Jed York: “Chip’s going to be here for a long time, period.”


This is the transcript of Jed York’s informal group press conference, courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers P.R. department.


You talked to head coach Chip Kelly on Thursday of the first week of the search.

“I can’t remember which day it was.”


Why didn’t you hire him then? What was the delay?

“I don’t know that I’d say there was a delay. We wanted to make sure that we finished our process. There were a lot of folks who we wanted to talk to. Obviously, some of the coaches were still in the playoffs. We didn’t want to cut the search short and I think it gave us an opportunity to continue to get to know Chip and obviously, it worked out for everybody very well.”


Were you ever close to offering the job to anybody else?

“No. The only person we offered the job to was Chip.”


You said he had a vision far above the others that interviewed. What was it about his vision that he sold you on that you liked?

“I think a lot of the things that we do here, and I think Chip talked about that in terms of sport science, we’ve been doing that for a long time. And Chip has said there’s notoriety about that for him, but they’re things that we’ve believed in for a long time. Obviously, offensive minded football. I don’t think that the offense is what I expect from it last year. It’s certainly not what our fans expect. I think Chip brings an innovative style to offense that is something that I think is synonymous with San Francisco 49er football. And obviously, having somebody like [senior personnel executive] Tom Gamble that both Chip and [general manager] Trent [Baalke] spoke of, that worked with Chip for two years. Not somebody that, you know, I knew him, I met him at a dinner, something like that, good guy. Literally, worked with him for two years. That’s something that really helped us know who Chip is as a person, know what he’s going to bring to the table every single day and all of those things combined, put him far ahead as the best candidate for us.”


Obviously, general managers and head coaches clash, it’s just inevitable.

“I’ve never seen that before.”


Will Tom have a role in that? Can Tom come in because he knows them both so well, can he broker some things?

“I’m not worried about that issue. I think you’re going to see partnership between Trent and Chip, and Tom’s going to be a big piece of it. Tom’s always been somebody that we’ve leaned on here, somebody that Chip did in Philadelphia for a few years and somebody that Trent has here. So, again, the more good people that you have in the building, the better the product on the field is going to be.”


There was a report from Bleacher Report reporter Jason Cole that former NFL head coach Mike Shanahan was strongly considered but the reason he wasn’t hired, one of the main reasons was because he did not want QB Colin Kaepernick on this team. Is that true and is Kaepernick a large reason why Chip Kelly is now the coach?

“I’m not going to talk about any reports that are out there, rumors. I don’t think that is really something that I’m here to do. In terms of Kap, and I think you heard both of them say, they like Kap. Chip likes Kap. Chip is somebody that has done a great job, I think, everywhere that he’s been in developing quarterbacks. He likes [QB] Blaine [Gabbert]. If people want to ask us about where are we going with salary cap room and making decisions, we have the third most salary cap space in the National Football League as it is today. So, we’re not in a bind to make a decision. We want to have as many good people on this roster as we possibly can.”


There’s been a lot of talk about some players were a bit disenchanted with Chip. A lot of those may have been guys who left the Eagles and were disgruntled. But, be that as it may, there seems to be a lot of smoke there. Is that something you had to investigate thoroughly and what was your conclusion?

“So, again, having Tom work there was a big thing for us. Knowing a lot of players that have played for Chip, some guys that have known Chip going from Hall of Famers to guys that were in the league for a cup of coffee, all the way across the board, I think there’s a lot of positive feedback on Chip Kelly. And I think when you go back and look at the folks that worked with him at Oregon, nothing but positive things to say about him. So, again, I’m not concerned about that. I think Chip’s work speaks for itself.”


You’ve said 8-8 is not acceptable, obviously 5-11 was unacceptable. If Chip Kelly is 8-8 in his first year, is that unacceptable? Would you fire him?

“Chip’s going to be here for a long time, period.”


Did it bother you that you guys were the only team that interviewed him?

“I don’t know who else he interviewed with. I don’t really concern myself with who other people interview and what else is going on. I’m concerned about the San Francisco 49ers.”


Your last interview process, you went through this and hired former head coach Jim Tomsula. What was different about this process? Did you think it had to be different?

“I don’t know that necessarily the process was different. I think what we were looking for, it’s nice to have somebody that had head coaching experience that was out there in Chip. Somebody we felt comfortable with that could come in and build a partnership with Trent. That’s really what sold us on Chip Kelly.”


