Jim Tomsula says he expects to be the 49ers head coach in 2016


This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“Injuries: [DT] Quinton Dial has the back strain from last night. [DL Arik] Armstead had a leg contusion. They X-rayed him, that was all negative. And, [LB] Eli Harold dislocated a finger, but they put it back in and he went back in the game. So, we feel good there. Still guys coming in, so we will keep you posted as that comes.”


Looking at those penalties; two guys lined up wrong, two guys mistimed blitzes, three guys jumped. What can you do about that?

“There’s no excuse. What can we do about it? We’ve got to be disciplined. They did a nice job of working their snap counts and changing the timing and rhythm of the snap counts. Obviously, I coached in that area a long time, there’s no excuses. Again, they did a nice job with that. They did a nice job of changing protections and moving the ball. We can get into all that kind of stuff. It’s part of the game. Absolutely inexcusable. I don’t have an excuse for it. That should not be.”


Is it particularly troubling in Week 16? I guess this is the kind of thing that you would think would happen early.

“Yeah, I mean that was no good. I’m not going to sit up here and defend it in any way. I’m not going to give you 19 excuses. I’m not going to tell you this, that and the next thing. Can’t happen, I mean that was seven times.”


Do you guys have disciplinary rules in place like if you jump off you’re out or anything?

“No. Not like that. We don’t have those rules, but we do have, each room a penalty is committed, whether it’s a gasser, we do those kinds of things.”


What did you think about the defense in general? It seemed like there were some good moments but also a lot of missed tackles.

“Well, the inconsistency in the tackles. Again, a big part of what we are building and what we talk about in staff meetings is developing consistency and that’s what we have to do. That’s what we are charging with. The tackling drills, and I look at them specifically every single day as we do them and we do them in individual. And we’ve changed them up, we’ve move them around, we do them in different areas. We’ve just got to stay on top of it. And the biggest problem we had yesterday was, it wasn’t the contact, it wasn’t the setting up, it was the bringing the hands. Wrap tackles. Wrap tackles.”


At this point in the season, how much of what you do is geared for next season, for trying to see what guys have, how they fit into the future?

“Well, a lot of areas we’ve been, with the way things have gone and injuries and things like that, we’ve gotten a lot of people on the field. Young guys and gotten them reps and things like that. Where we’re at, the way I see it, is we’re definitely on a one-week calendar in terms of this team and where we’re going and what we’re doing and preparing to win a game. But to me, in that itself, we’re building. Building the week-to-week and the way you prepare and the way you work and what you’ve got to have done and where you need to be when you show up on game day.”


You’re talking about building. Do you expect to be the coach next season here?

“Yeah. I’m going to coach until somebody tells me I’m not.”


Have the 49ers addressed that with you, your status?

“No. I see people every day and we talk about, the biggest thing that I get asked is can we help? Is there anything we can do for you? Do you need anything? That’s what I get asked constantly. And quite frankly, from that end of it, they couldn’t give us any more than they’re giving us.”


Having watched the tape, what’s your takeaway from the second half’s offensive struggles?

“Well, you know, they come out and they started bringing the safety, they started loading the box up there. You saw us get into the three wide receivers and running the ball a little more out of 11-personnel. They were giving us some routes. They were giving us some of the passing game there and we needed to get after it and we didn’t. We didn’t make enough plays in it. But, we still had the problems special teams-wise. We had the one penalty on the kickoff return where [LB] Ray-Ray’s [Armstrong] got the guy and he blocked him well but you can’t finish pulling the guy down. So, clearly, no questions about it, penalty. Guy goes to the ground like that it’s going to be a penalty. We lose field position. The other one, the punt return. What was it, 14-10, I think we were 14-10 us. [WR] Bruce [Ellington] comes out, boom, we get a nice wall there and we get the ball up to the plus-49. And we get a penalty there on I was told holding and now we’re on the 10-yardline. Not the plus-49, the minus-10. Now, that one I’ve sent in to get clarification on what we need to do on that one. But, that right there, that’s where we’ve got to take that ball at the 49-yardline and now points needs to be on the board. That’s where that needs to continue to move. But, second half, I mean we just, making those plays there, we need to make them.”


You mentioned about the front office asking what we can do for you. Have you had conversations with general manager Trent Baalke about what needs to be done for next season and where the roster is and where it needs to go?

“Well, no. Everything is all encompassed into the week at hand. And that’s really the way I keep it, from my terms. There’s obviously conversation. Not big meetings, not things like that and none of that that I’m going to get into.”


And when you look at where this team is, do you feel like the team, the coaching staff is in a better spot now than where you guys started?

“Yeah, I think there’s been a lot of growth that way. We’re in a performance-based business. We’ve got four wins, man. It’s volatile. I understand that, everybody understands that. When you’re a coach, the minute you sign the contract, boom, clock stats. We’re fine with that. We’re just going to keep working. We just work.”


At the start of this month, you had a victory over Chicago. In the subsequent weeks, things didn’t happen. Why do you think that is and what as a coach do you think maybe you could have done to make it go better? Why do you think that happened, that you weren’t able to build off that?

“Well, I think in certain areas we did. It didn’t equate to the win-loss record, which is the ultimate. I got it, that’s the measuring stick. But, in certain areas we did. And I don’t like going backwards, but when you go backwards there, obviously, the Cleveland thing was, that was just no good. That was a big step down. But, then as I’m watching the guys and I’m watching the way they’re working and I’m watching some of the things that we’re doing, that the coaches are doing and what some of the younger guys and where they’re getting and the gel that you’re starting to see happen there, I think that is good. What could I have done? Probably, Cleveland I put a lot of emphasis on starting fast in terms of throwing the ball, getting it down the field and things like that and that’s just not how we’re built right now. So, that’s a Jimbo. I went into the offense, talked about that. ‘Let’s stretch the field here early. Let’s get some things going.’ I think that’s what you’re asking.”


It’s an open-ended question.

“The tackling has been something we’ve been on defensively quite a bit and we’re attacking that. We obviously don’t have all the right answers yet. We don’t have that nailed down. But, that’s where I’m at.”


You said you changed up some of the tackling drills. How so?

“Well, we changed different angles, different things. There was one where Arik Armstead came out of the stack yesterday, did a heck-of-a job to come out of the stack and make the tackle. That’s one we’d like to see him punch through that ball. Get that ball out. That’s a drill you see on the field. So, just those drills.”

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  1. Have the 49ers addressed that with you, your status?

    “No. I see people every day and we talk about, the biggest thing that I get asked is can we help? Is there anything we can do for you? Do you need anything? That’s what I get asked constantly. And quite frankly, from that end of it, they couldn’t give us any more than they’re giving us.”

    “Can’t give us…more than they’re giving us,” Tomsula said…49er fans, only you have the power to decide if the York’s have given you more than enough bull—-!

  2. I think I will place myself on IR for the rest the season…
    “..Still guys coming, so we’ll keep you posted as that comes”

    Only Bo is playing for something…most tackles ….He has more heart
    than any of the rest….the Lone 49er left!

  3. The 49ers never change their snap count . Red 80 . Red 80. I know when the ball is gonna be snapped from my couch, forgot about the line being terrible, the other team is getting a jump on top of that . Same nonsense probably happens in practice , defense never gets used to varied counts

  4. “No. I see people every day and we talk about, the biggest thing that I get asked is can we help? Is there anything we can do for you? Do you need anything? That’s what I get asked constantly. And quite frankly, from that end of it, they couldn’t give us any more than they’re giving us.”

    They can help by putting this clown and his staff out of their misery and ours.

  5. Tomsula: “Yeah. I’m going to coach until somebody tells me I’m not.”

    Inside the 49ers blog: “Jim, you will not be the head coach in 2016.”

    Grant: Since Tomsula didn’t specify who, please pass this on to him at the next presser.

      1. To me there is no way he can survive a firing. How? How can this FO shade the performance this team has displayed all year? Let’s be honest they should have lost to Baltimore and Atlanta. We are a 2 win team.

          1. The only game the 49ers should have won was against the Ravens. They lucked out playing a Vikings team in the opener that was trying to install a new offensive scheme which didn’t play to their strengths, an inconsistent Falcons team, and a Bears team who needed Jeffery to knock drop some of his passes and Gould to kick better.

