Jed York admits he’s in Miami

Jed York confirmed on twitter that he did fly to Miami today, but Trent Baalke and Paraag Marathe did not go with him according to York.

York apparently will attend an NFL meeting in Miami on Monday, although I do not know what the nature of that meeting will be. I can’t find anything about it anywhere. Can you?

One thing is for sure — if Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross decides he wants to trade for Jim Harbaugh and presents the 49ers an offer they can’t refuse, Ross and York can meet face-to-face for a handshake and a toast.

UPDATE: Jed York just responded to this blog. He retweeted it and wrote, “Sources confirm York could waste all day if he responded 2 all media BS.”

So, I responded by tweeting York the following question: “What meeting are you going to on Monday in Miami?”

He has not yet responded to that one.

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  1. So what we knew to be true turns out to not be true. So I guess we didn’t know what we thought we knew. What a wasted day. I got to go get a life!

    1. Shrewd. Why not flesh the Dolphins out on a possible deal? Whether it succeeds or not, it certainly sends a message to Harbaugh and his agent. And if does succeed, York
      stops the bleeding, rids himself of the cantankerous and uncontrollable Harbaugh, ends up with some key draft picks, and promotes Fangio, Tomsula, or (dark horse) Seelye. Would be a blockbuster and leave Harbaugh twisting in the wind. Youngstown had quite an effective Mafia in its day. Maybe Jed took note.

      1. If you look at his twitter account, he is on a plane with his wife and kid and it look like they are on vacation and making fun of Davenport.

      2. Hey Grant,

        Have you EVER taken a step back and realized that you are an ill-informed hack? Let us look at how you generally “report”:

        -You have stipulated that the 49ers should get rid of Harbaugh.
        -You have said that the Seahawks “own” the 49ers
        -You have said Frank Gore (last year) is on his last leg
        -You have said that the 49ers fail to draft young talent
        -You have made assertions that recent (?) drafting has been sub-par
        -Let’s look at the players acquired in recent drafts (aside from 2012): Crabtree (09), Iupati (10), A. Davis (10), B. Miller(10) , A. Smith (11), Kaepernick (11), Reid (13)***Not to mention the potential steals of Carradine and Lattimore
        Your recent “article” says Harbaugh should be no higher than the 11th coach salary-wise (based off of you deciding that the 49ers would have won a SB over the past 3 years with one of 10 other coaches – I say that is utterly retarded thinking. Here’s why (which you comfortably forget to do …meaning you never actually back up your arguments with thoughtful points)

        -If all of the coaches you mentioned are better than Harbaugh, why have most of them failed to reach a championship…let alone win one?
        -You say coaches who have won SB’s in the past automatically rank higher than Harbaugh, however many of them have done nothing since their “:highlight seasons” – Payton, John Harbaugh, Coughlin, McCarthy, etc.

        You should be disallowed from commenting on a team (and sport) that you really know so little about. You are known to only take positions that will anger the fan base and undermine the very team that you are covering (and therefore make money from). I, tragically, read your crap more as a sense of seeing a “train wreck happen before my eyes” as opposed to acceptable, or even viable, journalism.

        In short, you suck. Possibly the worst “sports journalist” that I have had the opportunity to read in recent years (if not ever).


        1. Yeah, I only heard of you from the DB show, this lives up to everything he said,
          actually I’d say it is worse, like we are past the point of him being traded, lets talk about what to do w/the picks?????????????????

          it is even worse than he said, or I thought it could be.

          oh gee, “Jed hasn’t got back to me”, I wouldn’t hold my breath

    1. From here on out Jed apparently needs to provide Grant with a complete itinerary and reason for each and every trip he takes. Otherwise he’s sure to be plotting to trade away Jim Harbaugh to the highest bidder.

    1. If they pay him what he wants and give him the power he wants, the Dolphins probably would be much more appealing than the Browns. The Dolphins have a young quarterback Harbaugh likes.

      1. Stephen Ross is also a huge Michigan guy – the business school there is named after him – and he’s known to covet Harbaugh dearly. If Baalke is with Jed, there’s some fire here.

      2. It’s idiot media like yourself that create garbage like this to get your name out there. Grant, pack yourself and your father up in a cheap suitcase and maybe Jed could trade the two of you for a pick to be named later….