There are a lot of similarities between Chip and University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, not Tomsula. Came out of college, big splash his first year, Jim Harbaugh won a lot more, abrasive personality, has rubbed people the wrong way. Why is this one going to turn out differently than it did last time?

“And again, I think all the reasons that we just stated. I think the partnership between Chip and Trent, you’re starting to see it build.”


There was a partnership between Jim and Trent at the beginning right?

“I think there’s a partnership with everybody. And again, what we’re looking for is making sure we build this thing the right way. Making sure that this is a partnership that we can continue to get the 49ers back where we need to be and I have no doubt that we’re going to get where we need to be.”


Philadelphia owed him more than $13 million dollars at the end after they fired him. Is it safe to say you guys are paying the majority of his salary the next two seasons or are you paying less than the majority? What does the offset generally look like?

“If Chip wants to talk about what his salary is, he can, but that’s not my position.”


Are you getting him for free? Are you paying him something?

“If Chip wants to talk about what his salary, he can.”

Can I ask you a Super Bowl question?



We’re less than a month away. With everything that’s going on out in the parking lot, is this all that you expected? Have you been surprised by the craziness?

“It literally happened the day after the season ended. It looks little bit different than we we’re used to but I’m excited about the Super Bowl. I think everything is going the right direction. [Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Chairman] Daniel Lurie and [Super Bowl 50 Host Committee CEO & President] Keith Bruce have done a great job getting everything ready in the city and I think the NFL has done an amazing job and our staff here getting this building ready to host on February 6th.”


What is the thing that impresses you most about your new coach?

“Again, I think it’s innovation. It’s understanding how to attack the game and I think he thinks about it in a different way, in a cerebral way where he will look at mistakes that he’s made. He’s willing to change. He’s willing to figure out how do we make ourselves the best we can possibly and he will leave no stone unturned.”


When, in the process of interviewing Chip, how many times did you guys meet? Did you guys meet with him and were you in most of those meetings?

“Twice in person. One in New Hampshire in his house, once here and then phone calls. So, Trent and I obviously met with everybody individually, depending on where it was and who it was, but individually. And then we’d follow up with either phone calls, and Tom Gamble was involved with some of those as well, in terms of phone calls as we were interviewing other people.”

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  1. Why didn’t you hire him then? What was the delay?

    “I don’t know that I’d say there was a delay. We wanted to make sure that we finished our process. There were a lot of folks who we wanted to talk to.”
    We knew we were going to hire him. We offered him the job after we interviewed him but we still wanted to use the opportunity to gleam a little information about certain teams and organizations so we delayed the announcement.

  2. Jed York: “Chip’s going to be here for a long time, period.”
    God I hate that answer and it has nothing to do with my thoughts on Kelly as head coach. It’s such a stupid answer for him to give. Clearly as others already did it only brings up the questions of, “does that mean he can fail miserably and you wont fire him?” If he goes 5-11 or even worse will you fire him like you just did with Tomsula? If not then what did Tomsula do other then go 5-11 that you felt he should be fired after one year but you’re already declaring that Kelly is going to get more then that by default.

    He simply can’t help sticking his foot in his mouth.

    1. “He simply can’t help sticking his foot in his mouth.”

      I don’t understand either CFC. Why make a statement that has no benefits to the organization. He seems to not learn from his past mistakes (i.e. “we will win with class”, “we want teachers”, other bs). Aarrgh…

    2. I agree CFC, loose lips sink ships and Jed has made good with the hire and the house cleaning. He now needs to shrink back into the shadows and let the professionals take over….

      1. Agree. I think Jed has made decisions in the right direction and time for him to remove himself from the limelight. But I’m still curious how others think he should have answered this question.

        1. “I’m not going to get into hypotheticals. My concentration is on getting the stadium ready to host the Super Bowl and then we’ll go from there.”

    3. CFC and Ricardo:

      How would you have answered the question? He needs to show confidence in his new coach. I’m not trying to be a smart*ss, I’m really curious. Thanks.

        1. The standard “out” answer. Sure, it can work; but I have no problem with how he answered it. IMO, it’s good to show the confidence, even if it is somewhat unbridled, in his new coach. Chip is going to be around for at least two years. If things really go south, I doubt any in the media are going to bring this up and throw it in Jed’s face at that time.

