Jaworski “not crazy about” Manziel

I was reading an article by Steve Corkran yesterday in which he interviewed Rich Gannon about Johnny Manziel. Here is an excerpt of Gannon on Manziel: “My biggest concern is the discipline from a quarterback standpoint. Footwork, sitting in the pocket, going through reads and progressions. He has to go somewhere where they have a very disciplined coordinator and quarterback coach, somebody who is really going to grind on him and stay on him for those first couple years as he learns the system.”

As I read that quote and Gannon’s other quotes in Corkran’s article, mentally I substituted Manziel’s name for Kaepernick’s and the context of the article did not change.

I thought, “Ron Jaworski probably loves Manziel,” because we all know Jaworski loves Kaepernick.

Turns out, Jaworski does not love Manziel. He recently told a Philadelphia radio station: “I’m not crazy about him, to be honest with you. I’ve only looked at five games. I wouldn’t take him in the first three rounds.”

Does Jaworski’s opinion change your opinion of Manziel?

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  1. Grant,

    It doesn’t change my opinion of Manziel, too much, but I wasn’t sold on him as a francise NFL QB, to start with.

    Does the fact that Jaworski doesn’t like JM and does like CK, change anything for you?

    I’m inferring that you’re saying that because RJ doesn’t like JM, then those who do like JM should reconsider based upon RJ’s opinion. If that’s the case, doesn’t it follow that you should, perhaps, change your view of CK, in light of the fact that RJ does like CK?

    1. Grant wouldn’t do that. He would still come up with a reason that Jaws is wrong, but when he wants to be proven right, he quotes stats from pff or something. But i don’t necessarily ever outright disagree with grant because its opinion. And since its his opinion, who am i to say its wrong. But my opinion is i love Kaep, because im in the mindset that he is learning and trying to get better. Im not the majority that says he will never get better, lacks footwoork,lacks progression reads etc… Because its my opinion that he lacks it now but will soon have it all. But thats my opinion

      1. Im not the majority that says he will never get better, lacks footwoork,lacks progression reads etc…

        What “majority” has said that Kaep will never get better? Certainly not the majority of commenters on this blog.

        1. Never gets better is the wrong words. I look at statements like, kaep can’t do certain things, and kaep isn’t as good as russel wilson and kaep being hated on by alot of people on this blog, as a sentiment of him never getting better. So those were my words. My bad.

    2. 2 continuous articles on Jonny Halftime?

      In the whole Grand Scheme of things that would actually relate to the 49ers upcoming Draft why is Jonny relevant?

      Why not talk about how this Draft is so Deep in talent, and who can help the 49ers get to the SB next year?

      How about talking about that?

  2. On a different note, apparently Rvis is for sale again. Would anyone here give up our 3rd(not titans 3rd) for Revis and a reduced salary… I would. We could cut off half the field, and Brock coul contain the other half. And Cully and whoever could hit the slot. Sounds good, but won’t happen

  3. I haven’t watch enough of him to make a definite judgement…but the areas that he struggles in are major areas. He’s has a lot of raw talent, but right now he won’t be a starting or successful NFL QB. For that reason he shouldn’t go in the first round. However, in the situation, over time he can become a very successful NFL QB.

  4. I respect Jaws opinion, but I’m surprised he made it based on 5 games of film study. I wrote in the thread yesterday that I have no idea how Manziel will do as a pro QB, and his success or failure will likely be determined by how serious he is about the game and how hard he’s willing to work. I don’t like writing off a player before he’s taken a pro snap, but maybe that’s just me.

    Jaws liked Kap because he has a skill set that is above most QB’s in the league. He’s based his opinion on Kap learning and improving which I believe he has. Some including Grant don’t feel he’s improved at all, which I vehemently disagree with, but there is no question he still has a lot of room for improvement.

    1. Imwith you rocket. I think kaep played well and got a little better. But Grant and others suggest that he “needs to get better”. But they aren’t saying the obvious. Wich is Kaep is working to get better. He is not in the mindset of hes all that and isint working to get better. The man has been busting ass since a week after the final play. “Work is underrated” when it comes to kaep, but he will get better, because hes not content with how he is now

  5. In the midst of the media scrutiny regarding
    the emotional disconnect between Coach Harbaw
    and the Niner office/admin, let me offer a warning:

    Please be sure that the man does not relapse;
    alcohol may become a temporary salve for him
    (and then turn and bite him in the butt, hmm?).

    The DUI in San Diego should serve as a red flag.

