How Jed York should judge new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan

John Lynch said something that made Kyle Shanahan uncomfortable.

Before I tell you what that was, let me tell you about Lynch and Shanahan. Both are blank slates. Shanahan, the 49ers’ new head coach, has never been a head coach. He has been an offensive coordinator, a successful one. Jed York believes Shanahan’s success will transfer to his current position. The burden of proof is on York.

Lynch, the 49ers new general manager, has never been a general manager. He has been a successful player. York believes Lynch’s success will transfer to his current position. The burden of proof is on York.

York sat behind a table with the two blank slates Thursday at their introductory press conference. Shanahan came across as intelligent, confident, frank, specific, measured. Clearly the most qualified person at the table.

Lynch came across as a politician, raising hope for the future with vague generalities. He spoke first. Thanked the Yorks. Thanked his family. Thanked his former employer, Fox. Then he introduced Shanahan.

“He is one of the brightest minds in the game,” Lynch said. “This year he engineered one of the most prolific offenses in the history of football. The Falcons led the league in almost every offensive category.”

Shanahan looked down and breathed a deep sigh. Lynch had made a mistake.

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  1. Shanahan, Peters, Gamble (if he stays). As coach and player evaluations/scouting.

    Paraag contract negotiator/cap-man.

    Lynch is somewhat irrelevant. Keep people motivated, don’t get in the way, make people feel good about staying with or coming to the niners. By being irrelevant he becomes important.

    I don’t think shanahan is a super crazy innovator, nor is he super crazy aggressive. But nobody said that either one of those is actually a great thing to have on a team.

    My worry is twofold: the lack of coaching and personal talent on team after Peters and after Shanahan. The burden on Shanahan to wear multiple hats (talent evaluator, coach, OC, train lynch). He needs an OC to take some of the mundane duties of an OC away from him. Also he needs more coaching talent on defensive side of ball.

    One more worry: if or when Shanahan fails/gets fired. And peters gets hired by another team. We are left with lynch Mr. Relevant by being Irrelevant. Here’s for hoping that he learns something in the 4 year leash that Shanahan has as a coach.

    1. Gamble and Meyhew will join former Broncos director of college scouting and new 49ers vice president of player personnel Adam Peters.

    2. They dumped Baalke and added Peters and Mayhew to Gamble. They’ve actually improved quite dramatically in this area. Lynch is essentially the Director of Football ops. many of us were stating Jed should hire. I like how this has come together and the FO is much stronger for it.

      1. All the talk about “a grown up in the building” and “an experienced. respected football guy” for the front office could finally be a reality. Bigger news than “is he a real GM?”

        So far I’m feeling good about this group.

      2. Yeah, Lynch hiring Peters and Mayhew were good moves. It will help mask Lynch’s deficiencies/ lack of experience in personnel evaluation and let him act as the overseer.

        1. It also shows that Lynch is not insecure and is willing to surround himself with people who have more experience than he. Those are excellent qualities and ones that Baalke lacked.

      3. Outside of the Lynch hiring the other moves have been reservedly good, on paper. I’m giving this group two off-seasons to show they actually know what they’re doing but the first big hurdle will be what they decide to do with #2 in April. Hoping they can resist the temptation to pull the trigger on a QB, that show they’re truly committed to doing this right and taking as long as it needs to it that way. If they draft a QB at #2 it’ll show they’re impatient and are trying to make an early splash.

        Clearly, if they do take a QB at #2 that latter thought can ultimately be proven wrong but with the options available I’m not worried.

        1. Unless, of course, there is a QB at 2 who they believe in. I don’t care who that player is at #2, as long as he has the drive, the ability to elevate the players around him long term, and the talent to become great, in relatively short order.

          Whether that guy is a QB at #2, a ILB, OLB, WR, etc., what matters is how Kyle, Peters and Gamble feel about the impact of the player they select.

          Personally, I’d like their top 3 priorities this offseason to be 1) find a viable QB, even if he’s a bridge QB, 2) add an influx of talent at the WR position, 3) and overhaul the LB corp.

          And for the record: MITCH TRUBISKY has 571 college pass attempts entering the draft, and former number one pick ALEX SMITH Smith had 587 attempts during his college career.

          1. That’s not a good endorsement of Trubisky considering how raw Smith was coming into the NFL and the struggles that ensued.

            I don’t think they should use the #2 on a QB either. There is no prospect that merits that kind of investment. If they take one we’ll have to hope for the best and put our trust in their scouting decisions, but I’d feel a lot better about using the #2 on somebody like Allen or trading down if the opportunity arises. Then look at a QB in round two or three. Best case scenario would be if the Pats agreed to trade Garoppolo to us for our second this year and something else next year. That way we get the young QB and our pick of the blue chips in the top 5.

            1. And I agree rocket, I very much like the Garopollo scenario, which likely plays out before the draft, I would assume.

              Just curious rocket ….. say the 49ers don’t get Garoppolo or Cousins and hope to draft a QB in next years class, who would be your top QB prospect for 2018?

              1. Because if Rosen duplicates his 2016 performance, unless the 49ers go 2-14 again, it’s going to take more draft capitol to land him.

                I’m of the philosophy that there are one or two potential franchise QB’s in nearly every draft class, as long as land in the right situation and are developed properly. we’ve got a guy who works wonders with QB’s and if there is a guy who they think has a very, very high ceiling in this years draft class, but likely needs seasoning like nearly every QB of this day and age do, than grab him and get the process started.

              2. Rosen is a kid I’ve been watching since he was in HS, but he suffered some big time injuries last season and will need to stay healthy this year so he can get the hype back up to what it was in his Freshman season. Jake Browning faded a bit down the stretch and has an average arm, but he’s extremely smart and has great instincts.

                I think Sam Darnold may wind up being the #1 QB prospect in next years draft if he plays the way he did this past season. The way he came in and lifted the entire SC team was remarkable. I selfishly want him to stay for at least two more years, but if he has the kind of season I think he will, he will have to declare in 2018.

            2. And, IMO, Trubisky has a much higher ceiling than Alex. He’s certainly got a better arm, and has better pocket awareness.

              In fact, I see a whole lot of Derek Carr in Mitch Trubisky: While Derek Carr had a substantial edge in college experience, Trubisky has the edge in terms of Comp%, Passer Rating, & TD/INT ratio. Also, Trubisky appears to have an edge in my book in terms of pocket presence, ability to extend plays, and scrambling/run ability!

              TRUBISKY’S College Stats: 363 of 533, 68.1%, 4,482 yds, 39 TD, 8 INT, 158.3 Rating
              Trubisky’s Combine measurables: TBD

              CARR’S College Stats: 66.7 Comp%, 12,843 Yds, 113 TD, 24 INT, 152.9 Rating.
              Carr’s offical Combine measurables: 6 ft 2  3⁄8 in, 214 lb, 31½ in arm, 9⅛ in hand, 4.69 s 40, 1.64 s split. Wonderlic Score = 20 (Alex Smith Wonderlic Score = 40)

              NFL.COM: BOTTOM LINE – Mitch Trubisky is a high-end quarterback prospect who possesses NFL size, a big arm and the ability to throw with accuracy from the pocket or on the move. Despite playing in a spread-based offense, he’s a full-field reader who does a very good job of getting an early read on the safeties before crafting his course of action. Trubisky will have to become much more pocket aware and do a better job of recognizing and attacking blitzes to back NFL defensive coordinators off. He hasn’t put all the pieces together yet, but the puzzle is all right in front.

              *Trubisky projects as a good starting quarterback with a high floor and the potential to be GREAT!
              – Lance Zierlein

              1. You don’t have to sell me on Trubisky. He’s the best QB in this draft from what I saw last season. The problem is the lack of starts and the fact you are really taking a major gamble if you select him in the first. It will be interesting to see what he measures in at the combine. There are rumblings that he’s shorter than he’s being listed at NC.

              2. Trubisky is NOT worth the #2 pick in the draft. Second-rounder, at best. Maybe 31-32 if a team is desperate.

              3. So, regardless of whether Trubisky is a guy Kyle and Lynch feel is the best QB in the draft, and a guy they feel can eventually lead them to a Super Bowl, you have to pass at #2 because a lot of scouts question his experience? Even though many scouts also recognize he’s the most talented QB in this class with HUGE upside, and potential for greatness?

                Yah, that’s going to get this franchise to the next level. SMH!

                All I’m saying is, not only would I strongly consider Trubisky at #2, but if Kyle and Lynch also think he’s “the guy” you take him wherever you need to. It’s the toughest position to fill in pro sports, and that’s the reasons QB like Trubisky is going to go higher than he would if he played any other position.

                Imagine this scenario. A team drafts Carr in late round 1, and the Raiders lose out on him, simply because it’s 5 or 10 slots ahead of where is lands on their board. Where would the Raiders be right now? 7-9 sounds right to me!

          2. No question Trubisky should sit 1/2 a season, under the tutelage of a veteran QB, QB Coach – Rich Scangarello (likely) and the QB Whisperer – Kyle Shanahan, or perhaps a full season.

            Like Lynch said earlier this week, it’s going to be hard for ANY rookie QB, (which obviously is used a a general statement) to pick up Kyle’s system. So even if they are lucky enough draft a top QB prospect next season, it’s still going to take time for the rookie to develop.

            I’m not saying Trubisky is the guy. I’d be more inclined to hope Keiser falls to the end of round 1 and move up, but regardless of the rookie, Kyle runs a very sophisticated pro offense, and it’s going to be a challenge for any rookie, regardless of draft class.

            1. I remember some poster going on and on about some guy named Cook, and declared he was a lock down first rounder.

              Guess history will repeat itself.

              1. And I remember some d bag comin on here after being banned from another site proclaiming Kaepernick was going to win 10 straight games after losing the starters job in training camp to Blaine Gabbert.
                Then this same d bag blames all Kaps regression in play on everything except the one trick pony QB himself!

              2. Prime, it sure was not me. I would never declare that the Niners would win 10 straight after watching the defense implode.

                No, Kaep did not lose the competition, he just was not physically ready, yet. Baalke made sure Gabbert became the starter, so Gabbert was handed the job, and we all saw why Gabbert was benched.

              3. Hey, What about Cook Seb? I never advocated for taking Cook at #5. I was for trading up into late round 1. Besides, Cook’s got a future. Toss out his first start, that was simply too big of a hill to climb considering his lack of practice reps and game time experience. The knock on Cook was that was some kind of bad seed, and couldn’t lead a group of men. I said it was a false narrative, and it ends up Cook was very well liked and respected by his teamates this season, nor did he point fingers even though neither his OL, Crabtree or Cooper gave him any help in the postseason.

              4. Sebnnoying you and Razor have breakfast together?
                2 for 1 horse crap with a side of amnesia?
                Just be around when KS cuts Kap lose ok. I’m gonna drive it right up your pie hole!

              5. By the way Prime, you’re spot on once again.

                Let these guys root for Matt Schaub next season, with Ponder backing him up, that way they can find out, once again, how little changes without a viable QB. I promise they’ll be convinced the 49ers should have done ANYTHING but that.

                I’ll root for Schaub or Ponder, as long as they have a protege waiting in the wings.

            2. And by the way, I think Rueben Foster would have the most instant impact on this 49ers team next season than any player in this draft outside of Garrett, and I’d still rather take a high ceiling, high caliber person at QB for Kyle to start developing ASAP!

              Until we get the QB position figured out, the 49ers will remain irrelevant at best! We have a chance to draft a first round talent at QB this year, why would anyone pass on that with our current situation at QB is just puzzling to me. And a losers mentality, unless you don’t believe Kyle can handle the development of a young QB, which might be your train of thought, which is also puzzling to me, just in a different way.

              1. I think Dalvin Cook would actually provide this team the most bang for its buck as far as impact goes. And that’s the kind of impact that is sorely needed on the offensive side of the ball….

          3. 49reasons

            I do hope that you’re calculating in that Tribusky had an extra year than Alex who graduated two years early….looks about even to me….

            1. What I am really saying is, I look at his tape, and I see the best QB available for the 49ers barring a trade. And even then, Jimmy Garopollo isn’t a proven commodity. Yes, he’s got far more experience at this point and time. But he’s absolutely no “sure thing”! I think Cousins is more proven, does that make him a better option than Jimmy? No, not necessarily.

              I’m willing to wait and see what the 49ers decide to do in FA. If we get a viable long term starting QB, great. What I’m not willing to do is pass on a guy I feel strongly about at QB simply because he falls 10-15 spots ahead of my board (Trubisky is #15 on my board).

              DeShaun Watson has plenty of experience, including 2 fantastic College Championship games under his belt vs the best defense in FBS, and 1 College Title, does that make him the best QB in the draft in terms of skill set? Heck no!

              1. Trubiscuit- 39 TD’s, lost bowl game to an inferior Stanford team, 1 year experience

                Sanchize-34 TD’s, MVP of Rose Bowl, 1 year experience

              2. I can pretty much guarantee you that Lynch Shanny will not be selecting Trubiscuit with the number 2 pick….

              3. Like I said, go out and land garopollo or Cousins, and I’m fine with passing on a potentially great young QB.

                But if they cannot, I’d be very willing to try and trade the #2, back to #8- #12, and take a chance on Trubisky falling to around #8-12. And if he goes before us, I’ll be kicking and screaming and targeting Kaiser in round 2.

                What I’m not willing to do is roll Matt Schaub out for the next couple years, without a viable starter behind him, learning along the way. And I am certainly not advocating bringing back the one trick pony who isn’t “big on mechanics”, or studying game film and defenses.

              4. Now you are into guarantees! This day keeps getting better and better for you. Lay off the sauce maybe Razor!

              5. The chances of Cousins even being available are slim to none, and none just left for Canada. I’ve said from day one, Jimmy Garoppolo’s likely destination is Chicago. Some team like the Jets will reach for Trubiscuit early, just like they did for Sanchize, Bortles, Gabbert, etc….