          1. It’s a classic, but I think you’re being a bit naive when it comes to the beat writers bringing it up, if the scenario you describe unfolds….

      1. Jed: Each season is different with it’s own set of circumstances. I’m not going to get specific about what record he needs to have to not lose his job.

    4. Optimism abounds. With Chip fixing the offensive malaise, the offense will improve greatly. They also probably promised him time to get it right. I thought that statement is pretty innocuous. I mean, he did not promise a SB or anything.

    5. Seems as though Jed is just an immature kid with no real world experience. I didn’t like that line either but not because I think it indicates any future action of keeping Chip around unnecessarily. My thought is it just reveals what a poor executive Jed York is which is more of an indication of long term futility.

    1. Psst… Joan has been reassigned. She’s now in charge of buying the cheapest bottled water possible–nothing more.

  3. My first prediction after watching the press conference. The 49ers will be this years Hard Knocks team. Kelly seems to love the camera and pontificating.

    1. OldCoach, we will surely find out if Kelly’s system has a place in the NFL. His system will be heavily tested in the NFC West.
      Kelly is not stupid and it looks like he chose to be in this division as if to show every naysayer that he is an offensive genius and that his system can hang in the NFL and not just college football.
      My guess, he will struggle in the division in his first year and if he cannot adjust, he will not last and will go back to college.

      1. Seb, they are exempt from being *forced* by the league to participate. If the team and coach *wants* the exposure, that’s a different story.

    1. He’s Mormon and turned down BYU. He does not work on Sundays and his entire staff is given Sunday off. He will never coach in the NFL because it is against his religious belief’s to work on Sunday.

  4. Is it just me, or did the reporters seem to get overly aggressive with their line of questioning? I get that Jed could definitely have handled himself better, but it felt like the reporters were baiting him, Baalke, and Kelly into an emotional response. Am I wrong here? If so, can someone give me a well reasoned explanation so I can wrap my head around this?

    1. Not that I haven’t seen this before, but without knowing who asked what question, it seems like every reporter was out for blood today.

    2. After reading through the questions again… most of them don’t seem to bad. The first one during Baalke’s informal group presser sticks out.

        1. I just heard on the radio, but my impression was that the media tried to attack, but Chip deftly parried their blows, so he was untouched.
          You could tell that he was the smartest man in the room, especially when compared to the media and their questions.

          1. Yep. Definitely more calm watching it. Kelly seemed prepared. I just tried re-watching the Tomsula press conference. Even more cringe-worthy a year later….

      1. I just watched it and thought Chip did a good job. One thing I found interesting was the almost demure attitude of Baalke. When Tomsula had his first PC, I felt like Trent was watching over him and what he said, much like a parent would over a child having a first experience at something. But with Chip it seems to me that Trent treats him as an equal and that he doesn’t need to worry about how Chip would present himself to the press and, I think, by extension to how he will handle himself as a football coach. I hope the two can really work together and produce a quality product.

        1. cubus, I think both Kelly and Trent realize that this marriage needs to work or both of their careers could suffer.
          It’s an interesting working environment since they both have different football philosophy. The draft will give us a clue on how much power that Kelly has when it comes to personnel decision.

          1. Address the defense via free agency in OLB and ILB and then use 8 of the 12 picks on offense. Could be that upon being hired Baalke promised Chip the bulk of the draft to be spent on offense.

            1. Definitely agree there should be more picks on offense than defense this year, and at least two out of DL, OLB, and ILB should be addressed through FA.

              However, I am kind of hoping only 8-10 picks end up being made. With so much cap space they should be able to add a few bodies in FA.

              1. This draft is about need, not best player available. Baalke the last 2 years has employed this theory but its not applicable to the Niners right now.
                They need to draft offensive players that Chip can build his offense around.
                We have zero playmakers and depth on offense.
                I’m usually a proponent of best player available, but we are so bad on offense, we need an influx of talent!

              2. First round pick needs to be BPA. At #7, take the impact player. Lots of needs on this team. Hopefully they won’t have too many more shots at a player this high for the next few years. If that is D so be it. I’m all for Myles Jack.

                Go bulk on offense, but they don’t necessarily have to go offense with pick #7.

              3. The better question is if you have the choice of Goff at #7 or the best defensive player on the board like a Jack or Ramsey, who do you take?

