Jimmie Ward on his new position: “Psshhh, I can play sideline to sideline. It’s fantastic.”

49ers safety Jimmie Ward catches a ball during practice


Jimmie Ward spoke to a group of reporters in the 49ers locker room Thursday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Do you feel like your hamstring is 100-percent healthy?

WARD: Just about. Just gotta keep going out there and pushing it to see how far I can get by the time the end of the week comes.

Q: What was it like for you being out and having to learn a new system and a new position?

WARD: I feel like I picked up a lot of slack in OTAs. I learned the whole defense in OTAs. Basically it was just reinstating the whole defense, so I don’t feel like I missed a lot. Just the physical part – being out there and seeing things at a fast pace.

Q: Have been putting more time into the mental side of stuff?

WARD: Exactly. I’m in every meeting, special teams, even if I’m not on special teams. I’m in every defensive meeting. I pay attention. I’ve got, like, six or seven notebooks full of information.

Q: Is there anything special you can do, like virtual reality?

WARD: I don’t think we’re that advanced yet. If you find anything out, let me.

Q: They have it for the quarterbacks.

WARD: We need that, definitely.

Q: How similar is your new position (free safety) to what you did in college?

WARD: It’s very similar. I was more of a coverage safety, but it’s kind of similar playing in the post. I’m not the nickel anymore – that’s what I’ve got to get used to.

Q: Robert Saleh was saying that the angle you have in the middle of the field when a runner is coming at you is difficult. Did you note that that angle was kind of sharp or harder for you to close in on?

WARD: I think I was always taught when I was young, probably in high school, to close as much space as possible as fast as you can. That’s so important to me about the angles, because if you miss an angle it can easily be a touchdown. So I always work on my angles.

Q: You haven’t been able to tackle in the offseason. If you don’t play in the exhibition games, is there a concern about it?

WARD: I feel like it’s only a concern to the people who don’t know I can play safety. To me, I feel comfortable. It’s my natural position.

ME: Do you miss playing nickel?

WARD: Yeah, I miss it. But, I’m at safety now. I get to pick and I get to hit.

Q: Playing the single-high safety, are you going to have more opportunities to be a ball hawk, and do you feel that’s your strongest suit?

WARD: Yeah, I can agree with that slightly, but it’s really hard to say because I take a lot of pride in tackling. I hate to miss tackles, too. But, turnovers are way better. You’ll just see me going after the ball a lot this season.

Q: Do you watch a lot of film of Seattle or Jacksonville or just the systems that this scheme is compared to a lot.

WARD: During OTAs, I asked the film staff to give me Jacksonville, Atlanta and the Seahawks. I got cut ups of Earl Thomas. And now, I just found out that the Chargers are running the same defense, too. I’ve been watching all those teams since OTAs.

Q: Have you started to prepare for the season opener against the Panthers?

WARD: Oh yeah. That’s been since OTAs. That’s since the schedule came out and we knew who we had to play. I’ve been watching Cam Newton, watching his eyes, watching who he targets the most, watching the tight end, watching the running back. I saw the new running back that they just drafted – I’ve been watching a little bit of college to see what type of ball carrier he is. I’ve been doing a lot of homework. I can’t wait to get out on that field and perform.

Q: When you watch Earl Thomas, what are you looking for?

WARD: I’m just looking at his breaks, and what does he do when the quarterback pumps? His tackles, his consistency, how fast does he get to the ball, how fast does he close space? That’s the most important part. And then, does he take advantage when he’s right there to make a tackle? And how attacks the ball.

Q: Is Thomas a player that you’ve followed for a while, or did you just now start watching his film this offseason?

WARD: I know a great player when I see one. Being raised in Alabama, when Alabama was in the Championship they played Texas, and then Earl Thomas came up and made a hit. And I was like, “Who’s this guy? This guy plays fast.” Draft came, he went first round. And ever since then, I’ve been keeping up with him.

ME: When you play corner, you have your back to the quarterback a lot. Now you’re playing safety and you have your eyes on him. You’re watching the play. Does that allow you to be more of a play maker?

WARD: (Deep sigh as he raises his arms and looks at the ceiling) Yeah. Yeah, I love it, man. I can really move around. Psshhh, I can play sideline to sideline. It’s fantastic. I used to always love zone when I was playing Nickel, so I’m thankful. But, I’m not knocking corner. I respect anybody who plays corner in the NFL, and especially can do it at a high level, because it’s hard. Can’t everybody do it.

Q: The hamstring injury during the conditioning test. How did it happen?

WARD: It was tight before that. I don’t know if I should have stretched. I probably shouldn’t have ran that day. It was the last rep. I felt it and I slowed down and stopped and got it checked out.

