LaMichael James sprains left MCL, out 3-4 weeks

LaMichael James sprained his left MCL Thursday night against the Chargers and could miss the next three or four weeks, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Do you think James would have made the 49ers’ final roster if he hadn’t injured his knee?

And do you think there will be a spot in the running back rotation for James this season when his knee is healthy?

  1. This is depressing news. I was really loking forward to seeing James this season. At least its’ not too serious. I guess just means more carries for Gore and Hunter and even Dixon who has looked really good this pre-season.

    I hate injuries

    1. James averaged 2.3 yards per carry in the preseason. That was 10th-best on the team.

      He also caught one pass for negative three yards.

      He also struggled in pass protection.

      1. Look at his contribution last year, in real games. He showed way more potential and quick-strike ability than Dixon, who really just barely makes the roster every season.

      2. He also had the backup offensive line in alot of those carries. He is way better than Dixon and def would of made the roster. This means Hawkins should get a shot at returns now and has roster spot locked. I think Hawkins may be better than James on returns anyways.

        1. All of the running backs played with the backup offensive line, and they all outperformed James. All except D.J. Harper, who got cut already.

      3. Okay, I’ll bite. What did Booby Dixon do in the Super Bowl that made you think he’s worthy? Since you choose to pick out that one game to determine if he’s roster-worthy, I will do the same.

        Something else to chew on. Overall in the postseason last year LMJ averaged 5.9 yards per carry.

      4. Preseason stats don’t matter for guys who already have a spot on the team, especially when it’s a ‘special weapon’ type of player. You don’t show the most explosive plays for that player in ‘near’ meaningless games.

        Therefore your use of stats for your ‘argument’ Grant hold very little water.

        No matter what happens, LMJ has a spot.

      5. LMJ’s been having lots of negative yardage plays this preseason, and several last year. The 49ers powerful ball control offense was not designed to overcome 3rd and long very well, which makes minus yardage plays absolute drive killers.

        I expect the 3rd and long efficiency to improve, but neg yard plays are never good.

        I agree with Grant. There was a good possibility LMJ was in fact fighting for a roster spot. Hunter was the better back last year. LMJ looked to be a Sproles type back and special teams contributor who has yet to prove (in games) that he’s a steady punt returner.

        What’s likely saving LMJs skin is his suitability for read option and/or the new “Harvin” hybrid WR/RB role. To stick in this league he better be great at punt returns and receiving.

      6. He also looks tentative and not too scary returning kicks. Here’s another question: Will there be any running back available off the waiver wire this weekend who might be more helpful to the Niners this season and bolster their depth at RB?

      7. grant, you’re cherry pickin your facts again.

        i think you’re being overly influenced (emotion?) by current pre-season performance. take a step back, take deep breath and look at the big picture (which include all of LMJ’s stats in the post season).

        you seriously think James’ roster spot was up for consideration????

      8. It’s preseason…JH isn’t showing any of the plays designed for him to get in space and use his speed/quickness/elusiveness to make plays. Plus, he’s running behind a bunch of scrubs who’ll be watching on TV next week. I your glass always half empty?

      9. Well it’s hard to run for positive yardage when you’re getting hit 5 yards in the backfield due to poor blocking. I guarantee LMJ was not in danger of being cut. I’ve seen fans get swayed by preseason before but you’re a beat guy now Grant. You should know better than that.

    2. OK, we’ll get an idea of how they feel about him by how they play it on the roster. Do they save a spot for him on the 53 to get him back sooner? Or do they bite the bullet and put him on PUP for the 6 week minimum? If they save a spot, they think very highly of him.

  2. He is on top of the depth chart at KR/PR so the answer is yes. And unless Hampton lights it up while filling in while James is out, then the answer to your other question is yes as well.

    1. Kyle Williams is a good kick returner and so is Lavelle Hawkins and Quinton Patton.

      Perrish Cox was a better punt returner than James this preseason. Cox had three returns for 36 yards. James had 2 returns for 10 yards.

      1. I agree, I’m always extremely nervous with James as our punt returner. However, I do think that he has big play capability.

    2. I agree with you both but that is where he was before his injury last night. To me the team is better served in keeping Hawkins on as their primary KR/PR.

  3. James has been a disappointment up to now, he reminds me of Dexter Carter, plus he fumbled in the damn Super Bowl. Hampton has shown absolutely nothing as well.