          1. Cubus: I agree. Management will not fire Tomsula. They are already working on a new Tomsula image for next year. He is not going anywhere, not this year, and not for the next two years.

          2. I’d like to see the organization try and lure Urban Meyer as the new head coach in SF and restore some faith in the future through name recognition. That’s a pipe dream though. Mike Gundy could be a good choice. Todd Graham from ASU would be another good choice. Bob Davie out of New Mexico could be a poor man’s Urban Meyer. He developed Urban Meyer and all of these choices have developed competent coaches under their tutoring.
            But of course this is still a year away. I think the only choices will come from the college ranks as no tenured NFL HC candidate would work for this front office. (Outside of Holmgren)
            I also think Harbaugh will end in Dallas as a head coach in 2016 or 2017.

        1. Prime Time they will say its a rebuild. That with the retirements and injuries and free agent loses, it was a new birth and new culture being built. That Jim Tomsula had very little to start the process with but that they are committed to winning.
          Its going to be a magic show press conference with tons of promises about continuing the 49er tradition but in a new way. That this roster has plenty of young talent in which to build around. It just needs time.
          Either way, any explanation for real football fans who know the game will say its all horse crap.
          I agree with you, you cannot mask the lack of talent Trent Baalke has drafted or how Jim Tomsula and his staff have coached this team beyond vanilla offense,defense and special teams. It really is embarrassing.

  6. Creating a core, finding leaders, and building the team are all things that should have been taken care of before the preseason. This incompetent yes man named Jim Tomsula is exactly what the Yorks and Baalke want, and that absolutely sickens this 49ers fan.

  7. Baalke and Tomsula will be back. OK I guess I will have to live with it for 1 more year just hire a couple of real football people for the front office. I’m still young enough to hope for 15 to 20 more years I feel bad for my 89yo pops [who has been a fan since 46] I’m not sure how many more seasons he has in him.

    1. Cubus Holmgren certainly would be a step up from Tomsula but I think the game may have passed him bye. Its just a little sad to see him chasing this job.

    2. :-)))))))))))
      Not only will he be able to coach young talent he may be able to leave a coordinator in position to be a good coach when he’s done.

  8. Mike Holmgrem says he would have interest in the Niners job if itbecomes available next year. Just read that on bleacher report. We need to make that happen.

  9. I could easily see the Yorks argue that the rebuilding process is long and difficult, and it requires stability and patience. Lots of young talent aboard and new leaders are just beginning to emerge. And, as we (the Yorks will say) all know, Tomsula was dealt a weak hand, but against great odds has started something good that needs more time. So Jed will conclude…”I do feel you frustration…we’re in a great position to improve through the draft and free agency, and next year we expect to be very, very competitive. Just believe. Be faithful.”

  10. Some stats on the defense’s performance. Not sure if it is comprehensive, though. For example, Fooch lists missed tackles for the safeties but not any of the other positions. I’m pretty sure I saw Bowman miss a few tackles. Could be Fooch is trying to make a point, but he’s usually more even handed. I would think PFF would have missed tackle stats for other positions besides safety, but I don’t know since their current subscription method is lacking.


  11. How could there be a worse coaching staff than the 49ers…We’ve scored the fewest point.
    Shouldn’t the NFL hold it’s first Loser Bowl to determine who really deserves the 1st pick in the ’16 NFL Draft?…I don’t believe the standings…

    1. They came out of half time with the idea that they would use three receiver sets. They called three running plays early in the second half and lost one yard net. After the third run of the second half, they gave up their running game even though the three receiver sets weren’t working either.

      Lack of direction from the HC, lack of flexibility by the OC, lack of talent, and lack of understanding of how to use what talent they have for a full sixty minute game may explain some of it.

      Never mind because after each game this year the HC has promised that they would get right back to work on their problems, and I’m sure he will promise the same thing at least fifteen times next year.

      I’ve heard that Jed has commissioned a team bus with a door for each row of seats so the team can get out of the bus faster in 2016. The new bus will travel with the team during the 2016 season.


  12. From PFF:

    “CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports Browns owner Jimmy Haslam “would have moved heaven and earth” to hire Bears OC Adam Gase as head coach back in 2014.
    Gase, of course, was the OC in Denver, and the Broncos advanced all the way to the Super Bowl in February 2014. By the time the Super Bowl was over, most head-coaching vacancies had already been filled, and Gase took his name out of the ring. About to finish up his first year in Chicago, Gase will again be a popular candidate after his work with Jay Cutler. It’s hard to imagine Cleveland being Gase’s first choice, but Haslam has really deep pockets.”

    1. Thanks for the post and link Cubus. There is a lot of good candidates on that list. My thinking is that another year with Jim Tomsula and a losing season will only cement the 49ers as a bad place to work and make it very difficult to hire new personnel and attract quality free agents. Can the 49ers afford to lose their rich tradition of one of the most storied franchises because the owner cant admit a wrong?

      1. Can the 9ers afford to loose…? That’s a determination made by the Yorks–those responsible for trashing a storied, iconic franchise. A flipping shame. Here’s hoping the Yorks are paid a visit by instant karma…

      2. Yeah, it’s hard to be optimistic. Still, I’m going to watch what Cleveland does this offseason with regards to HC/coordinators. If they get Gase, then maybe there is hope. Of course, the Yorks will have to pay and probably a premium at that. We fans have to continue to pressure the Yorks/Baalke even though it might feel like we’re baling the ocean out with a teaspoon.

    2. “Nick Caserio of the Patriots and Eric DeCosta of the Ravens certainly fit that description, but as the weeks have gone on I’ve become much more inclined to believe Eliot Wolf might actually be willing to leave Green Bay for the right job”

      3 dream candidates. Even if any of them were to leave their current job how can we possibly believe that they would consider coming to this current ownership.

  13. I only like hue Jackson off of the list. Not a lot to be excited about in niner land. I am going to remain optimistic about the team. After kap and brooks are cut/traded the team will have 60+ million in cap room, a high draft pick. I think TB is going to have a good aggressive offseason knowing it could be his last. I think the team will bring in a solid OC, get a few solid FA, retain tiller, Williams and celek and have a good draft.

    1. Andrew: Hue Jackson would want nothing to do with the Yorks. He was given the Harbaugh treatment by Davis, fired unceremoniously for nothing.

      Regardless of the millions in dollar cap, and high drafts, the Niners will still be the worst team in the Division if not the league next year, and a few thereafter.

  14. What’s annoying here is that these articles seems to be fodder for the fire. They are all filler with little to no substance. We all knew that if Erickson could have two years with the same precursor Tomsula was introduced with, it was very improbable that a hc change would take place.
    Then, there are all the “new” posters claiming to have predicted this atrocious season. I have reviewed the beginning of the season posts and I was alone in saying SF would finish 4-12.
    I would prefer to see pressure put on the front office by the beat writers to explain the ineptitude. I would prefer to read about tough accountability. Harbaugh was ran off after an 8-8 season but 4-12/is acceptable?
    We are subscribers to the PD. Can we have a representative in our corner during these press conferences?

    1. Jed York said if we are not competing for Superbowls, then we should hold him accountable? So, how do we do this if the guy in invisible?

      1. I am very disappointed in Branch and Maiocco for not asking the tough question and letting Tomsula off the hook so many times. I understand the ownership is in the witness protection program, but the head coach can be asked the same questions. He was part of the staff that ran Harbaugh off.
        I’d like to know how he compares himself and what he has accomplished to Harbaugh’s final year. I’d like to see the media hold Tomsula accountable for his role in this debacle. I’d also like to see them ask Baalke, even if it is through Tomsula, why they have drafted so many injured players who haven’t worked out. In fact, not a single drafted player that had a torn ACL has made it.
        How do you explain a 2012 draft with that many picks and no players on this team 3 years later? I would like to know what Tomsula thinks of the banner flying overhead and what where he hold himself accountable for the record this year and that banner.
        A list of much better questions have been posted in the discussion board of this blog. It seems the fans are more inclined to hold the organization accountable than Grant, who has never shied away from being an antagonist.

  15. Think there is any chance the FO gives an offensive mind an offer to be AHC and OC? It would be a win win for Jed York. He would create some excitement with the fans and retain JT

  16. So we have to live with Tomsula and Baalke for one more year and 1 more great draft spot. What really scares me is York doesn’t hire 1 or 2 strong football people in front office positions and we keep repeating the same mistakes until we turn into the Cleve Browns.