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  1. Another case where the 49ers were playing him out of position. He was always a ball hawking FS to me. Hope he can stay healthy, and turn into the next Earl Thomas….

  2. Jimmie is a textbook tackler. He learned how to tackle when he was a kid, playing against older, bigger players. He had to make up for his lack of size by utilizing optimum technique when wrapping up and tackling guys to the ground. My only concern is how quickly he will learn the correct angles to take. Even if he doesn’t miss a single assignment, it’s going to take some time to until he gets a feel for the proper angles to the football.

  3. Ward has about two weeks to show that he is better than Jerome. Jerome has already shown that he can make 1 on 1 tackles and that he has enough range to play single high. Ward has a tough road ahead of him.

  4. What I’ve been saying since the beginning Prime!! I actually posted that link earlier but on an earlier discussion.

    “Like I’ve said over and over, if it were Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, or Aaron Rogers just to name a few of the top 15-20 QB’s in the NFL, that had sat or knelt during the National Anthem last year, and were free agents like Kaep this year, they’d all be employed right now, no question about it. Though their activism would be frowned upon by many and maybe never forgiven by some fans, their talent would overwhelmingly outweigh the expected fan backlash. The owners would bend. Not true with a mediocre quarterback like Kaep. He’s just not good enough to overcome the distraction he would bring with him, especially coming in as a backup QB. What’s worse for him now is all this publicity. Does anyone really think that protests outside of the NFL office or elsewhere are going to force ANY owner to sign him? Can you imagine that? On the contrary, it will have the reverse effect. His career is most likely over by his own ill thought out decisions. Career suicide. LeSean McCoy shares my opinion. Any thoughts?”

    1. I agree Juan. Have watched every snap of of Kaep’s career and to me he just doesn’t have a natural feel for the game and struggles to make reads at the line of scrimmage. I think Shady McCoy was spot on with his assessment. I lost all respect for Kaep with the pig socks and then also when I learned he didn’t even vote despite his protests.

    2. In regards to the last Q & A, I’m not sure if Jimmie is saying that he stretched, but maybe shouldn’t have, or if he is saying that maybe he should have stretched?

    3. For all the whinging about Kaepernick, none of them ever notice that RGIII is the same crappy, junk-offense-only QB and he’s also unemployed. Their stats from the read-option are nearly identical. Their stats from a more traditional pro-style offense are pretty close.

      RGIII has fully recovered from his knee and runs well now. He’s more accurate than Kaepernick. He’s more daring in that he will throw it into tight windows which has the downside of him throwing a few more INTs. And he didn’t take a knee, yet he doesn’t have a job for the same primary reason — he’s bad as a pocket QB and nobody runs the read-option as a primary offense anymore.

      Roethlisberger, btw, was accused of being a sexual predator and rapist and people called him Rapelesthberger for years. Vick was convicted of murdering dogs and was, at 60%, the most hated in the NFL (which, btw, is twice Kaepernick’s 29% most hated). Ray Lewis was part of a crew that got away with murder. Janikowski was accused of using date-rape drugs on co-eds, has a history of drunk driving, bar-fights, assaults, etc. And there are plenty more scum-bags where they came from that all have/had NFL careers continue despite their negative social attributes.

      But they could all play. So teams were willing to take the flak. But when they aren’t or are approaching the over-the-hill point of their career… Yeah, getting a job isn’t going to happen. Nobody wants the media circus for a second-rate player who is, at best, a crappy back-up.

      1. And that folks is exactly how to address the Kaepernick situation.
        If he was any good, teams would employ him. But he isn’t.
        +1 Moses!

      2. Mozes, just last year, Kaep was the starter, so he was not a crappy backup. Sure, the defense doomed the team by allowing 200 yard rushers, but it was a team effort, from the owner, GM and coaches, to the players. A perfect storm.
        I wish posters would stop being so emo, but politics brings out the worst in some people. You are right, the league will tolerate scum, so Kaep’s social activism is benign compared to those miscreants. The NFL is just giving itself another black eye, and the call for boycotting the league does not have them dancing in the streets.
        RGIII is playing on one leg, and will never be as good as he was. We saw how he could not even run out of bounds before getting bludgeoned, so he just cannot regain his past speed and elusiveness.
        No, Kaep is not a second rate player. He has made jaw dropping throws, set playoff records, and stormed into the Super Bowl after only 10 games. Kaep made a furious comeback that fell only 5 yards short, and was one pass from returning.

