Jim Tomsula on intimacy

SANTA CLARA – Around the fifty-minute mark of Jim Tomsula’s Monday group interview, the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley boldly asked the coach if we could sit in on a D-line meeting.

Here’s what transpired.

JANIE McCAULEY: Would you consider allowing us to observe a meeting?

TOMSULA: No, ma’am. In due respect, our door is closed. What happens in that room stays in that room, and everybody can trust me and I can trust everybody. We all trust each other. You got anything going on in your life, you share it there, it stays in the room. That’s it. It’s that one safe space. There’s no camera phones. You can talk about anything you need to talk about, get anything off your chest that you need to, and that works for us.

GRANT COHN: How often do you guys talk about deep, life issues in those meetings? Is that every day?

TOMSULA: That goes on all the time, yeah. It’s intimate.

GRANT COHN: Do you talk about those life things first, before the football stuff?

TOMSULA: Usually first. It’s an intimate setting. Maybe that’s not the right word. I’ll probably get abused if they hear that I said that. It’s like, it’s whatever you need, man. It’s, it’s…I don’t know how, I’ll start sounding like a kid’s storybook.

MINDI BACH: And it would be called: Jim Tomsula Wants Justin Smith in an Intimate Setting.

TOMSULA: See what I mean! That’s what I’m saying! I’m trusting you, here! Protect me, please. How bad would that be?

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