Jed York: “Al (Guido) has taken the lead on the day-to-day business operations of the team.”

Here is Jed York’s memo to 49ers employees following the demotion of team president Paraag Marathe, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department:

Good morning,

By now I am sure most of you have seen reports of some transition in our front office, and I apologize that we were unable to communicate with you directly prior to certain information reaching the media. Our original intent was to formalize the transition following the Super Bowl.

As many of you may have seen in recent months, Paraag and Al’s roles within the organization have been evolving.

In addition to his longstanding responsibilities in football operations as the team’s chief contract negotiator and head of our analytics department, Paraag has chosen to take a leadership role in the organization’s new ventures efforts. As you know, Paraag has been the lead in our partnership with the Sacramento Republic FC soccer team and was instrumental in developing and launching VenueNext. We anticipate great things to come from our new ventures wing as it continues to grow.

With Paraag focusing so much time and energy on new business opportunities, Al has taken the lead on the day-to-day business operations of the team and Levi’s® Stadium.

Despite how some have chosen to portray this transition in the media, I want you to know that Paraag has been and will continue to be an instrumental member of this organization. Without his contributions over the last 15 years, the successes achieved by this organization would not have been possible.



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  1. Well no news is good news. This whole thing is bull****. This Front Office cares more about public opinion than running the FOOTBALL Part of this Operation!!! These men playing for this team are giving everything week to week, and apparently it’s more important to smooth over a front office move. Who gives a F***. The man in charge should be a football guy. Let the coaches coach and stay the hell out of the way. Then they can run what has everything to do with politics and nothing with football.Be the face of the political part of the 49ers let the coaches and players be the face of football. And by God if they are working, be political and fire their azzes.

  2. I expect Al Guido will not only take over those duties in the short term, but also the long term. So basically no change.

  3. I was slightly off, it’s not business weeks President the York’s are hiring, it’s simply a matter of a lateral Trasfrer of Paraage to oversee the construction of Sacramento’s professional soccer team, The Republic’s new 250 million dollar stadium in downtown Sac, in which Marathe and the York’s own an interest/shares in…I speculated it was a Brazil deal…At least I saved fans from the letdown, only to inform them it was all about the money–follow the money!

    1. However,

      49er fans will be happy to learn that the York’s/Marathe investment in the Sac Repulic is a tax write off for the funds earned at Levi Stadium, and the 49ers will not lose a dime earned from Levi Stadium…We all know as fans those funds will be reinvested by the York’s into hight priced Nfl free agents for the 49ers and their Super Bowl run, don’t we?

  4. Will the York’s ever stop camouflaging their lateral front office moves (in a time of crises), and selling to the public as a football move to help the team, when we know tax write-offs 250 million dollars are at stake, and the deal only aids their bottom line. They could give a sh-t about the fans.

    1. If I see a Holmgren or Shannahan or legit football man instead of a business man running the show I’ll believe in Jed. Until then, it’s all window dressing!

  5. Citing a source close to the organization, CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco broke the news about Marathe’s position switch late Thursday night:

    San Francisco 49ers president Paraag Marathe will take a larger role in the organization’s outside business ventures, including the Sacramento Republic soccer team, a source told on Thursday night.

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    ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo · 4h4 hours ago

    49ers: only team w/o 1st quarter TD this year. ’08 Raiders are last team to go at least 11 games into season w/o 1st quarter TD @EliasSports

    1. The tickets were sold a long time ago – 2013. They just hope that the ticket owners will either come to the games or find some who is willing to come to the games.

  7. I read through all of the comments on the Marathe demotion and for now I’m pleased it happened. It shows that Jed is willing to make changes. I think it’s unrealistic to think Paraag would have been fired. This is one of the ways people are dealt with at the top of an organization. At any rate, Marathe should now no longer have his hands in the day-to-day operations. Although Guido has spent most of his time in sales and operations, he at least played WR at the College of New Jersey. Yeah, I know, big deal; but at least he has some football experience.

    Guido might have more influence on Jed when it comes to bringing in people to the FO with more football experience. I’m hoping that a guy who at least played some football understands that you need to have football experience in the FO. I don’t think Marathe appreciated that. I’m going to stay optimistic for now since I think demoting Marathe was a good first step.

      1. ya mean it wasn’t ,,seb ..?

        At least with Sarducci …we’d have some
        comic relief …

        Still, though…
        like a bus-load of lawyers..going off Devil’s Slide ..
        it’s a good start !.

  8. Dear Jed, you think that assuring the fans with platitudes will make them believe you? Look, your coach stormed off and was not coming back until you “reassigned ” Marathe. I think that downplaying the firestorm just makes you look clueless.
    If you want the fans to stop hurling expletives at you, you must stop behaving in such a squirrely manner. Stop lying. Treat the fans with more respect. Acknowledge what has happened and do not try to spin it so it does not look so bad. You are only making it worse. When you stop acting deceitfully. you may start growing up. So far, you deserve everything that has happened to you.
    We did not buy the mutually parted line. This reassigned crap just defines you.
    When will you ever learn?

  9. I have heard Guido speak during an on screen interview. He presents a picture of health, vitality, youth and can spin a number of talking points into a cogent thread. Very much the sales guy and less the science guy. Might be the face of the organization.

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