        1. So keep going with all the Kap cheering. Why don’t you talk about his performance the last 2 years?
          You campaign for him based on his performance 4 years ago. This is a what have you done lately league.
          He cannot rely on his athleticism and the unknown anymore.
          Move on Seb. You sound like an idiot repeating the same old song!

          1. Prime, you conveniently left out the part where Baalke dismantled a SB team just to get rid of all vestiges of JH, Kaep included.
            It was as if Baalke wanted to lose, just to get the number one pick in the draft. I bet Baalke was irate when Kaep mounted a comeback against the Rams and willed the team to victory.

            1. Prime, you conveniently left out the part where Baalke dismantled a SB team just to get rid of all vestiges of JH, Kaep included.

              And you conveniently left out the part that Kaep’s regression to sub-mediocrity was well on its way while JH was still coach. Thanksgiving 2014 ring a bell? Witnessing that debacle in person is when I stepped off the Kaep train.

              1. Haha, Rib
                Seb in Kaperland, where answers are predetermined before the questions are asked, and he is the only one with the wisdom to see it.

        2. And Sebbie… Shanahan has explained ad nauseam why Kaep wasn’t a fit for the 9ers system–you know, the 9ers, the team you love?

          Your narrative: “He has made jaw dropping throws, set playoff records, and stormed into the Super Bowl after only 10 games. Kaep made a furious comeback that fell only 5 yards short, and was one pass from returning.” The full narrative–add: that he’s thrown countless head scratching balls, has taken far too many sacks, has accuracy issues as well as touch issues, rarely sees the entire field, stares down receivers, appears to not ‘put in the work’ to be fully prepared, isn’t terribly concerned with the mechanics of the QB position… Your response to the negatives is blaming everyone else. Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

          That SB storming is getting further and further into the rear view mirror. Good NFL defensive coaching has caught up with his game. Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

          1. Cassie, KS said that they are going in a different direction. From what I have heard, Kaep just wants to direct his team to the SB.

              1. So now you do not even care if the Niners do not get to the SB? Guess you have been happy with 22 years of futility.
                I am not, and think the Niners should sign the last QB that made them relevant, again.

              2. Sebbie’s on the record–Kaep’s goal is getting a team to the SB and Shanahan’s isn’t. Crystal clear.

              3. You think this team is ready to compete for a SB in the next 3 years? You think Kap can lead these young guys to the playoffs?
                Go smoke your laughing lettuce and leave the football discussion to the adults.

            1. Sebbie… So, with your clever use of words, you’re implying Shanahan isn’t interested in taking the 9ers to the SB. You’re on the record Seb–Kaep’s destination is the SB, and Shanhan’s isn’t. Good work Seb. You’re the gift that keeps on giving.

              1. No, Cassie, that is just your interpretation.
                I know Kaep wants to direct his team towards the SB, and if KS wants to direct his team towards the SB, it just means they are both going in the same direction, not different directions.

    4. Juan, you may have your perspective, but I truly believe Kaep, if given the proper support, will take the league by storm, again.
      Kaep is not a mediocre QB. He actually did well considering he had very little pass protection and the worst rates receivers in the league that dropped way too many passes.
      I am hoping that Mueller can end this national nightmare, and restore some sanity.

      1. Seb says “Juan, you may have your perspective, but I truly believe Kaep, if given the proper support, will take the league by storm, again”

        Yeah that’s 1 full season and an entire offseason since you made that proclamation. Keep riding that delusional wave Seb.

          1. And they will struggle probably for the next 2 years. See moron, it’s called a rebuild. Bringing back Kap sets this organization back another 2 years.
            Trying to reason with you is like talking to a donkey.
            Get your head out of the sand and stop smoking so much dope. It’s making your brain into mush.

            1. Prime, even you admit that the Niners have no franchise QB.
              I merely want them to obtain the player who will give them the best chance to succeed.

              1. And you think Kap is a franchise QB? And you think he gives the 49ers the best chance?

                Please Seb, stop thinking. You don’t get paid to think.

  5. “It was tight before that. I don’t know if I should have stretched”

    Given how frequently hamstring injuries happen, you would think stretching the hamstring would be something they would do all the time. I understand that young people often think they are invincible until major injury occurs, but I would have thought the training staff would be hammering home that stretching is crucial to their longevity in the game (personally, I think it’s probably on equal footing to strength training even in a sport like football).

    1. Cubus
      Tom Brady agrees with your premise on stretching for injury prevention. He’ll talk on that subject at length when asked. Different approach than weight training.

