Jacobs visits Giants locker room after game

SAN FRANCISCO – I couldn’t find Brandon Jacobs in the 49ers locker room after the game.

I waited until every player left. Still no Jacobs.

So I walked to the Giants’ locker room. Who did I see? Jacobs. He was talking to Justin Tuck, his former teammate.

Tuck was sitting on a stool. Jacobs was leaning against the locker, wearing camouflage pants and a green polo shirt. He was talking with his hands. It seemed like he was explaining something.

Tuck didn’t say much. He listened and shook his head a lot, as if to say, “Ain’t that shame.”

After ten minutes, Tuck stood up and he and Jacobs hugged. Tuck left but Jacobs didn’t. Jacobs looked around for someone else to hug. He found a couple trainers, hugged them and told them he misses them.

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