  4. So this isn’t meant to troll but why was everyone so down on Ted Ginn Jr? He was very reliable catching punts and he seemingly had a big return in every game we needed one. Didn’t always take it to the house but in big moments he would come through with the 30 yard returns. Shortened the field considerably. I think with a player like that you keep him for just his special teams ability as he was a game changer. Salary/cap issues aside, it seemed like peeps on here didn’t like his return skills based on the comments here last year.

    1. Tedd Ginn is a one trick pony and yes he made a nice return in the Super Bowl, but he is the worst receiver of all time., disagree that he had big returns in every game, not sure what games you were watching. Also the guy is always hurt.

      1. Interesting that you think a 5th receiver with skills is more important than having a dynamic return man. I think every team in the NFL would prefer the latter. He wasn’t asked to be a #1 on offense.

      2. I guess not every team prefer the latter because the Niners did not think so. Ginn is getting older, he is hurt a lot, misses a lot of games and when he was let go, he was not high in demand, because he is limited football player, and I don’t think along with the Niners that he is dynamic.

  5. He would not make it on my roster. His return skills are iffy at best. He has no power between the tackles and he’s not as fast as advertised. HE’S the Corey sheets of the bunch. Jewel Hampton is a much tougher runner, stronger than Hunter and faster than Dixon. James is finished with the Niners…

  6. I think he would have made the 53 but to be honest I’m not sure that he would if I had been in charge. I just haven’t seen much explosiveness from him – but these are early days.

    1. It’s like Baalke’s mind wasn’t into it. Maybe he was having a fling with Sofia Vergara or some other babe and couldn’t keep his mind on work. (Just kidding if anyone out there think’s I am serious.)

    2. Yup, they really haven’t gotten much in the way of positive returns from the 2012 draft class. It looks like after roster cuts the most they’ll have is four guys remaining on the roster in Johnson, Robinson, LMJ and Looney (not counting Fleming), and Johnson, Robinson and Looney are probably all on the bubble. Of those guys, I don’t know if any will ever go on to become starters at the 49ers.

    3. Yet when I said it was bad back in April, the shots came from everywhere about how you have to let players have 3-4 years to develop. Seems a little schizo today. I think we’re all ready for football to start. Lot’s of stone throwing and short tempers.

    4. I like what Cam Johnson showed and I still have some hope for LMJ, but… yeah.

      The 49ers 2012 draft:
      1) Rashaun Woods, minus 7 receptions and a TD
      2) Dexter Carter 2.0?
      3) Chilo Rachal
      4) Demetrius DuBose (yeah, it was injuries instead of cocaine)
      5) Well, after round 4 it’s really a crap shoot, yeah? Can’t really see nitpicking late round picks.

      Again, LMJ could turn things around. He showed some brilliant flashes last year but it’s a disappointment that, unlike Hunter, he showed up for his 2nd year still looking skinny. Cam has shown some intriguing talent. But otherwise… ugh. I think Baalke will leave 2012 off of his resume.

  7. I really don’t get how the Niners are using Hunter. He clearly is subpar running between the tackles. Also, I don’t ever recall their throwing to him in the flat or having him run crossing patterns or down the middle, where you would think he would be dangerous. Unless they have plans for him other than subbing for Hunter and returning punts, he is a disappointing pick, in my opinion. Can anyone on this blog enlighten me? I like him as a young man and think he has lots of character, but I don’t see how he has a place other than, again, returning punts and hanging around in case Hunter goes down.

    1. i think he does pretty well between the tackles. He doesn’t create runs between the tackles or move the pile when there isn’t anything there. but when he does squirt though, his legs keep driving and he gets decent yardage even when linebackers meet him on the 2nd level.

    2. He has been beyond competent running between the tackles, showing an extra ability to push for the extra half yard while being tackled with that low center of gravity.

  8. LMJ was rated a 2nd round pick by no other team. Now we’re seeing why. I think he’ll end up on the PUP.

    As for potential backup OLs out there, it sounds like the Dolphins may not be 100% behind Lance Lewis, who is working his way back from knee surgery, and, if cut by the Fins, would be a solid fill-in starter at OG if we needed it.

  9. Someone above mentioned Dixon as the third RB. I agree. No disrespect to Gore, who has been great, but I would love to see what a backfield of Dixon and Hunter could do. As an alternative, make Dixon the fourth quarter back. He’d run over the opposing defense. The guy has shown up big. Let him out.