  6. I agree Wayne, especially when as someone who votes in every election, no matter how small or local, because it is in my view one of the most sacred of our constitutional rites, Kaep doesn’t apparently realize that there are other items to vote on in a presidential election ( or most elections for that matter) such as local propositions, etc. that are more important and consequential to the average citizen and the very people that he supposedly supports. It’s rather ignorant to say the least. I know, naysayers will contend it’s his right not to vote. Meh……

      1. 49- The majority of the people that voted didn’t get the person in the WH that they voted for……
        How does that encourage participation?
        Most people don’t have representation because America has a system where all your votes can go to waste.

    1. Actally, I agree with you, and think his message would have more impact if he did vote, but one can decry police brutality without voting, especially if he thinks the whole system is corrupt, and the minority popular vote getter wins the election

  7. One thing about Jimmie – he certainly talks a good game. I really like listening to him interviewed, he’s quite forthcoming and confident in himself.

      1. Strange to think that some of the comments about him in his draft profiles were that he can be a strange cat and put teammates offside. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that is the case while at the 49ers.

      2. Always liked the kid and the way he played and have never understood why so many were down on him. I think he’s a terrific player.

        1. He always struck me as a safety stuck in a cornerback’s body. But he says he’s up to 197 pounds now, and he plans to add five more pounds next season.

          1. What kind of body did Ronnie Lott have when he entered the league? He began as a corner and finished as a safety. And he wasn’t too happy about the switch to safety (even though it turned out rather well for all concerned).

    1. Lynch on penalties.

      “Starting with the penalties, it’s something we’ve been working on. We obviously haven’t done a good enough job yet of fixing and correcting that. I can tell you that it’s been emphasized with great focus this week and I’d be very surprised if that continues. It can’t continue. Our guys understand that.”

    2. Love this quote from Bill Belichick

      “One of the people that I respect most in this business, most of us do, Bill Belichick, he used to say and still does, ‘In order to win, you have to first keep from losing.’

    1. Have to admit… so far my misgivings about him have proven to be unnecessary. He has better instincts than I first thought and seems to be flow to the ball better than I thought he would. I look forward to seeing him in action more in the next preseason game and specifically how he fights through blocks.

  8. Ward seems to become injured too often. Maybe he would take and deliver less hits if they move him to CB, especially if Lorenzo Jerome keeps playing well.
    John Lynch is a definite homer, but I disagree that he thinks Eric Reid is a better athlete than Kam Chancellor. Eric Reid is 6′ 1″. 213 lbs. Kam Chancellor is 6′ 3″, 232 lbs. Eric has had concussion problems, Kam hits like a ton of bricks. Even though I hate to admit it, objectively speaking, Kam is superior, and he is a 4 time pro bowler.
    Only Jaquiski Tartt, 6′ 1″, 221 lbs or Ray Ray Armstrong 6’3″ 220 lbs are somewhat comparable to Kam, physically.

    1. It’s important to take into account the whole statement
      “And Eric’s probably not the physical player that Kam Chancellor is but he’s a better athlete”.

      By stating he is not as physical, he basically admits Kam is the bigger hitter… and I would also speculate that it also alludes to the fact that he stays healthy.
      As to the athlete part, he is NOT stating Reid is a better player, he’s only speaking to him as an athlete and measurably that would appear to be true. Reid is much faster,has better 3 cone drill, vertical, broad jump, and short shuttle.
      But being a better athlete doesn’t make one a better player. Moss, Calvin Johnson and even Darrius Heyward-Bey were better athletes than Rice, but they certainly weren’t better players.

    2. You’re, once again, confused. Reid’s pSPARQ is 138+ which puts him in the 97th percentile of NFL safeties. He’s not only a better athlete than Chancellor, but (despite the constant parade of idiots claiming otherwise) he’s a better athlete than almost every safety in the NFL. Cam Chancellor is at 103.3 which puts him in the bottom 8%.

      Now, I don’t know about Seby-land, but in the real-world, someone who is the Top-3% of an athletic profession is, generally speaking, considered a better athlete than someone who is the bottom 10%.

      1. To me, athlete and player are interchangeable. Just because some one is faster, does not mean they they are a superior athlete, because then, the league would be filled with only sprinters. An athlete has gotta take a hit, along with delivering a hit, or they are not a very good player. Of course Reid is faster, he is 19 pounds lighter than Kam.
        We all saw how Reid avoided the big hits last season, because he is terrified to get more concussions. I remember his last one. He was not hit with a bone crushing smack, he was chipped, and fell to the ground unconscious. Does not matter how fast one is, if they cannot play like a safety needs to. The next concussion may be his last.
        If we are talking about a track meet, Reid is superior, but since he is playing football, I think KC the superior athlete, considering all the criteria.
        Bottom line, you would choose KC over ER every time. Does not matter his sparq, KC is a better player, and in the league, being a player is more important than being athletic.