      3. Breaking news- harbaugh is having a press conference at 2:00 eastern time to announce ” the decision ” He’s taking his talent to south beach…

            1. He tweeted he went for a meeting. The 49ers’ P.R. director said it’s an NFL meeting and it’s on Monday. I asked what it’s about and he said he didn’t know. The owners’ meetings are March 23-26 in Orlando.

          1. I think that whenever someone tries to get out in front of a story that there’s some risk of not reading the tea leaves correctly. If you had been right, or are proved right sometime later, its a Hella scoop. I would (doesn’t mean you should necessarily) hedge my semantics on what’s possible vs what’s known. It serves the reader and saves credibility if the story dissolves, as they can. I, as one reader out there, remember when a writer/analyst makes a careful speculation that plays out. Being subtle and having insights that are later born out is one thing that breeds loyal readership, imo. On this one you may have added 2+2+1 and come up with 7; so to speak.

      1. Actually no one Oregon.
        But there should be some semblance of journalistic responsibility especially on this particular article that carries only pure speculation don’t you agree?

        I’m ok with Grant’ writing style simply because (like Kaep, he won’t like the comparison lol) he is not cookie-cutter material.
        But on this story his frequent readers should not be left to find or speculate their own conclusions based on opinion rather than facts.

        1. AES,

          He told you upfront that it was all based on speculation and couldn’t vouch for the reliability of the source. Simple solution, if you don’t like the speculation don’t read it.

          1. Agreed Hammer.
            But no need to trip, my response is just one man’s opinion.
            But I blame myself for reading through his entire article thinking that there would be a punch-line at the end of it.

            Alas, I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, lol.

    1. You mean like the report that John York, Baalke, and Paarag Marathe were supposed to be on their way to Miami? That’s John not Jed. That report?

    2. February 27, 2014 at 4:29 pm
      Remember four days ago when the 49ers were close to signing Anquan Boldin?
      You do know that Tweets don’t count as facts, right? You say close to signing but the only indication of that is a single tweet(that said they were close, that’s all) sent by a person who doesn’t work for the team. Maybe it’s time to put the Twitter account on hold for awhile, it seems to be getting you into trouble.

      1. Hey Grqnt do you think IF the Dolphins would trade for Harbs,what kind of other draft picks would it take other then the first round(19)? where there is smoke there is a fire,bringing their Legal Person with them to NFL meetings seems alittle off to me,something else is cooking.

        1. Like a trade for Johnathan Martin? Seems light-years more likely than a “trade for Jim Harbaugh”. Maybe that’s just me.

        2. James you silly pillock, this is American Football not cricket. Now get back to your Bovril and stop bugging the colonies.

          1. I’m aLOOOOOONG Time 9ers fan don’t know what the hell cricket is….I have been a (er fan probably as long as you been ALIVE silly pillock……I’m OLD SCHOOL.

          2. You think any of the kids on here ever heard of Bovril before googling it after reading this? I don’t get into pissing contests over who’s been a fan longer but I doubt you’re older then me.

          3. So being born earlier makes one a bigger fan? Does a fan who started watching the team in 88 have less say and less passion than a fan who came along in 68…only because of when they were born? Thats pretty smug

  2. I don’t know why, but the headline looks dirty.

    Jed York admits he’s in Miami! Almost like he got caught doing something bad. LOL

    A simple “Jed York confirms he is in Miami” doesn’t look as bad.

  3. Grant,

    Did Jed ever deny being or heading to Miami? If so, did he really “admit” anything? Or you think there’s something wrong with going to Miami?

    1. That’s not what I said ex. Go back and read it again. Or did you give up reading comprehension along with your golf game?

      1. Houston,

        This is the sentence from your post I was referencing: “John is making Jed look like he’s just playing with this toy thing that happens to be the 49er franchise but real decisions on real issues are handled by John.”

        I hate to tell you, but that’s not far off from “pretending to run a franchise.” Maybe someone else has a problem with comprehension.

        I realize you qualified your post, “If this is all true…..”, but I still found it comical that you exploded with emotion like you did over one of Grant’s half (quarter?) baked blog entries, no less. And to even entertain the notion that John makes the real decisions on real issues, not Jed, is just plain silly, because it’s so obviously not the case. It was completely illogical.

        1. “Exploded with emotion”???