    1. Frank Gore is a future hall of fame running back and his presence alone changes the game. So no they are not going to envy Frank to watch Dixon run. However with lmj injured we need to divide up the runs to keep Frank fresh.

      1. I got you! You make a good point to spread the carries as long as that method does not impact the running pace and Frank can stay in the groove! You know what I am saying! Honestly I can’t wait to see our rookie running back play in the future, he was a stud in college.

  10. People’s memories are so short term it is absolutely hilarious. Yes lets not look at the great work James did last season(4.6 ypc) and in the postseason(5.9 ypc), lets only look at the superbowl fumble and this preseason. Funny stuff.

    1. He had three good rushing games, vs. AZ (although he fumbled), vs. GB and @ ATL. He had four subpar rushing games: vs. MIA, @ NE, @ SEA and vs. BAL in the Super Bowl.

      1. His success rates in those four “subpar” games were 50% v MIA, 10% v NE, 83.3% v SEA, 33.3% v Baltimore. That looks like 2 bad games to me compared to 5 good games. His overall success rate through 7 games was 45.7, Gore’s was 46.3 for the season. I don’t get the hate.

      2. “Success Rate (SR) – The proportion of plays in which a player was directly involved that would typically be considered successful. Specifically, SR is the percentage of plays resulting in positive Expected Points Added (EPA).”

      1. It’s obvious this writer is molding his style based on some of the typical writers or news channels similar to fox to get reaction and state personal opinion rather than reporting news. I am not saying anything is wrong with it but its much different than MM or Branch that use to do this blog! I guess the age of reality tv is here even for the sport beat writers.

  11. Just hilarious article! Does LM James make the roster? I say yes, he does and regardless of the meaning less preseason games LMJ has been a good change of pace back for us but he has not been playing lights out. Yes he did fumble during the Super Bowl but played well against the Falcons. Grant If you are writing all the nice touchy stories about Scott T you might want to also include all the nice stories about all the other players that contribute to the community as well.

  12. Ill take dixons leadership skills and his work ethic and energy over what lamichael brings to the table…gore hunter and dixon will do great…cut james…next year lattimore will b ib the mix…no room for james

    1. Every team needs 4 RB’s, LMJ is going nowhere. I guess some people have found their new scapegoat.

      It seems to be some look solely at stats, while others look at potential and value. All 3 are important, but stats are by FAR the least important, football is the ultimate team game, stats hinge directly on the TEAMS performance and play calling of the coaches.

      While LMJ stats may be average, his potential and value are high. He has a fairly small sample size with basically one season under his belt. JH knows this and will not even consider a cut, possibly the PUP, but no way will he be cut.

  13. No one seems to mention that he was a second round pick that showed a lot of promise last year in comparison to a late 1st round pick that showed absolutley no promise in any point as a 49er. He is not going to be Jenkinsed.

    Jenkins was an exception not the rule. They will not cut another high draft pick after one year, especially after what he showed last year.

    Come on Grant, this one baffles me.

    1. No surprise, system QB. Very similar to Taylor Martinez @ Nebraska, matter of fact they both went to the same HS.

      Glad we didn’t take a shot on him, BJ looks the part so far.

      1. Will the 49ers look to keep a young QB on the PS now that they’ll have BJ on the 53? I don’t think they will. They already have their developmental QB in BJ.

      2. And next year they’ll probably look to draft another mid-late round QB or sign an UDFA, as well as bring in a vet.

        The “developmental squad” (or “opportunity squad” as JH called it in the latest presser) needs to have guys that can give the team looks on the opposition. They already have the young QB to do that in BJ. I imagine they’ll look to fill the PS with other positions.

      3. So can BJ even if he is on the 53-man roster MidWest. It’s the same scenario as what they did last year. There isn’t enough reps during the week to get all 3 QBs meaningful snaps in preparing and installing the offensive game plan anyway.

        As outlined by Robert Kraft in the below link, the 2nd or 3rd QBs role in practices during the week will usually include giving the D looks while running the scout team.

      4. True, but putting Scott on the practice squad may give the team one less area to worry about after this season.

      5. A veteran castoff from the Chiefs on a team with a horrendous QB situation? I’m shocked.
        I never said that he should be on the final roster Jack. I do however think that he is a player worth developing on the practice squad.

      6. Take it however you want Jack. I think the kid is worth developing, but it isn’t up to me to decide that thankfully. Just like you are entitled to your opinion of adding Michael Robinson to the team, I am entitled to my opinion of developing Matt Scott on the practice squad.