              4. Recently saw a mock on NFL network having the Cowboys taking Wentz with their 1st pick. Who’s he?

              5. Goff vs Bosa would be a tough choice. Prior to his knee injury I’d have taken Jaylon Smith before Goff too. After that, probably take Goff over other options.

                Wentz is the guy I’ve been saying the 49ers should draft in the 2nd round for the past 2-3 months. So much for that as now he’s been talked up so much he’s expected to go much earlier. Looks a good prospect, but wouldn’t take him at #7.

              6. Read between the lines. Chip is ecstatic he not only has one mobile QB, he has 2 mobile QBs. Therefore, he is happy with Kaep and Gabbert.
                The Niners need a pass rusher or the second coming of Joe Montana will not help. Buckner is a logical choice, but I would tolerate Jack, even though he was injured. Spriggs in the second will address the O line need, and Shilique Calhoun may fall to the third round.

              7. That sure would be something else to see Wentz go in the top 10. When we first started discussing him he was a third to fourth round guy who might be a second if he had a good Senior Bowl.

                Even with a great week in Mobile I can’t see him going before #22. The Texans are a possible first landing spot for him.

              8. Yeah, I thought I was pushing the envelope saying I’d take him in the second, thinking he’d rise up draft boards like Garoppolo. Weak draft class for QBs and some earlier than expected hype has seen him become a wildcard for the top 10 even before the Senior Bowl!

              9. Reference to Razor’s assertion about D strength. Scooter I think you and I shared the same point of view about Jaylon and Wentz some time ago,obviously things have changed.

            2. I’m projecting Wentz in the pick 22+ range. I can’t see him going much higher then that unless one of the teams in that range decides to move up a few spots to grab him.

              1. Even if we did it wouldn’t be at #7. If he is their QB target and he made it to say #28 or later they could trade their 2nd and 4th to go get him. We’ll see if the buzz dies down or continues to get crazy but I’m starting to read articles asking if he could even go as the first QB off the board. I’m certainly not subscribing to such theories, at least not at this point but it just goes to show that people are all over the place on him and it’s going to be difficult to peg how soon you need to get him.

  5. Tomsula won five games with this team. If Chip Kelly had been coaching the team, would the record of been better? If the answer is no then Tomsula probably was not the problem. If the answer is yes then next year should be very promising. His offense is all about the run. Hope Hyde can hold up? Is Bush coming back? Whats the status of Hayne? Do we draft a running back? Do we draft a QB in the early rounds? What about the O-line and pass rush? Can Bowman withstand more minutes? Will the players buy into the program and the ones that don’t are they exiled? And my pet peeve, will the RED ZONE production improve?

    1. As Razor said, there is little doubt Kelly would have won more.
      The Packers game was winnable and really in my opinion came down to coaching and play calling. There is 1 win. The following week against the Giants was another very winnable game. +2. Nov 29th against Az, should have won. Those are three easy games to cherry pick for 3 more wins. You could argue that they should have gone into Cleveland and destroyed Manzel. A QBless Cincy team should have been beatable as well. The team was blown out 4 times (16 point margin or more). Any other game can be argued as a winnable game. So, at the very least, the team is again 8-8 which would have been a heck of a feat considering the injuries, the lost personnel, and the SOS.

      1. But keep in mind they should have lost the BAL and ATL game if not for a slip and poor coaching by ATL’s head coach. Add the CHI game as a should have lost too. So not sure your theory really applies. It was a bad team and a bad roster. Nobody could have done better.

    2. In four of Tomsula’s five wins he benefited by some good fortune. There is no way to figure out how another coach would have done.

  6. This list of free agents just makes me happy. Add to it Seattle has 5 restricted FA and Lynch will probably walk…they are in a bit of trouble next season.
    Bryce Brown, RB
    Chase Coffman, TE
    Demarcus Dobbs, DE
    Bruce Irvin, LB
    Fred Jackson, RB
    Tarvaris Jackson, QB
    Lemuel Jeanpierre, C
    Jermaine Kearse, WR
    Jeremy Lane, CB
    Ricardo Lockette, WR
    Anthony McCoy, TE
    Brandon Mebane, DT
    Mike Morgan, LB
    Russell Okung, OT
    Ahtyba Rubin, DT
    Jon Ryan, P
    DeShawn Shead, CB
    J.R. Sweezy, G
    Will Tukuafu, FB

    Restricted FA

    Cooper Helfet, TE
    Christine Michael, RB
    Nick Moody, LB
    Alvin Bailey, OL
    Derrick Coleman, FB

    1. I think this list is actually missing some people. I counted 31 total FA’s according to 17 UFA, 6 RFA, 8 ERFA. Although their list also counts 36 players under contract for next year, so I’m not sure where the disconnect is.