    1. If there is any truth to the rumors that the team was shopping Staley at the trade deadline they might still need to use a first round pick on a tackle/offensive lineman.

      “How much money will the 49ers want to give a defensive lineman who doesn’t rush the passer and plays only in the base defense?”

      If they stick to a traditional two-gap 3-4 next season and beyond then the 49ers would be one of the teams most interested in that type of NT.

        1. Jason La Canfora ✔ @JasonLaCanfora
          Lot of need for OL out there. Another top lineman who could go before the deadline – 49ers LT Joe Staley. Vernon Davis could go as well

  17. “Erickson, Nolan, Singletary, Jim Hostler, Jimmy Raye Jr., Tomsula, Chryst, etc., etc.—the same thing, over and over again!”

    Why the hell aren’t the beat writers asking about this exactly as written???

  18. For some perspective, from Spotrac:

    Geno Atkins – 5 year contract with a total value of $53,327,000 including a signing bonus of $15,000,000.

    Aaron Donald is still on his rookie contract.

    Dan Williams (Raiders) – 4 year contract valued at $25,000,000

    Paul Soliai (Falcons) – 5 year contract valued at $32 million with a $7,000,000 signing bonus.

    Linval Joseph (Vikings) – 5 years at $31,250,000 with a $3,000,000 signing bonus

    Damon Harrison of the New York Jets is on a one-year contract worth $2,356,000

    It looks like nose tackles don’t command as much as 3/5 techs.

    What would be a fair contract for Williams? Maybe an average of around $6 to 7 million per year?

  19. A reoccurring criticism of the ownership is that they are cheap. If they let Ian Williams walk we will know that this is true. With the amount of money they will have under the cap next year signing Williams is a no-brainer. There is no way Baalke can hide from this truth.

  20. Unless our strength of schedule number changes significantly after the last game the highest we’re going to be picking in the draft is #5.

  21. Jed should be held accountable for the 4-12 season because he said we should do it. That said, I doubt he has the intestinal fortitude to admit he was wrong, and gracefully step down. It would demonstrate class and many fans would call him a hero instead of hurling pejoratives and epithets at him.
    Instead, he will hide and continue to blunder along. He will keep Tomsula because no sane coach would want come here to destroy his career trying to put out this dumpster fire. Baalke will still go cheap, scraping the bottom of the barrel with FAs and drafting busts.
    Therefore, given the present realities, there are few coaches who would want to come to the Niners. Mangini has done well at times, and failed miserably other times, but the offensive ineptitude made the defenses’ job almost impossible.
    Chryst must go. His offense has hit bottom and is setting records in futility. Any OC whose offense gains -1 yard in a half should expect to be fired.
    Who should replace Chryst? Personally, I would like Rathman. He is a Super Bowl winning Niner, and his job elevating the play of the RBs is commendable.
    If not Rathman, I think the Niners should coax a hungry college OC who has innovative plays and schemes. Jed could triple their salary and they would automatically improve the offense because it could not be any worse than what it is.
    Before Jed fires anyone, he should make sure that a replacement is waiting in the wings, or they will just repeat the futile and embarrassing coach search like last year.
    Jed should entice an OC like Dog Meacham, TCU., Mike Sanford, ND, Tony Franklin, CAL, Mike Bloomgren, Stanford and Rhett Lashlee, Auburn. Jed should have a contract ready and the coach ready to sign before firing Chryst.
    Personally, I like Tomsula, but I hope he gracefully steps down to allow Mike Holmgren to become Head Coach. Holmgren is the only capable person in America who has expressed an interest to coach for the 49ers, and his Walsh pedigree would make him perfectly acceptable. Maybe Tomsula could be convinced to do that if he is promised the DC job. If not, maybe Holmgren could become the GM.

    1. Holmgren was a horrible GM and he is too strong of a person to be hired as head coach of the niners. Jed would never do it.

        1. That should have been already evident Seb. The Yorks only care about money, and since they have a shiny new stadium that can host various events and attractions, they don’t need to make any effort in making the team a contender.

          1. An empty stadium is bad for business. I do not think they can afford to ignore the scorn and ridicule heaped against the family.

            1. They’ve done it since the day they took over the ownership of thr 49ers Seb. The only reason Harbaugh was hired was so they could use him to help them get a new stadium. Once that happened and Levi Stadium was built, Harbaugh and the best of his coaching staff were shown the door.
              All the Yorks have to do is keep hosting events and attractions at the stadium while having those who buy tickets just because it makes them look like a fan keep spending. Meanwhile, the true fans are to watch the team continue to decay without being able to do a thing about it.

          2. I love how people are sure the Yorks only care about the money just because they don’t run the team the way those people would like them to.

            I, on the contrary, am pretty sure they want to win as much as anyone in here. They are just clueless about how to do it.

            1. Past evidence clearly shows otherwise. And no, I’m not going to list said evidence again. Look at the past history of the Yorks regime, and if you still want to throw out that useless excuse you just used, then you’re in total denial of the reality of what the Yorks are.

              1. Sure.
                If that is your opinion, that it absolutely must be true.
                No chance whatsoever that it might not be.

                No gray area either.
                They have to be 100% about the money and 0% about winning.

              2. You’re one of them that wrote to TK critizing him for what he has said about the Yorks, aren’t cha?

              3. I don’t read Kawakami, so I don’t even know what he wrote, much less write him to criticize.

                But I doubt he wrote that Jed York doesn’t care if the Niners win.
                If he did, I do not agree with him.

                For some reason will seem to be annoyed that I think that Jed York may want the Niners to win but is clueless about how to do it, or that maybe he just doesn’t think they need to spend a lot of money on coaches/scouts to do it.

              4. As I have said, past evidence shows that the Yorks are in it for the more and little else. Whether you believe that or not is entirely up to you, but you’d be denying the truth if you don’t.

            2. Allan, I agree. I think they relied on analytics too much. Now that Marathe is gone, I noticed how Tomsula went for it instead of punting or settling for a Field goal. Analytics kept Hayne on the bench, but once he was given a chance, he showed he can play. Analytics also had something to do with the conservative play calling. Last game, they went bold in the first quarter, and actually scored a TD. Too bad they let Detroit shape them in the second half, and they did not make the proper adjustments.

              1. Now that Marathe is gone, I noticed how Tomsula went for it instead of punting or settling for a Field goal.

                The fact that you even linked these together boggles the mind. Exactly what does Marathe being put in charge of a soccer team have to do with Tomsula’s decision-making during a football game?

                Analytics kept Hayne on the bench, but once he was given a chance, he showed he can play.

                He showed up against a weak run defense in the first half. Woo-hoo.

                Analytics also had something to do with the conservative play calling. Last game, they went bold in the first quarter, and actually scored a TD.

                Another connection that makes zero sense. The conservative play – calling is because of Chryst and the one behind center.

              2. MW,you are trying too hard. Just like your screed saying that York does not care about winning. Those are my opinions, you may have different ones, but deriding mine just means I get to deride yours, then.

              3. How exactly am I trying too hard? Past evidence supports my opinion on the Yorks Seb. Meanwhile, you have stated or proposed things that just have no logical backing to them. What exactly does Marathe overseeing the development of a soccer team have to do with Tomsula’s decision-making during a game, and what was so great about Hayne being able to run on a weak run defense?

              4. MW, you may disassociate analytics with game decisions, but I remember Tomsula holding up 3 fingers while bowing his head. They went for a field goal and lost the game. Tomsula wanted to go for it like many posters have been imploring him all season, but Marathe and his analytics dictated settling for 3. Once Marathe left, Tomsula went for it 3 times in another game, so it is logical to assume that there is a connection.
                Maybe you do not realize what analytics are all about. Analytics crunch the numbers and selects the best play with the best chance for success. Too bad the other team has analytics and can figure out the same play, too, so they can scheme to defeat that play. Analytics just make the play calling too predictable.
                The Niners need to stop being so predictable, and go bold instead of settling for being timid. They also need to make adjustments. In the last game, they began the game by doing what I have been saying for 2 years. They ran the hurry up offense and scored 2 TDs. Detroit countered that scheme, and brought a safety into the box and dared the Niners to throw. Niners were shaped, and had no clue how to counter that defense. They should have done what I advocated and brought in 4 receivers to spread them out to shape the defense. They should have thrown more WR screens and attacked the edges. They should have put a man in motion so Gabbert could read the defense’s reaction, but they still lined up in a bunch set.
                Maybe the Yorks are interested in winning but the coaches sure are not trying hard enough to win.