    1. Johnson knew it might be his last game as a Niner, so he played his heart out. He certainly shows promise and would probably be picked up if he were cut. But I ask myself, if he made the 53, would he ever see the field? Only if Lemonier or Skuta went down, which is possible, I guess, but both at the same time? If they could get something promising in return at a position in need, they might be better off trading him.

    2. Max Starks may have been cut but he’s been a long term starter at the Steelers. Its not like Johnson was man-handling a young 3rd or 4th stringer that is still learning his trade and transforming his body into NFL shape.

      1. And yet he started all 16 games for the Steelers last season. Don’t get me wrong – he’s not the player he used to be – but Johnson got 2 sacks against a starting OT from last season. Johnson played well.

      2. A lot of the players Johnson played against yesterday will be unemployed. That is the nature of the final pre-season game.

        The Chargers cut Starks because he’s expensive ($2 million, of which they save $1 million by cutting him) and expendable after King Dunlap – also a starting OT from last season – won the starting role, and the Chargers starting LT from last season (Mike Harris) won the swing role.

        I would not be surprised if another team picks him up.

      3. “A lot of the players Johnson played against yesterday will be unemployed. That is the nature of the final pre-season game.”

        That’s my point, and why I commented earlier how it is hilarious for so many to look at that game and get jacked up about some of these guys.

        Johnson is a bubble guy who if he makes it, which I think he will, won’t make it on the 46. Same thing with Lavelle Hawkins. That play last night was spectacular, but look who it came against.

        Final cuts will start at 7am tomorrow, let’s see how it plays out.

      4. Yep, and I wasn’t trying to argue that point. As I said in my reply to your post about the 2012 draft class, Johnson is on the bubble and I don’t know that he’ll ever be more than a backup.

        My whole point though was that while the last pre-season game is played by backups and guys that won’t make a roster, it is somewhat impressive that Johnson dominated an 8-10 year starting OT in the NFL. He didn’t do it against scrubs. That’s the sort of game that lands a guy that is on the roster bubble on to a 53-man roster, whether it be as a 49er or on another team.

      5. That play Hawkins made last night was great, but against better players he might have been laid out after bobbling it. Hawkins has been around the league for a few years and hasn’t been able to put it together. There’s a small chance they keep him while LMJ recovers but I doubt it. Simple case of a veteran player taking advantage of non NFL level talent IMO.

  14. Grant, just when I think you are turning into a serious reporter, you go all stupid again. LMJ is serious top tier, and GRo is sitting on a special package just forhimto get isolated on a LB. He would never get by waivers. Both LMJ and McCoy have suffered from penetration of the incompetent OL backups,by mediocre defenses. Baalke will have to fix this and I suspect he is working the trade/waiver wire right now. Suggesting and then arguing that you would waive LaMichael, just to get a thread going reduces your stature.

  15. LOL, is LMJ is jeopardy ??? Really…

    If there was a scat back replacement then maybe. There is no such player.aube if they drafted Kenjon Barner (OR) instead or Carolina. Or if they had the Black Momba (DeAthony Thomas, OR this year) then maybe sure he might be at risk.

    James had a weak preseason but he showed enough flash last year to continue to develop. I can easily see him bring in a Sproles or Cobb position this year or next.

  16. I don’t like to bash niner players but I think James is highly overrated and if he wasn’t such a hyped college player he wouldn’t make this team

  17. James will make the roster. But for a guy that had a real chance of winning the #2 RB job with Hunter coming back from a serious injury he’s been absolutely rubbish. Hunter’s been back for all of about two weeks, he’s still getting his legs and burst back, and had already surpassed him to take back the #2 job before James injured his knee. That’s an indictment on how James has performed, not a reward to Hunter for how well he’s gone in the past two weeks.

    Once he’s healthy again they’ll probably try and find ways to get him a few touches a game, but he needs to cut out the negative plays or those touches will dry up quickly.

    1. It’s interesting that Hunter came back for year 2 looking like Gore while James came back still looking like a skinny freshman. Did James not put in the work or can his frame not take more weight?

      1. The interesting thing is he apparently put on 10 lbs. I think his biggest issue though is mental/ instinct. He needs to learn how to sense a hole and hit it with conviction. No dancing around trying to find the hole.