          That’s actually really funny. Apparently, I put alot more emotion into my posts than even I knew. My take on the whole deal was that it was a humorous unsubstantiated Twitter report which is probably right about .0001% of the time so it was no big deal. You say I exploded with emotion and then you glaze over the major qualifier in my post. If it was true as relayed by Grant, do you not think it would have been a huge PR nightmare for Jed York?

  4. “If they pay him what he wants and give him the power he wants, the Dolphins probably would be much more appealing than the Browns.”

    Grant, here are the essentials, and the solution is quite logical:
    1. He wants to be paid more. This is not a fact, but assume it is.
    2. He wants more control. This is also not a fact, but assume it is.
    3. He is very good at what he does and the fans think he’s awesome. I think this is a fact, and I also think his bosses know that.
    4. York can afford to pay him more. I think this is a fact.

    So what’s the likely outcome? They pay him what he thinks is fair, let him run things the way he wants, and draft the players he wants, assuming it’s not crazy. (Like drafting Taylor Mays was crazy.) Actually, I think this is mostly the way it is anyway, so I think the Cleveland revelation was like catnip to the media, and they blew it out of proportion.

  5. Harbaugh to 3 Champs in 3 years, but can’t win a SB? I say can his arse. Seriously. How unprepared must the Niners have been to have gotten so thoroughly throttled by the lowly Ravens 2 years ago? Why was Kyle Williams not better prepared to field punts 3 years ago? Why didn’t Kaepernick feel he could throw to a wide open QPatton this year? Etc … The list goes on. Harbaugh is a relative winner, but never a champion. As Rome would say, and as we here all preach, “Dan Marino, not a champion.”

  6. What conclusions can be drawn from today’s failure of Lowell, PFT, Bill, Cam, Tim, Matt, or Matt to get on this “Miami Flight Admission” story. Please give your reasons for this failure.

    1. Geez…!! this used to be one hell of a football team (and organization) Now it’s become a clown circus. Let’s give away the whole franchise and see if JJ
      stokes is still available….

  7. This is what we get when there isn’t any REAL FOOTBALL to report on! Grant, did or didn’t Walsh and Eddie D feud? This looks like the same situation except no SB rings. Let’s watch and see what happens before we jump to conclusions.

  8. I bet they’re all laughing at the media right now. They’re probably thinking “man all we have to do is fart and it’s a story now!”

  9. The 49ers aren’t going to attract free agents at/below market if its sounding like dysfunction junction in Santa Clara.

    The 49ers could put and end to much of the “media BS” by simply having Harbaugh and Baalke seen together. Yet it doesn’t happen. The longer we go without some kind of statement or joint appearance, the more chatter we get.

  10. You guys have to work harder. York is in Miami with Paraag Marathe. Guess what third year player who is in line for a huge extension happens to train in Miami during the offseason? It rhymes with “Smackernick”.

  11. Jed York just favorited the following tweet: “@JedYork sends @grantcohn home, crying to daddy. Papa Cohn writes angry article. Nobody reads.”

    Ha! I guess I hit a nerve by being a reporter.

    But he still hasn’t told us what that meeting on Monday is about. Is it a meeting with Stephen Ross? That technically would be an NFL meeting.

    1. Is anything that you don’t know about being kept from you? Maybe the high level contract staff are sneaking into Miami by train. Has anyone seen them in the parking lot at Santa Clara? Laugh In: “Very interesting?!?”

      So far I haven’t come across this amazing story anywhere else. You may have a scoop of a life time. The Dolphins and 49ers are trading locations for draft picks. The York family gets out of debt for the new stadium, and the poor 49er fans get a new team, new coaching staff, and a new front office. The York family also gets the Dolphin’s second round pick in 2016, and have the opportunity to replace their entire (except possibly one) coaching staff. In Miami that would hardly be noticed.


    2. A reporter? Thats rich… “Jed York admits he is in Miami” is not a report. It is a soap opera lead-in. Reporters substantiate and report NEWS, they don’t troll. You have the owner of the team you cover openly making fun of you. Everyone in Santa Clara is going to be united in the effort to keep you from EVER breaking a real story. The first rule of journalism: you are only as good as your sources. A real reporter knows that and that is why they don’t “report” garbage, make false claims, and alienate everyone who could possibly help them do their job better. Attention Press Democrat: CREDIBILITY ALERT!

    3. “But he still hasn’t told us what that meeting on Monday is about.” – what makes you think it’s any of your business what his meeting is about? Since when is he obligated to fill you in on the nature of his schedule?