              6. Inferior Stanford team?

                Get your facts straight razor, you are embarrassing yourself. Stanford was ranked #18 (10-3), NC was unranked (8-5), and Trubsiky easily outplayed any QB Stanford paraded out, and the game was up for grabs until the final moments.


              7. Come on razor, now you’re just being silly!

                Apples and oranges!

                Talk about disparity in Talent? USC was a top 5 team going into the Rose Bowl and had far, far more talent to work with on the offensive side of the ball, including a superior OL and receivers!

              8. Simple, Prime. The 49ers stay put and draft Trubiscuit with their 2nd overall selection in the first round, and I stay off the blog site for as long as you like. If they don’t, I will determine when you are able to return and Grant us more of your football wisdom….

              9. Oh OK Razor, McCaffery.

                Because one absolutely dominant college offensive playmaker for a QB to utilize vs none, means nothing, right? Come on man.

              10. Naw you guys! Screw a bet! Challenge a duel!
                Sledgehammer fight in four feet of cold water.
                Loser has to…..oh, never mind….you don’t want to lose that one.

              11. Ever heard of Kaluka Maiava? Me either, but he was the defensive MVP of that Rose Bowl. Ronald Johnson WR? David Ausberry? Damien Williams? Scelzi, Mcneal or Tyler? Are you sure you’re not the one embarrassing yourself? Sanchise threw 4 TD’s ZERO INT’s & over 400 yards with an 80 rating(which was a record).

                Trubiscuit threw 2 TD’s and 2 picks, plus he fumbled away another.

              12. Cash only

                ROTFLMAO! You’re quite familiar with Horse chit up there, but it seems you’re just as familiar with the chicken variety as well!

              13. Like I told your brother Seb, we are grown men. Grown men bet money. Not status on a blog or marbles or bubble gum!
                Are you scared to bet money?

              14. Are you scared to bet money?

                $200? That’s chump change down here. Grown men start their bets at a grand around here!

              15. Ha! Do we have a deal at $200?
                Niners take Trubisky at #2 unless he is taken at #1 or if the Niners trade out of #2?

              16. Are you honestly comparing an unranked team like NC, to USC, one of the most dominant teams in the country at that time?

                Put Trubisky on that team in the Rose Bowl, and he throws for 6 TD’s and rushes for 2 more. Guaranteed!

                By the way, NC’s defense was ranked 64th in the country coming in to that bowl game, and still nearly beat Stanford, who had a top 32 defense, and the best offensive rusher/receiver on the field.

                You just aren’t presenting a relevant argument razor. BR’s Matt Miller, their lead draft analyst, has Trubisky at the middle of round one, on his big board, #16. In fact, I’ve seen few boards that have Trubisky rated outside round 1. Yah, maybe his lack of experience drops him down to middle first round, but as long as he develops intop a first round talent at QB, who cares if it’s at #2, or #22? I’ll take a first round QB talent at #2 ahead of most positions, simply because it’s the most important position in the NFL.

                How many teams recently, are kicking themselves for passing on Prescott and Carr in round 1, simply because they were rated as 2nd or 3rd round talents? Hint: Every team with a need at QB!

                Trubisky isa a first round talent on every board. Passing on him, oustide of Garret, could be fatal for the 49ers, because who knows if they will be in as good of draft position next season?

                Go ahead and own that razor. Especially if the 49ers do take him at #2, I want you to OWN IT!

              17. You can throw a tantrum, but you’re not getting Trubiscuit with the 2nd pick. Now do we have to pay a visit to the little boys room?

              18. And outside of Trubisky’s experience, what about his game has you thinking it doesn’t translate to the pro’s.

                He’s, by far, the most accurate mid range passer in this draft, has a strong arm and hit’s his target’s consistently at every level. He’s a wizard in terms of the way he moves around in the pocket and extends plays. He’s a very good, and smart, runner when he needs to be.

                By all accounts, he’s smart, and he’s got an absolute warriors mentality. So his unranked team barely lost to the #18th ranked team in the country.

                By the way Razor, I like Darnold, but I’m amused how smitten you are with the FRESHMAN!I thought you didn’t put stock in one year QB’s? And by the way, Darnold will likely go number one next year, especially if he keeps close to his current trajectory, so, unless you think the 49ers won’t improve some this season, it could take serious draft capitol to land him.

                And Rosen, hard to say coming off surgery on his throwing shoulder. And he’s a dumb, immature kid, by all accounts, so good luck with that!

              19. Trubiscuit won’t be worth the 2nd pick to Lynch Shanny. Maybe there’s a GM out there like you, and they trade up for him….

                Darnold looked good, but he’ll need to prove it all year long in 2017. I was “smitten” with Francois. I thought he really improved throughout the year, and he’s a tough SOB….

              20. Fair enough razor, we’ll agree to dissagree.

                If the 49ers pass on Trubisky, who would you like them to take at #2?

                Here are my favorites (outside of Garrett):

                1) R. Foster ILB
                2) C. Davis WR
                3) M. Williams WR
                4) L. Fournette RB
                5) J. Allen DL

              1. ?

                That certainly can’t be the best you’ve got View, can it?

                My god, are you even old enough to be on this forum?

    3. Everyone knows Julio and Matt aren’t coming. I mentioned before, when u were proven wrong on why he wasn’t coming here, you would find a way to bring up, he’s not going to have either of those guys. Kyle was not shaken by Lynch’s comment. That’s just how you tried to shake it.

    4. Lynch is irrelevant? Now that’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve read since Seb said, they should keep Kaepernick, a non born thrower. Even though I used to like the duel threat that was Colin Kaepernick.

      1. Hmmm, non born thrower? Kaep was the first college QB to throw for 10,000 yards while also running for 4000 yards. Non born throwers cannot pass for 400 yards, something Kaep did last season.

        The idea that Kaep cannot throw the ball is specious, especially considering his college days. In the pros, Kaep was content to not have stellar passing numbers, because he was winning football games by allowing Frank Gore to be the workhorse.

        What makes Kaep so scary is his dual threat to either pass or run. With KS, he may finally achieve his potential.

        I agree, Lynch is not irrelevant, because he will focus on fixing the defense.

      1. Venado (just west of me) got 114 inches of rain since Oct. 1. No wonder I’m feeling moldy. How’s Sebastopol doing?

            1. Life is funny. I was cleaning out a ditch that was clogged and flooding a road. I was soaking wet with the rain coming down in sheets, and some guy runs out of his house telling me to stay away from his property because I was throwing the dirt and gravel on the slope, which was -‘on his property.’ Of course, he never touched that slope, even to cut down his weeds, but he was a proud Trump supporter who had a sign in his yard.

              His wife was begging him to get back inside, so I waited until he went back in, and cleaned it out anyways. No more flooding.

              1. I did it for my client. If that section of road collapsed, she would have been cut off from Sebastopol, and would have had to drive 15 miles out of her way on back roads to get to town.

                I knew the county was in rescue mode, and would not have time to deal with the flooding. I just used my American ingenuity and gumption to solve a problem and possible danger.

                Of course. you, Prime, would never have thought about others.

      2. Yeah, like Walsh. Like Holmgren. Like Wyche. Like Shanahan (the old one). Like McCarthy.

        Just think of how successful they could have been if they’d only hired an Offensive Coordinator. Instead it was years and years of failure… /sarcasm

      3. Hey, Mighty Quinn!!!!

        Its time for you to go on record, show your resume, and tell us all specifically what you know about the QB position that the new coach does not.
        We already know Walsh was his own OC. Who’s better at that than Shanahan?
        There’s an edge to your postings, Seb, because you have a great fear of your Idolatry passing………into history………..

        1. Saw, I will just state that my personnel selection acumen is substantiated by my last mock when I picked 3 players that the Niners ended up selecting. Nobody else on this site ever claimed more than one or 2.

          I chose Buckner, Garnett and Fahn Cooper.

          I wonder how many you chose, or did you even have the guts to post a mock draft?

          1. Seb………

            No, I have no guts. And I hate all living things. Tomorrow, I shall beat baby seals to death……..because that is what I do.

            I’m a hater.

            1. You sir, have taken the first step to enlightenment.

              Embrace your hate, because you are nothing without it. Too bad it will consume you.

              Actually, I wanted you to bluster about your Mock, but I guess I hit too close to home. Since I feel sorry for you, I will go easy on you.

              1. So, you chose three guys that Baalke drafted? Baalke whom you hate. Baalke who did your crush wrong. Baalke who was fired for his drafting mistakes. Brilliant. And of course nobody else saw the Buckner pick coming.

              2. Most posters were talking QBs. Many thought Buckner was duplicative since they had Armstead. I wonder how many players you got right on your mock. Yes, Buckner was the obvious choice, but many of the others were out of the blue.

                Yes, I fully admit that I detested Baalke, but there were many others in that draft room,and the end result was that I picked 3 players that they also thought highly enough to actually select. In a previous draft, I wanted them to select Roby, who went next pick after Ward. Roby made plays that helped the Broncos win a SB.

                I will also put up some of my previous mocks. I selected players like Leonard Floyd, Shaq Lawson and Nick Kwaitkowski. NK did very well against the Niners.

              3. Hahaha!!!!!!!

                You beat everything, you know that, Barney? Someday I’m going to find where you live-what R.E. firm you work for- and get you a gift certificate at a good restaurant in Santa Rosa!

                I figure I owe you, from all the entertainment you give me………

    1. Sigh, Grant is tripling down. Cutler is not coming to the Niners, because once they watch some tape, they will never touch him with a 10 foot pole.

      Kyle is not worried about Lynch touting his Atlanta gig. KS took a 6 win team and in a couple years, got them to almost win a SB.

      Granted, he had Julio Jones, but he saw how Ryan was made so much better when he had a good weapon to throw to. The Niners need to find that WR for Kaep, and KS could rejuvenate Kaep just like he did with Ryan.

      1. Kaep is as good as gone Seb. It’s better for both parties involved. Colin has way too much baggage, and is too closely associated with the feeble last few seasons the 49ers are trying desperately to turn the page on.

        Deal with your river of denial before it consumes you.

        1. 49, I remember you touting Cook as the second coming. Then he lasted until the 4th round.Then when he was handed a playoff team, you crowed about Cook taking apart the Texans because he had bowl game experience. Then he laid an egg.

          Since your assessments have been so wildly inaccurate, pardon me if I take your pronouncements with a grain of salt.

          Kaep does not have baggage. Kaep has been stabbed in the back too many times. Baalke leaving is a good start, but the leaker, Paraag, is still twisting the blade. I am amazed at the capacity of Kaep to forgive, and admire him more for his character, and his ability to turn the other cheek.

          You will vehemently disagree, but I think Kaep is the best player on the team.

          In my assessment, he is the guy to build your team around. I am glad that they know that Kaep is very smart, has deep convictions, and works very hard every day. I think he is a leader, and his Eshmont substantiates that notion.

          Both Lynch and KS want to win, and I think that Kaep gives them the best chance to win. No one has presented a viable alternative, Both Cousins and Garoppolo will cost too much, and they do not need to fix the quarterbacking when they have Kaep, but they really really really need to fix the defense. Until they fix the defense, Joe Montana could not win.

          Kaep has graded out better than many other starters, so no FA alternative comes close. Glennon may be the best, but he also has a 5-13 win loss record. Kaep is 32-32.

          This draft is weak on QBs, so they should concentrate for the first few rounds on defense, and draft a QB like Davis Webb in the 4th, Jerod Evans in the 5th, Joshua Dobbs in the 6th or Cooper Rush in the 7th.

          Denial? Isn’t that a river in Egypt? I am positive that both Lynch and KS will assess the situation, and come to the conclusion that they would rather have Kaep play for them, instead of against them.

          1. What I never said was that Cook would be able to win in the postseason if it was his first start, with one weeks worth of #1 reps under his belt, against the top defense in the NFL, without the help of his starting Pro Bowl LT, or his top 2 WR whom both dropped multiple big plays.

            Nice try Seb, but the book is far, far from closed on Cook.

            1. Nice try, but I have a good memory. You sure were not sounding pessimistic about Cook, and you wanted the world to know that you were right about him.

          2. There once was a man named SEB
            Who got caught on the Sack-Or-Pick sled.

            Said he was great,
            Tried for a date,

            But all he could get was Jed!!!!!!

        1. Can you live with 2 and 4 or would you be baying at the moon to clean house?

          The current Raiders didn’t clearly show that they were on the right path until year three (a little) and year four.

          1. Only winning 2 games this year would concern me. 4 wins in the second year? I wouldn’t clean house but some changes would have to made depending on where we struggled. Such as replacing our DC with Fangio or replacing Lynch with Peters or Mayhew.

            1. Walsh only won two games in his first season, six in the second. If you don’t give JL and KS the same kind of time, you’re terminally stupid.

              1. First off, I was responding to the question of only having 4 wins in the second season, not 6. 6 wins is only 1 less than where I feel they should be in two years.

                Second, That was 1979 and 1980. The league today is all about parity. Look at the what the Cowboys did this season after sucking the year before.

                Third, terminally stupid? You want to give Lynch and Shanahan 3 years no matter what. I guess you think Kelly should still be here. Everyone is up for evaluation. I didn’t need to see Kelly for 3 years to see that he sucked.

                Conversely, it didn’t take Walsh 3 years to show his genius. If it takes you 3 years to evaluate someone you are terminally stupid.

                For the record, I think Lynch and Shanahan will be great and exceed my expectations.

  2. He has the personnel to make the 49ers at least a top 16 offense in the first year now. Add in Free Agency and the Draft and he can remake it to fit his system.