              5. Yet you double down. I must say that you are persistent, but after writing long point by point rebuttals, I feel like you have not touched me.
                Try harder.

              6. I’m not interested in challenging your inflated ego Seb. You refuse to acknowledge when you’re wrong even when the evidence all but destroys your point of view. That’s not even worth my time to challenge.

              7. Because you do bring some good things to the table when you keep your ego out of the equation Seb.

              8. There’s a huge difference between wearing down an opponent and flatly refusing to accept that you’re wrong though.

            3. You keep repeating that about past evidence but in the end it is just your opinion that you take as fact.

              The Yorks may be (probably are?) cheap.
              That does not mean they don’t care about winning.

        2. I honestly believe the Yorks could easily tolerate an endless string of 7-9 to 8-8 seasons. Four wins a year is uncomfortable. Ten would be cause for wild celebration. One notch above mediocrity is acceptable for them…as long as there was the illusion that things could get just a little better–Jed could always point to a brighter future just around the corner!

  22. Another week, another video of Johnny Manziel partying and drinking – this time at a Christmas party. The two things that immediately to mind is like Josh Gordon, Manziel just doesn’t get it, and that the Browns will most definitely be drafting a QB with their first round pick.

    1. Hoo boy, that is a dumb statement. Manziel voluntarily checked himself into a rehab center, so he did not get a dui that forbids any alcohol. I am sure it did not show him blind drunk, so it is legal for him to take a drink in America. He was being social with his buddies, he was celebrating the Christmas holidays. He does not have to be a cloistered monk. Cleveland has a decent O line, and Manziel looked like Johnny Unitas against the Niners. What they do need is a pass rusher, so that is a logical choice for their first pick.
      Dealing with absolutes just make your assertions absolutely clueless.

      1. Hoo boy, that is a dumb statement.

        Quit looking at your reflection when you post Seb. Your rebuttal has zero merit because Manziel is an alcoholic whose problem has led to a good number of incidences with the most recent one being that he lied to his head coach about the video before this latest one. Manziel has the freedom to do whatever he wants, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be punished if he abuses that freedom.

        1. Yet he is till the starting QB. If they gave up on him, why is he starting? Flatly asserting that the Browns will draft a QB with their first pick lacks logic when they desperately need a pass rusher and a couple good ones will be available early.
          Drafting a QB in the first round is not a guarantee for success.

          1. Yet he is till the starting QB. If they gave up on him, why is he starting?

            Because of an injury to their starter, Austin Davis being the other option, and the front office trying to see if they have anything in Manziel that makes him worth his continuous antics.

            Flatly asserting that the Browns will draft a QB with their first pick lacks logic when they desperately need a pass rusher and a couple good ones will be available early.

            The Browns will most likely clean house after this season and hire a new GM and coaching staff. Do you honestly think a new GM is going to be willing to take on a headache like Manziel, or would he rather take his chances on a prospect like Jared Goff?

            Drafting a QB in the first round is not a guarantee for success.

            Please point out where I said it was.

              1. And how is that me saying drafting a QB in the first round is a guarantee for success?

              2. Why would I agree with something someone claims that I said when the evidence shows otherwise?

              3. The 49ers definitely were going to pick a quarterback in 2005. Many people predicted that. Not many were fools enough to predict that doing so would guarantee Noland’s success. And Smith had to get his success the hard way.

              1. “Wonder if Baalke is at the Armed Forces Bowl today watching his next QB (Jared Goff)?”

                His next QB was practicing with the team in Santa Clara.

          2. Manzel is starting because much like the inept 49ers, the Browns organization has no other answers. He was benched not because of his play, but because of his partying during the bye week. Midwest is correct. Manzel does not get it much like Josh Gordon. The team could have possibly finished better had they not benched Manzel to prove a point of power. That’s certainly speculation, but it’s hard to imagine that he would have played as poorly as his replacement. He will probably be disciplined harshly again if the HC in Cleveland is around for another year. If he is not disciplined, Petite has no credibility as the HC. So, I agree with Midwest. Manzel made another bad decision based on his promises to the organization.

            1. If they did not like him, they should have put his butt on the bench and grabbed a FA. Obviously, they recognize his skills enough to start him. I am not going to defend his deficiencies, but he is talented enough to be considered valuable, so they will play him with the hope that another team will take a gamble on him next year.
              No matter what, the Browns will screw up again, drafting a QB or not.

              1. If they did not like him, they should have put his butt on the bench and grabbed a FA. Obviously, they recognize his skills enough to start him.

                Or it could be a GM and coaching staff trying to save face by not admitting their mistake.

                I am not going to defend his deficiencies, but he is talented enough to be considered valuable, so they will play him with the hope that another team will take a gamble on him next year.

                Boom! You just destroyed your own reasoning with this statement.

              2. I am saying that the Browns should draft a pass rusher. Few teams will want to take a gamble on him so he will not garner a first round pick. There is no guarantee that Davis will come back fully healthy, so if they were smart, they should relegate him as a backup, or starter until Davis returns.
                One thing I am sure of is that with all their needs, the Browns will definitely not draft a QB in the first round.

              3. Please remember what The Jed has told us. He is invincible, therefore debate is an errand for a fool. a path to destruction, a suicide mission, futile in every way.


      2. Except that the Browns told Manziel to stop partying, even going so far as to bench him and make him the #3 Qb behind davis, and mccown. after he lied to them about drinking over the bye week.

        So in a QB driven league where having a dominant pass rusher means 0 ( see Watt, J.J and the record put up by texans despite having a league mvp candidate on d) unles you have a competent QB the Browns are going to draft a pass rusher? Possible but unorthodox and highly unlikely

  23. Assuming Balke and Tomsula are back next year, the Niners need to do the following to prove to the fans they actual want to win:

    1. Draft “Star” players, not those who “fit”, but players who can make a difference, go to multiply pro bowls and make the other teams game play for them.
    2. Sign at least one excellent free agent; like when they signed Justin Smith.
    3,Resign Ian Williams, Alex Boone.
    4. Not trade away players who can actually play for draft choices.
    5. Get in the 21st century and design an offense that can pass the ball first and run second.
    I will not take bets they will do any of these much less all of them.

    1. 1. Draft “Star” players, not those who “fit”, but players who can make a difference, go to multiply pro bowls and make the other teams game play for them.
      2. Sign at least one excellent free agent; like when they signed Justin Smith

      I’d bet that every team in the NFL has that same plan.
      Acomplishing that is the tricky part.

    2. So you want them to draft the best player available. You want Baalke to stop being so cheap, and pay to retain talent, and go back to the WCO.
      I concur.

    3. I certainly am not as educated when it comes to positions like OT and OG, but I think the team can replace Alex Boone and should let him walk. His commitment is a big question for me and my untrained eye.
      I think some team like Dallas or NY will over pay him. I think a long term answer can be found in the draft at a much cheaper rate for a longer period of time if the team can trade out of the #5 slot to get a 1st and a second rounder.

  24. @timkawakami Jed and KNBR should write a book called “re-writing history-Harbaugh and Kaep are the real enemies to success.”

    timkawakami :

    ‏@jonny_nor_cal *Jed’s parents’ $$$

    Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 17h17 hours ago
    No worries about radio hosts taking shots at me. They bow to Jed’s $$. But 4-11 and blowing up the franchise sorta speaks for itself.

    1. Williams hasn’t re-signed yet because he’s going to get a ton of money from teams bidding on him in the free agent market. Salary cap is going way up.

      1. Grant:

        I posted some possibly representative nose tackle contracts last night after you posted your bleacher report article. I’m thinking FMV for Williams is probably an average of $6 to $7 million per year

      2. Tough to say what Williams will get considering this is the first season he’s remained healthy and played at a consistent level. He has been good this year but he doesn’t have a large enough body of work for teams to go and overpay him imo. I think he’ll resign with the Niners.