  18. Grant

    Don’t be stupid different, be smart different. Writing about Tolzien shows your potential. Arguing that LMJ is on the bubble is plain moronic. You are still so friggin green. Just stop throwing out stupidity like it’s innovation. Thanks.

      1. E, I’d appreciate it if you would drop that. I was dumb enough to make a personal post here and the Smithers had a field day with it. I’m already embarrassed that I brought personal info to this blog. You keep continuing that embarrassment.

      2. Yeah while we are at it lets end this farce that I mocked anything related to someone with that disease. I’m a jerk but not that much of one!

      3. Yeah alright, Clem. I went through the same thing and frankly I’m disgusted at anyone of that I’ll, and the fact that they are permitted to exist on this planet. Done. Love ya. Mac12 raised.

      4. I was dumb enough to make a personal post here and the Smithers had a field day with it.

        It wasn’t dumb Msclemon. I appreciated that you asked us bloggers to keep you in mind while you were dealing with that area in your life and hope that you are willing to do so again in the future.
        And I think the better term for those who were attacking you for sharing a piece of your life is not Smithers but @#$%ing losers.

      5. Clem
        I think you came out the winner in that deal. We are all real people with real deals. You had a scare with your wife,as did I, but another Brother lost his soul mate.
        The two puny hatefuls exposed themselves. Being real is not a sin nor a weakness. F’em!

      6. Besides Hoferfan67 and Oneniner (who I see nw and then) who are the others that don’t frequent the site. just curious.

  19. Grant,
    Why do you and everyone have such an awful memory of the SuperBowl? The officiating played a big part in the loss. Point in fact: The “fumble” by LMJ occurred right after he was grabbed by the side of his helmet, a face-mask penalty, which turned him sideways, and allowed the ball to be stripped. I dare you to watch the replay, and claim that LMJ’s fumble was his fault. Go ahead!

    1. Don’t be that guy who blames the officials. If not for the hour black out, the Ravens beat the Niners by 30. They had all the momentum until the lights went out. The Niners got a chance to catch their breath otherwise it was over by half.
      People seem to forget that one small instant that changed the game 180 degrees!

      1. Every coach will tell you, you don’t put the game in the hands of the officials. There were a host of people who played badly in the Super Bowl. James was just one of many. Everyone struggled.

      2. That is the most idiotic thing I have heard stating that if it wasn’t for the blackout niners lose by 30… If the black out benefited anyone it was the ravens who happened to having aging players on D that needed that extra rest…. The officials were completing ONE sided throughout the entire game. NFL defently wanted to send ray Lewis out with a ring…

      3. You obviously fell asleep that first half because the Ravens dominated. After the the lights went out those same old aging players made some critical stops late in the game.
        Blaming the officials is what sore losers do or people who are looking for a lazy excuse. You know lazy guys who cannot even come up with a screen name and leave it blank?

      4. Oh, okaaaay, Prime. I won’t be “THAT GUY,” in expressing my opinion how LaMike was grabbed by the helmet, in defense of his fumbling. “THAT GUY” just relies on logic for his arguments, which the premise is A LOT of people, including Non-Niner fans, that the Zebras stole one from us. An opinion does not make me any kind of guy, Prime. Yes, a great team will rise above bad calls by the zebras. But the critical calls in the Super Bowl all went against the Niners. End of argument by, yes, a fan who is STILL bitter about that day.

      5. Sounds like your violin needs tuning. Tell the rest of the NFL fans that the Niners were robbed and they will say the secondary gave up way too many explosive, big plays, a critical INT that Reed picked off, poor special teams play, and basically a young QB who made a poor audible the last play of the game.
        That’s what happened in the game. Crying about the officials only makes you look bitter.

      6. Crying? Nobody said anything about crying, “Prime.” A man can be bitter without crying. But hey, what you do in your own time is your own business. Maybe you can troll some other teams’ blogs and boards, and tell them what kind of guy they should be. Leave the true Niner fans to discuss the issues with heart and reason, two things you clearly don’t have.

      7. Heart and reason? All I’m reading is some guy using a lazy excuse as to why the Niners lost, officiating. Classic sore loser excuse. Go back and watch the game 4 times over and you will see that the Niners beat themselves, not the officials.