    I thought Burbridge looked pretty good in the very limited action he saw, in kind of a Boldin role, and played well on Special Teams. If Eric Rogers reaches his potential it makes the team faster, stronger, better, and Kerley was good, if they resign him. Streater looked good at times but he’s always been inconsistent. It would be nice if he could bring Gabriel along.

    If Cleveland takes Garrett and it is possible, I’m intrigued by the idea of the team trading down (Maybe the Bills?) and taking O.J. Howard. It could be a first next year, and the remainder this year and next year to fill in some gaps. I still think they could have interest in Davis Webb in the 3rd or 4th round, and if they believe Garoppolo is their guy the extra first next year could go for him.

    1. Jay,
      I would take D.Webb if he’s still on the board in the 4th but would pass in the 3rd because we could use help at O-line or another position. Also, if we can somehow make a deal for either Garoppolo or Cousins the need to draft a QB becomes less of a priority.

      I like your WR scenario. I have liked Burbridge since his college days at Michigan St. and believe he can become a good slot WR. I hope that D.Smelter can get over the hump on the injury front and finally show if he can play.

      1. AES –

        I’ve worked a bunch of mocks, and in most Webb falls to fourth, allowing me to take either Pocic or Elflein, let’s face it, the team needs a true center, Kilgore misses a lot of games, but don’t want to miss Webb either. The team already met with Jon Toth, C, who will be available later.

        Davenport or Sharpe, one of which should be there with the second fourth rounder, or in the fifth, look very good at OT.

        Not counting on Smelter, haven’t seen enough, hoping for the best. Problem is neither he or Burbridge are burners, hopefully Gabriel can be had, if they don’t put too high a draft choice on his RFA.

    2. I think Ellington, Rogers and Smelter coming back from injuries will help the WR corps, but they still need to sign a good FA WR. Then with Torrey and them re signing either Kerley or Patton, along with drafting a WR like Cooper Kupp or Chad Hansen, that would create competition for 6 WR spots on the roster.

      Garropolo did well, but he was playing in the Pats’ system, so he may not shine in the Niner system. It may be another Matt Cassel situation. He looked good playing for the Pats, too. Got traded and did not do as well on other teams.

      Niners MUST use their high draft picks to fix the defense, or the second coming of Joe Montana would not help them win games.

      1. Time to move on from the exceptionally fragile Ellington. Also, Kerley was better, on average, at being a slot receiver than Ellington on Ellington’s best day and is worth resigning. Patton is filler, but no reason to dump him before training camp. The others need development time.

        I also don’t see the need to draft a WR when there are quite a number of good WRs coming up in FA:

        Jeffrey (Bears) — Injury prone, potential PEDs issues.
        Pryor (Browns) — Still developing, but outstanding.
        Garcon (Redskins) — Elite route runner.
        Gordon (Browns) — Elite talent hampered by a wooden head.
        Jackson (Redskins) — Excellent but limited shelf life (30). Attitude problems.
        Thielen (Vikings) — Elite slot receiver. Perfect Patriots-type.

        Fact is we have a lot more money than draft choices and there is no WR worth taking #2 and by the second round you’ve got a 50% failure rate. Whereas all those guys are proven.

        1. I still like Ellington, and mentioned before that they should utilize him properly by not exposing him to injury fielding KOs and punts.

          Jeffrey will be too expensive, and he will want to go to a contender, since he is sick of losing.

          I like Garcon, but the 3 FA WRs I think the Niners should target are- Cordarrelle Patterson, Brian Quick and Kendall Wright. They all are under achievers, so they may flourish in a new environment, and they will not break the bank.

            1. Razor, thanks for eviscerating our good friend.;p

              You truly are a winner, and gratz on winning the fantasy league. That gorilla glue worked well.

              I like Kenny Britt, too.

              1. Prime, please stop inserting your foot in your mouth.

                When I said ‘Good friend’, I was facetiously referring to you. You, obviously are not good, nor are a friend.

                Your are more like a blatherskate, bloviator, belligerent buffoon.

                You are also an easy mark. Say adios to your 200 simoleans.

        2. MosesZD

          I am in serious agreement with you on both Ellington and Patton (too fragile) and Kerley being better and more productive than either of them. Streater, Burbridge, Rogers, and Smelter deserve serious looks….I think that we need a Beefy TE with hands (not Celek). Pryor is the only FA WR of yours that I like….maybe Thielan.

      2. Kupp looks good, as does Chris Godwin, who is underrated on all the boards, but the team already has Smelter and Burbridge, why not take a flier on Rickey Seals Jones or Josh Reynolds, get some height in there to counter Mr. Sherman? Both should be 7th round or FA.

      3. I would love to have Hansen. I can already envision a Webb to Hansen connection. But the perfect West Coast type WR would be Ross.

        1. Yes, Ross can get off the line of scrimmage in a flash. He doesn’t need to hit his stride to exhibit his elite speed. He is good at finding holes against zone defenses. And he is a nightmare for a CB playing man. Great hands and body control.

          He is also a threat to score every time he touches the ball. On offense and STs.

        2. But the perfect West Coast type WR would be Ross.

          I believe Davis would a better option, because he averaged 8.1 yards after the catch per reception last three years. He also hasn’t had two serious knees surgeries….

          1. Corey Davis is hands down the best WR in this class, and WR’s are my specialty. He’s going to be special, just as I predicted the Saints M. Thomas would be last year. Except ….. I like Davis a tad more!

              1. Well, yes and no.

                I think he’s worthy of being a top 10 pick. He’s going to be the best NFL WR in this deep, talented draft class. However, like I said, it’s a very deep WR class, so that needs to be taken in consideration. I can see Ross falling due to questions about his size and durability, and Smith-Schuster could fall on some boards, unless he runs faster than expected at the combine. Zay Jones has #1 potential, but I’d like to see him add a little weight, and there’s always a concern as to the effect adding weight can have on any WR.

                “Man, he (Corey Davis) breaks them off with those routes. It wasn’t even fair the way he did those corners in that conference. A man among boys.” — AFC North regional scout

                There will be some who question if he’s a product of a disparity of talent with the CB’s he faced in the Mid-American Conference (Offensive Player of the Year is the all-time leader in major college football in receiving yards [5,285]), though I highly dissagree, but there will be a learning curve and adjustments he’ll need to make at the NFL level.

                Bottom Line: I’m going to have to see how well he performs at the combine, before I slot him ahead of Foster. If he comes in at 6’3″ – 215 lbs, and runs in the low 4.4’s or better, I’d feel very comfortable pulling the trigger at #2.

                Potential 2017 WR depth chart for the 49ers:

                “X” (split end):

                1) Corey Davis (a true, prototypical #1)
                2) Torrey Smith
                3) Eric Rogers

                “Y” (Flanker):

                1) Eric Rodgers
                2) Q. Patton
                3) Rod Streater

                “Z” (Slot):

                1) Jeremy Kurley
                2) Bruce Ellington
                3a) Rod Streater
                3b) Aaron Burbridge

                The 49ers starting slot receiver would be up for grabs under this scenario, in fact the 49ers could very well add at least 2 receivers this offseason. Jeremy Kurley vs Bruce Ellington would be one of the top training camp battles, along with Streater (Streater believes he can be effective in the slot – “I can fit in – outside, inside – wherever Coach wants to put me” says Streater) vs Burbridge. Also, I think trading Torrey Smith could make a lot of sense if the 49ers draft a true #1 like Davis. Q. Patton could be the #3 on the outside, if the 49ers trade Smith.

          2. Razor,
            I’d be ok with C.Davis, but his 4.5 40 may be a liability at the next level. Ross has “suddenness” in his game – the ability to get himself open with one super quick move, and above average speed to take it to the house after a catch.
            I also believe that he may be on the board for our 2nd pick if we stay pat.

            The first round looks to be more of a defensive haul with a small smattering of offensive players going off the board. This draft scenario could bring in a very strong draft for us.
            I would go with either Jonathan Allen or Reuben Foster with our first pick. Than look to get our WR or QB in rd 2 and rd 3 – or even rd 4.
            QB’s available after the 1st rd that could have value are Jerod Evans, Brad Kaaya, Nathan Peterman and Davis Webb.
            Even if we trade out from #2 and sign a vet QB, we could still find a second tier QB in this draft.

            1. Davis will run a 4.4 forty, and route running is the most important aspect of the position. Jerry Rice ran perfect routes, but he wasn’t any faster than Davis….

              1. Razor,
                I like Cory Davis as well. I’m just not liking him with our #2 pick. We could wait until rd 2 for a good WR.
                JuJu Smith-Schuster, Zay Jones have been productive during their college careers and either would be nice with our 2nd pick.
                WR’s like Malachi Dupre, Isaiah Ford, Cooper Kupp could provide good value on day two of the draft.

              2. Yea, I’ve since decided to go with Dalvin Cook with the 6th pick in a trade down with the Jets. I think he might be a generational talent in Shanny’s offense….

    3. He has the personnel to make the 49ers at least a top 16 offense in the first year now.

      Are you really saying that Kyle Shanahan can take the existing roster and have at least the 16th best offense in the NFL in 2017? Isn’t Kaepernick the only QB on the roster? Has our leading running back ever played a full season?

      If Kyle Shanahan doesn’t meet your expectations, with the current players, are you going to get out the torches and pitch forks?

  3. Having trouble getting into the PD website tonight. I can’t comment on the whole article.

    I’ve wondered of the HC-GM press conferences should have been done on separate days. On the other hand, they are so pressed for time self scouting and putting a staff together it may have been the only choice.

    In the photo breakdown of Kyle’s arrival at 49er headquarters, he seemed uncomfortable at times. Not sure it means anything at all. A natural response for alot of people that don’t like surprises.

    The main vibe I got was that both know they are weeks behind self scouting the roster and other duties. It may be a marathon to get back to the playoffs, but it will be a balls hat sprint between now and free agency.

  4. Good article, well written. I agree with most of it. However, I do not think that Cutler is the answer, ever short term.

  5. Success next season should be measured by competitiveness and incremental improvement. Wins and losses shouldn’t matter, though if they compete hard each week, and keep improving, some wins should come.

      1. Cutler is Jeff George 2.0. Almost every Int. or QB failings was the fault of someone else.
        No heart and no passion for the game equals bad karma in the locker room. I’m surprised that his name is even being mentioned given that fact that most of the fan base wants to get rid of our current polarizing QB.

        1. I’m not going to defend Cutlet but one thing I wouldn’t say is that he lacks heart and passion. He’s just the Liam Gallagher of NFL QB’s. Sure he’s talented but nobody wants to be in the room with the guy.

          1. CFC,
            A leader (imo, usually a QB) that doesn’t have the ability to inspire and motivate those around him in a team sport points to a person that shows no passion.

            Joe Montana wasn’t big on emotions and highly expressive, but he never blamed his teammates when mistakes were made on the field. Doing so, would have been cowardice and heartless.
            That’s my take on Cutler.

    1. I would go for basic competency, and holding the opponent to less than 120 yards rushing.

      Being able to make second half adjustments would be a bonus.

    2. Success next season should be measured by competitiveness and incremental improvement.

      Exactly. Expecting a range of acceptable wins, as such, is just more self abuse.

      1. I get that but our putrid HC from last season may have cost us some wins. We also had a lot of injuries. I think 4 to 6 wins this year is realistic.

  6. I appreciate this article, Grant, your observations and thoughtful evaluations. This new FO has a mountain to climb and they are aware of it, they’re already assembling the key pieces to succeed. However, I do not think Cutler is the bridge to anything other than more tread- water mediocrity and the notion that Colin KaeperDud can magically acquire accuracy and poise under pressure under KS is outrageously laughable. Only the squint-eyed and demented still cling to such immature fantasies. But Lynch, Shanny, et al do have interesting possibilities without trying to pluck a rabbit out of the draft hat. I feel more confidence in this staff then I have felt in years, including the brief Harb/Roman/Fangio epoch. Their moves over the first two seasons will be telling and I can hardly wait to see what FA brings, then the draft.

    1. That was aimed at me, but it appears that I will get the last laugh. KS mentioned that he likes mobile QBs, and Lynch was impressed that Kaep called him to set up a meeting.

      Those 2 will not go all emo like the haters. They will see that Kaep will give them their best chance to win. If they cut Kaep and blow all their draft picks on a QB like Cousins or Garropolo, just expect more losing because they will have neglected to use their high draft picks to fix the defense.

      Squint eyed, demented and immature? Yup, describes the haters to a tee.

  7. I would take Cutler over our 2 starters from this past season. That being said, Cutler isnt the long term answer. Just a bridge to the future. I would of like to seen Ponder play, just to see if he still has anything left. I will say though our QB next season is not currently on our team.

  8. I trust Shanahans judgment on quarterbacks. The fact he left Cleveland because he was Convinced Manziel was garbage shows his knowledge & conviction. CK will be gone because he knows the league had adapted to the read option for 4 years now. He saw that difference from Year 1&2 with RG3. I don’t know who he’ll pick up, but I’m sure he’s looking at bringing in at least 2 qbs that fit his system. He will call all plays Year one because he knows he has to have total control until his offensive philosophy is installed.

  9. “I asked Kyle why he wanted this job”

    Grant, just because you would run from a fight in your particular field of excellence, doesn’t mean he will. This all falls back on your nobody of any importance is going to come here, or no way Kyle decides to take Niners I’ve Colts. Or Blank will overpay him to stay. It’s ok Mr. Cohn, you can be wrong sometimes. And I do say that with an absolute.

  10. Everyone knows Julio and Matt aren’t coming. I mentioned before, when u were proven wrong on why he wasn’t coming here, you would find a way to bring up, he’s not going to have either of those guys. Kyle was not shaken by Lynch’s comment. That’s just how you tried to shake it.