    4. Reporter? Uh, no, Grant. You get away with the rants, speculation, cherry-picked stats, quoting of tweets, lack of multiple sources for the “facts” you relate because you’re a BLOGGER, and most definitely NOT a reporter. If you graduated from UCLA’s school of journalism, that makes you a graduate, NOT a reporter, nor a journalist. If you don’t know the difference, you’re sure giving your alma mater a bad name.
      There’s nothing wrong with being a good blogger. But there’s plenty wrong with claiming to be a doctor after taking biology classes in school. Might want to reconsider those pesky “cannon of ethics” you probably heard about in LA.

      1. I am a journalist. Look up the word in a dictionary.

        UCLA doesn’t have a school of journalism. I was an English major.

        1. English major. OK, I’ll give you credit for some good writing skills. But when I looked up journalist, as per your suggestion, here’s what I got from

          journalist (ˈdʒɜːn ə lɪst)
          — n
          1. a person whose occupation is journalism
          2. a person who keeps a journal

          Pretty thin thread, calling yourself a journalist because you work for a newspaper (so does the delivery boy, the typesetters, and receptionist), and maybe you keep a journal. I guess that makes many of us here “journalists”. Walk into the news room sometime at the paper, and ask some of the news reporters if THEY think writing a journal or working for the paper covers it. And if you want to be known as a professional journalist, maybe a class or two in journalism would be helpful? Not trying to be nasty or hostile here, but I’ve been around long enough to know what a really good reporter/journalist looks and sounds like, and you regularly break rules they’d never CONSIDER breaking. Hopefully, you know what those are. That’s OK, when you’re a BLOGGER. Real journalism has a much higher bar. It’s a LOT more work!

  12. Sarah sez: I will only move to Florida on one condition;
    you leave all your khaki pants and sweatshirts behind.
    New team, new house, new wardrobe.

    Coach Harbaw wonders: does the Super Bowl monkey
    have any frequent flyer miles accrued? Answer: Yes.
    (He is not going away until next February – if then….)

  13. Grant Conn is a fake sportswriter…. he reads the internet, gathers information and then scribbles fake scenarios trying to look like he is smart…. FAKE con.

  14. Grant, to put to rest the argument that you have no clue what you’re doing as a reporter, what are your credentials/background other than being the son of an overrated “sports reporter”?

  15. This seemingly nonsensical pursuit of truth will either catapult Iggy to a more respected sphere of actual journalism, or it will result in his firing from the PD.

    More likely, nothing will happen, everybody will soon forget that the blogger’s only goal is to drive hits, and the blogger will again fall back on dishonest dookie to achieve that goal.

  16. HooooooBoy! I can’t leave you guys alone for a minute! hahahahaha! I missed the whole non drama and caught up after the fact. Whew, dead heat on a merry-go-round!
    Remember when Matt M. Chased MC Hammer through a hotel lobby? Hahaha, at least something came of that!
    PS: The BoneFishing in the Cays and the Bahamas is good about now.

  17. Grant calls himself a reporter? Thats rich… “Jed York admits he is in Miami” is not a report. It is a soap opera lead-in. Reporters substantiate and report NEWS, they don’t troll. You have the owner of the team you cover openly making fun of you. Everyone in Santa Clara is going to be united in the effort to keep you from EVER breaking a real story. The first rule of journalism: you are only as good as your sources. A real reporter knows that and that is why they don’t “report” garbage, make false claims, and alienate everyone who could possibly help them do their job better. Attention Press Democrat: CREDIBILITY ALERT!

    1. You and many others read it. You and many others continuously comment on it. Seems like for Grant it’s mission accomplished! He’s doing a job and I think he’s doing it well. For those who comment negatively I say, “Get a life!”

  18. Grant, I think the whole Yorks in Miami episode is much ado about nothing but I don’t think it’s a big deal that you posted an unsubstantiated tweet. Mike Florio has built a thriving empire on exactly the same strategy.

  19. Grant:

    While this was an amusing waste of time, you haven’t posted anything on the extension of Kilgore’s contract or the team’s lack of contact with Goodwin’s agent just before the start of free agency. Some of us may be interested in those stories.

    1. Kilgore will be the starting center, as he was for most of last preseason. Goodwin will be on another team. Center can be scratched almost completely be removed from a potential target in the upcoming draft.