      8. See here is the thing, football is played with two halfs and in the first half the ravens played better no qustion… To start the second half the Ravens got away with one of the worst no calls in Superbowl history when Bruce miller was being held by two ravens right in the middle of the play! After that play the black out occurred! Blowing there load up to that point up 28-6 they were given a huge break cause if u payed any attention to the game ray ray was getting destroyed! The second half was dominated by the niners that while they were closing the gap they continued to keep the ravens alive with if u recall a non existent PI on culliver on 3rd and 8 with 7 min remaing up 2 points! Which allowed the ravens to extend the lead to 5 going into the last drive! The last play of the game did not needed to be called unless the refs called a similar play on the niners defense the previous series…. You cannot call it one way the entire game! !!! Rewatch the game and pay close attention to every big call or no call in the game. Then come back with a response that it was evenly called! It’s not excuses man, we lost the game at the end of the day but the niners were at an competitive disadvantage at every crucial point.

      9. Sorry but officiating is officiating and good teams overcome non calls, bad calls, and blatant calls.
        Sorry but I can’t go back and re-watch games and focus on the referee’s. That’s not what the game is about nor will it ever determine a game to the extent where one team won and one lost in my opinion. Human error will always occur, you must overcome. The blaming is just sour grapes.

      10. I’ve hot to disagree with you, Prime.

        That’s like telling an innocent person who’s in prison they shouldn’t have put it in the hands of the police.

        Refs are supposed to call it both ways, those refs didn’t, period.

        Could the 49ers won anyway? Yes. Should they have? Also, yes. That doesn’t change the fact that refs were horrible. Have you even seen the KO return and the holding on Miller?

        Bad refereeing can be overcome, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

      11. There is poor officiating in every game. How many callas get missed in the regular season and playoffs? This has been happening in the NFL for decades. They are doing everything they can to help eliminate the human error in relation to officiating. Fact is it will never be perfect.
        So for anyone to blame losses on the refs is pointless. It will never be perfect, players and coaches have to adjust. This was not the replacement refs but they still make errors. Like I said pinning the loss on the refs is just bitterness.

  20. Despite the horror that the AJ pick ended up being the team isnt going to drop a high second round pick after one season and a preseason. I know you youngins dont have patience for such things but not every player in the NFL is a star after one season. Some actually have to develop a bit first.

    1. The difference between Jennings and James is that James at least flashed potential last year. He had more thn a few plays that made us say “whoa!” Those flashes will most likely keep him around this year to see if he can consistently be that guy.

      1. Part of my response was going to describe how James at least belongs in the NFL but at first I had decided to delete that part.

  21. So many on here are forgetting that these names you’re throwing out were scrubs when we had no depth and no options. Now, those names are being referred to as if they are the savior of this team.
    K. Williams isn’t that good. Plain and simple. He was on a team that had no receivers and T. Ginn was the only other option we had.
    Dixon is only on the team because Coffee retired. If Coffee had played that season, Dixon would be gone. They tried to replace him again last year with the bum Brandon Jacobs.
    James was an experiment that isn’t working. He’s in the same row boat as AJ Jenkins. The team tried to go small and fast for the read option. As it turns out, they are asking guys to block more down the field. James isn’t Sproles in terms of blocking or explosiveness. He’s Reggie Bush playing Dance Revelation in the backfield.
    We’ll see soon enough though. Cuts will be made tomorrow.

  22. If the 49ers were interested in Seneca Wallace, I wonder if they’ll be interested in Dennis Dixon who was cut by the Eagles?

  23. I can’t stand the old saying “yeah but they’re playin against scrubs”
    Look I they are shredding “scrubs” and making look like scrubs wouldn’t that show that they are superior to these “scrubs” wouldn’t the elites destroy “scrubs” in pre season games? To me it shows players like Daniels is far superior then the average or below average “scrub”
    If you are good you’re suppose to excell vs “scrubs” I understand taking the next step vs starters in the nfl. But from what I’ve seen from this kid with his feet, arm, and accuracy. Surrounded by the right team he can win games. If (and I hope not) ck gets injured the staff wouldn’t have to change the philosophy much. He’s brewing with confidence and has “it”
    At the least if he never starts here (and I don’t believe he will) if ck stays healthy, he could be a great trading chip in the future. But to say he hasn’t looked like a quality nfl starter because he’s destroying “scrubs” is bat *hit crazy.

    1. Seems to me that the scrubs are actually good football players or they wouldn’t be there to begin with. There just not in the top 1696 people in the world to play this game at this level each year.

    1. If they keep a player solely for ST value, who would you prefer Jack – Robinson, Osgood or Ventrone on ST? Robinson brings familiarity with the Seahawks playbook which is an added advantage.