        1. Sebbie… Oh my, “…delivering a hit, or they are not a very good player.” ?? I thought you were decrying hitting. Where is you soul? You’ve gone on and on about the needless carnage on the field and the need to change that. Now you place a value on hitting?

            1. Sebbie… Admit it, you love crunching, punishing football hits. Just own it. Stop your pious calls for gentle play.

              1. “Couch” time for Seb- therapy session
                sounds like a moral crisis…or doublespeak. Perhaps he is conflicted about his admiration of “thump” and yet is repulsed by the violence and outraged at the concussion issues.
                Sounds like it may be time to follow another sport…

              2. Cassie, Football is a contact sport. It has collisions, and there are concussive effects.
                I want the Niners to play smart, which means lessening the amount of concussive blows. Sure, I loved the way how Ronnie Lott played, but this game is evolving, because they cannot ignore the fact that 109 out of 110 players studied, had CTE.
                I still think this game can thrive, but it may take a player to die on the field before the league gets serious about concussions.
                The players will be renegotiating a new CBA. They should stop focusing on just getting more money, but demand health care for life. They should also follow Baseball and Basketball, and structure contracts with guaranteed money.
                The league should employ a new strategy. The preseason games are a money loser. The League should cut out one preseason game, and use that extra week as a bye, to let teams rest more during the season. The league should use innovative thinking, and schedule TNF games so some teams could play 2 games within 3 weeks, so there would be 10 days of rest between games.
                The league should give up the revenues for the preseason games, and mandate that the teams should designate 22 starters, not let them play, and possibly injure themselves in a meaningless game. Still give them full pay for those games.
                The league should let the rest of the players each get 100 or more tickets for the first preseason game, so they will benefit, even if they are cut. Those tickets could be given away to charities if the player does not need more money, and it would fill the stadium, so the team could benefit from the concession stands.
                The league should mandate the revenues of the second preseason game to go into a health insurance fund and medical benefits for the players. Give injured players tickets so they can defray medical costs.
                The league should mandate the revenues from the third preseason game go into a retirement fund for players of that team. Maybe give retirees a proportional amount of tickets, depending upon need.
                Eventually, the league should add another game to the schedule, but make sure that the players get one sixteenth more money added to their salary, and schedule another Bye week.
                Thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify my positions, and show that I care for the players, and the league in general, to make this sport safer and more enjoyable.

              3. Tjf, maybe you want to treat players like a piece of meat, but I see the human cost of this game.
                With CTE, this game may be cutting their own throat, unless they deal with the problem. If the game can be played more safely, I am all for it, even if it means stricter rules and regulations.

              4. think for a minute…how do you alter a game who’s mass appeal is generated by violence, aggression, athletic feats, and strategy, (I’m sure there are lots more subtle psych attractions too), to make it safer for the guys who are getting stronger, faster, and larger, year after year– and have to “kinetically” smash them into each other at velocities and forces that mimic car crashes. You would agree with this premise, I imagine?

                So, let’s hear some “non obvious” ideas from you as to how you bubble wrap these guys so they can still do the things to get mass appeal and keep the NFL as the major entertainment event.

        2. Sen,
          Fair enough. I may disagree with your definition but it makes more sense now that I understand your where your coming from.
          I don’t think Lynch was arguing Ried was a better player either but if he wasthats just stupid. Kam is a better player.

  9. I like to go back every now and then and read the old draft grades to remind myself just how hypocritical and inept the whole press-hype /criticism train really is. Here’s 2008:

    Best Pick: Kentwan Balmer, DL, North Carolina, Round 1.
    Quality defensive lineman are always needed, especially in SF. Balmer is the ideal 3-4 DE.

    Worst Pick: Chilo Rachal, OG, USC, Round 2.
    Rachal is a talented player and has upside, but early in Round 2 seems a bit high for him.

    2nd Day Steal: Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma, Round 3.
    Smith was a first rounder until he worked out. He did not run a great time but whether he plays corner or safety, he has the talent to perform much better than a third rounder.

    Balmer & Rachel were both huge busts. Reggie Smith didn’t do a thing. Josh Morgan was the ONLY player of that draft to have any kind of NFL career and the entire ‘draft ratings crowd’ missed him. Oh, here is Green Bay’s. It’s a laugher:

    Best Pick: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville, Round 2.
    Brohm was a great pick that late in the second. He brought tremendous value and is insurance in case Aaron Rodgers cannot get the job done.

    Worst Pick: Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas St. Round 2.
    Nelson is a solid selection, but did not feel he was an early second round selection.