          1. Why wouldn’t we be on that same list? I’m not aware of any precedent here for this position that we can just assume that Baalke will be unwilling to pay up. I don’t see any of the teams mentioned as being teams that will foolishly just throw money at a player that at this stage is essentially a one season wonder given his previous health history. That’s the most likely reason why Baalke is going to let him go price himself in free agency and then match that offer because I really don’t believe it’s going to be as outrageous as you think it is.

              1. So that means he’ll never do it?

                There hasn’t been a player in this position before which is why i said there isn’t any precedent that you can take and say you know what Baalke will do in this situation.

              2. Baalke sets a price and sticks to it. If Williams hits the market, that probably means he thinks he can do better than Baalke’s price.

              3. Baalke’s never drafted a QB in the first round before so I guess we can just rule out that happening next Spring.

              4. The numbers have already been posted by a couple other people but the price tag for NT’s even good ones isn’t that high these days.

              5. Well I think the fact that he hasn’t made an offer suggests he’s waiting to see what the market says he’s worth. If he had a number already he would have made an offer and tried to re-sign him. You can’t assume that Baalke has no interest in keeping Williams on the teams and the fact that he hasn’t made an offer looks like he’s going to let the market dictate the price. No reason to assume that he won’t pay it either.

              6. You don’t know if he’s made an offer. If he hasn’t, he could be waiting to see if Williams stays healthy.

              7. IF Baalke still has a job it will be his last season if he doesn’t come up with some significant improvements and that doesn’t include letting your promising young NT in your two-gap 3-4 to get away.

              8. Definitely doesn’t include overpaying a nose tackle with an injury history who doesn’t play on passing downs.

              9. Doesn’t matter, Williams will wait to see what he can get on the market.

                We all know what happens when that transpires….

              10. Is it possible ownership has said to hold off on any contract discussions til they evaluate everyone’s position in the organization?

              11. December 29, 2015 at 6:16 pm
                You don’t know if he’s made an offer. If he hasn’t, he could be waiting to see if Williams stays healthy.
                That’s why I asked.

                December 29, 2015 at 6:15 pm
                Definitely doesn’t include overpaying a nose tackle with an injury history who doesn’t play on passing downs.
                When did I ever say he would overpay for him? I specifically said that the teams mentioned wouldn’t be throwing a bunch of cash at him as well as pointed out that the NT market isn’t as inflated as you seem to think. I also never said that he should overpay for him. I’ve simply tried to get you to prove how you know Baalke isn’t going to try and re-sign him even once he’s hit the free market. Oh that’s right because he’s never done it before, some answer there sparky.

              12. You’re funny. Even after Baalke re-signs him you’ll try to defend yourself by saying he overpaid for him. Classic.

              13. That’s what you’ll say when Washington signs him. You think the Yorks will beat Dan Snyder in a bidding war?

              14. Grant Cohn December 29, 2015 at 6:21 pm
                All of us except one person.
                Yea, I’m the only person here that thinks Williams will be re-signed. Keep the petty shots to yourself kid I still have the screen shots to get your ass in a sling.

              15. Grant Cohn December 29, 2015 at 6:15 pm
                Definitely doesn’t include overpaying a nose tackle with an injury history who doesn’t play on passing downs.
                Yet you still think that teams are going to over pay for him?

              16. Grant Cohn December 29, 2015 at 7:42 pm
                That’s what Washington does. They need a nose tackle.
                They’ve needed a nose tackle but they haven’t overpaid for the ones they’ve signed to the position nor have they targeted high profile players for it.

                I still think you are overstating the demand for his services. Using the Redskins always overpay excuse might come into play if Williams was a bigger name playing on offense, but a nose tackle? You think Snyder is breaking the bank for a nose tackle? You’re overplaying the stereotype.

              17. The biggest threat to Williams returning wont be the amount of money the team offers him, or doesn’t it will be his desire to get to a winning organization.

    2. Too bad Baalke went cheap and did not lock him up sooner. Baalke had the cap space, but no, he miserly wanted to save it. He will just try to lowball him and IW will walk.

      1. I honestly don’t know if Goff will be there at #5 Brodie. He’s yet to declare, and even if he does, there are three teams ahead of us that could take him.

        1. I think a team could try to trade up to get him. Maybe Baalke can try an insurance trade-up.

          If both QBs go before 5, at least it bumps someone good down a spot.

          1. I don’t think Lynch will go in the top 5 unless he goes to the Cowboys; he’s too raw right now.
            Can or will Baalke draft the right player? We have several needs, but he could choose to plug them once again with low-end talent, draft for the future once again, or trade the pick to another team.

        2. I scoff at Goff. He will not be the immediate answer. Look at Winston and Mariota. They may have made strides, but they did not elevate their teams into the playoffs. It would be much better to wait and draft a decent QB in the later rounds and let him develop for a couple seasons rather that throwing him into the meat grinder right away.
          Joe was a third round pick. Niners should get O line help first before even thinking about a QB.

            1. Niners should draft Tunsil or Stanley, or the second coming of Joe Montana will not succeed.
              Niners gave up 52 sacks last year, and 52 this year with one more game to go.

              1. Goff’s quick release would erase 5-15 of those sacks. His pocket footwork would erase another 5-10 sacks.

              2. They said Gabbert with his quick release and pocket presence would eliminate sacks, then he had a 9 sack game…

      2. He’s been a little off today. He normally hits those deep shots if the receiver is that open. For anyone that hasn’t watched him, you can see now how aggressive he is with throwing down the field.

          1. Some scouts have Lynch rated a little higher than Goff – but that could change after today.
            Also, Jerry Jones may be watching this game with keen interest.

            1. I must admit that Goff does look accurate, but a mitigating factor is the quality of the opponent. This is the Air force. It would be a different story against Navy.

              1. Seb,
                Yup, this is Navy, but what I’m looking at are the QB intricacies and intangibles you want from a young QB – and Goff has the entire package.
                After today, we may need to leap-frog the c-boys if we want Goff. After Dallas’ total collapse on the heels of Romo going down Jerry has to be contemplating life after Romo and right now Goff has to look very tempting.

  25. They will not draft a QB is rnd 1.. That would be a HUGE mistake. Take Tunsil if there or go defense and continue to build a defense that has a chance to be special in a year or 2.. This front office and coaching staff would ruin a QB. See Alex Smith and Kaep. All bets are off if they clean house. Although I wouldn’t count on it. Jalen Smith or Miles Jack would be my pick at 5 or 8… Bowman needs a young Willis caliber player next to him now. No one is Willis but you catch my drift.

    1. Smith is who I’m wanting with the #1
      I don’t know if he will be there though.
      Tenn, not taking a qb, I don’t think cle will either. Sd and Dallas will take a qb
      That’s a 50/50 chance he will be there

      1. It will depend on who the GM and HC for Cleveland is MD. If it does turn out to be Wolfe as GM and Gase as HC, then I wouldn’t expect them to pass on Goff.

  26. Goff 467 Yards, 6 TD’s, 0 INTs.

    A quick release. Accurate. Makes all the throws. Throws well under pressure. Quick pocket feet. Great feel for blindside pressure.

    I’d grab him at pick 5 in a heartbeat.

      1. yes. If the Browns take Lynch, there’s a good chance a team will trade ahead of pick 5.

        Dallas is playing a lame duck Washington that should be resting starters.
        The Chargers have an extra days rest (yes, I’m grasping at straws here). They could (be won’t) move up from pick 5.

        1. If the reports are true about the Browns wanting Wolfe as GM and Gase as the coach, then I believe those two would rather take Goff than Lynch.

      1. Which had the 35th ranked pass defense coming into today. Like it or not, this type of performance boosted his value today big time.
        It was also the type of performance against a good pass defense that I needed to see from Goff. He’s now a clear top 5 pick in my eyes.

        1. I mentioned the stats, but its Goff’s performance on a play by play basis that sticks out. Several passes where his quick release got rid of the ball just before contact.

          Quick release quarterbacks with great pocket feel and light footwork don’t come around often. Might have to trade up to secure him.

        2. Goff likely established himself as the top QB in the draft with today’s effort. But he was going to be 1 or 2 even without today’s game.

          My only concern after today’s game is that now Dallas, Cleveland, San Diego may jump in the Goff sweepstakes.

        3. Air Force had such good passing defensive stats because they had such a bad run defense, the opposition did not bother to pass. 51st statistically ranked in run defense for 147 yards per game.
          Cal, with their 7th statistically ranked passing game did not bother to run with their 92 ranked rushing attack. Cal receivers were open all game.