  6. Doesn’t change my opinion of Manziel in the least. At least Jaws focused his critique on Manziel’s play. You focus the first 2 or 3 paragraphs of your critique on off the field crap where you have no idea what you’re talking about. Your critique came off as jealousy instead of objective analysis.

    I respect and agree with Jaws opinion. I probably wouldn’t select Manziel in the first 3 rounds either. He’s too small and his game involves him running around which endangers him on the field. Manziel could be a cross between Russell Wilson & Drew Brees or he could be Graham Harrell. Not sure at this point but I wouldn’t invest alot in him until he proves himself.

    1. All this angst and yet your take of not drafting Manziel in the first 3 rounds seems pretty close to the point Grant made yesterday.

      1. Which one of Grant’s points did I validate? Which one of these points should drop JM a few rounds:

        He has a persona he calls, “Johnny Football.”
        He turned 21 three months ago and already he has appeared in a country music video.
        He plead guilty to a misdemeanor after a 2012 bar fight.
        He attended alcohol and anger counseling and shoved a graduate assistant after throwing an interception during a spring practice.

        You can debate whether Manziels game translates to the NFL all you want. Grant’s analsysis focused on a whole lot of crap that he knows nothing about.

        1. That Manziel is not worthy of a first round draft pick.

          Those incidents are well documented. It’s not like Grant made them up.

          If I was running a draft they would be red flags for sure.

          1. How many franchise QB’s have come into the league in the last 20 years with the type of off the field issues that Manziel has had?

            I guess you could bury your head in the sand and pretend they didn’t happen, but

          2. I’m referring to the ones that have been documented.

            Regardless, neither of you think he is worthy of a first round pick.

  7. I think Jaworski is talking to hear himself talk. Manziel will be gone in the first 10 picks. Like anyone really cares what Jaworski thinks.

  8. Well, Jaworski isn’t backing off of his opinion about Manziel.

    From http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/26/jaworski-manziel-wont-last-three-games-playing-like-he-did-in-college/

    “He’s a random quarterback that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs,” Jaworski said. “In the NFL, he won’t last three games playing that style. He’ll get hurt. He took a lot of vicious hits at A&M in two years, and those hits that have that cumulative effect will knock him out of games in the NFL.”

    Jaworski said Manziel has developed such a habit of escaping the pocket that an NFL team might not be able to coach it out of him. And Jaworski added that Manziel doesn’t read through his progressions, is careless with the ball and is inconsistent in his mechanics.

    That second paragraph seems odd given that you could say the exact same things about Kaepernick, and Jaworski loves Kaepernick.

    1. My guess is Manziel not having Kaps physical ability and possibly the fact many don’t like Manziel the individual. Did you read Barry Switzer’s opinion of him today?

      1. I would not put Switzer’s opinion up there with Jaws’ and Garcia’s. Heck, Switzer should be given a trophy for not changing his offense from the option to the “I” formation as he promised when he recruited Troy Aikman. Aikman, as a result, transferred to UCLA and went on to be the #1 pick of the Cowboys under Jimmy Johnson. Ironically, Switzer became the head coach of the Cowboys after Jimmy and Jerry’s divorce and won a super bowl with Aikman. Never would have happened if Aikman has stayed at OU or if Switzer had changed his offense. Switzer was more famously known for having his player shoot uzis off of the roof top of Bud Wilkinson Hall – the football player’s dorm across the street from the football offices.

      2. rocket:

        It’s gotta be the latter because I find it hard to believe that the difference between “potential to be the best QB in the history of the NFL” and a guy you wouldn’t draft in the first three rounds is simply the ability to absorb more punishment at the NFL level.

        Yeah, I read the Barry Switzer story, and laughed my a$$ off.

    2. Like I said, Jaworski talks just to hear himself talk. He babbles just to fill up airtime. I don’t care if he played quarterback. That doesn’t make him an expert on how everybody else should play quarterback. All these old quarterbacks think anyone who is not a pocket passer with good foot work isn’t going to be successful in the NFL. But clearly the game has changed and so has the needs of the position.

      I was never impressed with Jaworski as a quarterback and I am even less impressed with him as a talking head.

  9. Grant, you rarely mention any interactions with Baalke. If you were to guess, who between the two(Baalke/Harbaugh) is more likely responsible for creating friction, or as Maiocco refers to it in his column, who is more to blame for not having ‘great chemistry’ in the relationship between them. I thought when the two first joined they were buddies, I can recall reading about them playing racquetball and it sounded like they were getting along. If that’s the case, what caused it to change and who is most responsible for that change?

    1. Kawakami believes the issues began when Baalke didn’t draft Owen Maricec even though Harbaugh really wanted him. Point for Baalke if that’s the case.

