Jim Harbaugh says Quinton Patton likes to practice and likes to make tough catches

SANTA CLARA — This is what Jim Harbaugh said in the 49ers’ auditorium Monday afternoon.

How was the energy for practice in front of crowds?

“Good. It was good. Tried to slow them down a little bit especially at the beginning of practice, be in control. New grass surface, and want our guys to get their feet under them, get used to it. It’s me (being) overly cautious. But I think that was the right thing to do.”


Is that why you guys did so much scout team stuff, kind of slow the tempo down?

“No, that wasn’t for that reason. We’ve got a game on Thursday. We have some preparation started for the [Baltimore] Ravens.”


Were you able to use that giant screen to help you kind of watch the practice session yourself?

“I glanced up at it a few times.”


It’s always nice this time of camp to break the monotony for the players to have fans watch practice, right?

“I think so, yes. No question about it. Adds to the energy, yes.”


How did you find the grass and surface?

“Really good, really good. Players commented. It’s a little bit different than our grass field at the practice field, little bit more Bermuda in it. Thought it was good, really good traction. A lot of people were happy. I don’t know.”


It’s like putting a new golf course with different sight lines, you know, for quarterbacks, receivers seeing the ball travel in a different environment. Does that help practicing today like that?

“Yes. That’s what we’ve got to get used to, the way we’re used to Candlestick [Park] – the grass there, the sightlines there, the wind, sun, angles, all those things. Got to get used to this stadium, this surface, what the flags do, where the wind blows. That’s the main reason for practicing here.”


Have you gotten any further report on DL Glenn Dorsey after surgery to try to figure out what the time table might be?

“I have not.”


On that subject, how big of a blow is it to the team, to the defense to see him sustain something like that?

“That was definitely a big blow. He was playing really good, had himself in great shape ready for the season. It’s tough luck. That’s a bad break.”


You’ve talked about how big the steps are for second-year players entering their second season, their second camp. Have you seen those type of steps from WR Quinton Patton?

“Yes, yes. Seen a lot of good things from Quinton Patton. I’ve always seen a competitive, very competitive individual and talented. Likes to practice, likes to make tough catches, etc. He’s stayed healthy this entire offseason and training camp, and he’s starting to stack good practice after good practice. Consistently good. It’s a great step.”


Do you plan on signing another running back?

“Yes, there’s talk of that, yes. We worked out a youngster today, and I’m not sure if he’s signed yet or not. It’s a good possibility that he is. Will be going after practice here and check that out.”


Is the move in part because you need an extra body?

“Yes. That’s 100 percent the reason. Getting to the point where we’re practicing with about 69 guys, 69 healthy guys, to my count today. Three of those are kickers and one is a long snapper, so, 65 bodies or so. We need guys, and it’s not just the chance to play running back, all that the football game is going to entail – running down on kickoffs, punts, special teams. It’s a great chance for another youngster to compete. I think our team needed that.”


Did RB Carlos Hyde just jam a finger or a fingernail on that kickoff?



Did it come right off?

“No, it didn’t come off. A little bloody around the edges.”


Any updated time table on WR Michael Crabtree and WR Brandon Lloyd?

“No, don’t have an updated time table there.”


Is Crabtree, is he here, rehabilitating?



We just haven’t seen him.

“He’s here. In meetings, working out.”


Will you take all the guys to Baltimore, like Crabtree and Lloyd, and the injured guys, or will they remain here and rehab?

“They’re going to go with us.”


Have you decided how much the starters will play, like how long QB Colin Kaepernick or RB Frank Gore will play?

“I have a good idea. Colin will be a couple drives at the most. Could have one drive, it goes really well, and say, ‘That’s it right there’. Could have two drives. Won’t be much more than that.”


And you guys aren’t going to be practicing on Friday, right?

“No, were not.”


You’re not doing that Wounded Warriors game either then?



And then, the Saturday, Sunday, Monday practices, are they full-on scrimmages or is it just position versus position, have you figured it out?

“A lot like the practices that you saw today. Not full-on scrimmages, no.”


Is there a concern when you practice against another team? It’s nice to face somebody else, but yet you don’t have the control you do as a head coach facing somebody else’s team and their tempo.