  11. I thought Shanahan and Lynch both did a nice job. York is still York but the two guys sounded confident and weren’t afraid to answer the questions. Who knows what this team will look like in another 4 years but hard to imagine it won’t be competitive. Lynch has surrounded himself with some talent in that FO but to me Kyle’s DC and resulting scheme is what I’m most curious about at this point… For the first time since Harbaugh it feels like this org is back on the road even if a long one.

  12. I like this, from Niner News… “As the teams looks to build back to the pinnacle it reached in the past, I suspect we will not hear quite as much from Leah (Lynch) in the next few years as we did from Cassie Baalke. And hopefully that is because the team has improved, and not just because she likely does not have a Twitter account.”

  13. I have hope for this team after two miserable years. I honestly do not care if we finish with 4 wins as long as the team starts putting good pieces together this year and we can build on it the following year. Logically it might take 3 years for us to be a good team. Finally we have a GM and a head coach that have the same vision. Also, I am excited to hear John Lynch is asking the 49er alumni to come back to the team. Go NINERS

    1. If you mean that “good” is not yet at the “serious contender for the Super Bowl” level, I agree. The fourth year is when they may be serious contenders. Any sooner will be very lucky.

  14. Grant,
    To say that Walsh’s offense was #6 his first year so Shanahans should be top 10 is totally disingenuous. Walsh’s O was #6 because the 49ers were already loaded on the offensive side of the ball. They were horrible on defense. The O talent on the 49ers 1979 roster was 10 times better than the talent Shanahan is inheriting.
    First of all he had Steve DeBerg who was one of the best QB’s in the league for the first 3 and a half quarters of a game and the 49ers won’t find any QB close to his ability next year.
    The O line for the 81 SB was for the most part on the team in 79.
    Walsh had far more talent in 79.
    John Ayers, Dwight Clark, Randy Cross, Steve DeBerg, Keith Fahnhorst, Paul Hofer, Wilbur Jackson, Ken MacAfee, Fred Quillan, Mike Shuman, Freddie Solomon, Ray Wersching and some guy named Montana.
    The 17 9ers will be the exact oppisite of the 79 9ers, with a few additions the D could be top 15. It will take something of a miracle to get the O into the top 20.

    1. OC
      Bill’s early offense put up stats but a lot of the production came as other teams were sitting on a lead and letting Deberg dink and dunk underneath to his heart’s content. Walsh acknowledged that but shrugged it off as he saw benefit in the team drilling his offense to get a collective rhythm. So I’d agree Grant’s standard isn’t really fair for Kyle.

      1. Brotha,
        Playing from behind was a big part of his early success. He also had 7 of his SB starters in place as well as 1979 Paul Hofer who was far better than any RB he had with his first SB team.

    2. They weren’t loaded, it was the system. Paul Hofer set a record for receptions for a RB that year, and nobody was ready for a Running Back catching the ball instead of the hand off.

      1. Jay,
        They had 7 of the eventual offensive starters from the SB on the roster and a better RB (a healthy Hofer) they were loaded in comparison to who Shanahan has returning. I’m not shorting Walsh i’m saying that he was in a far better place in 79 than Shanahan will be in 17.

        1. It is true that the offense was not really the problem. It wasn’t until the got Dean, Hacksaw and had that great DB draft all in one year that they had a balanced team. I told my friends right after they made those acquisitions that they were going to the Superbowl. Walsh and the West Coast offense made their team more offensively consistent however.

          Well for one thing Lynches daughter is smarter than the last GM’s daughter. lol.

  15. Out of the mouths of babes (LOL):

    “I think the toughest one – I haven’t told this yet to the media – but, all my kids took it really well. They were shocked but they took it well. My nine-year-old started bawling and she’s not that girl. She’s the one who’s always happy and she was crying and I said, ‘What’s wrong Leah? Are you afraid, there’s some nervous anxiety about moving?’ And she said, ‘No daddy,’ and she was sobbing. And I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And she said, ‘The 49ers are horrible.’ So I said, ‘Well, I think that’s why they hired your daddy.’”

  16. I don’t much care for the Cutler idea. It will be interesting to see if JL’s past admiration of Cutler still stands.
    No ping pong? No music? Grant is channeling some fire and brimstone preacher rant there it seems. Somewhere there is a balance. Oppressive atmosphere doesn’t increase productivity. Besides, Kyle has been around locker rooms most of his life. He knows the tone he wants to set.

  17. Decent article Grant. Followed most of what you said about setting realistic expectations and a plan to sign Cutler and build an effective offense. You revealed your youth and lack of leadership experience with this comment:

    “Life in the NFL isn’t fun and games when you’re 2-14. Shanahan shouldn’t even allow the players to listen to music. They should have to earn music and Ping-Pong by winning some games.”

    I get the feeling if you were put in charge of the operations of a struggling company you would create a sweatshop built on a foundation of fear rather than a culture of mutual respect and care for each other. Long term success is built when an organization has a culture where great people want to take part. Music and ping-pong aren’t the problem with the 49ers. The problem is media leaks and malcontents who don’t really want to be part of the team and are only playing for a paycheck. Bill Walsh used to say players don’t play for their family or coaches. Greatness in a team comes when the players give every ounce of their soul because they don’t want to let their teammate down. Cutting out music and ping-pong and making the team earn those things back would create hostility that people don’t want to be around. I think you’re a talented writer. You would be a horrendous leader of men if you really think music and ping-pong are important changes to make.

    1. Sometimes the examples shouldn’t be taken quite so literally. Think of it as reading the bible and treat them more like metaphors.

    2. I agree. Locker room dynamics are so important. Taking away the ping pong table would be like installing a coke machine, instead of having sodas available for free.

      However, I would like for the players to stop painting their faces with all that eye black. When they win it looks cool, but when they were losing, it looked like clown paint. Eye black will not help them win games. They should also stop the excessive celebrations. It may have cost them the Bear’s game. Maybe they should act like they have been in the end zone before, and they should only allow celebrations after they win at least 6 games.

      I would also like the Niners to put up video monitors showing Bill Walsh’s chalk talks, and put them on continuous loop, so the players can study and learn from the master.

      If the QBs want to play games, maybe they should put up a dart board. Then the QBs, Kap included, can work on flicking their wrist to achieve better accuracy.

      No music? This is not Afghanistan, and the FO should not be the Taliban.

    3. Houston9er, all Grant left out was “Don’t give them water during practice until they earn it by winning.” John York would like that.

  18. I will temper my enthusiasm for the Lynch/ KS hires because I was excited about Chip, and his potential to be able to turn around the offense. Too bad the defense collapsed worse than the Falcons in the SB.

    However, even though Lynch is a green novice, he is light years better than Baalke, so there is hope.

    Lynch will not wait until the 6th round to select a WR, and UDFA signings will only be a sign of desperation. Sounds like the draft is covered with the addition of good personnel people, but the main criteria for judging Lynch is to see who he can sign as Free Agents.

    1. Seb,
      I have only been truly excited over 2 previous coaching\front office hires in 49er history. #1 Bill Walsh and John McVay and #2 Jim Harbaugh. This years hires have become #3. I can only describe it as a gut feeling but I really love these hires and Lynch has done nothing but make my feeling stronger by his early FO hires. Seb take my word for it good times are just around the corner and by just around the corner I mean a return to the playoffs in 2019.

  19. SIgh. Only the ignorant use yards as a measurement as the correlation to winning is not statistically significant. The 49ers were 6th in yards because teams were playing prevent for much of the game and would give cushion, thus yards, to take time off the clock.

    The 49ers were 16th in scoring in 1979 which has a significant, but not great, correlation with winning. They were 12th in 1980.

    It wasn’t until 1981 did they break the Top-10. Only 3 times did Walsh finish in the Top-4 (1, 2 & 4). The rest of the time he was 5th through 8th. Not because the 49ers couldn’t score, but because he liked to run-out the clock on offense in the 4th quarter while leading. So he ran the ball a lot.

    It would be helpful if you be less dishonest, or perhaps ignorant, about the 49ers past and basic use of football statistics. I do realize you were an English major and probably had nothing more difficult than bone-head algebra in college.

    But NFL stats like yardage and points don’t require much in the way of thinking. And five minutes worth of reading off a 30-second Google search would have taught you that.

    1. Coach Walsh said there were only three stats that mattered to him:

      25 first downs per game.
      Edge in Time of Possession.
      Edge in Turnovers.

      He felt if the team had these they would win. They won a lot with these in place.

  20. For two years now I have been reading and watching.”Kaep is done in S.F.” I still get the feeling he isn’t done yet in S.F. and believe Shanahan and Lynch are not done with him neither. He contract is well within reason, far less than what they would have to give up for Cousins or Garoppolo. Kaep does have what Shanahan is looking for and more. Keeping Kaep would allow the team to use its draft picks strengthened them buy adding playmakers and quality depth. His first action is finding a QB to backup the QB he already has in the building.

        1. Why? Because we do not sink to the level of the haters? I think Reuben is very astute in his assessments of the team, and Kaep in particular.

          1. Seb-skov, you have used the word “hate” and “haters” much tonight. Your nervous about something……….fidgity, anxious…..

            1. No, I am not encouraging them, they just seem to come out of the woodwork. The haters just took a big kick in the teeth, so I am very happy.

              They were SO sure that Lynch and KS were going to declare that the Niners were moving on from Kaep. They were strutting and preening that they were so smart, but then were bitterly disappointed when KS talked about mobility and Lynch mentioned Kaep reaching out to set up a meeting, which totally destroyed Grants assertion that Kaep’s agent leaked out his intention of leaving as a smart business move. My guess is Paraag is up to his old tricks, and Lynch is HOT.

              So, no. I am not nervous at all. I am smug and self satisfied because I said that they would not declare anything until they studied film and made assessments. I said they would play their cards close to their vest, and that is exactly what they did.

              I am confident that when they watch a highlight film of Kaep, they will be thanking their lucky stars that Kaep wants to play for them instead of playing against them.

              I am also confident when they watch a lowlight film on Kaep, they will see the O line acted as turnstiles, and Kaep could not get to his 5th step before he had a player in his face.

              They will watch one of last season’s games and see Kaep be almost perfect throwing, except the one pass that hit his receiver in both his hands and dropped. Then they will see the second half with absolutely no adjustments, and they will wonder what the coaches were doing, or if they were even trying to coach.

              They will watch the Bears game and realize that the coaches ordered Kaep to not throw the ball. Then they will see the Niner coaches using time outs to help the Bears. In the second half, when the Niners did try to throw, the Bears blitzed like crazy and the Niner receivers were blanketed by more things than snow. They will see the coaches panic, yank out Kaep, and watch Gabbert take a safety.

              So just by film alone, they will see Kaep able to throw for 400 yards, but in the meeting, they will be able to see Kaep have full command of the playbook. On the field, they will see in person how skilled Kaep is, and his ability to read defenses and call plays.

              So, I just want the process to unfold. I hope they can assemble a full coaching staff by the end of the weekend. Then they can start watching film and make assessments.

              No, I am not figity or anxious. I am hopeful. I think both Lynch and KS will think things through and not be all emo. They will be making football decisions by football people. They will consider all consequences to their actions, and make wise decisions.

      1. Wouldn’t a bridge starter be a QB that needs to at least be functional in Kyle’s offense? Do you believe Kaepernick is capable of being that? I don’t doubt that he can learn the plays but does he have the skills as an NFL passer to execute them?

        1. I don’t think Kaepernick would be worse than a guy like Schaub.

          Trust me, I’d rather they move on but this kinda reminds me of the Alex Smith situation in 2011.

          1. “Trust me, I’d rather they move on but this kinda reminds me of the Alex Smith situation in 2011.”

            This is how I look at it as well, Jack.

          2. I understand your point. I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here and I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m petitioning for Schaub but interception machine aside when he’s remained healthy he’s been a fairly decent QB, statistically much more so then Kaepernick.

            1. Hey, if they can move on and use the money saved to shore up other areas that’s great. I’m open to what Shanahan thinks best.

              I wouldn’t be against a guy like Brian Hoyer either. He had some success with him in Cleveland.

              1. Yarp. Just wish there was a better bridge option in terms of a mentor for a rookie. Will have to rely heavily on having a great QB coach.

              2. Schaub and Hoyer both have history with Shanahan and could help bring along a rookie. They’re “DeBerg” type guys.

              3. That’s the thing though Jack. They could do a lot worse than Kaep as a bridge QB in Kelly’s offense. But in Shanahan’s? I think there are guys available in FA that might be better bridge options under Shanahan. That will cost less too. Hoyer is one of them.

              4. Hoyer would be a decent option but the times I’ve seen Schaub play in the past couple of years, he looked completely shot. He would be good from an information reference perspective, but I doubt Shanny will want to rely on him to play much if at all.

          3. Right now the Cheifs are the 2011 49ers. They’re starting to question if Alex Smith really can take them to the next level. We’re even hearing rumors of them trying to get Romo. Rumors but still. I don’t think there’s any fear in letting Kaepernick go and him suddenly becoming more then he was with us.

            1. That’s a good comparison CFC. We’ve had a number of heated discussions about Alex on here, but the rumors in KC are the same kind that permeated the Niner off seasons while he was here. He’s a good, solid and safe QB who can’t elevate his game to higher levels when he has too. I think Reid knows he has a SB contender if he can find a QB that can reach the level needed. Will be interesting to see what they do moving forward.

              Ironically, Alex would fit the description of the type of bridge QB we could use here over the next season or two. Good locker room guy who will help the younger QB develop and set a great example. Maybe the Chiefs will trade him back to us for a pick on day three if they bring in somebody else.

              1. And that’s basically the mistake the Chiefs have made. They treated Alex like he was the long term answer. Haven’t really been drafting and developing potential replacements. They should have been.

          4. Wasn’t the Chip Kelly era supposed to be the Alex Smith situation for Kap???

            I remember a few of us saying that, possible me included.