      1. The only good thing about M Rob was that show he did on TV 49 called the Robinson report. Dixon is good on special teams and always seems to get those inches and half yards on short yardage plays.

      2. Robinson still looked pretty damn solid as a blocker last year for the Seahawks. I don’t think he’s better than Miller though. I didn’t pay attention to his work on ST so I can’t say if he’d be an upgrade over Osgood or Ventrone.

      3. I think Robinson would give the team the same level of play on ST’s as Dixon, while being a better back up at FB.

        His price might be too high though.

      4. Boobie has really improved this year, and is a colorful personality. He’s a reminder to his teammates of how perseverance and hard work can pay off. At this point in their respective careers, I think that gives Boobie the edge…

      5. Boobie and Robinson are both at the max level for vet minimum pay aren’t they (or does that happen in year 6)? So cost shouldn’t be an issue.

      6. I also can’t help but notice the 5 years difference in age. When Robinson left I would have taken him over Boobie without thinking about it but at this point I’m not so sure. I think Dixon has become just as well rounded of a player as Robninson and their skill sets are nearly identical but the fact that Anthony is 5 years younger is where Robinson simply can’t compete and that age difference certainly tips the scale into Dixon’s favor.

    2. Rut Ro, using the logic on this blog, if he performed last season you can’t cut him this season…Dirty Rascals didn’t listen.

      1. Here is the quote that prefaced Michael Robinson being cut:
        “Leadership in the NFL is overrated. A bad team will not become good due to having great leaders in the locker room. A good general manager evaluates players on talent, cost, and ability to sustain performance (think age and durability). Keeping an older, more expensive, leader over a younger and cheaper player of similar talent is a surefire way to limit the flexibility of a front office.”
        He makes 5 million to play special teams. I don’t see a return to SF in his future. He’s 30 and makes more than all of our QBs combined and doubled.

      2. He was scheduled to make that money. Doubt he gets near that with whoever signs him.

        49ers probably aren’t a realistic destination simply because they already have a good FB in Miller and backup FB/RB in Dixon that plays ST. But if nobody picks him up and they want a guy to be a specialist ST guy, he’s worth a look.

      3. Part of Robinson’s release may be that, besides his salary, he has missed practice and preseason games for the last 10 days with an undisclosed illness.

      4. Jack, it might be a wash on special teams. And Robinson might be a better FB. But Dixon is a better Tail back. Think about this: with LMJ down for a month ( not to mention his overall uncertainty, this article is talking about him deserving to be cut) Dixon goes from the #4 to the #3 TB. Now if something should happen to Gore or Hunter…Dixon becomes a major part of our offense! Fore the role of special teamer, 2nd string FB/ 4th string TB…Ill take Dixon. Plus he is younger.

      5. Robinson averaged 4.1 yards per carry last year to 3.7 for Dixon. They would be ok for 3-4 weeks.

        I doubt it will happen anyway.

  24. What a stupid ? He played great last year, pre season does not matter to key contributors. He was a given from day 1 of camp.

  25. What has he done? I haven’t seen any kind of real burst from him. You want explosiveness? Spiller, Charles, David Wilson, Sproles and Reggie Bush have it. I have yet to see James really get into the next gear after his 4th or 5th stride. Now maybe the Niners aren’t using him correctly in space, but from what I’ve seen, he goes down too easily and he’s not initially fast enough to make his own space, create his own plays. Overrated.

    1. First, go look at his runs after Hunter went down last year. He filled in nicely. I don’t know the hell games some of you people watch, but its not Niners. Stop drinking the Cohn nonsense koolaid. Sure, he fumbled in the SB, I also remember it was a pretty nice run. Oh, and he was also a rookie who didn’t play until mid season.

    2. Btw – in the Cohn zone, everyone is overrated on the Niners, except some clown we picked up from the Chiefs who dropped two easy passes last night. I don’t see ‘ol Cohny beaten that guy down for playing like crap last night.

      1. Going with McDermott over Jennings would save the team approximately $373K in cap room.

        The number would be higher, but there is $221K in dead money for cutting Jennings. Every little bit will help towards next years cap though.

      2. They may see the next “Jennings” with the kid and don’t want to loose him to get one more year from a vet in addition to the $ savings. Seely is pretty savvy so I have to go with the FO/Coaches on this one. Sorry to see a long time warrior go if it happens though.