        4. Goffs’ performance against WSU says otherwise. He threw an INT into the jaws of a Cover 2 Trap defense. The next time he recognized it and threw it away. The third time, he again threw right back into it. In the Utah game, 2 of his INT’s were due to poor footwork and a bad decision. I’m just not sure how accurately you can determine how well he can read the field when he’s always taking 3 step drops and getting the ball out so quickly in Sonny’s offense. I think if he sat for a year with a coach like Gase, he’d end up pretty damn good. But if he goes to a team like the 49ers or the Browns, I think when it comes to Goff, all bets are off….

          1. Razor,
            Even great QB’ like P.Manning and Aaron Rodgers make boneheaded mistakes. In the final analysis you have to weight to positives vs. the negatives with any QB. In Goff’ case the positives far outweigh the negatives.

            If we draft Goff, Lynch or Cook chances are they don’t start their first year. I think this Org should have learned their lesson by bringing Alex Smith in to early. Gabbert will be the “bridge” QB until our franchise QB is ready. It could take 1-2 years but it will be worth the wait imo.

            Like I mentioned earlier, a couple more poor seasons will ensure that we draft from a good talent pool and when the “young gun” QB is ready in a couple of years we should start seeing some good and possibly post-season type play from our team.

          2. Razor,

            Have to disagree with your point about him always taking 3 step drops. There are short passes in the system obviously, but there is as much or more downfield passing in this offense as there is in College football. He routinely looks off safeties and goes through his progressions in 5 and 7 step drops. I agree that he should sit for at least a year and learn the pro game, but as a pocket QB he’s as good as anybody who has come out in recent years.

      2. Yes it was AirForce, but he’s played this way most of the season. He had the one bad game against Utah that many overreacted to, but that was the exception; not the norm.

        As Brodie has noted, he is a natural pocket passer with a quick release and excellent downfield accuracy. He is not affected by pressure and routinely beats the blitz. With his combination of throwing ability, pocket movement and awareness and a great knowledge of the position already, he has an excellent chance to be special at the pro level. No guarantees obviously, but he has everything needed to be a Franchise QB in the NFL. For those comparing him to Alex Smith, it is not a good comparison. Goff is a much better passer at this stage than Smith was and unlike the dink and dunk that permeates a lot of these spread offenses, the Goff led Cal offense was a deep passing attack first and foremost. I know I’m going to get mocked by some for saying this, but he reminds a lot of Marino as far as his pocket movement and release. Not saying he will be Marino, just that he reminds me of him in some ways.

        Looking forward to watching Lynch tomorrow.

        1. rocket – Good breakdown. Whenever I see a super-quick release, Marino naturally comes to mind.

          And no straw-man arguments allowed. You aren’t predicting he’s a Marino, just pointing out his Marino like traits.

          I’ve been waffling back and forth about Lynch-Goff for a few months. I’ll watch tomorrow’s game too, but as for now I’m leaning heavily towards Goff. His combination of talents is rare… quick pocket feet, quick release, throws a “live” ball with an easy motion that won’t wear out his arm, accurate and supremely catch-able long passes.

          He’s a prospect, no sure thing. Naturally there are questions. Cal’s progression reads are different than pro progressions. He might be going through the motions, without actually reading progressions to the extent he appears to be.

          But Goff’s the one I want. His passing mechanics are there. The way he can re-set his feet moving in (or fleeing from) the pocket is ridiculous. He has a short list if physical skills he needs to learn to be a pro QB.

          – Learning to function in pro offenses
          – Drop back from center
          – Adding weight

          1. Brodie,

            I’m with you. The things he has to learn are minimal compared to what he already knows and is able to execute on the field. He’s also been described as a hard worker and avid film watcher, so there are no questions as to whether he will put the work in when he gets to the NFL.

          1. Pure conjecture. If Goff is gone Baalke will lament at #5. If Goff is still there at #5 Baalke will consult his spreadsheet and proclaim that a #5 is too high for Goff. He might try to trade back a few slots and “hope” to get him there. By then Goff will be gone once again, but Baalke will get credit for trying to match the slot perfectly with the spread sheet.

  27. Congratulations to Uaaaatchi for winning the crown in the Quest4Six fantasy football league! Well done my friend.

    1. Thanks Mid.

      I had a very good season this year.
      11-2 regular season and league champion (take that, Jed)

      Unfortunately, just the opposite of the Niners.

  28. Goff did every thing asked of him in a playoff caliber atmosphere where he could have easily had first time jitters.
    Asking the 49ers to improve, evaluate, or know anything about quarterbacking is like asking Wiley Coyote to stop purchasing anti-RoadRunner equipment from ACME when it keeps blowing up in his face.
    That is, the 49ers will keep sub-contracting out Kurt Warner’s or other QB developmental firms, because they can’t even spot a flaw in their own QB’s (Kap’s) delivery…That speaks volumes…Bill Walsh, Seifert, or Marriucci never had those issues and corrected those flaws in-house, A-la, Dave Righetti with the Giant’s rotation. For this reason–(knowing nothing about QB’s) and the absolute terror of another AJ Jenkins debacle, the Niners avoid 1st round offensive picks like the plague and settle on a comfortable middle linebacker who can finally make tackles less than 8 yard past the LOS.

    1. And this is why Baalke eventually gets fired…Whiffing on too many picks, having to settle on 1st round middle linebackers when a decent GM can find those mid-round. No clue on how to find impact offensive players. An ego this size of Mt. Everest when it comes to sharing the room with someone who might recognize a decent WR or QB when he sees one, and an offensive coordinator whose first 15 scripted plays actually demonstrate the coaches studied their upcoming opponent during the work week.

      1. Now Baalke is perfectly happy hiring coaches, and flexing his muscles by interrupting his new coaches inaugural press conferences by informing the NFL “were going to run the ball,” or interrupting the weakling coach’s practice sessions by giving Bemidgi State College coaching pointers to players (we all know they listen because they know Baalke never even coached at a D1 school like Cal, Stanford, USC, UCLA–even Santa Rosa JC graduates go to a higher football school)…So get used to it Niner Fan’s, Baalke is like the teenager who never grew out of cruising the local strip on main street.

          1. The Nightmare that keeps on giving:

            Jed, leading another coaching search, and never hiring one who’s been successful on the NFL level. Need an example of the York history:

            Erickson, Nolan, Singletary, Jim Hostler, Jimmy Raye Jr., Tomsula, Chryst, etc., etc.—the same thing, over and over again!\

  29. Conventional wisdom says OL is our biggest need come draft day, though the argument will continue over whether QB or ILB is equally or more necessary.

    However, what if, just what if Boone does get re-signed (I know, unlikely) and Davis does come back and is welcomed with open arms? That leaves Kilgore at C and Tiller and Martin to battle it out for a spot next to him. With Brown in the wings, and the lesser of Martin/Tiller also as a backup, perhaps drafting for OL depth in round three is more prudent.

    Just sayin…

    That leaves rounds one and two to address QB and ILB. With a little savvy and parting with extra picks (in later rounds this year, and perhaps some next year), maybe we can ump into the first round with our second pick.

      1. I would consider trading back to garner 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. They should exchange the 5th for their 15th and second round pick. That way, the Niners could have the 15th, 37th and 47th pick in the first 2 rounds. Then they could draft Leonard Floyd, Jason Spriggs and Cook, Wentz or Hogan.

  30. 10 ways Coach Tomsula and his team can improve.
    1. Stop shooting themselves in the foot. Reduce the unforced errors. Quit making bonehead mistakes. Stop making it easy for the opponent. Be smart. Get a clue. Slap! Snap out of it.!
    2. Consider time outs to be precious and saved for the last 2 minutes of each half. Do not use time outs so they benefit the opposition. Save time outs for legitimate challenges.
    3, Run the hurry up, no huddle offense with varied quick snaps. Try to catch them with 12 men on the field for a free long bomb play. Prevent them from substituting.
    4. On first down, run the read option so they have to defend against both a pass or run.
    5 If second and short, go play action bomb. Play Niner Football.
    6. If third and long, consider the Third Down Bomb.
    7. Be unpredictable and shape the opponent. Game plan 2 plays ahead. Set them up.
    8. Put a man in motion to take advantage of a running player over one who is standing still. Use the MIM to pinch in the DE for a rollout, do an end around. prevent the jam at the LOS or give the WR a running start for a long bomb.
    9. Be adaptable, resilient, ever changing, versatile, agile and make the proper adjustments.
    10, Be bold, not timid. On 4th and short, do not settle for field goals.Go for it.