      1. I don’t think it can be scratched off Jack. Someone still needs to back Kilgore up. And like with every position, Kilgore still has to earn that spot in TC.

        I don’t see them using a 1st or 2nd rounder on a centre, but somewhere between the 3rd and 5th I reckon they will take someone that can cover both OG and OC.

  20. Harbaugh’s record speaks for itself? Remember John Rauch? Raiders head coach, who had an .805 winning record and took them to Super Bowl II. Didn’t he go on to set the NFL on fire after he was replaced by John Madden?

  21. So just a little info. per Wikipedia, Johnathan goodwin is 6’3″, 318 and 35 years old. Daniel Kilgore is 6’3″ ), 308 and 26 years old.
    I’m assuming Kilgore is faster because he’s younger. He probably has stronger legs too but that weight scares me. What’s the ideal weight for the center? Does he need to bulk up or fatten up?

    1. His weight is fine for a center. The main questions are how strong is he and how much of a tactician he is as the center.

  22. I don’t agree with alot of his thinking, but Grant might be on to something with this one people!!!!

    It’s no secret that Stephen Ross desperately wanted Harbaugh to be the HC of the Dolphins so much so that he was going to hand him the keys to the kingdom!!! It’s no secret that Baalke and Harbaugh don’t like each other as much the did when he was first hired!!! It’s no secret that Harbaugh did not build this current 49ers team and that he inherited major talent that ONLY needed BETTER skill position coaches to start winning games!!!

    Yes, I wanted either Jon Gruden or Jim Harbaugh to be the HC of the 49ers when he was hired!!!
    Yes, Jim Harbaugh and staff have HELPED the players/team start to reach their potential!!
    That he threw CK out there waaaaay before he was ready, forcing the defense & ST to have to try to perform even better than they did in 2011 to prove the point that he’s a QB guru. But also keep in mind that he stated, upon drafting him, that he would not mess with CK’s throwing motion before he even threw a pass in TC, which was the first thing that alarmed me and made me nerveous about how he was going to groom him. If evident that CK didn’t get ANY better this past offseason. ” Ask him does he know what my progressions are “, I did the same things this offseason that I did last offseason to prepare myself for the season “. CK’s response to Tren Dilfer & JM’s comments about being a 1 read QB who runs when his 1st read is covered.
    This alarmed me even more than JH questioning the critism/evaluation that CK received. Because what it tells me is that CK is a LIAR!!! How can want to be the best or one of the best when you can’t accept constructive critism that happens to be TRUE!!! When does the players become responsible for their OWN career & perfomance?!!

    Last thing: for all of you who say he should be paid, answer this question for me… If your team is known as a POWER running team with one the top 3 if not the best O-line in the NFL, how do you not line up in jumbo formation & run the football at least twice, when your running back ripped off 2 huge runs for big gains which got you to the opponents 5 yd line?

    That’s NOT Championship coaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Here is what we have definitely, absolutely learned from this brouhaha, and it’s something there’s no way Jed York cannot deny: Grant is not an investigative reporter.

  24. I enjoy Grant’s writing, especially his articles. I don’t always agree with him, but they are usually very well written. I am a bit put off when a writer/blogger inserts themselves as part of the story. This is a very clear case of Grant being overly excited that Jed responded to a blog post. This points to a writer/blogger who is not yet mature or who carelessly and casually seeks to get blog hits.

    Well – he got me to respond. Well played sir.

  25. In regards to the story about Incognito bashing his car with a baseball bat:
    People who beat their wives lose the wives
    People who beat their children lose their parenting rights
    Shouldn’t people who bash a Ferrari shouldn’t be allowed to own Ferraris

  26. As a diehard fan of the team I want to read any and all news. I’ll sort through speculation, rumors, and possible trade ideas. I gets me through the boring off season. I’d like to see college football move into the off season of the NFL.

    Thinking outside of the box is what makes this blog fun to read. I love all the comments from the fans who’ve been here for years. The new names that pop up anytime they don’t agree with Grant get annoying, but that’s what the scroll button in for.

    I am curious what Grant and Jack think about the two Raven players who have been released. Do we pick up Leach as a FB?

    I know it’s super early, but we can start talking about mock drafts?

    1. Hey Matt,

      Thanks for asking. I saw that yesterday but don’t think the 49ers will go after either Leach or McClain.