      1. Obviously they don’t make the move without feeling he could do it. Money would be one key factor in switching though.

    1. McDermott is more than a one trick pony. Jennings has done well for this team, but the days of over paid one trick ponies are gone.

    1. It was originally 20 on mine, but a good number of the participants pointed out that a 20 team league would be too brutal of an undertaking. Coffee suggested that I create a second league but I pointed out to him that in doing so that I would have to take up someone’s spot. Coffee then created a league to help. I have stated that anybody in my league that wishes to join Coffee’s can feel free to do so. We need it to happen so that we can have two teams of 10 ready by the draft time.

      1. No one other then myself is in the second league at this point. Those that said they’d prefer to have two ten team leagues need to switch over.

      2. Here are the details on the 2nd league:

        name: Quest4Six part Deux
        id: 1938178

        We’re trying to break the 20 person league into two 10′s. The 2nd league is set to 10 maximum so once it’s full if you’ve dropped the original you can simply sign back up and we’ll get everything worked out.

      3. Yep, MWN used the default scoring settings so I did as well. There is no cost to play. I wont call them rules since I have no way to enforce them so my two requests will be:

        Please attend the draft if at all possible

        Please do not stop participating if your team shats the bed at any point during the season.

        Beyond that good luck beating my cause I kick arse!

      4. Oh I almost forgot. We have a blog pick’em game as well. No cost of course and anyone is welcome to play. Now this is a rule because I can do something about it; you must use your blog name so we can identify you. I post the rankings here on the blog each week. The contest goes through the SB. Last year it was very competitive with the SB finally deciding the winner.

        Anyway here is the info, please come and play:

        name: The Be Sharps
        id: 42196
        password: blogpick

  26. Corey Fuller out of Virginia Tech was released by Detroit. He’s 6’2″ runs a 4.43 40, has big hands, very physical, and might be a nice pick up for a PS player.

  27. Maiacco reports Seneca Wallace used by the 49ers to get McCoy to take a pay cut. I knew there was a reason why they brought him in. I thought it was for getting info on the Seahawks and to add competiton but it looks like the 49ers are back to their cheap ways.

      1. Exactly Big Niner. I guess PrimeTime only sees it one way. More often than not it’s the player or his agent using a team for leverage.

  28. If the Seahawks do cut A. Winfield, I hope we pick him up. He’s undersized, but a good tackler. Perfect for the slot. AND he knows all the Seahawks’ terminology. I could see him getting traded to the Redskins, though.

    1. He’s getting cut. Every GM in the league knows each teams depth. If you have the nerves to wait it out, you’ll get a fantastic opportunity to dictate your own terms.

  29. Is Tandon Doss coming to SF or going to Det? Baltimore did us a favor by giving us Boldin for a 6th round pick. Is it time to repay the favor by trading away Gray for Doss or does Baltimore need a LB in Skuta…
    Otherwise, Detroit might just want him to replace Fuller and provide a threat opposite of Megatron.

    1. Yes one of Coach Harbaughs’ favorite Stanford players.Hard nosed lunch pail kinda guy.Didn’t fit well in Cleveland but he is a baller!

  30. I think Grant’s got a point. LMJ is a great interview, and I loved watching him touch the ball at Oregon. But he’s done little since he got here. It would be hard to admit that the first TWO picks in 2012 were busts, but we’re not far from that territory. Hampton has shown a lot more than James this camp. Not sure about Hampton’s blocking technique or his pass-catching abilities, but James is subpar in those two area anyway. His speed doesn’t seem to translate to big plays in the NFL.

    It’s possible that his value in the offense has been hidden in preseason, but I think Hampton could work better in the option anyway.

  31. Why the 2012 draft was key to our team’s development… If it hadn’t been such a DISASTER, Harbs and Trent may not have solidified their new strategy going forward: draft guys who love the game, compete every down, were huge producers in college, and are of high character. In every interview with Harbs and Trent after the 2013 draft, they cited those reasons for making their picks. For the most part, the same can be said for this year’s trades and FA signings. Instead of singing a malcontent like Randy Moss, we trade for Boldin who we know is a great competitor and producer. I know it sucks that we reaped so little from the 2012 draft–but it may have taken that total disaster to force us into the awesome direction we’re headed now.

  32. #NFC*CHAMPIONS ‏@krimepays49 13m
    Cut day! Or as Pete Carroll calls it “Gifts from Harbaugh day”!!

    Thank you random internet guy – that made me smile.

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