      Looks like their expected to have about $26MM in cap space.

  7. Baalke’s favorite phrase

    “At the end of the day …”

    He better have a solid draft, at the end of the day, or his arse his gone next year.

  8. Sign Bruce Irvin
    Trade Bruce Irvin or Aaron Lynch & #7 to Tennessee for #1
    Trade or Cut Kaep
    Draft Goff
    Sound Good?

      1. Sorry, could not resist. Please realize that Kaep is untradable. No team will want his 14 mil salary after the season he had. Cutting him will accrue a 7 mil cap hit.
        Chip loves challenges. Rehabilitating Kaep will crown him as a genius.
        Signing Bruce Irvin then TRADING him away is obtuse.

      2. Seb

        Don’t go throwing names and insults around….we all know that you have a hug on Kaep and think that he is the second coming….we haven’t even seen if he has cured ONE of his faults much less the entire list… patient, Chip has been successful with a myriad of QB’s

        1. Oregon, Silicon Chip called me that, then complimented me on having crocodile skin. Thought he could take my riposte with the same aplomb. I did put a ;p afterwards, and then said I was sorry.

    1. Didn’t Chip already try a crazy plan like that when he acquired Bradford, with the intent of getting Mariota? I think it backfired….

      1. I don’t think it is a paycut since Irvin will be coming off of his rookie deal. It’s a term they like to use up there: “hometown discount”. Interestingly, Kearse says he will not give the Seahawks a hometown discount.

      2. Irvin said he would take a discount not a paycut. Very different terminology as he is basing the discount on what his market value is, which the Seahawks may not agree with. Golden Tate said the same thing a couple of years ago and now plays in Detroit. No player is going to play for less than he feels he is worth.

  9. Kevin Lynch made a case on KNBR this afternoon that Kap is a coach killer. Thought that interlocutors on this forum may have some opinions on it :)

    1. Blaine Gabbert has had 6 HC’s(1 interim). Out of the 5 that weren’t interim, 4 were fired. The one that wasn’t fired, Gus Bradley, traded Gabbert. He’s also had 4 OC’s fired and a GM. Harbaugh didn’t get fired here until Gabbert came aboard, and we all saw what happened with Tomsula.

      Calling any QB a coach killer is unfair.

  10. The sequence of events leading to Chipper’ hiring certainly seems to fall in line with the scenario I laid out at the initial rumor that Tomsula was going to be fired following his last game.

    A few weeks before the end of the season there were a few reports that Jimmy T would likely be brought back for one more. The story that Tommy Boy wasn’t given a fair shake because of the player retirements and injuries seem to be the basis for a return season for the Butcher.
    But as soon as Chip was released in Philly, the wheels began to turn in the 49er front office.
    If Kelly was the only person that Jed/Trent had interest in, then Tomsula’ ship was doomed the moment Chipper was fired.

    I said all this for this reason; I don’t put any stalk on Jed’ comment that “Kelly will be here for a long time, period.”

    Kelly will be swiftly moved out the moment there are any viable complaints and serious contention from his players.
    While Jed/Trent are quick to give Kelly a free-pass and exonerate him from any stains he left in Philly, it’s the players who will determine Kelly’ fate going forward.
    When Kelly steps in front of his players for the first time he will need to tread lightly and be honestly forthright for this team to warm to him.

    If Kelly loses his players in the locker room it won’t matter what Jed’ ideal of longevity is.

      1. Seb,
        Thanks for catching my mistake, meant to type “stock” but if Jeb makes another mess with this hire he may get stalked.

  11. I don’t know much about Kelly; based on his rep I was dismayed when I read they hired him. But since then, after reading up a little and watching the presser, he seems pretty genuine. The thing that stood out to me was the word “collaborate.” He used it over and over. I was also relieved to see McCoy has softened his comments a bit. I was happy to see that; we all live and learn.

    1. I agree… but it can go right back to incompetency in the blink of an eye. The niners are making some bold moves in regards to coaching, I hope it continues with bold moves in FA and the draft. I’m hoping for the best.