          1. You would take Baalke over Harbaugh Jack? I would like to know your reasoning. I think they both are good at what they do but a good coach is always worth more than a good GM. But if the 49ers were able to get a bunch of picks in a trade in Harbaugh AND a guarantee to get a great coach to replace him, somebody like Cohwer or Gruden, then I would highly consider that.

          2. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be in a difficult position of having to find someone good to replace them. Neither position is easy to replace.

            Its a tough call. I think Baalke is a good GM, but its really still too hard to tell as we haven’t seen the full impact of his drafts yet. Obviously 2012 was a disaster, but 2011 looks good and we’ll get a much better idea about 2013 this coming season.

            Harbaugh is obviously good at what he does – despite not winning a SB yet. He’d be hard to replace with someone as good or better.

            Assuming Baalke is good at what he does, I think it comes down to whichever guy is easier to work with – i.e., let go whichever guy is the most difficult to find a partner in crime they will respect and work with.

          3. I wouldn’t look forward to the departure of either, and hope that it never comes to that. That said, if it comes down to a “me or him” situation, I would tend to get rid of the guy who delivered the ultimatum.

  10. It seems Jaws did have a pretty small sample on Manziel to write him off. I say that because Jaws is paid to give informed opinions publicly. I would expect a professional to not weigh in without better preparation.
    My opinions are heavily influenced by what I hear and read rather than extensive study, so I’m subject to whatever effort the analysts put out there on line. That’s why I’m usually not too shocked or outraged by unexpected picks by teams. Bruce Miller, DE conversion to FB? WTH? It worked out well. AJ Jenkins? Huh? Hmm, not so good. Jerry Rice? Good. Todd Shell? Humpf! Gio Carmozzi, excuse me? LOL
    I’ll be very surprised if Manziel does not get picked in the first three rounds; very surprised. So he’s on a talent level/value grade with Fales? OK……

  11. I don’t really follow college football, so I don’t know how good Manziel is or not. However he looks really small and I don’t mean short. He looks thin for a football player in the highlights. Am I seeing him correctly? If so that would worry me a lot.

  12. Grant I want to ask you what you think happened. Kaep used to go through his reads fairly well in his first year. He would sometimes lock on to his preffered receiver but he would go through his reads too. Remember his very first game as a starter when he threw a TD to Crabtree on the left side? Crabtree was like his third or fourth read. Kaep started right, went to the middle and finally to Crabtree. Steve Yound raved about how Kaep was comfortable throwing from the pocket and making reads, something Steve didn’t expect. So what happened this year? Why did he regress? My feeling is that in order to have more control of the ingame sequences Harbaugh instituted a more strict pre-snap read, something Harbaugh could more fully dictate. I would like to know your thoughts and of course the other smart people that read this blog.

  13. Tampa Bay looking to trade Revis or just release him in a few weeks. He’s signed to several 1 year 16 million dollar deals. Would we trade for him and restructure his deal back down to earth? A talent like him might add sack numbers and free up a safety to come up and cause havoc or shut down the running game period!!! What do you think?

      1. well, at that rate, he’ll be cut. The next closest db gets 10 million. there’s really isn’t a high market for cbs like the past. I hope he pulls a deion and comes here to win. imagine what this pass rush would be like with a few extra seconds of the qb holding the ball or throwing picks. it would be fun to watch and we’d have the uncontested best defensive in the league.
        maybe he wants a ring. …

    1. I just don’t see it, he played all 16 games last season but played hurt, $16 million a season, they are going to have to pay Kaep that much or more

  14. At least Jaws’ opinion stimulated a lot of discussion about JM’s skills and limitations. Wasn’t Troy Smith a 2nd Rounder? So, is Manziel a Troy Smith? Jeff Garcia? Jake Plummer? Akili Smith?
    Inquiring owners want to know, because their employees, GMs, are about to spend the owners’ draft capital.

    1. 5th rounder actually…. i dont think his stats were anywhere near Manzel’s at least in passing….i haven’t watched enough of manzel to have any real input….

      The guy has a real small stature…he may close Wilson’s height, but wilson has a good solid frame…mazel looks like a 12 year old….he would get destroyed taking hits from a Watt, Ware, etc.

          1. I’d rather trade up for Evans and then see if you could lure Kliff Kingbury from the Red Raiders with the Offensive Coordinator position….

      1. The other option I was going to bring up was going back to Stanford and getting David Shaw. That’s what I get for typing too fast.

        He’s stated he wants to stay at Stanford until his kids are older, but a move to the 49ers doesn’t require uprooting the family.

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