“Yeah. It’s something that, everybody’s going to have the same mindset, both teams are going to have the mindset that we’re here to get good work. When it comes to practice, they are drills, they are practice drills. What we’ll say to our ball club is we’re going to treat that ball club like it’s our ball club. Our goal is going to be to take care of them like we would be taking care of each other when our offense is going against their defense. I’m sure that the Ravens will have the same approach that we’re here for good work. That’s the goal. That’s the purpose.”


How much do you work with your brother on designing those practices?

“Yeah, working with him. Input both ways. We got it knocked out. I think we have a good plan and goals for good work.”


So, you’ve already got the practice schedules set?



How much did you look at Candlestick as a home field advantage? How much do you look at this early stage as a possible home field advantage? Is it just the crowd itself being the advantage or the facilities and all of the stuff that comes with this?

“Well, you want to mark your territory. We wanted to do that. We don’t want to look at it as just a possibility, we want to make it a home field advantage. I think we have the players to do that. And right now, getting used to the environment, the wind, the grass, sightlines, those are the main things. We’ve always counted on our crowd to be behind us and they always are. Hopefully we’ll play good and they’re behind us and we’ll do just that, make it a great home field advantage like Candlestick was.”


Can you just give us an idea of what kind of message you had with WR Anquan Boldin after Friday’s practice?

“No. I always like to think of those as between me and the player and not for public consumption. I mean, Anquan Boldin, there’s no more special practice player in all of football that I’ve ever seen. Special the way he practices. Special the way he loves making the tough catch and competing at practice. There’s nobody more special than him when it comes to practicing football.”


Was one of the things that the officials talked about though was watching how players are on the field in terms of temper and whether that’s a concern with Anquan?

“No. Anquan’s a great pro.


Is what a player does in a preseason game weighted more than maybe what they do in practice? Is it even? How would you categorize the impact that they can make in a game versus practice?

“I think all fit into the puzzle. I don’t know that there’s one, that a game is such a percentage. How many practices add up to what a game is. But a game is a game. That’s very important. We want to win and we want to see our guys play well and we want to see them go out and execute. Those are the things we look for and who can take it from the practice field to the game environment and be successful. Ultimately that’s what we keep track of.”


Why didn’t CB Chris Culliver practice today?

“He had a little something that was bothering him and I thought it to prudent to not go full-go today. He did participate a little bit in individual. Just cautious, being smart.”


What was bothering him?

“He had a little something. I just never feel like it’s my duty to report every symptom, ache, pain.”


With Glenn Dorsey out, who was looking to step in there today? Who made the biggest impression on you?

“Well, there’s quite a few at the nose tackle position. [NT] Mike Purcell’s been playing very well. [DT] Quinton Dial’s been in the mix at that position. [NT] Ian William’s still a possibility at the time that he comes back. Right now the guys that are in there and are playing are Purcell and Quinton Dial who are getting the shots. And the proven player there is [DT] Tony Jerod-Eddie. So, we’ve got players for that position who will be fighting for that spot.”


Do you still enjoy competing against your brother?

“I enjoy competing. I enjoy competing. I think the thing that we’re going to be doing Thursday night is exactly that. You’re competing. It’s what it is. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we’re joining forces, working together to make both of our ball clubs better.”


Will you be able to get any personal time with him while you’re out there? Will your families get together or anything like that?

“I hope so. I’ve got to see [his niece] Alison [Harbaugh] because her birthday’s August 10th. So, hopefully I’ll get a chance to. I hope I get a chance. I’ll take the try out of it and deliver the birthday present to Alison.”

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    1. Wow, coaches telling lies?
      Now that’s a sobering revelation! (lol)

      Let’s face it, we all know that Harbaugh could never star as the Geico Pinocchio character.

  1. Shall we rename this blog the Harbaugh Haters?

    I listen to NFL radio on satellite radio and every week, Mike Smith, head coach of the Falcons, does a phone interview with the broadcasters. Every week. He is the complete opposite of Harbaugh. He talks about his game plan, what they worked on in practice and the injuries to his star players. It seems that he loves to talk and loves to be heard and what did that get him last year? Watch Hard Knocks tonight, you’ll see what an attention whore Mike Smith is.

    I personally love Harbaugh’s coyness. He doesn’t give a F%$K about you or the media. He is a competitor and a “trusted agent and ally.”

  2. Man some of these questions are like “where are you going with this?” type questions. Ah well.

    It sounds like Dial has been monstrous on the D-line. I know he’s a bit tall for a NT but I trust Tomsula without question and I know he’ll have him and TJE ready. If we can get Ian back on the field soon I will feel a lot more comfortable. I still like our depth there. I really hope Dial can stay healthy.

