Jed York on Alex Smith’s contract status: “The ball’s in his court.”

Jed York spoke outside of 49ers headquarters this afternoon about Alex Smith’s contract status. Here’s a transcript.

York said the ball is in Smith’s court. He also said, “Alex is just trying to figure out what he wants to do.”

When asked if he was surprised Smith hasn’t signed yet, York replied, “No, free agency hasn’t started yet.”

I don’t have inside knowledge, but it sounds like the Niners are prepared for Smith to test the market. It also sounds like they haven’t upped their offer – the one that’s been on the table for months.

Smith told Kim Coyle that his agent and Trent Baalke are working out the details of a contract – i.e. negotiating, going back and forth – but York says the ball is in Smith’s court. Hmm.

It sounds like Smith and his agent are trying a last-minute bargain before free agency starts: “We’ll accept a three-year deal, but not the one you proposed. We want more guaranteed money.”

To which the Niners are saying, “No deal.”

How do you interpret this?

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