  12. RE: Kelly’s views on Kap

    Despite what some reports may say, I don’t think Kelly’s feelings on Kaepernick had much, if anything, to do with this hire. Kaepernick can’t feel good about the organization, and would probably prefer a fresh start elsewhere. Kelly prizes “repetitive accuracy,” something Kaepernick has never shown, not even in practice. Kaepernick would make eight figures if he stays for another year, and after the 49ers benched him, rumors about his iPad study habits hit the airwaves. But who knows. This team does bizarre things from time to time, and keeping Kaepernick against his will (if he’s really that upset) is possible, even if it isn’t all that plausible.


    1. TrollD, maybe you did not listen to the PC. Chip said- ‘Obviously, Kaep is an extremely talented player’. That does not sound like he wants to cut or trade him.

  13. What’s everyone thoughts on Bradford? Chip traded for him in Philly, now he’s a FA. Do we bring him in and drop Kaep? Who’s the better passer SB or BG?

    Should be an interesting off-season.

    1. If Bradford could stay healthy I’d be fine with bringing him in to compete but he can’t stay healthy and he never will so as far as I’m concerned he’s not a QB that can be relied upon as a starter.

    2. Bradford played better in the second half of the season but as CFC pointed out, his injury history is a big concern. If you sign him you’d better have a good backup.

    3. Bradford’s agent told the Eagles that Bradford is looking for an average of $25 million per year. Then apparently he said it’s just a starting point.

      1. He can ask for whatever he wants, but he is not going to get more than 16-18 when it’s all said and done. His performance and inability to stay healthy have both ended any chance of top QB money.

        1. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Rocket. Bradford could take a one-year deal and turn it into a lucrative contract if he played his cards right.

          1. I’m talking about right now as a FA Mid. The 25 mill figure is a joke and I’m sure he knows it, and has no expectation of actually getting anywhere near that.

              1. The Cutler contract is a big reason I think Bradford will get a deal in the neighborhood I mentioned. We can sit here and say how dumb it is, but that’s the NFL marketplace and some team is going to pay it.

            1. Texans will be smart, pass on Manziel and snag Bradford. Hoyer gave away the game. A decent QB with that defense? They would look really strong.

        2. It’s the reality of the QB position guys. Bradford is going to command at least 16 mill a year imo simply because he’s a FA QB with starting ability. The demand for QB’s hasn’t diminished and this is the kind of money teams have to pay to get one.

            1. Wait and see Prime. I’m still waiting to hear the news McCarthy has been fired. When do see that announcement being made? ;)

              1. McCarthy is not going to be fired this season, but from the articles I have seen he is indeed on the hot seat.

              2. He should be fired! That team has underachieved the past 3 years! But he keeps firing coaches and saving himself.
                But Bradford making 16 plus a year, you are high my friend.

              3. McCarthy has made the playoffs for the last 8 years, has won a SB, went to the NFCCG a year ago and almost won in AZ a few days ago. Saying he should be fired is ridiculous and means every other HC not named Carroll or Belichick should also be fired.

            1. Man Philly or any team paying Bradford over 10 would be a bad move.
              As bad as Rocket saying #7 was a franchise QB then waffling after week 6!

              1. As bad as Rocket saying #7 was a franchise QB then waffling after week 6!

                Not sure if this is you joking or not, but either way: If you can find any post from any point in history on this site where I say Kaepernick is a franchise QB, I’ll admit I was completely wrong and post an avatar of anything you like for a month. If you can’t, then admit you were talking out of your ass when you attributed this to me and move on.

              2. I am relaxed Prime. Just putting an end to this fairy tale you’ve made up one way or another. Either prove it or move on.

              3. You said it. Don’t deny it. Fan also called you out on it.
                I wish I could go back and find it but you are right, I’ll move on.

              4. Prime,

                It was never said by me. I would admit it if I did because I honestly don’t care if I’m wrong about something I say. I’ve been wrong before, will be again and have admitted so. Both you and fan are out to lunch with this and seem confused as to the difference between supporting Kap against unwarranted criticism at times, and believing he’s a franchise QB. You can’t find anything because it doesn’t exist.

              5. Rocket,
                He’s the King of the Stickless Mud. He accused me of being ‘over emotional’ about Kaep last week…..right after I said that he wasn’t a franchise QB and that the team should draft a franchise QB. Smh. Kaep is one of his trigger words that will spur an outburst.