    Brohm ended up in the UFL then CFL where he continued to be absolutely mediocre. Jordy Nelson has been an excellent receiver and has even made 2nd team All-Pro and the Pro Bowl. He also lead the NFL in receiving TDs last year. So the best pick was terrible and the worst was excellent. Yeah…

    1. I agree–especially with draft grades/analysis at the time. Pulling up old blog posts can be fun too–especially when a poster can get far over the top on a player, only to have his/her lead-pipe-lock assertion(s) unravel down the road.

        1. Oops, sorry Cassie – didn’t mean that to be a response to your post.

          Although you’re welcome to make fun of me later when Reid and Ward are both injured. ?

  10. I actually think Reid and Ward will be very effective when they’re on the field together. I know there’s a lot of angst, but I think these guys could emerge as a strength of the team.

    Question is, how often will they be on the field together? Concussions and hammys are the types of injuries that follow a player like stink on fish.

    They both couple athleticism with football intelligence and they’re high character guys, so if nothing else they’re easy to root for.

  11. MosesZD says:
    August 24, 2017 at 11:11 am
    Shade Cast:

    McCoy has been around a similar situation in Philadelphia, when the Eagles signed quarterback Michael Vick after he was released from prison following his conviction on running a dog-fighting ring.

    “That’s a great example. You take a guy like Michael Vick who went through what he went through. He’s 10 times better than Kaepernick…”
    “You’ll deal with that situation, that attention, that media aspect of it. The good, the bad attention you’ll get. Compared to Kaepernick, it’s like, he’s not really that good of a player to deal with.

    sebnynah says:
    August 24, 2017 at 11:25 am
    Isn’t he the guy who called Chip a racist?

    TomD’s Take: Once again, Seb scraping the sewer bottom to win his debate by pulling out his ‘race’ card, except this time he knows the black guy is racist.

    Seb’s has accused everyone on this site a ‘racist’ who dared challenge his Kap views at one time or another.

    By now all realize the bar can never be set low enough by Seb. Each day brings a new low…..Case in point: Just the other day a poster named Juanhunglo suggested that Kap educate himself by Dr. Harry Edwards to earn a spot as 49er team sociologist.
    Seb posted that Juan was a Nazi, then apologized a 2 days later.

    For me, Seb’s apology rang hollow, and eerily reminscent of Donald Trumps siding with the Arian Nation by pointing out the anti-Nazi protesters did not have a marching permit, so were really the bad people.

    1. * Similarities between Seb and Trump are that it took approx. 2 days to issue an apology after accusing innocent victims.

  12. John Lynch says Eric Reid is a better athlete than Kam Chancellor
    By David Bonilla

    Eric Reid, who was impressive on Saturday against the Broncos…

    He’s playing that role that we’ve seen Kam Chancellor play so well,” Lynch said. “And Eric’s probably not the physical player that Kam Chancellor is but he’s a better athlete, I believe. I think somewhere in between. I think Eric showed us the other night what he can do. Not just the other night. He’s been very consistent throughout the offseason just being around the ball.


  13. An ‘elite’ Tank Carradine? For his role on 49ers’ D-line, Saleh says yes
    By Matt Maiocco August 25, 2017 8:30 AM

    Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh described Carradine as “damn-near an elite six-technique.” The six-technique is aligned straight-up on the tight end. Saleh compared Carradine (6-foot-4, 270 pounds) to former Seahawks lineman Red Bryant, a key player on a Super Bowl champion who was listed at 6-5, 326.

    “With Tank, when I say ‘elite,’ I’m talking as a run-down, six-technique, someone who just can really dominate his edge and own the line of scrimmage,” Saleh said on the 49ers …

    Carradine has lined up with the 49ers’ first-team defense since the beginning of the offseason program. Rookie Solomon Thomas, the No. 3 overall pick, also plays the 49ers’ “big end” position. Thomas’ strengths are in different areas, which could enable Saleh to maximize production from both players in specialized roles.


  14. TomD’s Take: Although turnovers prevented a full analysis of 49er personnel vs. Denver, some improvements, week by week, are occurring, and that’s what you expect from a professinal staff.

    “Hurry-up offense. I’ve always been a fan of running a hurry-up offense in the middle of the game for no real reason other than to put the defense on its heels. We did see Barkley run a three-minute offense in the second quarter, and Beathard chewed up nearly seven minutes of clock in the fourth quarter. These are small, positive steps in the right direction”


      1. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account

        Replying to @mattbarrows

        I can’t wait to find out more about the career of Kyle Shanahan’s dog.
        8:39 AM – 25 Aug 2017

        Matt Barrows‏Verified account

        Kyle Shanahan’s dog needed to go to the bathroom. It altered the trajectory of his career. #49ers #Broncos

  15. Blog Pick’Em League.

    Join here: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem/register/joingroup

    Group id: 6133
    Password: cohnblog

    This is a straight up w/l Pick’Em league. Betting lines are not used. League extends through the SuperBowl. No $$ just for fun and bragging rights. Everyone is open to join, please create a team with your Insidethe49ers blog name so we know who you are.