      The 49ers are pretty set at FB with Miller and Tukuafu. Leach was a guy Baltimore cut last offseason as well and then brought back in training camp, and as a 10 year vet would likely want too much money for someone who would see limited reps.

      Kind of the same thing with McClain. He was more of a run stopping OLB than a pass rusher, and the 49ers are pretty set there with Skuta and Lemonier as the backups.

      1. Thank you Sir. I always enjoy your insight. Makes sense. I guess I was looking at it in a madden 2014 way.

        I saw that the 49ers have 10 Free Agents. I think three of those are pretty expendable and one has been replaced. We should be about 16 million under the cap with the projected 133 million dollar figure being speculated. Do you think we’ll keep our Defense intact and let Dixon and possible Cox walk? With the new TV contract coming in 2015 I think this is the year to look in players like Kaepernick and Crabtree. They’ll certainly be cheaper this year rather than next.

        Colt McCoy, QB (expendable)
        Anthony Dixon, RB
        Anquan Boldin, WR
        Mario Manningham, WR (expendable)
        Kassim Osgood, WR (expendable)
        Jonathan Goodwin, OL (replaced with new signing)
        Tarell Brown, CB
        Eric Wright, CB
        Donte Whitner, S
        Phil Dawson, K
        Perrish Cox, CB

    2. What a fine idea. If only they could move CFB to the NFL offseason. It’s excruciating, isn’t it? I can’t even get into the Giants right now, I’m just sifting through every tiny scrap of 49ers info that materializes.

      Someone at the NCAA listen to Matt!

  27. In his Combine Interview, Baalke acknowledged that the public press conference where the GM has an opportunity to talk as long as he wants so long as he doesn’t really say anything meaningful, truthful (about draft/FA intentions), or giving away even insights. We knew that already, but then he went on to discuss how keeping their cards close to the vest is a 24/7 job of everybody on the team.
    He even detailed that the team’s PR Department monitors social media and blog sites to see what might have leaked out and from where.
    So that brings me (via roundabout route) to a vision of a couple of suits reading through all the hoopla here and shaking their heads. Tit for tat squabbles between commenters, long rants by yours truly, and the whatever-it-is that Mud slings up. Attacks on the CEO, his Dad, the GM, the HC and OC. Great and good players denigrated, marginal prospects glorified.
    These guys have to have sore necks from shaking their heads so much! Oh, we’ll, they get paid to read this stuff.

  28. This stuff is great Grant. Thanks for the entertainment. Man they really don’t like you do they, but you feed off the hate. I respect that.

    That being said I think this Harbaugh trade talk is pretty much dead at this point. They will not trade him. Maybe Harbs and
    I’m calling it.Baalke are not the best of friends but I’m sure both understand business is business and at the end of the day their job is to put the best product out on the field. Harbaugh will bring a Lombardi to SF next season, Kap will legitimize himself as the franchise QB, and Harbs will get an extension and rightfully be one of the highest paid coaches in the league.

  29. Seems Cohn forgot to mention airline menu for first class on Jed York’s flight. Other than this, RATHER for Jed to take the bait, Jed offered the shrimpy details, a mockery of an admission to portray media as nothingness. I am spending 20 minutes on this story for what? His Miami interinary or where he makes his stops in the bathrooms? I tend to use the unisex bathrooms because I get a private toilet seat. Good reporting.

  30. As the World Turns should be the new name of this blog. Very soap opera like. I guess this kind of writing is now considered good. I think it stinks. I should be use to the fact that ‘Grown men’ and I use the term very lightly, lower themselves to this kind of speculation. What do you guys do sit around the kitchen table drinking your sweet coffee and delve into this type of rhetoric. There is no factual evidence for ninety percent of the content that has transpired in this blog in the last week. Gossip use to be a predominate trait of the female species, no longer, it has emerged into the male race with great exuberance. Not for me.

    For you guys that get off on this crap, your right I don’t have to read it and I havnt read a complete article yet on this Harbaugh junk. Once the speculation starts I quit reading. Its not that I don’t want to hear bad about Harbaugh, its just that I want it to be factual and currently this blog is not factual.

  31. When you’re desperate to be the one who “broke the story” you can end up sticking your nose out to far. Hopefully a lesson was learned.

    1. I usually stay out of the fray on things like this, but I am curious — why does Grant need to learn a lesson and what lesson does he need to learn? What has he done that is wrong? He reported someone else’s rumors (and provided his source) and asked what we thought about them. He violated no journalistic ethics in so doing (in fact, he took steps to make sure his readers knew credibility might be an issue), and he updated as further facts became known.