    I’m also very excited about Patton. If he can stay healthy I can see him taking over the #2 spot opposite of Crabs during the season. Him and Kap seem to be clicking. Man I can’t wait for this season to start. I would argue if Patton really impresses and earns that #2 or 3 spot we may not see the need for 6 WRs and Lloyd could be out.

    1. If Lloyd is having a better preseason than Johnson and Johnson’s salary is near $4 million and Lloyds is only $1 million, then why would Lloyd leave?

      1. If Lloyd is clearly the better player and Patton beats Johnson out for the 3rd WR job, then there is a good chance they cut Johnson and keep Lloyd, but I’d still be surprised to them cut him with the issues they’ve had at WR in Harbaugh’s time here.

        1. This year if they cut one of the WR’s, the drop off won’t be as impactful. Remember last year V-Mac was non existent, Miller was gone and we had no Crabs. If Johnson is cut, we still have Boldin, Patton, Lloyd and Ellington. My opinion is that we are pretty set at the receiver position.

      2. A few reasons. One is they gave up a 4th round pick for him, so I think they will be a little more patient with him as he comes along learning the offense and clicking with Kap. Another is that he is a younger proven WR that could potentially be in the team’s long term plans if/when Crabs leaves.

        So with that said. They have 2 beyond proven receivers in Boldin and Crabs, Patton (who looks to possibly have a breakout season), Johnson, and Ellington (rookie who adds ST value). So my argument is if the staff is truly impressed and confident in Patton then that would give you 4 legitimate receiving threats not including Ellington. Why would they waste a 6th spot on an over 30 year old who doesn’t hold much value beyond this year when they are so deep at the position?

        Now if they weren’t comfortable with Patton, than I could see the reasoning to keep him and continue to let Patton and Ellington develop.

        Those are just my thoughts.

        1. Leo,

          Pretty much how I see it as well. I think Lloyd will have to be spectacular in preseason for them to keep him over Johnson. I also don’t think Johnson has been as bad as Grant stated in his progress report. For the first few practices he had him in the good portion of his practice summaries as did every other writer. Not getting as many throws his way in later practices doesn’t say to me that he’s blowing it.

          1. Same here regarding Grant’s reports. The guy is proven. Give him some more time to get it all together. Come game time I think he’ll show up. But honestly I just want to see Patton stay healthy and have him self a fine year. Should be fun to watch.

            1. He’s a perennial ball dropper. Johnson has the opportunity to nail a spot down with Crabs and Lloyd out, and all you hear about is Boldin and Patton…..Age and potential don’t matter if you fail to show up and impress in camp : )

              1. Bay,

                He has dropped a few too many passes, but it’s exaggerated when looking at how effective he was in Buffalo, and really is par for the course compared to a number of top WR’s in the league. If you look at Johnson’s last full season in 2012, he was 10th on the drop rate behind such receivers as: Victor Cruz, Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant who all had a similar number of targets to what he did. Welker and Megatron were 1st and 2nd for drop rates, so that tells you even the best drop passes.

                I know Grant has tried to downplay Johnson’s production, but it’s futile to disparage a player who has put up 3 1000 yard seasons. If he gets beat out by Patton, that is great for the team, but Johnson is a good player to have on the roster regardless.

              2. Rocket,
                let me break down drops on our team. Most of the receivers you mentioned play on teams that are behind, so the passing volume is higher. A drop here and there is not so critical. We throw the ball less because we generally play with a lead. When we drop the ball, that drop is magnified.
                I can still remember critical drops by Crabs, by Walker, by AJ Jenkins, by McDonald and by Gore. I think we all can, and the reason we can remember those drops is because we throw less. If Stevie drops the ball at his historic rate, he won’t be in our lineup. And at his salary, he won’t be on our roster IMO.

              3. Bay I think its one of those arguments that are tough to win. Because yes as you say those teams play from behind quite often and tend to throw more regardless, thus an increase in targets often explains and increase in the drop rate. But at the same time would his drop rate be the same on a run-based team like ours with a big decrease in targets. I say lets just wait to see how he does on the field.

              4. Bay, I think you missed rocket’s point. Johnson has a drop rate in line with many other top WRs. He has ended high up on the list of total drops for a few seasons because he also has a high number of balls thrown his way.