            I don’t disagree with you Jack. There are far worse options. I think if he’s willing to take a big pay cut to stay (5-6 mil range), and compete with a Schaub or Hoyer. I honestly think Cutler would be a better option, but probably not by that much.

            the downside of this is how much of a distraction he’ll be from the bench if he doesn’t win the competition

        2. While I have been an unapologetic Kaep fan and want him to play for years while winning multiple rings, I do acknowledge that he may not achieve greatness while on this team, especially in its present condition.

          Right now, maybe his best move would be to go to a SB contender, or a team that has a defense, and a decent RB and WR.

          However, with Lynch fixing the defense, and KS rejuvenating Kaep’s career like he did with Matt Ryan, the Niners may be back in the playoff hunt by 2018.

          Dallas went from 4-12 to 13-3. Niners went from 6-10 to winning the SB.

          No matter what happens, maybe the best course is for the Niners to keep Kaep, focus on fixing the defense while upgrading the WRs, and work on building a solid foundation. Realistically, there are no superior alternatives, especially since this QB class is weak. The smartest move may be to angle towards selecting a QB from the 2018 draft class that is loaded with blue chippers. Draft a Jake Browning, Jalen Hurts, TJ Barrett, Rosen, Falk or Rudolph. Let them sit for a year so they can study and get stronger. Then let them compete with Kaep, or who ever if Kaep moves on.

          Still hope that Kaep can stay as the Niner QB, play for years, and even retire as a Niner, but he may be too far gone, and cannot recover from all the back stabbing, leaks and smears. His capacity to forgive their slights make me admire him even more.

          Bob Fitzgerald is being small by not even mentioning Kaep’s name, and he is short sighted to not even consider Kaep as an option.

          Kreuger is being brain dead by his inimitable snarky manner in which he denigrates Kaep, and Lund is busting a lung trying not to say his name.

          Cosell watches a lot of film, but it does not seem to make him smarter. Maybe he needs work on his processing skills.

          Like Prime says, I think Kaep will take the league by storm, again.

          1. maybe his best move would be to go to a SB contender, ….ha ha ha

            KS rejuvenating Kaep’s career like he did with Matt Ryan……ha ha *cough *cough* choking*..aaahhh

            1. I don’t doubt Shanny could do it if he was so inclined. He dumbed down the playbook for RGTurd, and accentuated his strengths. I just don’t think he’d be interested in doing that again unless it was a last resort, plus we know Big Shanny isn’t a fan of Kaepernick….

        3. Krapperdink isn’t functional in ANYONE’S offense, any more. I agree with his politics, but I’m not blind to his utter inadequacy as an NFL quarterback.

      2. I agree with Jack and JPN. There are worse options, and Cutler may fall into that category. That’s the reality of where the 49ers are in regards to the QB position. There is a case to be made that CK is as good a vet option as we’re going to find to bridge the gap until a young QB can be brought along. I don’t think Kap is a good fit for the type of offense he ran in Atlanta but then again Shanny has experienced success with a QB like this in the past. I wouldn’t write CK off just yet.

        1. Rocket,Jack and JPN,
          I don’t believe that a “gap QB” should cost you what CK will. A “place holder” should come cheap.

          1. That’s a good point Coach, but they could rework the contract if Kap is willing and the cap ramifications are not an issue with the fact any deal will be year to year.

            I agree that they could wind up finding someone better to be the bridge starter but I don’t think Kap is out of consideration depending on how things play out in FA.

            1. rocket,

              I think Kap will be gone. KS will watch the film and not like what he sees. He will meet with him and see that he can’t grasp his complicated offense.

              BTW, congrats on being the pick ’em champion. You and JPN were neck and neck for months.

              1. Thanks #80. The competition was really close between a number of people for most of the season. Hopefully we can get even more to take part next year.

                In regards to Kap, you could be right, but I don’t think the film is as bad as you think. When KS watches it, he’s looking at the type of play calling, protection and targets Kap was working with too. While his play didn’t result in wins, Kap had a pretty good season statistically and may compare favorably to the other options on the FA market.

                I am not endorsing Kap long term and would have no problem if they move on from him, but we have to be realistic about the options that are out there, and right now the pickings are very slim. That’s why there are rumors about trading for Cousins and Garoppolo making the rounds.

              2. Yeah, I think KS will push hard for Cousins or Garoppolo. It could strain his relationship with Lynch if he doesn’t get his way.

              3. If Shanahan pushes hard to pay the price for Cousins or Garoppolo he better be able to put a strong team around them fast or he could run out of time with Jed very fast. There is some doubt that Cousins or Garoppolo will be available.

          2. That is why I want Kaep to be officially designated the QB, let him play out this ‘Prove it’ season. Then if he does well, which I think he will do, they can offer another contract, and they can concentrate on fixing the defense. They still should draft a QB, and they need to pick up a FA like Shaub or Hoyer since they did well with KS. But to me, Kaep is all KS wants in a QB, and his accuracy will improve, if they can get him some speedy WRs.

            Burning draft picks to pick up Garropolo, and they may still end up having him throw for 400, and still lose. Cousins will be retained by Washington, because they would have no QB if he left.

            The very fact that Kaep has not been cut, just means that KS and Lynch are a lot smarter than the Kaep haters. They said they would be making football decisions, so they will not go all emo over his social protests which does not affect his play on the field.

            All of this dysfunction could be heaped upon Baalke’s head. Now that he is gone. Kaep may want to stay.The ‘Kaep is too old’ mantra is ridiculous. He is in his prime of his life. He could play for another 8 years. If another QB comes along and out competes him, fine, move on, but until then, he should provide stability and continuity so the other phases of the game can be improved upon.

            1. Dude. This circle you keep going in should have cut a hole by now. What is that hamster wearing? Nike’?
              No matter how many times you try to explain your madness, it’s the same horrible result in thinking. For the love of god. Stop with the kaepernick talk. He sucks Dude!

      3. Shanahan and Lynch will look very carefully to see if Kaepernick is their best choice as a bridge QB no matter how loud the pack bays at the moon. As Jack wrote, there are much much worse options out there. Even if they think that Kaepernick is just good enough to get you beat as Bill Walsh said of his first starting QB, he may be the best option to start a four year plus rebuilding effort.

        If it comes down to their vision against Jed’s lack of patience, I think they will stick to the long term vision over playing for Jed’s approval.

      4. I disagree with the idea CK as a bridge starter. I say this not because of talent but for several reasons. 1. I think bridge starters should be teachers, as you want them to help mold their successors and show them what it takes to be an NFL qb. Kaeps physical abilities have hampered his growth if he is sure about something he runs, so it would be hard for him to explain the windows he is looking for and how to throw someone open.
        2. Keeps strengths are unique and he requires an offense tailored to him. This means the offense the prospect is learning would also be stylized and very different from the offense the kid should be learning.
        3. The locker room. Like it or not kaep is a divisive figure. I understand the team voted him the eshmont award but this is not uncommon for polarizing figures… the can often be the most popular and disliked people at the same time. T.O. was often a popular figure as well. Where this really comes into play is when it’s time for heir to take over…when part of the locker room might side with CK and part with the qbof.
        4. He would also be learning a completely new system. Someone like Schaub or Hoyer could help fastback the install of the new offense.

        Personally I would choose Hoyer for a bridge qb. He knows the offense and could help teach the rookie… he wouldn’t be divisive in the locker room and could easily take a back seat when the heir apparent is ready.

  21. Sorry to take so long to post the final rankings. Was another fun season for the Pick’em League. Fun to see new people emerge as contenders each year, about time you guys found better sources. :) I trailed off at the end but I wont let you have it so easy next year.


    Looking forward to next time.

            1. Thanks and Congrats to you as well. I was robbed last year in the the Championship game. It feels good to be vindicated this year!

    1. Welp at least I didn’t come in last. This was by far the worst season for me. It was like someone took my running game, O-line and defense away and asked me to win some games. Wish I had signed a big contract before sucking. ?

  22. Does Jay Cutler want to get hit 15 times a game? Does Colin want to run for his life every week for $7,000,000?
    Can any of the players on the O line excel at outside zone blocking?
    Can Hyde miraculously learn to run outside?
    Get ready for a total tear down because it’s currently an inside, short yardage,drive blocking roster with an overpaid TE and WR neither of whom can block.
    Forget six wins.
    Walsh had Deberg who was just good enough to get you beat but at least he was good.

  23. I don’t expect the Niners to win many games in 2017. There will be a need to tear apart the team to get rid of the players who can’t play or don’t fit in the system. I don’t think they will bring in a lot of free agents this year unless they are lower level players to fill holes or maybe a star player to have a significant impact on the team and bring leadership.
    There will probably be a fair amount of rookies who make the team and I don’t think we can expect them to contribute much.
    The reality is the Niners are transforming from a Parcell model to a Walsh model and that will take time.

    1. I always called Baalke ‘Parcells’ Revenge,’ I just hope all vestiges of Parcellsism is purged from 4949 Centennial. He’s an overrated bastard.

    1. Mike in SF:

      Grant is correct. Six wins would be 200% more than two. Six of course is three times more than two, which for some reason lots of people confuse with being consistent with 300%. It isn’t.

        1. me too scooter… not to beat a dead horse, but the way I think of it is 6 is 4 more than 2, thus 2 into 4 is 200%

          ;) easy mistake though

  24. Can Shanahan make the 2nd half adjustments?

    The 2016 team had an average margin of -2.8 after the first half and trailed by more than 7 points only twice.

    The turnaround may be able to happen sooner than expected.

    1. Jack Hammer

      I agree with your assessment “the turnaround may be able to happen sooner than expected”….I disagree that CK7 will be a part of it. My trust is in Kyle and Lynch to replace him with better quality whom they both already have in mind in FA. For ‘crissake, look at the record….1-20 over his last 21 starts is not a turnaroundeven though his last quarter heroics (2 plays) qualifies as What have you done for me lately ?

      1. Garoppolo started two games in 3 seasons and you gonna give up high draft picks and starter money for him? Cousins wants 21-22 mil to be a starter or give up 1st rounders and 21-22 mil to at least win you 6 games? If you trust that thinking then you deserve to be miserable for years to come

        1. Ruben

          No, I don’t want either Garoppolo or Cousins….tooo much to pay for a place-holder….I would prefer Hoyer because of his history with Shannahan and his system…Garropolo is a shot in the dark, and Cousins is too long in the tooth. Draft a rook in the 3-4th, and another in the 5-7th and develop them.

          1. Oregon, since when is a guy entering his 6th season as a QB “too long in the tooth”?

            You’re correct on both those guys costing too much. I don’t like Culter but he’s the best option.

              1. Wilson73

                Sorry for the out of place reply….but as I posted above, I would prefer Hoyer over Garropolo or Cousins because I believe he could be had for a reasonable amount…I would also prefer AJ McCarron in that he is young, with 2 seasons behind him and not beaten up. Either one’s a gamble, but less expensive, and less risky to audition….No, I do not equate Cousins with Kaep…but they’re both over-rated and overpaid. Kaep is the NFL’s worst IMHO.

              2. Hoyer sure looked like he was throwing as if the DBs were the intended receivers in that playoff game with KC.

                Of course, Shaub threw pick sixes like they were Christmas candy, but maybe he would do better with KS.

              1. Oregon You think Cousin’s is the same QB as CK? Who would you have us pick up? Who on this list of jokers is better? Hoyer, Schaub, Fitzpatrick and Ponder. I don’t think McCarron or Glennon are that great either. Its a terrible year to need a QB.

  25. Well, being that Kraep was 1-11 in 12 starts last season, I’d come to the logical conclusion that he gives the team the best chance to LOSE, not win. Under your twisted theory, maybe they should resign Gabbert since he had a better losing percentage than Kraep at only 1-4. Seb, I’m going to make it a point to make a trip out to Sebastoseed with a megaphone, stand on the steps of the one room courthouse and sing “Ding dong, the witch is dead” after the team cuts him, or even better yet, he makes the long hoped decision by most knowledgable Niner fans to opt out and just leave already. I’ll let you know when, and we can go out and have a beer afterwards, or you can even have whatever organic juice you that you are currently drinking, then maybe we can play a round out there at that wonderful 9 hole course. What is your handicap by the way, besides your undying, illogical, uninformed, factless, sophomoric devotion to Kraep? ;)

    PS So, are we going to hear, after Kraep is gone, whenever the team loses a game, and they will in their 6-10 season next year, that they should have kept Kraep? I can see that coming from you sadly. I say once he’s gone, his name should never be mentioned on this site again. Agree?

    1. Gnomo, you seem to be having a conniption fit. I wonder how butt hurt you will be when they declare Kaep is the starter.

      Like Prime, your lack of football knowledge is amusing. Blaming the 11 losses solely on Kaep is just about your speed. You do realize that when defenses gives up 200 yards rushing, it is extremely hard to win.

      I will agree that my fandom is undying, but will also say that it is logical, informed, based on facts and based on 42 years of going to the games through those Glory Years, until today, where I can use the magic of modern technology to watch football and tap into a prodigious database to help frame my arguments.

      I see you still are into name calling. That just defines you as a hater.

      I also see you denigrating my fair city. I am proud to be called a Sebastopudlian, and if you want to use a megaphone, come every last Friday of the month to Main St and 12, and there you will see Women in Black protesting for peace and against war. On the other corner, you will see flag draped patriots holding up signs for the Vets. I am proud to live in a place where 2 sides can respectfully disagree, and while I side with the women, I also am proud to be an American.

      No, I will never agree to never mention his name again. If the Niners are foolish enough to cut Kaep, he may go to the Cards or Rams, and play the Niners twice a year. If they beat the Niners, you bet I will bring up the fact that they listened to the haters, and got rid of a prodigious talent who has come back to haunt them because they, like you, were totally lacking in their assessment skills.