      True, when it became apparent that the specifics were different from the rumors, Grant kept asking questions (and even upped the ante with a new post), but that is what journalist do – ask questions. Sure, we may not agree with the direction of his questions or with his speculations as to what the answer to those questions might be, but so long as he is not fabricating information, I see no malfeasance in what he did.

      Further, one could argue Grant is being rewarded, not learning some nebulous ethical lesson, for his posts on this matter. For his efforts, he has increased website hits for his employer, garnered responses from Jed York (although, not to his specific questions), and given many people something to read and discuss. He has, in other words, done his job successfully.

      1. The lesson is simple, how about not posting something in a public manor until you actually know what you are talking about.

        1. Reposting a tweet and then adding nothing but conjecture and speculation is not considered the paramount of good sports journalism.

          1. It may not be “the paramount” of good sport journalism, but in today’s sports media world, it’s “the essence” of sports journalism.

      2. Exactly JPN.

        The people bashing Grant about these posts are die-hard 49er fans that don’t want to hear anything negative about the 49ers. Nothing wrong with that, though those red and gold tinted glasses can sometimes lead to some commenters seeing red when they read a less than favourable article or blog entry about the 49ers.

        But also nothing wrong with Grant posting rumours on his blog, and provoking thought and discussion amongst those that read and comment on his site. That is part of his job.

  32. So, I responded by tweeting York the following question: “What meeting are you going to on Monday in Miami?”

    He has not yet responded to that one.

    Maybe because he and the franchise could face some repercussions from the NFL if he revealed what the meeting is about.

  33. I hope nobody minds breaking away from “where’s Jed” but some important news came out today that helps the Niners going forward.

    The salary cap is expected to go up to $140 mill next season, and $150 million by 2016.

    This makes it a real possibility they can not only resign Kap this offseason, but possibly Whitner and Brown as well if they so choose. With that kind of increase, they can push Kaps cap hit back a year or two to give them more room now which offers flexibility to sign the others. The bad news is that with this big of an increase, it could fluctuate salaries with teams having more to spend. That means it may cost more to keep Crabtree, Iupati and Smith. Although with Smith they have the option to add a 5th year to his contract.

    Now the question is, does it make sense to sign both Whitner and Brown? One of them? Neither? It could also open up the possibility of signing an upper tier FA like Vernon’s brother. Lots of options all of a sudden.

    1. Rocket, how reliable are those cap expectations? I wonder how much of those numbers are used by agents when negotiating player’s contracts.

      1. They are sources of Adam Schefter’s ricardo so probably reliable info. There was talk that the cap would go up dramatically once the new TV deals kicked in so this was expected. They just didn’t know when.

        1. Thanks, Rocket! In that case, that’s a good news for our in-house FA’s. But that also mean that the Seahawks will have more room to sign their own FA’s :( I thought going forward that that’s one of the advantage we have over them.

    1. I have a sentimental weakness for my fellow bloggers, and I spoil them as you can see. They talk when they should listen. Ray, never tell anyone outside the family what you’re thinking. Your brother, Fredo, had to learn the lesson the hard way.

  34. Why isn’t there much mention on ESPN or about the Sharper stuff going on. I understand b/c he was an analyst with them, but I can’t find anything on ESPN…seems like pretty big new to me. I feel like I was just watching the guy on NFL network. Wow, you just never know.

  35. Fair warning, folks, if you’re a new poster here, and Grant doesn’t like your opinion, he will delete your post and ban you from the board. If you’re a long time poster here, he can’t do it because others will catch on. He deleted my post the other night and I didn’t use one curse word, didn’t say anything inappropriate, just stated my opinion, like he does. This blog is an absolute joke. It’s an “I’m posting what I feel blog, and if anyone new disagrees, I’ll delete their post, and ban them from this blog.” I had to use different information to leave this message.

  36. Oh, how I yearn for the days when journalism was about actual reporting rather than stirring controversy in order to accumulate clicks. How sad and empty reporting has become.

  37. Jed admits? admits? Grant you make it sound like a conspiracy for him to be in an american city. Admits? this has gone to far, once again Grant its not what you say its how you say it. Its as if you do’nt understand tone. Please do’nt defend the language as opposed to the tone, its sooooooooo passive agressive.

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