                You said it yourself. He played on a team that was behind often, and therefore had a high volume of passes being thrown. Drops will happen.

              5. Any chance that Johnson’s drop rate went up last year because of his injuries? According to sportingcharts.com, his rates for 2012 and especially 2011 were lower.

                Note: I find it difficult to meaningfully analyze drops (and the drop rate stats) because of the subjectivity involved. How one distinguishes between a drop and a failure to make a tough catch is going to differ from person to person.* Moreover, statisticians calculate drop rates differently. Some do it by calculating drops as a percentage of total targets (which allows the quality of QB play to affect the rate); others calculate drops as a percentage of “catchable” passes (which adds even more subjectivity to the calculation).

                * The incompletion to Vance McDonald in the Panthers game is a good example. Several commenters viewed that incompletion as a drop by McDonald. Others correctly saw it as a great defensive play by Kuechly in yanking McDonald’s hand off of the ball.

              6. Good point Claude in identifying how drops might be evaluated. At the end of the day they occur for every WR and TE. Stevie Johnson is a bonafide NFL WR.
                He might be going through an adjustment period with a new offense, timing, QB, and new position with the 49ers. To claim he might be cut after the team traded for him to me is absurd.
                Now again it might come down to age, money and who plays better throughout the preseason. I know from watching a lot of Bills games, Stevie Johnson is a game day player. Kinda like how Kaepernick is a better game day player as he is practice player.

              7. Let’s also not forget that it may take some a little longer to adjust to a ball that looks like it was shot out of a bazooka.

              8. Bay,

                Scooter’s response is correct and that was my point. His drop rate is based on dropped passes per total targets. What you stated won’t change anything. It doesn’t matter what system he plays in or if the team is playing with a lead. He’s going to drop the odd pass; he’s also going to catch a lot and put up good numbers if thrown too regularly.


                Excellent point on the subjectivity of drops. That’s why I prefer to do my own eyeball test rather than relying on Grants view from practice.

              9. Stevie Johnson has 20 catches in training camp team drills. Vance McDonald has 30 catches.

      1. I think he makes some good points —

        Expensive to claim
        Bad injury history
        Can’t play
        If he is claimed, they raise their cap.

        But there’s something else I don’t think MM mentioned: Assuming he fully recovers, it might take him another year to get back. But he’ll be that much older, so a little more susceptible to breaking down, and, maybe, not as fast/quck. They can draft someone like him next year who can start to produce in year two, when he would, but be younger and cheaper.

        So I wonder if they waived him because they really want someone to take him off their hands.

        1. They may WANT another team to grab him…but they know that no team will.
          Any team that picks him up will have to pay his salary this year while he’s not on the field AND watch him become a FA when he can be on the field next year, unless they sign him to an extension before that happens.
          And no team would do that if there’s no guarantee he’ll play next season.
          That’s a lose-lose situation for any team…except ours, which will have the best shot at signing him if he’s healthy in ’15.

  3. To backtrack a bit…. I a little bummed Kory Faulkner was released. I liked everything I saw in the footage. Size, nimble feet, pocket passer, accurate, timing, tough, throws well under pressure, throws well on the move, fast, smart runner.

    The 49ers don’t need five QBs in camp, so it should be no surprise one was released. I reviewed his footage to find a problem. Nothing glaring.

    What was missing in the footage was high velocity passes. Not a weak arm, but not many bullet passes. He did complete some deep outs.

    Strong arm is an overrated skill, but its still a plus. If the 49ers ran the older WCO, he’d be a better fit.

  4. I remember an old-school punk band called “The Angry Samoans.” They were actually all white dudes……Mike Purcell has a white name but he is a Samoan dude who plays angry. ;)

    Dial and Purcell will fill in nicely for Dorsey…….until Williams is ready.

    1. I think TJE may play a big role also. I know he played some snaps at NT last year and from reports it seems like he’s having a solid TC. I’m still not sold on Purcell but that’s just me.

      I really hope they can get Ian back very soon, and hopefully he’s football ready as far as conditioning.

      I’m not too worried, but I thought Dorsey was prime for a real good season

  5. Q.Patton may very well leapfrog B.Lloyd especially with BL missing a couple of weeks.
    I may have missed it, but I don’t recall an official or detailed report as to the extent of BL’ injury.