      Handicap? No. I do not have a handicap. Unlike you, whose hatred handicaps you from thinking straight.

      1. That dunce cap your sporting really becomes you. And by all means, buckaroo, smoke some more primo delusion while daydreaming upon that Kaep poster on your wall.

        1. I see you are now my new designated gadfly. I expect you will crudely insult me to try and drive me away, but I will just use you to post more.

          Dunce cap? What, are you in second grade?

          1. You always seem to be at war with people on the blog. Others don’t have that problem, but its chronic with you.
            So, maybe the entire planet, every single soul but you, is crackerjacks crazy and you are the single sane person remaining.
            Or something else….

            1. BT, I am just reacting to all the static. I may accept the pushback, but at least I SAY something. I certainly do not whine about posters being mean to me like some others do about my posts. I admit I do have a sharp tongue, but I just use the king’s English and will use their own words against them. I notice you are attacking me, but that just gives me the opportunity to respond.

              Engage me if you want, ignore me if you want. You must have seen the same scenario unfold time after time. Posters will try to engage me, but in the end, they will throw up their hands in defeat, and bitterly regret even starting. Just like I have done with you.

              Maybe you should chastise them for even starting. You have seen that I can be pleasant, civil and respectful. I have never resorted to hurling expletives like Prime used to do, because I do not have to. I also will not be bullied into silence.

              All I want to do is talk about the team I love, and root them on to more Lombardis. If I am a fan of the present starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, I do not think I have to apologize for that. Of course, he is the only QB on the roster, but that may change after the evaluations.

              Posters should not assume that they can shout me down, because I can shout back. If they want to dish it out, they better expect some in return.

              So yes, I am THAT guy, just like you say.

              1. Nobody shouts you down, they just snicker. You failed at NN. You’re a pest here. You’re indeed demented. You’re the village piñata. G’head. Knock thy self out.

              2. Oh, right, the troll addresses me constantly, and Prime is incessant. Now some Andes and Gnomo guys are starting in, so with friends like these, who needs enemies?

                I am glad I am not on NN, they are the biggest waste of time because they seem to titter amongst themselves, but say nothing.

                Knock myself out? No, I like using Prime as a punching bag.

                Dont, worry, I plan on posting even more, because now is the time for idle speculation with the combine, free agency and the draft. Guess if you want me to be a pest to you, just keep at it.

              3. Seb-

                Dont you think you’re being a bit emotional?? Take this stuff in the same spirit it’s given..a bunch of well-informed opinion.

                You like all this drama.

              4. Saw, this is not my first rodeo. This site is actually pretty tame. Maybe you have not seen some trolls go off, but I have seen pyrotechnics.

                I rarely use capital letters, except to highlight a point or use it as a sarcasm font. I have seen some diatribes that are pages of capitalized screeds.

                Its a common tactic, as old as the hills. I state that some posters go all emo with immature tirades against Kaep that hides some latent hostility, and now you are accusing me of becoming too emotional. Try harder, next time. I can see right through you. This opposition is starting to seem desperate.

      2. Sebnnoying says “Like Prime, your lack of football knowledge is amusing”

        Yeah cause I said Tomsula and Kelly would be a better hire than Lynch and Shanahan?
        And I also think Kaep will be back in SF?


        1. Prime, you must be extremely disappointed. You SWORE Kaep would be gone before the OTAs, the TC, preseason, the first game, before he regained his starting job, after the last game, and now once KS was hired. Kaep is still here.

          Guess your football knowledge is a little lacking if you seem to be wrong all the time.

          If they make a football decision, Kaep will still be the starter. Why? because I have also watched all the tape, and can see how he can take the league by storm.

          I believe KS will relish the opportunity to rejuvenate Kaep, because then he will be hailed as a genius if he does. Since Chip tried, and failed, it will be a daunting task, but with Lynch helping KS, instead of Baalke hindering Chip, they just might do that.

          The fact that Kaep is still on the team just make all your screeds moot, and I could not be happier.

              1. When Razor? and for what? And why are you always defending Seb? Just curious as to you always sweeping in to defend him? Is this a Kap lover group thing?

              2. Yeah seriously? When have I ever been banned on here? Please tell me?
                And again, why are you always defending Seb? Its seems a little odd you come sweeping to the rescue in and defend him?

              3. Razor I’m starting to think you are Seb? You keep telling everyone what they say or do but with no facts to back it up!
                You know what we call that up here in Canada? HORSE SH$Y!!!!!

                Just keep your nose out of everything Seb and me please!

              4. LOL. Remember when Prime lost a bet with BayAreaFan and was supposed to stay off the blog for a week as a result and started posting under a different handle.

                The good ol days.

              5. Jack, I was hoping Prime could not tell a lie. You know what we call that down here in America? George Washington!

              6. Hammer you remember what that clown said to me during our bet?
                Or were you too busy writing your blog that failed miserably?
                Just thought I’d ask since were playing remember when?

          1. Haha!!!!

            Seb, you see right thru me??

            OK, you tell me what I’m up to, and if it’s true, I’ll admit it.

            “This opposition is starting to seem desperate.” At heart, you are a totalitarian!! Thats why you admire Castro, Lenin and the other lovers of the universe! Their way or the highway! Same with you……..

            So, I wrote you another little poem, a peace offering to settle your blood pressure down…………

            When Kap shall be cut,
            I, the Seb, shall take him and cut him out
            into little stars,
            and he shall make the face of heaven so fine
            that all the world will be in love with night
            and pay no worship to the garish sun……………………

  26. Let’s all pump the brakes on the euphoria for 2 guys that will not take the field. Let’s see what happens at the week 4 presser, when record is 1-3. That’s the real deal right there, just like with Chip.

    Also, one thing made me nuts with Chip was the “normalization” of talent based on the team in practice, not the NFL in games. “Gabbert looked great this week in practice” because Gabbert sucked and was in practice against a D that sucked. I really got sick of hearing how well Kaep practiced also..

    If you want to know how Kaep’s teammates feel about Kaep, listen to Navarro’s chat with Krueger. His no way convinced about Kaep.

  27. The “What is your handicap” line, while I feel is inappropriate to a degree as it was applied to a valued blog contributor, is a darn good line. I will be making use of this in my workplace. Thanks JHL!

  28. If KS wants to keep Kap, I am ok with that. If it doesn’t I am ok with that too. However, I do not think Kap is the long term solution and the team needs to identify which Quarter backs they want to draft both this year and next who they think might be the long term solutions. Frankly; if the Niners get another top 5 draft pick next year; when the QB class is suppose to be better that is ok by me.
    I just hope they don’t reach at #2 and draft a QB who probably won’t work out.

    1. Exactly. There will be a stem to stern housecleaning of the current roster over the next two years, with selective upgrades at virtually every position. The malingering poster boy infatuations, even if they are retained as a transient bridge solution, will be swept into the dustbin of 49er history. You don’t build a new dynasty on the chronic shared failure of the forgettable past, and embellished flatulent wishes never grew wings.

  29. Not going to speculate on win/loss record until the quarterback situation clarifies.

    I’m excited about the draft and free agency period. Been wondering how much Martin Mayhew will affect draft decisions, especially quarterback.

    I heard Mahomes comped (accurately?) to Stafford. Shanahan recently described natural throwing traits in a QB Mahomes seems to have.

    Pure February speculation… will the Mayhew hiring mean the 49ers could consider Mahomes more seriously than thought? I had some team taking him in the late 2nd.

    1. No saying Mahomes IS Stafford. Just noting some pundits have “comped” the two.

      Mahomes is extremely raw. Would be a gamble pick, even in the early 3rd.

  30. If KS wants a pure passer, he should look into Cooper Rush He threw for 12,884 yards in his college career.

    However, he did also mention that Kaep was a SB QB. Maybe he should mention his 4-2 road playoff record and qb playoff rushing record. He then pivoted and mentioned liking Kaep’s mobility, and I think KS is smart enough to be able devise plays to break containment with a mobile pocket.

    1. I think Rush will be a great guy to have in the QB room, but he’s got some serious arm limitations. He could end up having a career like Ken Dorsey.

      1. KS is stressing accuracy, and I have seen him make all the throws. Sure, he is not as mobile as Kaep, but he could do well in the WCO, with the right coaching.

          1. Watching his highlights, he has nice touch on the ball, can throw it into some tight windows and can sling it with a flick of his wrist.

            In the Shrine game, he did well, showing he has mobility, especially with designed rollouts. They mainly faulted his footwork, not his arm.

            1. He needs to put all of himself into throws beyond 10 yards of the LOS. He beats ‘tight’ windows through anticipation, not zip on the ball. He’s smart, but his lack of arm strength shows up even against MAC opponents and is no small part of the reason he throws so many INTs. I don’t see an NFL starting calibre QB.

              1. Glad you said he was smart. That is one criteria KS is looking for. I like his decision making on the field.

                I agree, he should not be starting. Rush would do well if he could sit for a year, study hard, and get stronger.

              2. I don’t think he’ll ever be a good starting calibre NFL QB. At best I can see him as a Ryan Fitzpatrick calibre NFL QB. Of course he should he sit a year, but that’s not what I meant about not being a starting QB. Sitting a year won’t change what he is. But a guy like that can be a great backup to have.

              3. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. With the time spent on the bench, I think he can work out and gain enough strength to zip the ball. I will admit that he did seem to have too many interceptions, but I think he is smart enough to stop taking too many risks. Studying will help.

                Playing against those Shrine players showed that he could do well against quality opposition.

                I will also concede that he is not the next Dak Prescott, but he could still be productive. Maybe like a Goff, Wentz or Hackenberg.

      1. For real, the self-conceited, puffed-up, self-enamored, blather is endless, like some kind of dimwitted energizer bunny otherwise known as Mr. Cliche. But in this case any kind of attention is fuel for his ‘this ain’t my first rodeo’ persona, positive or negative, makes no difference, the mere fact that someone/anybody is listening feeds his adolescent ego,”Oh, you gonna engage me, you gonna engage me?”obsessed with proving himself right at all costs and forever-yawn-after apparently.

        1. What a gutless wonder. You attack me but do not mention my name. Just use enough words to identify who you are talking about.

          Bah, You are the conceited one, thinking that you are being so high and mighty judgmental, when in actuality, you are such a mental lightweight, and say absolutely nothing, that I laugh at your screeds.

          Just another Baalke shill.

    1. And with their windfall of cap space, I would lay good money on the authenticity of that probable pursuit. This team doesn’t need a so-called bridge, which is nothing more than a tread-water, fallback solution. This team needs and will receive a brand new foundation.

    2. I would be fine either way if Shanny decides to go with JG or the long haul and draft a QB. But if Jimmy’s his guy than he may be in a bidding war we cannot win against the Browns.

      1. No, Razor and I may differ on Kaep, but I recognize his football acumen. It is fine to disagree about Kaep, just as long as one does not get into the gutter and start spewing drivel and hate.

        I myself have been resigned to seeing Kaep leave many times, and maybe he will move from this dysfunctional dumpster fire, and take the league by storm on another team that will utilize him correctly.

        Real delusion is getting rid of some one without a cogent plan, or decent person to replace him, and expecting Lombardis. Jed did that with JH, and we got 2 doozies in his place. Maybe KS and Lynch will be different, but both have never been a HC or GM before, so it could go right, or horribly wrong.

      1. Hey Grant on 689 they just said tom rathman won’t be joining the staff as he wants to stay with the running backs and he all ready promised the other guy the position . Do you think tom could have been a Te or even OL line coach? I appreciate your answer!

    1. If I’m a personnel guy, I raise an eyebrow. ‘I wanna play at home’ ‘I don’t wanna play where it’s cold’
      (But I want that top notch #1 or #2 Overall Contract$$$$)
      I’d have a few questions for him at The Combine to get a feel for his ‘tude

        1. Yeah, but his agent called him. The agent wants the cut of the higher pick contract and probably reminded him of some simple arithmetic. Today he says he’ll play for the Browns or anyone.

  31. A QB who can’t study film and wears headphones on the sideline rather than study his I-Pad is gone already:

    Romanowski: Gabbert was studying film more than Kaepernick In an appearance on 95.7 The Game, Romanowski had this to say: “Let’s talk Colin preparing for games. And you know how they get iPads now. And they regulate, and they can watch how much film you watch. [Blaine] Gabbert, when he was a backup, was watching four to five times as much film as Colin was.”

    Kap pass hits trainer:

  32. Seb,

    Since you lack respect for the our (posters on this site) Kap QB evaluations, maybe you can agee with a Grant’s professional opinion, as he does this for a living and you do N-O-T !!!

    Grant Cohn: About an hour after his press conference, Shanahan met with reporters and explained what he looks for in a quarterback:

    Grant Cohn:
    “An extremely talented thrower, which means it’s effortless. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to go to all these quarterback gurus and work on your motion — you were born to throw.”
    “Cutler was born to throw. Colin Kaepernick was not — he was born to run. Has worked with more quarterback gurus than you can count and still has an elongated throwing motion and still isn’t accurate. He is not the bridge or the future. He is the past.”

    And if you have a problem with all of our Kap analysis, how about SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s :

    San Francisco 49ers: Quarterback: Kaepernick lacks the pocket acumen, field vision and throwing touch to lead an NFL offense. There’s a tendency to think that Shanahan’s system, with its emphasis on moving pockets and play-action, can save the 29-year-old. But no. Even on the move, his limitations are problematic. Plus, even in Shanahan’s scheme, the QB plays on the move on fewer than half the snaps.

    Disagree with all of us, even Sports Illustrated to your own peril Seb…The only way out before your idol goes the same way as your previous idol, Jarryd Hayne, is to admit, here and now that you apologize for your meanness to Prime, myself and Cassie, and tell us your QB acumen was lacking.

