Jim Tomsula: “I begged to get Ray McDonald here.”

SANTA CLARA — Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula sat down in the press trailer and spoke to a group of Bay Area reporters for an entire hour about all kinds of things this Monday.

I’ll post a few excerpts of that interview for your enjoyment.

Here’s what he said about defensive tackle Ray McDonald.

Q: In the offseason, the team made a big commitment to Ray McDonald. Did you always know that he was this good?

TOMSULA: This has not surprised me one bit. I had him in the Senior Bowl. I begged to get Ray McDonald here. Saw him on film, worked with him down there and saw what kind of guy he was.

Q: Did they consult you at all before signing him?

TOMSULA: (Laughs). I don’t know if they wanted my opinion but they sure got it. Consulting is probably not a good word (laughs).

Q: What did you say?

TOMSULA: I want Ray! (laughs). Did we get Ray done? (More laughs).

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