Jeff Garcia on Kaepernick’s performance vs. Rams: “I thought he did an excellent job.”

Jeff Garcia spoke on 95.7 The Game Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Colin Kaepernick.

Q: How would you evaluate Kaepernick’s performance against the Rams?

GARCIA: I think the biggest thing is he didn’t turn the ball over. Fortunately there were a couple fumbles they were able to recover. He was fairly efficient through the air, being 11-for-17. He ran the football well, which is really one of his strengths to be able to create with his feet. From the standpoint of coming off the bench in a game they were already behind, I thought he did an excellent job, especially in that fourth quarter being down what they were and to put a drive together and make things happen, get back in the game, tie the score up and send the game into overtime. He did enough to help that team win the game. Unfortunately, Mr. Dependable, David Akers, who normally hits those field goals missed that one. It’s something to build on if Kaepernick has to play this week. At least he got his feet wet once again.

Q: Assuming Kaepernick starts against the Bears, how dramatically will they change the play book for him?

GARCIA: It’s going to have to change. Obviously there are certain strengths than Colin brings to the table with his running ability, but going against the team that they’re going to face next week, especially coming off of a loss – that’s going to be team that’s looking to get back on top. Not really the team you want to start your backup quarterback against, not to say that Colin can’t go out there and do the job that’s necessary, but you would like to face the Bears being at full strength. To go into that situation, the playbook’s probably not going to be as expansive. They’re going to cater a little bit more to some of the strengths of Colin, like movement, getting outside the pocket, utilizing him as a run-threat option. But against that team who’s a sound defensive football team, that’s going to be a tough test for him.

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