  33. Seb,

    How about disagreeing with Albert Breer while your at it:

    Albert Breer Provides Background on Shanahan’s Asst. Coaches: “The best potential head coaches would have, long ago established a network of potential assistants. This was one of the many problems of hiring Jim Tomsula years ago.

    TomD’s Response: Does anyone believe Shanahan won’t take one film to see the light-years of work required to fix Kap, and cut him like other teams taking a few seconds to cut our castoffs last year.

    1. — that was one thing that maybe I had heard, that guys maybe didn’t feel welcome,” Lynch said. “And I said, ‘I have to have it that these guys are not only welcome but encouraged. That’s what we’re aspiring to be.’”

      Lynch is right. Jed was becoming James Dolan.

      1. I’ll give it more thought, but that attitude by the team, the stand-offishness, seems like it went all the way back to McNolan. John (No water for you freeloaders) York may have set a tone so opposite to Eddie that The Guys didn’t know what to make of it; didn’t want to feel welcomed.
        Also, I remember guys like Barton, Lott, Brent Jones, Young and Rice speaking awkwardly and not too often about the team around when Alex was drafted. It was like: ‘Who are these guys? And wtf are they thinking?’

      2. #80… I believe he was referencing Trent Balkee, not Jed. It’s been said, nobody felt comfortable around him, and he didn’t want to be around anyone else.

  34. The San Fransisco 49ers were bad. Really bad. With a record of 2-14, only the 1-15 Cleveland Browns were worse (a truly special kind of bad).

    The story is about the uphill battle John Lynch will be facing to turn the 49ers franchise around, a battle his nine-year-old daughter Leah was not super pumped that Dad was going to fight. From the 49ers Web Zone:

    49ers John Lynch Daughter Cry

    Marcio Jose Sanchez

    Only 209 days until the NFL’s back!……………………………………………

    Lost in all of the noise around Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest was this fun fact about the recently expired NFL season: The San Fransisco 49ers were bad. Really bad. With a record of 2-14, only the 1-15 Cleveland Browns were worse (a truly special kind of bad). And much like Sean Spicer might soon learn, when an organization is not doing well, somebody is going to get fired. In the 49ers’ case, it was two somebodies: general manager trent Baalke and head coach Chip Kelly. At the end of January, San Francisco had announced that they’d found their replacement GM. His name is John Lynch, and he was a longtime NFL safety, with exceptional cheekbones and an affinity for delivering the kind of once-celebrated, now frightening hits that make you recoil deeper into the recesses of your La-Z-Boy.

    Good hire, but that’s not the story here. The story is about the uphill battle John Lynch will be facing to turn the 49ers franchise around, a battle his nine-year-old daughter Leah was not super pumped that Dad was going to fight. From the 49ers Web Zone:


    “I think the toughest one – I haven’t told this yet to the media – all my kids took it really well. They were shocked but they took it really well. My 9-year-old started bawlin’ and she’s not that girl. She’s the one that was always happy and she was crying and I said, ‘What’s wrong Leah? Is there some nervous anxiety about moving?’ And she said, ‘No daddy,’ and she was sobbing. And I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And she said, ‘The 49ers are horrible.’

    But rest easy, Lynch family: Drake, too, started from the bottom. Plus, you’ve got the number two draft pick, a promising new coach in former Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and, at the very least, no matter what happens, you still won’t be in Cleveland.

  35. If KS wants “his quarterback” now, while at the same time turning over 80% or more of the roster over the next 24 months, that could implode. Taking the long term QB and throwing them into internal chaos and turmoil could ruin what might have been a good thing. If Garappolo goes into this as his first starting job, how can he be protected so he’s there for the long term? Stopgap veteran might be best, even though the product on the field will be tough to watch.

    1. I sure hope so. Then if they reward Staley for his years of service by trading him to a playoff team, Brown can become the LT and AD can regain his RT spot.

  36. I just watched a bunch of tape of Garrett, Foster and Jonathan Allen and let me tell you….Allen is the best player in this draft. Garrett is great but overhyped IMO and Foster is fun to watch hit …but Allen is the next LT and Ray Lewis. I really hope we get him.

  37. I hope if the Pats trade Garoppolo that he can choose where to go that would put is in the mix i would offer a 2nd a 5th and a conditional 2018 4th rounder.
    He’s smart has a good arm,good natural accuracy and has experience with offense concepts that Shanny uses so this would shorten our rebuild.


    3 John Ross, Washington
    There are no flaws in Ross’ game — he might not be the strongest receiver, but he has height, a great catch radius and truly elite speed.

    2 Corey Davis, Western Michigan
    Davis is extremely polished, and he’s prolific as well. As a complimentary receiver to an elite No. 1, he’d be astounding, but don’t count him out as a top target in the NFL.

    1 Mike WIlliams, Clemson
    He’s getting Calvin Johnson comparisons. That’s not hyperbole — he’s worthy of that lofty comparison. Size, strength, speed and next-level ball skills make Williams worthy of a top-five pick.

    1. Any of those 3 guys should be worth of our first pick, but im hoping for Marshon Lattimore cuz he could be a Revis kind of CB

  39. I hope Lynch and KS realize that they will be ascertaining the possibility of Kaep being here, or being elsewhere. They may be testing Kaep, but Kaep may be testing them, too.

    Lynch must convince Kaep he will not be another Baalke.

    KS must convince Kaep that he will utilize him properly, play to his strengths.

    Lynch and KS must want Kaep. Kaep needs to feel wanted, because Baalke made it very clear that Kaep was UNWANTED, and Baalke preferred Gabbert. Chip liked Kaep and kept his promise to Kaep to give him a fair chance. With Gabbert, Kaep won by default.

    Too bad Chip is gone. I wonder if all those egos could get together for the sake of the team. They could work together with the main purpose to win games, and allow Chip some role with the team. Maybe as the OC, with KS being the final say on the call. Kinda like JH and Roman. KS would still get to make the call, but Chip would present him plays as options, and help him get there. Chip likes Kaep and maybe could convince Kaep to stay, and Kaep would feel comfortable working with Chip since Chip protected him against Baalke. Chip is still getting paid, so it would just be like he is being rehired, at the same salary, but a lower position.

    Jed would be held to his word by his declaring Chip was going to be with the Niners for years. Chip would be doing something he loves, especially if he does not have to think about the defense. If all the egos can be checked, it could work out. Depends on KS.

  40. So not just Kaep, but now Chip as well? only someone that spends all day in isolated conditions could think this is plausible.

    Politically it could never work. When 9ers are 1-3 and Chip was making the “options” available, and Kaep is the guy on the field, 4949 will be the Silicon Valley Center of Incompetence. Lot of open red chairs , and many PSL’s for sale at low prices with pi$$ed off owners. Jed would get roasted in the press and we know little JedI is sensitive.

    1. Well, the Niners may have another 2-14 season with or without Chip and Kaep.

      Chip would be an asset, and I want the Niners to have an OC. The whole idea about the HC calling the plays just means it would be another Chip/Modkins approach. That did not work out so well. The HC needs to be thinking also about the defense. Ignoring the defense led to a 2-14 season.

      If KS had won the SB, I would have been OK with the organizational set up, but KS as the OC did not call the smartest plays in the 4th quarter. KS as the HC could still have final say, but it would help him to have an OC to at least help him get to the proper call by laying out several options.

      KS is no longer an OC. If he wanted to call the plays, maybe he should have stayed the OC. He needs to delegate authority. If he focuses on the offense, he will neglect the defense, and we all saw how that turned out last season.

      No, Jed can soak up abuse like a sponge. He is at the point that he just expects it.

      1. Your angst over Shanahan retaining play calling duties is humorous. There have been a number of head coaches doing this today and a good deal that have been successful with it in the past. His father won 2 Super Bowls doing both.

        1. Jack:

          I’ve mentioned a number of times that I’m concerned about the high number of words (phrases) that Shanahan uses for play calls – which is why I’m leaning towards Schaub. But if this is a concern for the QB, shouldn’t it also be a concern for the offense as a whole? Are you concerned about this?

          1. Once again, just like the falcon fans, your discrediting this man’s ability as a coach because of one lousy quarter. That is your way of thinking, but that is a horrible way to look at it. I still don’t believe there is a better OC, or new HC than Kyle Shannahan. Would you rather we have Dennis Erickson, or Tomsula, just because he hired an OC, or maybe you still want Kelly because he wants Kaepernick? Oh and he had a whole season of lousy quarters. Just something from a different perspective. Thanks for listening Seb.

            1. No no, Kaep had some stellar first halfs. The second halfs ( halves) were regrettable.

              Please, do not get me wrong, I really like KS. It sure was sweet to see the WCO principles and tactics at work.

              However, KS does not walk on water, and if he says he will be the OC, maybe he needs to learn from his past mistakes. Bill Walsh could get away with it, but KS is not BW.

              Walsh built a system that was so efficient, they told Seiffert to leave it alone. KS is starting all over, so he needs all the help he can get.

              Believe me, now that Baalke is gone, I am hopeful. However, we need to be cognizant of the daunting challenge KS will be facing.

              1. “maybe he needs to learn from his past mistakes.”

                And maybe you should wait to let him coach a few games to show if he has or has not.

              2. No, a stitch in time saves nine.

                How about- no 7 step drops that might help put them out of field goal range?

    1. Thanks for posting that, MWN. From that article:

      “As promising as Garoppolo looked in limited action, he’s arguably a bigger risk than drafting one of the top QBs, since the team acquiring him will need to give him a big extension and commit a large sum of money to an unproven player. If Garoppolo is that good and Belichick trades him, expect him to most likely land in Chicago where he won’t contend with New England for the AFC title.”

  41. I guess I need a “reset” with regards to the price for franchise QBs. From Rotoworld:

    “According to ESPN Redskins reporter John Keim, there’s a “good chance” free agent Kirk Cousins will command a pricier contract than Andrew Luck.
    Luck signed the largest contract in NFL history last offseason, landing $140 million over six years with $87 million guaranteed. Cousins has a real chance to top that if he and the Redskins reach a long-term deal. With salary caps on the rise, Derek Carr, Matt Ryan, and Matthew Stafford are all looking at enormous forthcoming pay days. It’s a good time to be an NFL franchise quarterback.”

        1. He is in the right system and without any additional draft picks. Alex Smith got 4 years @ 68 mill with 18 mill signing bonus and 45 mill guaranteed. Oh, and two 2nd Round picks….

      1. Razoreater February 11, 2017 at 12:48 pm
        I think 110 million @ 5 years with 60 million guaranteed is a deal Cousins would likely agree to….
        Luck’s contract is the starting point. If he was willing to take 110M I guarantee he’d be under a longer term contract already.

  42. How much is Kirk Cousins worth if Redskins Franchise him a second year:

    * La Canfora reports that Cousins is going to command at least $23 million a season and quite possibly more like $25 million. The reason the Redskins will have to tag him is because several quarterback-needy teams have told La Canfora that they’ll go after Cousins if he’s available.

    1. “The reason the Redskins will have to tag him is because several quarterback-needy teams have told La Canfora that they’ll go after Cousins if he’s available..”

      LOL, No s**t? Wow, he’s really dialed in.

    1. Quite frankly that sounds like a stupid decision on his part. Everyone already knows he is blazing fast. All he is doing is making it harder to be ready to contribute as a rookie.

      He’s a playmaker, but his injury history scares me. Also, guys like him, e.g. DeSean Jackson, Torrey Smith and Mike Wallace, are always better as complimentary players, not the focal point.

      1. I totally agree with your first paragraph. However, I think he is a much more polished WR than the 3 you mentioned. He is more than just a deep threat. He can be a possession receiver in or out of the slot.

              1. You could be right but I see him as a #1 WR. I base that on my belief that Ross can do it all at the pro level. Inside or out and short, intermediate, and deep. And his ability to track the ball combined with his better than average catch radius will make him his QBs favorite target.

                Time will tell though. We’ll see.

  43. Spent some time looking into Zay Jones. I think he’d be an excellent pick on day 2. His stats are inflated, but he has great hands and just does a lot of the little things right. Apparently also very smart and a hard worker. I like him as a nice reliable target teaming up with Smith and Kerley.

              1. Gabriel knows the system, plus Shanahan thought enough of him to bring him along. I would add, against the Cardinals, he racked up two outstanding TD’s when the Cardinals defense pretty much shut down Jones, and bottled up the Falcons two pronged running attack. Not sure Kerley is that good….

    1. Yeah, he looks good. I think this years WR class is deep. You have the big 3, Williams, Davis, and Ross. And you have guys that can contribute like Zay, Juju, Kupp, Reynolds and I’m sure I forgot a few.

    2. Lots of screen passes. Going over the middle doesn’t phase him. Reminds me of Hilton, but probably not as fast. Jones seems quicker than fast. I’m guessing 4.5, but what I really like is the fact he’s improved himself every year. That tells me he’s a Rolling Stone fan, because he can’t get no satisfaction. Comes from good bloodlines too. Jones would be a better pick than Ross at 34 for mine….

  44. The Niners need to consider Free Agency. They have 30 UFA, RFA and ERFA’s.

    I hope the Niners sign all their ERFA’s. That would include- Chris Harper, Marcus Ball, Zach Moore, Shane Skov, Je’ron Hamm, Jacorey Shepherd, and Raheem Mostert. They could lock up those 7 for 3,5 mil.

    Niners have 7 RFA’s. They should keep- Chris Jones, Chris Davis, Andrew Tiller, Marcus Cromartie, Carl Bradford and Mike Purcell. They should let Vinnie Sunseri walk.

    Out of the UFA pool, they should re-sign- Glen Dorsey, DuJuan Harris, Jeremy Kerley, Tony Jerod Eddie, Gerald Hodges and Quinton Patton.