    Unlike Crabtree, Lloyd is not a lock to make the team. His flashes in TC were newsworthy for the first week or so of practice until the contact started.

    The physical aspect of the game has always been my pet-peeve when it comes to Lloyd. Lloyd will not give us a threat as a slot WR because he has shown a tendency of using alligator arms when he perceives contact.

    I’m not a Brendon Lloyd hater. And Lloyd had a great season as a Patriot. But Lloyd likely needs to be in an offensive scheme customized to fit his abilities rather than the other way around.
    I don’t see the 49ers customizing or designing any special passing packages just to placate a player that will probably not catch more than 12-15 catches if he makes the roster.

    Unless the team carries 6 WR’s on the game day roster Lloyd is my choice for the odd man out.

    1. The way I look at it is in terms of redundancy. Crabs, Patton and Johnson are the same type of receiver. We have no receivers like Lloyd. He can play slot or outside and he has tremendous hands. He can’t block, not at his size which is detrimental. And I’d like to see how he handles not getting any looks over prolonged periods of time.

      1. The only reason you like Lloyd is because he goes deep and is a one trick pony with the deep ball. You have pined for years about the 49ers being a deep ball team. You never were able to come to terms with Harbaugh not having that element in his philosophy.
        You whined about it and made Alex Smith the scape goat. Then you blamed Roman, and now this. Pathetic.

        1. FDM,
          you hitting the bottle again bud? You come across as a guy who just left a job interview and it didn’t go very well. No worries bud, there are other fast food chain jobs with openings.
          Lloyd actually doesn’t just run the deep route. He can sell any route. As far as not throwing deep vertical routes, I do blame it on Rombaugh. Just like I believe that throwing to running backs is not a priority.
          I think they know they need to evolve and they will. All arrows up.
          Care to add an opinion on anything or just rip on mine?

          1. I’ve stated my opinion on Llloyd. He is a one trick pony who has been shuffled around the league and was out of football last year. There is good reasons for that. See my opinion has some facts to it, some history. Yours is whatever pleases you with little to no substance to support it. Its what we call hot air or crap.
            If Lloyd could sell any route he would be a legit WR. He is not. That’s why teams let him walk.
            BTW Bay, don’t insult workers of fast food restaurants. Its what drives the American economy nowadays.

      2. Lloyd isn’t a deep threat, stop assuming that. Look up the stats. Dude ran a 4.72 40 like 10 years ago. He won’t make the team over any of the other guys. Didn’t trade a pick for him, contact isn’t guaranteed, old, doesn’t play special teams and doesn’t block. Oh yea he isn’t practicing for like 2 more weeks. You’re way off man.

          1. FDM,
            when a person gets a venereal disease they can go to the doctors and find a course of action. How do I get rid of you since you and your mouth herpes?

            1. Wow. Between being a chauvinistic pig, mocking fast food employees, and sexual transmitted diseases, you are one helluva class act. Ive told you for years, if you cant take the heat on this blog, go play tennis or volleyball or whatever you do.

              1. What percentage of your posts actually contain football chatter and football opinions? You’re a hateful guy FDM. A pariah. I actually have opinions. Can’t remember the last time I got into a nasty back and forth with someone until your garbage popped up.
                Go stand and look in the mirror bud. You won’t like what you see…. Your lips must be thrashed from all the daily garbage that escapes your body through your mouth.

              2. FDM: I just drop by to read and I’m certainly no doctor, but in your case, I think .5 mg. of paxil might be be nice.

              3. I actually have opinions.

                Yes, that is the highest virtue in life, merely to have opinions. Not informed opinions, mind you, just opinions. Who cares if the opinions are based upon false assumptions of fact, ignorance of facts, or just plain made-up facts? The only thing that matters is to have opinions. Right?

                I’m also confused about your apparent need to get rid of mouth herpes. Are you saying that you caught a venereal disease from FDM? You do realize, don’t you, that you have to have sex with someone to catch a venereal disease from him? I know you have a tendency to make homoerotic comments, but this one seems to be awfully confessional.

      1. Some good points in there Jack and I’m glad I didn’t have to click through 16 pages to read it ;)

        The problem now is that Lloyd is not practicing which doesn’t bode well for him making the team. He needs to get back on the field and play the rest of the preseason. Lattimore is kind of puzzling as well. He looked like he was improving all offseason and went close to full speed in minicamp and now he’s on the NFI. Not sure what this means long term but I’m starting to wonder if we’ll see him this year.