    I’m going to win it this year but feel free to compete for funsies. Good luck!

    1. Coffee when is the last day to sign up? My plan for being gone in Sept may not happen and thus would like to join if I end up not going. I don’t want to sign up and then cant follow thru like I did couple of years ago when I unexpectedly took off for six weeks.

      1. I don’t know that there is a cut off for joining. Pretty sure you can join even after the season has begun.

  16. So looking forward to this weekend’s game, what are the things you want to see most from the team at this point? I’d like to see:

    1) Good ball movement by the first team offense with maybe a TD. Would like to see Hoyer distribute the ball to all the targets Garçon, Robinson and Goodwin.
    2) would like to see the penalties decline and turnovers decline
    3) OL competent blocking and pulling in ground game especially from the guard positions.
    4) Would like to see a complete running game developing.
    5) Would like to see this early and efficiently so that they can put in some of the other team members who are on the bbvle and can have more evaluation time.
    6) Would like to see Beathard face a first team defensive line and see how he fares.
    7) same with some of the other players Kittle, Williams , Breida and Taylor.

    Naturally if anyone has any input I’d love to hear. Anyone who thinks they have keys to win the game (perhaps living in an outlier SF community with an Eastern European name), remember my 10 point plan to victory is still very much in effect so if they win is because they follow it, not you!

    1. Wish the game was Saturday, not Sunday.

      I’d like to see the offense line up facing the goal line they are advancing toward. Similarly, the defense must face away from the goal they are defending. Also, all game-active 9er players need to wear their jerseys outside out, with the side showing their names facing to the rear.

      Make all PATs and FGs attempted.

      1. 1. Will quick hips, the QB turning his head 15 degrees one way before firing the ball the other way be required ?

        2. How about a hearty breakfast of NASA approved TANG ?

        1. Also,

          After studying Sun’s Zoo and The Winning Edge I’m certain both generals were on to something

          I’d like to take this moment to a sleep apnia test for 49er players.

    2. I think #’s 1, 3,4, & 5 are all interlinked closely.
      Hoyer will need to distribute short fast passes to the guys in #1 and McD too, and IF successful (and I think it can be, since KS + Hoyer showed quick strike (sorry- military metaphor alert) movement vs. DEN until derailed by “F”ups.
      I bet the short pass game opens up the run game, hope Hyde’s up to it, vision-wise. I seem to remember this kind of thing from the 80’s too.

      1. Funny how the last couple of years it was always stunning that he WASN’T cut. Now that he finally is cut, it’s a shocker as well.

              1. he’ll most likely go to a 3-4 team that has the need for his specific talents– but not just because Fangio is the DC…CHI may have decent guys at that position, can you follow up to see if CHI needs someone at the position he’d normally play at?
                If he didn’t cut it in the “seattle 4-3” scheme, unlikely he goes north, unless as backup?

      2. Not a shocker.

        When Brooks was on the field in the 3rd quarter against Denver the writing was on the wall for this. Was hinting at this when I asked Grant about it.

          1. We shall see. Brooks has had a penchant for back breaking penalties. Sometimes you need to replace old bricks with new ones.

            1. I hope you’re not referencing the hit on Brees. He jumps offsides, but he’s been a productive pass rusher too. Durable, solid body type that upon contact, ball carrier normally goes right to the ground….

              1. How many times a year does he jump offsides? You learn that concept in pop warner football! The guy is a seasoned vet and still does it every other game.

      3. Certainly surprised Steel but I guess they are comfortable losing his pass rush. That means others will get a shot, as Rocket points out. Let’s hope they grab the bull by the horn!

      4. The only ‘shock’ to me was that no matter how many times I thought he’d be cut, and wanted him cut, he kept hanging around like chronic ear-infection…

    1. It is a little surprising, at least to me, due to the fact he’s been one of their better pass rushers and they don’t have many on the roster. Hopefully Harold can stay on the field and improve in this area. Dekoda Watson has definitely made the team now and Pita may as well if he can play on ST’s.

      1. Its a youth movement from top to bottom. They don’t care about winning. They just want to redevelop the culture and that can’t happen sometimes with certain veterans around the young guys.

        I’m not surprised at all. Brooks has always been known for his antics and maybe with his salary and attitude its better for him to go to a contender. Guarantee Seattle signs him.