    1. The Nightmare that keeps on giving:

      Jed, leading another coaching search, and never hiring one who’s been successful on the NFL level. Need an example of the York history:

      Erickson, Nolan, Singletary, Jim Hostler, Jimmy Raye Jr., Tomsula, Chryst, etc., etc.—the same thing, over and over again!\

    1. Called a gimmick on the west coast. Moves back east and is hailed as the next innovator. Which direction will he go from here?

      1. Kelly will go back to college coaching.
        His short-lived pro resume is not one to proud of. Thinking that his quick attack offense could flourish without players like DeSean, Shady McCoy, and Fales was farfetched. He also lost the locker room this season. NFL owners will be weary of that.
        No bueno!

      1. PT: and that is why it doesn’t matter who the Niners draft, or bring in through FA, as long as Tomsula and any of the other clowns or all of them are coaching this team, the Niners will be the perennial bottom dwellers in the division. The Cleveland Browns of the WC.

    2. Will he get another NFL offer right away? With all of the goofy trades and players that left and couldn’t wait to talk about him I have a hard time imagining anyone other then the Browns willing to give him another shot just yet.

      Maybe he should be an OC for awhile first. I’d love it for him to come here and a year later listen to everyone blame him for our failures on third down.

      1. If the Niners are smart, they should grab Chip Kelly and keep Kaep. People would pay to see how that turns out. They are going to lose so much money if they go with Tomsula/Gabbert for 2016. Gabbert with Adam Case is a better alternative, but Kelly/Kaep would be entertaining!

            1. I think the fan bas is already tuning out the team. There’s no sizzle. A losing team doesn’t sell as many jerseys, and fans don’t show up a the stadium to spend money on parking, drinking and eating.

              1. They will lose less than “so much money”, but I don’t know how much. If Yorks believe their long range plan will work then don’t look for them to change their minds because of reduced concessions or paraphernalia sales.

    3. What? Not the great Chip Kelly? Yes it’s sarcasm.

      Interesting though in that there are some great College Jobs he can probably get along with the Tennessee job where he could Coach his former star pupil.

  31. Seb!

    Who’s the blue avatar
    Who channels guys like tom-su-la?


    You’re damn right
    Who is the mime
    Who quotes Sun Tzu all the time?


    Can ya dig it?
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    He’s a complicated man
    But no one understands him but his dachshund


      1. Unalike types like you and Adrian Peterson, he wouldn’t beat a kid with a switch. By-the-way, you do have a dachshund, no?

        1. Oh, I heard he really got mad after that SB loss. Bet he has anger issues.
          I would not be caught dead with a weiner dog. My faithful friend when I was a child was a beagle. The are smart.

            1. Well, he was not a pure bred, but that list seemed pretty random. My dog was brilliant compared to an Irish setter, and I knew some poodles who were as clueless as a potholder.

    1. SEB
      Who’s the cool dude
      With an attitude
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      There. FIFY

  32. Results for the Fantasy league You Kaepernick the Future:

    First: dlptown
    Second: CFC
    Third: KauiRob

    Thanks for the fun season everyone!

    1. Thanks for putting it together CFC. My suggestion for next season would be to have everyone who participates have a little skin in the game…… and perhaps go to an IDP league. My $.02

      1. Since I’m recruiting players through the PD blog I didn’t want to cross any lines by taking money. Maybe in the future I’ll just run it as a private league instead.

        Ive set up leagues in the past with an IDP and I just don’t see the point in it.

  33. This was kind of an interesting read. If you read it, suggest you read comments too as there is some good discussion.


    But one commenter brought up a point I’d forgotten. Didn’t Jed imply last year that Holmgren was too old? To be clear I’m not saying I want Holmgren, but if it were between him and Tomsula, I’d take Holmgren if for no other reason than his network.

  34. From Jay Glazer:

    Just talked to Chip Kelly, disappointed how it ended but knows it’s a results-oriented biz. Insists he wants to remain in the NFL, not college. Was pulled into mtg w owner, said he didn’t fight the decision.

  35. http://www.ninersnation.com/2015/12/29/10684484/jim-tomsula-on-andrew-tiller-roster-decision-and-trent-baalke

    Tomsula provides some info regarding Andrew Tiller (comment below is paraphrased by Fucillo):

    “The first is the 53-man roster decision. It is no secret that Trent Baalke retains the decision-making power for determining the 53-man roster. That technically was in place dating back to Jim Harbaugh. Tomsula’s radio interview was interesting in that he pointed out that the coaches pushed for Tiller, but Baalke decided he wasn’t seeing enough to justify including him on the 53-man roster.”

    I know I’ve had this discussion with some here before, but I just don’t agree that Baalke should have this kind of power, especially when coaches are pushing for a guy to be on the 53.

    Now, the decision to wait so long to make Tiller the starter would seem to be on the coaches.

    And further down in this article is the following:

    “KL: So you guys get together, the coaches, you’re in the room, you make the decision, you say, here, Trent, this is what we want to do. We want to go a little more with Dontae Johnson this week.

    JT: Yea, it’s just constant conversation. You see Dontae practice this week, hey look at that. Dontae had a nice practice, Dontae did some good things, Dontae’s really finishing on the ball, let’s get Dontae in the game. The way he’s practicing right now, let’s get him out there, and get him on the field, and get him playing. That’s just how that works. To me, that’s normal every-day conversation, just in the coaching world.”

    So they have to get Baalke’s approval to have a guy who is already on the 53 get more playing time ???!

    1. if true, cubus .. then ..

      it seems that Cassie’s daddy feels quite
      comfortable .. with all the power
      he has …

      Why is a suit from upstairs even making
      these kinds of decisions ?

      Shouldn’t that be coming from the coaches office ?

      Oy-vay ! …

      There’s absolutely no way The Jedster will ever
      hope to recruit a decent football mind ..
      ya know .. after .. .. he finally realizes
      what we all know …

      Jimmy the T .. and Trent {both} .. are
      the anchor, which keeps the SS 49ers.. from
      sailing on …

      1. Don’t need an anchor at the moment…the 9er ship has been run up on a sandbar with no tide (or credible plan) to refloat it. The captain is locked away in his cabin, and the first and second officers are behaving like nothing is amiss ……okay? The crew had a good practice on Thursday…

    2. Baalke does not get offense. Baalke has too much power. Baalke has drafted several long-term starter-quality defensive players but almost none on offense. Baalke is shell-shocked on pulling the trigger on necessary offensive talent in the first round after his failures. He drafts safeties and D linemen to play it safe. Of the 50 players Baalke has drafted, only two have made it to the Pro Bowl.

      I’ve supported Baalke in the past, even into the past summer. But his time with the Niners is up. He needs to go.

      1. Remember last draft when every poster was demanding he draft a WR? Baalke gets cute and waits til the 4th round before drafting one, and he was an ACL pick.

        1. I am not sure he needs to go, but he sure seems part of the problem.

          I think he is a good talent evaluator, especially on D, and that would be missed, but he definetly has too much power now there is no one in the organization who has any clue about O.

    3. I assume that the coaches can always request a player from Baalke but he has made it clear that he, and he alone, has the final say. With Harbaugh coaching Baalke had no say about who played which seems to have been unacceptable to Baalke.

  36. Yup. I remember the big hullabaloo when they cut Dockett. Tomsula really wanted him, but Baalke dropped him like a hot potato. Baalke was also low class when he cut Hayne on the team bus. If Baalke had so much control, he deserves the most blame. I would still prefer Holmgren over Baalke every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    1. Boo, hiss. Baalke does not deserve any praise for his meddling with the coaching and his FA acquisitions of RBs while Hayne sat on the bench. Baalke also traded for Devey and signed Pears. 4 players on the practice squad were claimed by other teams while the Niners went 4-11.
      I hope Tomsula spits and Baalke disappears like Marathe.

          1. seb …

            nope on “Aldon” Smith …..
            Great pick .. but, the alcohol had him by
            the short ‘n curlies …

            I’m not a Baalke fan, for sure.. but
            that one … ain’t on Trent !

            however …

            I agree 100% on Jenkins ..