    They should not re sign Phil Dawson, Shawn Draughn, Michael Wilhoite, Nick Bellore, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Thad Lewis, Jim Dray, Rod Streator and Andrew Gardner.

    So that would mean resigning 19 players and letting 11 walk away.

        1. Sebnnoying you want to talk about wimping out? One mild Canadian winter day and your brittle bones would snap in 10 pieces!

          1. Prime, just because I am too smart to go live in a freezer, does not mean there are not people like you who do not know better.

              1. LOL, you have not laid a finger on me, but you seem to lead with your chin.

                Prime, you better kiss those 200 buckos goodbye. What a rube.

              2. Prime, I see you doubling down. However, I think you are a welsher, and any paper with a bet on it would probably be best used to wipe one’s arse.

                I will just watch you lose to Razor, but expect you to shut down your account and disappear so you will never honor that bet.

  45. Thankful to The IT Dept. for the fix on the refresh.
    Next priority request: Filters
    Yep, even ahead of edit.
    Seriously, please

  46. Prime,

    FYI, Seb accused me last year of having different accounts. I thought about that for a minute and realized his use of projectionism. A psychological term for ascribing your own actions onto someone else.

    You just realized Seb and Razor are one in the same–something I’ve known for awhile, and he has other aliases. Read carefully when you attack Kap and you’ll notice similar sentence structure and aphorisms.

    Prime Time
    Razor I’m starting to think you are Seb? You keep telling everyone what they say or do but with no facts to back it up!

    When Razor? and for what? And why are you always defending Seb? Just curious as to you always sweeping in to defend him? Is this a Kap lover group thing?

    February 11, 2017 at 9:54 am

    Ha, I win?

      1. cmon Prime Razor could be loofy most times….

        but Seb ???…..nah…..Seb is a different kind…..

        ..@#% is a blog virus……

      1. I should have known better than to think I could pull the wool over a couple of idiot savants such as yourself and TomD! What was I thinking?

              1. I’ll buy. Supposedly I’ve got this extra $200 coming to me in April. We’ll talk about where all this hostility comes from and why you’re so easily manipulated by an idiot savant like TomD….

              2. Boy, he’s really inside your head. The paisano I knew would never back down from a bet he initiated, let alone allow himself to be manipulated by an idiot savant like TomD….

              3. I smell baccala with you. You always defended Seb. Sounded like him, loved Kap like him. Something is not right and I’m glad someone else picked up on my suspicion. Sorry man, you stink!

              4. Dude, if it makes you happy, I’ll be Seb for you. Didn’t know you were that kinky, but if you really believe that, you’re non compos mentis….

    1. Buttons pushed, all around. That’s the rationale for filters to Unfollow. One can’t be annoyed by what’s not on the screen. The site still racks up its clicks, free speech is preserved, and peace and harmony reign.

  47. Colin Kaepernick to opt out of deal and become free agent in March
    NBC Sports, PFT

    Posted by Darin Gantt on February 3, 2017, 3:33 PM EST

    TomD’s Response:

    The 49ers have arguably a worse QB situation (at the moment) than the Browns. Expect Lynch to try and trade Colin Kaepernick (and fail) before cutting him, as he’s due $19.3 million in 2017 if on the roster after April 1, but just $4.9 million if cut before then.

    1. The 49ers will acquire a vetran, stop-gap QB, as Shanahan has stated he wants to win now.

      Walsh always had a youthful roster. Shanahan will opt to trade Kap for more youth. Too many QB camps have confused the 29 yr. old QB, and new coaches like to start molding youthful QB’s, not old men like Kap.

      1. Kap’s habits are engrained. It would take “old windup” thousands of camp reps to shorten his release, something WCO coaches can’t spare when the competition begins.

  48. Also, the 49ers signed the NYG’s DL coach, Jeff Zgonina. The Giants have a 4-3 scheme.

    This means they either use Armstead and Buckner as bookends when they draft Bama’s, Johnathan Allen who is versatile enough to play most DL positions.

    The leader of Alabama’s dominant defensive front, Allen is a versatile, disruptive force who should make an instant impact in any scheme, for any team in the NFL.

    Allen’s best trait may be his versatility. His size and skill set will allow him to line up just about anywhere in any scheme, and with more NFL teams running multiple and hybrid fronts, a player like Allen becomes even more valuable.

  49. Jeff Zgonina played 17 years in the NFL and will help the 49ers select a defensive lineman with their 1st Rd pick.

    Four years post-retirement, Zgonina joined the Texans as an assistant and remained with the team until he joined the Giants last season.

    In Houston, Zgonina helped coach the likes of J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney, while he helped oversee Olivier Vernon, Jason Pierre-Paul, Damon Harrison & Co. with Big Blue last season.

  50. 2017 NFL Mock Draft

    1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

    San Francisco 49ers: Jonathan Allen, DE/DT, Alabama

    I’ve been slotting DeShone Kizer for the longest time, but it’s being speculated that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch will go hard after Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo. I can’t imagine Cousins leaving Washington, but Garoppolo could be dealt, and Shanahan previously said that he likes him a lot. The No. 34 pick in this draft should seal the deal.

    If the 49ers acquire Garoppolo, they’ll likely target the best player available, and that would easily be Jonathan Allen. It sounds like the 49ers will be moving to a 4-3, which would explain why they’d take Allen when they’ve selected DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead in the previous two drafts.


          1. I think the last one to call me Fat Tuna was Mary.
            I’m surprised he took offense; he’d be rid of me and my stuff too, right? We already have scroll buttons, ‘Unfollow’ would just be more convenient.

      1. 1.Allen is a tremendous interior pass-rusher and also causes havoc in run defense. He could end up being an interior defensive line prospect on a par with Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Aaron Donald. I recapped over well over 100 games this season, and in my opinion, Allen was the best player in college football during 2016.

        8/13/16: Allen played really well in 2015 with 36 tackles with 14.5 for a loss, 12 sacks, two forced fumbles and four passes batted. He totaled 33 tackles with 11.5 for a loss and 5.5 sacks the year before. Allen has some natural pass-rushing skills to him along with quickness and strength.

        For the NFL, Allen would fit very well as a speedy three-technique defensive tackle. He is very fast at firing his gap, and his speed poses a real mismatch against guards. Allen has a quick first-step, and uses that agility to transition to power. He rushes with good pad level and leverage, so he can get into a guard’s chest and toss them to the side to break free on the quarterback. Allen’s upper body strength to shed blocks is very impressive, especially for a sub 300-pound defensive lineman. He has the speed to beat right tackles and also uses his power to win on the edge.

        In the ground game, Allen is good at holding his own. He has developed technique and is a solid run defender. Allen has natural functional strength in the upper body and in his base to maintain gap integrity.

        In a 4-3 scheme, Allen could play end or tackle. He also could serve as a five-technique defensive end in a 3-4 defense.

        1. Thanks Prime.

          I’ve found that Walter Football is rarely wrong and Shanahan is on record as wanting to draft Garopolo while in Cleveland, and there’s his recent statements about wanting to win now.

    1. Nope, towards the end of his career he only spent one season with each of his last three teams which means nobody liked him so he doesn’t deserve to be in the HoF.

      Just so you know, that’s how journalists think.

  51. Rotoworld:

    The Falcons have moved WR coach Raheem Morris to pass game coordinator.
    He’s taking the place of Jerome Henderson. Morris had been a candidate to join Kyle Shanahan’s staff in San Francisco. He’ll stay in Atlanta after a strong first year on the offensive side. Morris will also maintain his role as assistant head coach.

  52. When Kap is released, the team will have salary cap space of almost $100 million??! The amazing thing is that the 49ers will still be second to the Browns. And, according to Spotrac, the Browns currently have 59 players under contract whereas the 9ers only have 46 players (incl. Kap).

    1. Cautionary note:
      Jaguars have been spending a fortune in FA and just fired another coach. You can’t always buy success. Niners don’t have to just spend or spend it all at once.

        1. Poe or Brandon Williams come to mind; not cheap. Garrapolope or Cousins are so pricey that they’re above my pay grade for consideration.
          That thar’s politics.

  53. How did the Niners get in this mess? By not fielding a good team.

    Baalke thought he would be cute by saving 46 mil in cap space. What did that do? It created a squad that was 46 mil less talented than other teams. Some teams try to build a squad through the draft. GB has won one ring in the last 20 years.

    It takes using all the tools available; Draft, Free Agency, Trades and poaching players from practice squads, to orchestrate a winning formula.

    Free agents have game film that shows what they can do in the pros. A FA has been toughened up, and has been fortunate enough to have avoided the injury bug. These players do not need to sit, study and get stronger, they can be plugged in right away.

    Lynch MUST spend most the salary cap, or at least up to 5 mil, which will be then used as a contingency fund. Baalke saved the cap space, and seemingly was content to lose. Lynch must show that he is SERIOUS about winning, so he should overpay for one defender so others will buy in. Not way overpay to waste money, but he needs to out bid other teams for a premier player.

    Then Lynch should target under achievers, preferably from losing teams, so they will not want too much, but at least a good pay raise.

    Cutting Kaep to save money is obtuse, because Kaep is the best player on the team. Keeping Kaep is the safest and most prudent strategy to employ. Burning draft picks to get another QB is counter productive, because the first, second and third picks should be used to fix the defense. Until the defense is fixed, just expect more losing. Good WRs and RBs can be found in the later rounds.

    Keeping Kaep is a wise strategy, because it would signal FAs that there is a different culture, and they will be treating their players better, and fairly. Kaep would help promote continuity, and he could sync up better with his receivers with more practice. Locker room Dynamics were very important to Bill Walsh, and he said that they could be the difference between winning and losing. Kaep with his Eshmont Award for leadership and courage, will be setting new standards.

    The Niners should target Zach Brown, Dontari Poe and Melvin Ingram. Lynch should outbid others to get at least one of those players. He should not break the bank for Alshon Jeffrey, because he will be too expensive with the danger of him imploding. Also, Jeffrey will want to go to a contender, and will accept a little less for a chance at a ring.

    Lynch should target Cordarrelle Patterson, Brian Quick, Kendall Wright and Kenny Stills. They have skills, but under achieved, so they could be signed without too much trouble.

    Lynch would set the tone, by trading for Frank Gore. This way, Frank could go out in a year or two as a 49er. Lynch would keep Baalke’s promise to Kaep to try and retain veteran talent. Maybe the Niners should offer Brooks, Bethea and Mike Davis for Frank Gore. Colts could fill needs, and move on from Gore. Niners would save cap space, and Bethea could go back to his old team.

    Lynch must start out strong, and if he is aggressive in free agency, he will be able to start a new culture. Hopefully, a winning one. If he can land that big name player, and sign 6 more FAs, he will fill all the huge needs, and the Niners will be able to be more flexible in the draft. Ideally, If all the major needs will be satisfied with FAs, the Niners can trade back to get more bodies.

  54. Another factor in the Garropolo scenario, is the possibility that the Pats will leverage Garropolo for enough picks so they will draft well and win another championship.

    Teams should be loathe to help the Pats in any way. Teams that deal with BB tend to get the short end of the stick.

  55. Things to consider re Garoppolo and Cousins.

    The 49ers have leverage because a trade frees tons of cap space for the seller.

    If I recall correctly, Alex Smith was not entering the last year of his contract when he was traded. He has 2 or 3 years remaining on a reasonably cheap deal. An important bargaining chip for the 49ers,

    Garoppolo and Cousins.will be costing major free agent bucks. To sign a quarterback to a second contract AND trade the #2 overall is hugely expensive.

    Pick 34 is the absolute max I’d consider for either one of them.

  56. Lynch mentioned that he does not see the Niner roster as having talent equal to a 2-14 team. He thinks that there is more talent than the win loss record indicates.

    I agree. Baalke insisted on players to play out of position, and he played his favorites to the detriment of the team. He dictated that Gabbert would keep the starting job, shutting Kaep down due to some shoulder soreness. He insisted on playing Garrett at RG, despite his natural position being at LG. He did not activate DuJuan Harris, and then only let him play sparingly. He insisted on Bellore starting, even though they were giving up record amounts of rushing. Cromartie has thump, but he never saw the field. Everyone said that safety was Ward’s natural position, but he kept playing CB. It took an injury to find out that Beadles was a good center. Marcus Rush languished on the PS, and was poached by Jax.

    Now, the question is- Will Lynch be able to retain the right players, attract decent FAs and hit a grand slam in the draft?

  57. If we want a real rebuild all our qb’s should go than, IMHO Garoppolo is a more natural thrower than all our current QB’s combined so we should make a big effort to get him.
    He has the ability to be a top 10 QB in the NFL.
    Our current QB core isn’t capable of being consistent and lacking important intangibles.

  58. If you can get Garoppolo or Cousins and it only cost ‘dough’ I am for it. If draft picks are used as the instrument to gain possession of unknown quality – I am not for it.

  59. A brief Shanahan answer on Kaepernick:

    * As you might guess, Colin Kaepernick came up as a question for Shanahan. Here’s what his response was:

    * Colin’s had success in this league. He took a team to the Super Bowl so obviously Colin has a lot of ability. He’s not a guy I’ve studied since he was at Nevada, I liked him coming out of college and I’m looking forward to studying him now.

  60. Top 10 NFL 2017 free agents: Who joins Kirk Cousins among best available?
    * Should the 9ers sign any F/A on the list?
    1. RB Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers:
    2. QB Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins:
    3. S Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs:
    4. OLB/DE Chandler Jones, Arizona Cardinals:
    5. DT Kawann Short, Carolina Panthers:
    6. CB A.J. Bouye, Houston Texans:
    7. TE Martellus Bennett, New England Patriots:
    8. WR Alshon Jeffery, Bears:
    9. DE Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants:
    10. LB Dont’a Hightower, Patriots:

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