rookie center happens to be an upgrade. Johnson at running back will be the easiest the 49ers face this year. He’s terrible. Mr. Lockers’ body is in no way shape or form in football ready condition. It would be a mistake for him to play this week, and I do not expect it…..

      1. I don’t care if he’s 110%, if the hole’s not as big as a house he won’t be going anywhere. Not to mention as soon as he’s touched, down he goes…

  7. Aldon’s absence continues to be the single biggest uncertainty for the Niners in the playoffs, IMO. Lemonier had a good day last Sunday against a below-average tackle (Sowell of the Cards). It will be interesting to see how he does against a ninth-year vet Michael Roos on Sunday. It will be a good measuring stick of this progress.

  8. If the Niners are able to run the ball and not turn it over, the final score will be 30-16.
    Fitzpatrick is a gunslinger. He can either whip you quickly, or dig a hole for himself in one quarter that his team can not recover from.

    1. If Locker is playing I would expect a tighter game, maybe a TD margin via SF. If not, its a blowout. The Niners are finding their “swag” so hopefully this is a ground and pound em game.
      Niners 28: Titans 13

      1. Locker will not play. Yesterday he said something in the knee still does not feel right and he is still walking as of yesterday with a limp. I read that on today.

  9. Unfortunately I can see the Seahawks winning every game including road games. We are going to have to find a way to beat them in January at their noise box.

    1. Neal no they won’t. They are too inconsistent on the road and are playing down to the competition at times. They still have to come to the stick as well.

      1. 23jordan, just imagine how good these seattle hawks team will be, when all their players comes back from injury. They’re the team to beat in the NFC, comes playoffs the hawks is a dangerous team.

    2. Neal, Unfortunately for the 49ers, If the hawks wins the NFC west, the 49ers will have to play the hawks at home. The odds the 49ers will go back to the SB, its highly unlikely. The 49ers HC, assistant coaches and players knows that, the 42-13 drubbing by the hawks last season and the 29-3 humiliating defeat to the Seahawks these season. It will remind the 49ers that they have a tough task ahead of them.

  10. Can two teams from the same division be a #1 seed and #2 seed? Im thinkin we’re more in a position to battle for that two seed instead of one

    1. Deezy

      No we cant be a #2 seed if we don’t win the division. We will be a wild card team. Seed 4-6 at best. The 3 division winners get the 1st 3 seeds.

      1. Okay Jordan thanks..I was hoping it wasn’t but yeah I see.. the wild card route will be a different situation on this administration…oh well..anyway we can get it…

      1. Crabs, I forgot that he has been playing on the scout team this week so that probably explains it. Still, it was wierd to see since it is still a regular 49er jersey.

      2. Band’s doing great. One of the guys is trying to get us a gig at Feather Falls casino so we’ve been working on writing original songs lately. We might try an open mic at one of the local taverns as a warmup if that goes through. I’ll give you the date if we actually get booked into the venue.

        Actually haven’t done any Ten Years After though they are one of my favorite bands. I did see them in concert a long time ago, but don’t remember much about it because the hottie I took drank too much and I was babysitting her the entire time. That one didn’t go quite as planned, lol.

        I’ll check with the guys and see if anybody knows it, though. We can probably handle the instrumental part of it, but not the vocals because we all sound like a bunch of growling dogs. Some have compared my voice to Tom Waits, which may or may not be a good thing unless you’re a fan of his, lol.

  11. I can’t hardly wait, to see the hawks play the 49ers at the stick. I’m sure the Seahawks will have all thier injured players back. This wll be a test for the hawks team, to beat the 49ers at their own turf. I doubt that Pete Carrol and the hawks, will make any change on their game plan, when they play the 49ers at the stick. Pete has harbaughs number and harbaugh knows Pete, and its unlikely one of these two H.C wil try to surprise the other. Even if the 49ers get all their key players back from injury, The hawks are, a much more physical and talented team then the 49ers.

    The hawks players are looking forward to their next meeting with the 49ers. The hawks knows it, If they beat the 49ers at the stick, they will silence the critics, and they’ll earn the respect thats due, not only with the 49ers fan base, but through out the

    1. That game will be huge but if each team keeps winning till then, the pressure is all on SF. Looking at the schedule, I don’t see SEA losing. Maybe the Saints and at Atlanta but the way there playing, they could beat anyone. No doubt best team in football. Lucky too though.

      1. Prime, Mostly all knows about the history between the hawks and the 49ers. I’m sure they are both capable winning any place. But after seeing the 49ers got humiliated by the hawks in their last two meetings. I give the hawks the upper hand over the 49ers next time they play each other.

      2. Yes the 49ers will be the underdogs most definitely. A win by either team will propel them into the playoffs with lots of confidence.

      3. Prime, you’re right, either one of these teams won’t make it to the Super bowl unless both of these team don’t beat themselves. I know it’s too early to make a bold prediction. On the AFC the K.C Chiefs looks dominant with their defense, I know many will say they have a soft schedule, that’s why the chiefs are 6-0. But I think the chiefs can win the AFC west with Alex Smith.

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