            1. Aldon had red flags and disappeared in a puff of smoke. He is no longer on the team.
              Justin Smith occupied 2 blockers so Aldon could make all those sacks.
              Other notable whiffs- LM James, Joe Looney, M Lattimore, C Lemonier, N Moody and Chris Borland.

              1. “….Aldon had red flags and disappeared in a puff of smoke…

                Frank Gore came … with red flags ..
                (his knees)
                … and he turned
                out pretty well …

                Your .. “one size fits all” solutions ..


              2. True Seb,

                But you must be forgetting that Baalke drafted Kaepernick. For you that cancels out all past and future mistakes. Baalke = hall of famer.

              3. Kaep was a pure JH desire. Baalke just did what JH was jumping up and down for. JH liked Kaep so much, he benched AS at the first opportunity and almost tore apart the locker room.

              4. You gotta love people bashing on Baalke because of the Aldon Smith pick after he had off field problems.

                Nobody was criticizing it when Aldon was one of the premier pass rushers in the league, averaging almost a sack per game.

                And to say he had character red flags when he actually did not is comical.
                But even if he did, you have to take some chances to get great talent.
                That’s how the Niners end up getting Bowman and Aaron Lynch.
                Those two did have character red flags before the draft, but nobody is criticizing those risky picks.

              5. Allan, if you did the research, Aldon had a terrible pre draft psyche test.
                Hindsight is 100%, but Bow has proved to be elite and JH talked extensively with Lynch’s coaches before pulling the trigger.

            2. I disagree. Aldon Smith was a bad choice. He was so good that his complete failure, caused by his character issues, helped to derail the entire defense. Yes, alcoholism is disease, but Aldon had work and commitment issues at Missouri that were well documented. Drafting a head case is on the GM, regardless of how talented he is physically. Aldon Smith was a joy to watch on the field for the brief time we had him. Ultimately he hurt the team and was a bad choice.

              1. “Drafting a head case is on the GM”

                So by your logic the GM should never take any chances on young players that made mistakes in the past.

                That way 49ers would never drafted Bowman or Aaron Lynch.
                Or how dumb was the Giants to draf that head case pass rusher in the 80’s. You know, some guy named Lawrence Taylor.

              2. The very qualities that make players great linebackers are not qualities that are desirable off the field. Drafting choir boys will not get the desired results on the field. Drafting a mean SOB who wants to destroy his opponent by hitting him into Monday is preferable.
                LT was a freak of nature and was greatly feared on the field, but learned to control himself off the field for the most part.

        1. Brown can pile drive, but what else can he do? We are supposed to be a zone blocking team now. So far, that’s not what Brown can do.

  37. Since Baalke is giving tips to the DBs, I have one too.
    When defending near the side lines or at the back of the end zone, sometimes the DB should let the receiver jump high to catch the ball, but then pick up a leg and drive him out of bounds so it will become an incomplete pass.

    1. *whistle

      Unnecessary roughness. 15 yards from the spot of the foul. Automatic first down.
      First down.

        1. Picking up his leg to drive him out of bounds would instantly get the DB flagged. We’re not as lucky as the Seahawks secondary or Josh Norman.

    2. Seb, Seb, Seb. Defensive backs all over the NFL drive receivers out of bounds. Picking up a leg takes too long, is unnecessary, and will many times result in a penalty which you would then blame on coaching.

      1. Careful… The all seeing Seb has spoken… Personally, I’d rather see the DB concentrate on breaking up the pass or intercepting if possible, not go low and try to grab a leg. But what do I know…

      2. Pick up his leg in the field of play and do not hit him while out of bounds.
        Many times, the DB is contesting the ball, and allows the receiver to tap his toes in bounds.

        1. Yeah, let’s ask DBs to alter their body position–mid play–to find a good leg to grab, lift the receiver, and cart them out of bounds. I like it!

          1. Usually, the WR is taller than the DB and can out jump him, so a 6 foot DB should not even try to out jump a 6’6″ WR. He should allow him to catch the ball, but make sure he cannot get both feet in bounds.

            1. What about those pesky 5′ 10″ wideouts? Would love to have a few HOF/Pro Bowl DBs read your posts on this and comment. Maybe a few distinguished secondary position coaches also.

              1. If the WR is smaller than the DB, it is obvious that the DB can easily contest the catch, so there is no reason to allow the receiver to catch the ball. In those cases, getting a hand on the ball or intercepting it is preferable.

              2. Okay, now I get it Seb. Only tall receivers (>6′ 2″?) should get their legs grabbed. No worries. We know Tomsula checks all your posts. It’s up to him to make sense of what your saying and let the coordinators and position coaches in on your sage advice.

              3. Actually, i know for a fact that Tomsula does not read the blogs because he stated that fact early on. However, Bob Lange should do his job and peruse the Niner blog sites since he is the PR guy, and I am sure he has given Tomsula notes on good strategies and insights from the blogs.
                The only problem is that Tomsula put them in a file, and does not bother to read them.

  38. Since I am on a roll, I wish to make another suggestion. With all the offside penalties, the coaches should instruct the players to watch the football and ignore the quarterback.
    If the defensive player wants to get the jump, he should start 2 yards behind the line, but stop before getting to the LOS. He should never encroach into the neutral zone, but try to get an O lineman to flinch.

    1. Also, since Brooks is a serial offender, the coaches should demand that he lines up at least 1 foot off the line. Way too many times have I seen him line up too close. If he cannot show enough discipline to line up correctly, he should be benched.

  39. Genius! I tell ‘ya, you should publish and copyright your work–make an instructional DVD for all college and pro coaches and sell it. You could make millions by travelling the country, holding two-day seminars in Hampton Inns…and the occasional Super 8. Your thinking is fresh, your suggested in-game techniques untried. You’re a goose full of golden eggs!!

    1. I do this without thought of compensation. I freely give this advice because I want the Niners to improve and win. You are just jealous that I said it first, or you do not have the football acumen to postulate sound schemes and strategies.
      Instead, you deride my posts or post negative screeds that are a waste of time.
      Here is another nugget for the Niners. Stop shooting themselves in the foot.

      1. Jealous? Yes, admittedly I am. Never occurred to me that DBs should grab the legs of jumping WRs. And, I’m clueless when it comes to defensive linemen looking at the ball prior to the snap. And I can never remember, is it 9 or 11 players on a side when on the field–I know it’s an odd number. Almost all of us posters are in awe of your clairvoyant abilities…expect for Yoda. Yes, and there’s that shot feet thing as well…

    2. Here is one that I really wished Kaep had done, because he would have seen 2 wide open receivers. Gabbert should practice this technique.
      The Niner QB should face one way while looking out of the corner of his eye in another direction. This is called looking off the safety.
      In the last 2 years that I have been advocating this strategy, I have never seen a Niner QB attempt it. Maybe this last game is a good time to try it.

      1. Looking off the safety? So simple, so brilliant. I’m tearing up… Certainly Joe and Steve never tried that. If they had, they would have been even more successful–9ers could have had another 5 Super Bowls easy! Looking for Kleenex…Sniff…

        1. Cassie, since you are so impressed, I will give you another play to give to your daddy. Ted Robinson mentioned it so I think he read my posts.
          It is called the Third Down Bomb. This play is for all the Niner fans who are frustrated when the Niners pass for 7 yards when they need 8 yards. It could also be used on 4th down to avoid getting sacked.
          The Niners are confronted with third and long. They should line up a TE wide, put him in motion, and have him pinch in the DE so Gabbert can roll out. He needs to roll out to buy time for the receivers to get down field. Torrey should run to the first down marker, draw coverage, do a stutter step, the fly downfield. Gabbert should then heave the ball as far and as high as he can for essentially a jump ball. Several things can happen. Torrey could catch the ball, he could draw a PI flag or it could fall incomplete. It could also be intercepted, but the result would essentially be a 60 yard punt. Torrey could also tip the ball downfield to a WR standing in the end zone.
          I advocated this play last season, and the next game, I saw Andy Dalton execute it to perfection. The WR had an incredulous look on his face for the easiest TD he had ever scored.

  40. Knee slapper 101: Why did Head Coach Jim Tomsula shake the vending machine? Because he needed a quarter back. Good time to ditch the stinkin thinkin. Happy New Year.

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