  6. Note to Ankwaan Bolddin:
    (regarding the incident with Darryl Morris)…
    ya better save a little of that energy/fire
    for the Super Bowl (if you get there, huh?)…

    Hint: This assumes that you direct your ‘juice’
    at the opposing team, not your own people.
    Settle down, fella. Settle down.

  7. Ghost,
    They will get that in Stevie Johnson. SJ not only gives them the required experience they like, but a WR who could play the slot as well as the outside in some packages.

    Johnson has had a few bad practices with drops, but he still gives the team a reliable WR that could provide more options than Lloyd. Also, SJ is younger, stronger, faster, slightly bigger and definitely more physical. Johnson needs to correct his catching issues and that’s on him.

    Patton is garnering some very important minutes in TC with Lloyd on the shelf and he has taken full advantage of that time.
    Ellington will stick because he gives us a young WR/Slot that can be developed and also can help in the ST’s/Return game.

  8. what is up with Chris Culliver…?
    taking cues from Ankwaan Boldin ?
    (with his cheap shot at David Reed)…

    Have these gentlemen forgotten how the Niners
    were hurt by unnecessary roughness calls…???

    better remind them, Coach Harbaw. Ya think….?

  9. I can’t see them making a trade for a proven name and cutting him. Unless he really that awful. They know what he can do in games. Some players are great in practice and some aren’t. But show up on game day. I don’t see Johnson going anywhere.
    Now who will take the third spot? That’s up for debate.

    5 receiver sets all day. Lol

    1. Ninermd,

      What-up bud.
      I like your list but I don’t see team giving up on Ellington. I was a little confused with the D’ Washington signing because it only muddies up an already loaded WR corps in TC.

      Also, I don’t know if you caught the B.Lloyd interview last week. He was very low-key and almost spoke like a person who seemed confused and out of focused.
      I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but my sense is that BLloyd may be having second thoughts about his comeback. The reality of TC/football grind might be giving him pause.

      Again, I don’t recall Harbaugh being specific regarding Lloyd’ injury (sorry if I missed it), except for him saying that BL would be out a couple of weeks along with Crabtree (Harbaugh did say that Crabtree had a slight hamstring issue).

      Of course all this is purely conjecture on my part. Everything will shake-out by the start of the season.

      1. No I didn’t see any interview with BL. Has he publicly said he’s having second thoughts? That would suck, I’ve always liked him. I thought the same with the Wash signing also. But from what I’ve heard so far is that B Llyod was having a monster camp. The injuries are probably precaution due to the injuries so far. I honestly think harbaugh should lighten up practices more often. ATLEAST at the end or middle of the season. A lot of vets who play hard on this team. Should be interesting to see who gets PS and who gets cut or makes the roster on the wr corps

        1. Ninermd,
          No, BL has never mentioned anything regarding second thoughts, that was my own take after watching his last interview.

          I’m likely way off on that thought, but BL looked as if he was disinterested and even sullen (his interview is on 49ers.com). I’ve seen Lloyd do many interviews and he is always upbeat and engaging.

          His laxed interview and subsequent 2 week layover (does anyone really know why?) just has me thinking out loud.

          Yep, you’re right about it being interesting to see who makes the cut. I know one thing, those WR’s who make the roster will give us one of the best WR corps in the league.

  10. the Bay area’s #1 most interesting sports figure:

    is a rude man who cannot read a room.

    Does anyone (except the hardest of hard core Niner fans)
    actually want to see him hold the Lombardi trophy in his hands?

    My prediction: late on the evening of February 1, 2015, Jim will be
    1. kicking the dog
    2. picking a fight with wife #2
    3. tossing back more suds
    or…. all of the above.

      1. 5. Contemplating whether to take the Ferrari or Maserati with his gorgeous wife to get some dinner….while SB monkey is working the register at the Dollartree

        1. I hear if you stare at your monitor and say his name three times he shows up and ruins whatever anyone was talking about.

          1. I hear if you stare at your monitor and say his name three times he shows up and ruins whatever anyone was talking about.

            Are we still talking about DS, or did you move on to talking about E?

  11. Yeah, this persons obsession with Harbaugh borders on the psychotic.
    A little “Fatal Attraction” twist going on with this one.

    Looks like Harbaugh will need to extend the Restraining Order (lol).

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