Jacobs: “Could I go out and play? Yes, but would it be smart? No.”

SANTA CLARA – Brandon Jacobs told USA Today on Wednesday he’s very frustrated with his role on the 49ers. On Thursday in the 49ers’ locker room he clarified those comments to Bay Area reporters.

JACOBS: It’s going to be a good week for me. That’s all I can tell you guys. I’ve been working hard every day. I’m in a unique situation. Most guys like me don’t ever have a chance to be in a situation like this. So I’m taking advantage of the opportunity that I have at hand, and I’m going to get better every week.

Q: There was a piece in USA Today, and the implication was you are not happy on the 49ers.

JACOBS: Did you read that?

Q: I read it.

JACOBS: Did you read those words exactly?

Q: I have the story.

JACOBS: Assuming makes an (expletive) out of you and me both. We don’t do that. I did do an interview with USA Today. The competitive nature in me – I want to go out and play. I’ve played through worse injuries than I have now. But I have the rare opportunity where I have a chance to get healthy, 100 percent healthy. Coming into this season I was injured, I was going to be down for a long time and they kept me. That says a lot for this organization. I’m going to take the opportunity that they’re giving me to get myself 100 percent so I can help this team when it gets down deep into the season in December, January and even February.

Q: When you came here, you’re coming from a spot where you get 150-200 carries a year. What did you envision your role being?

JACOBS: I didn’t envision a role. I came in and I was going to get what I earned. With me being down the last seven weeks, I’ve got to work myself back into playing shape, I’ve got to get myself mentally ready to be able to perform and help the team win. Right now, could I go out and play? Yes, but would it be smart? No. I have to get healthy.

Q: So you’re not 100 percent healthy?

JACOBS: There aren’t a lot of guys in the league who are 100 percent healthy. A lot of those guys are playing because they have no choice. In my case I don’t have to, and again, that’s what I meant by a “rare opportunity.”

Q: Have you talked to your teammates about the Giants and what they can expect?

JACOBS: This is really my first time on offense against the Giants defense. I know the guys over there. I know they work hard and I know it’s going to be war when they come in here. It’s going to be a battle, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be able to watch my teammates go out there and compete.

Q: When you come back do you know what your role will be. Do you need to know what your role will be?

JACOBS: Being a running back, you don’t need to know what your role. You’re sitting in meetings like everybody else. Whatever opportunity presents itself, that’s the one you take. Make your coaches right. You go out and you run what they want you to run and you make them right for putting you in there.

Q: Have you talked to Harbaugh this week?

JACOBS: I spoke to Coach Harbaugh a couple times the last couple days. We ironed it out. We got it done. I understand where Coach is coming from. He understands me from him playing football and understanding an athlete, and the competitive nature of wanting to help your team win, and not only that, but against your former team. In this case, my former team is not important.

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