                *Prime is in the fetal position, listening to Alex Smith audio highlights through Beats headphones, blind to the irony.

              6. BigP,

                Yeah it’s like trying to get a point across to a wall sometimes. It all stems from the fact I supported Kap against their attacks and put up info to show they were not supported by the facts. They were waiting for the guy to fail and when he finally did, they decided they were somehow vindicated on everything they said in the past and started making up a different back story in contrast to what was really said.

                I know you wanted Kap to be successful as much as I did. I also know you don’t care who it is playing QB as long as they are winning and that QB is playing a part in it. I’m the exact same way and just want to see the team win no matter who is on the field. If Kap isn’t the guy, which it appears he is not, then it’s time to find somebody who is which is why I’ve been annoying everybody with my desire to draft Goff.

  14. So Florio posted this ABSURD bs hit job on Chip Kelly.

    I left this comment at 1:26EST. Lets see how long it takes to get deleted.

    “How in the WORLD do you go from a brand new coach not wanting to publicly discuss a QB he needs to evaluate to a brand new coach not wanting the QB on the team. You are making a rumor out of thin air. There is no there there. My God, you are such a tool Florio.”

    1. Absurd or not, it does bring up an interesting point. If Kelly does like the prospect of coaching Kaepernick, then why didn’t he talk more about him. It seemed like Kelly talked more about Gabbert than Kaepernick yesterday. I can only think of a few reasons for this: he doesn’t want to tip his hand, was told not to, has no interest in coaching Kaepernick, or knows that the team is planning on releasing or trading Kaepernick.

      1. He could also be setting up a competition, and may the best man win, or Kaepernick let Chip off the old Baalke know he has no desire to play for the 49ers….

        1. The first one coincides with Kelly not tipping his hand and the second with the possibility of Kaepernick being released or traded.

          1. It’s hard to know what to make of Kelly’s remarks. He keeps mentioning April 4th, but that is after the date on which a decision needs to be made about paying Kap his base salary of around $11 million or so. OTOH, they might be phrasing it this way so that other teams will think the 49ers are not going to cut Kap and it will therefore require a trade to get him.

  15. Kelly on Kap:

    Fan’s, Gabbert beat out Kap and will beat him out again when it comes to speed reading and throwing accuracy in camp competition…Frankly, I, for one, look forward to putting an end to Baalke’s blown draft pick and favored son, who never earned the job through competition, but was given the job so Baalke could cover his ass on yet another LaMichael James second round bust we have In Kap.

    Obviously, Kap is an extremely talented football player and you need to have a good quarterback to win,” Kelly said. “But I was also impressed with how Blaine played this year also. So I think both of those players made this an attractive situation.”

    1. Fan’s,

      Thank your lucky stars for the arrival of Kelly so we can finally have an open competition at the QB position, and no Baalke involvements with his Bemidji coaching tips.

  16. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 48m48 minutes ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted DL
    At least he’s making me think through things, from several angles, as opposed to the last guy.

      1. Your welcome. I think I asked the class to raise your hand if any of you thought he would have picked the 49ers if Jimmy Tom was still the coach….

    1. Glad your back to the glass is half full, George. I think everything has gone about as well as can realistically be expected. Jed has been humbled and I think/hope has learned some important lessons. A lot of sports writers are on board with the Kelly pick with some citing it as the best HC acquisition by a team. We’ve got lots of money for FA and a good number of picks. Many will still complain that Baalke is still around; but I’m pretty convinced that Baalke will be the next to go if things don’t work out. I also think that Jed has pretty much told Baalke that he is in a partnership with Kelly and to “make it work”. We’ll see, but I’m certainly not displeased.

      1. I also like the fact that Tom Gamble is around to be that 3rd person to help make decisions. Looking at the TV today it was mentioned that Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford all had career years in Pass Yds, Comp Pct and Passer Rtg) under Chip.

        Also, the Eagles offense in 3 years under Chip finished:

        PPG 26.9 Ranked: 3rd Behind: Den & NE

        YPG 392.8 Ranked: 3rd Behind: Den & NO

        Off. TD 152 Ranked: 152 2nd Behind: Den

  17. “Chip’s going to be here for a long time, period.”

    translation: The next one to go is the GM, not the coach. Baalke better find a way to work with Chip and draft players that deliver immediately.

  18. Select 2016 UFAs By Position

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