    2. *Put’s on Seb Hat* Seems I correctly read Lynch’s intentions yesterday in my comment regarding the end of Brooks’ tenure. Glad that Lynch is reading my posts and following my advice. *Takes off Seb Hat*

  17. Don’t forget the X-Factor—OG, Erick Magnuson.

    He’s been taking the 1st unit snaps this week and by all accounts, made the 2nd and 3rd units of the opposition look like inferior talent.

    Apparently at one point, he opened up a wide gash springing Hyde for a 12 yard gain.

  18. Chris Biderman Retweeted
    Rob Lowder‏ @Rob_Lowder 17m17 minutes ago
    Shoutout to editor-in-chief @ChrisBiderman for making the call on Ahmad Brooks’ release last Sunday. #49ers

  19. @East

    Things I’d like to see:
    A TD pass from Hoyer
    A TD for Trent Taylor
    An interception by a Rashard Robinson
    Production and/or disruption from Armstead
    Another strong showing from Beathard to secure the backup spot

  20. Matt Barrows‏Verified account
    #49ers plan to release linebacker Ahmad Brooks ….

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account
    Ian Rapoport Retweeted Matt Barrows
    That’s true. They have been shopping him over the last couple weeks.

  21. Looks like the Niners aren’t risking Pita Taumoepenu……GO UTES…!!!! Go 49ers !!!

    Harold also has two more years on his contract; Brooks is entering his final season. The 49ers also like newcomer Dekoda Watson, a special teams ace who plays strong-side linebacker on defense. Rookie Pita Taumoepenu also has played that spot.

    Matt Barrow, Sac Bee

    1. “I think we all saw that on display at Kansas City. So much that even against Denver in his early reps when he was in there, they were sliding the line towards Solomon,” Lynch said. “He’s already garnering the respect that we thought he would.”

      It was pretty cool to see the Broncos slide, and double team him already.

  22. Brooks has been informed he’s no longer a 49er. If no trade happens by 1pm, Brooks will be released.

    If Niners could get a pick that would be great. Maybe if the 49ers ate some of Brooks salary that would sweeten the deal. But I think Brooks would have to agree to contract restructure. Don’t see why not. He’d get more up front money.

  23. Prime Time says:
    August 25, 2017 at 11:47 am
    Its a youth movement from top to bottom. They don’t care about winning. They just want to redevelop the culture and that can’t happen sometimes with certain veterans around the young guys.

    Eric Branch‏

    2016 starters released by #49ers:
    S Antoine Bethea, 33
    WR Torrey Smith, 28
    LB Ahmad Brooks, 33 (pending) CB Tramaine Brock (after arrest)
    12:23 PM – 25 Aug 2017

  24. Daniel Brown‏Verified account @mercbrownie 41m41 minutes ago
    Ahmad Brooks not at practice. Plan is indeed to release him (per @mattbarrows ) but #49ers won’t announce till after 1 pm. Trade possible.

    Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ 43m43 minutes ago

    Brooks release opens door for @EliHarold_ to relish starting role. Third-round pick alternated drives w/ Corey Lemonier rookie season.

    1. I think Dial and McDonald are trade (not cut) candidates. I could see Lynch front loading (eating) some of their salary to make a trade to a cap strapped team (Broncos?) more likely.

      I’d guess Beadles but the O line is too thin.

  25. Brooks cut? Daaayyymmmmnnnn…. I’ve been wanting him gone for years now. I figured my grandchildren (one on the ground, another in the oven) would reading Grant’s column 20 years now and saying ‘this is the year they cut Brooks…’

  26. After not including Brooks in my final 53 projection.

    Nick says:
    May 8, 2017 at 5:31 pm
    There’s no way they cut Brooks in favor of Dekoda Watson.

    Coffee’s for Closers® says:
    May 8, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    To be fair can’t really say that they moved on from Brooks in favor of Watson but one of them is still on the team and the other isn’t at this point so, yea.

      1. But, but, if you predicted something that came true, posters will rip you for being delusional and being a clown show. ;p
        BTW, good call.

  27. 49ers announce release of Ahmad Brooks

    Eli Harold has a huge opportunity in front of him.
    by David Fucillo@davidfucillo Aug 25, 2017, 1:03pm PDT

    Well, one of the longest tenured members of the San Francisco 49ers is officially gone. The team announced Friday afternoon that they have released linebacker Ahmad Brooks. The move was reported earlier on Friday, and the team likely spent the last couple hours trying to figure out a trade. They had until 1 p.m. PT, and with that time at hand, a deal could not get done.

    1. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 9m9 minutes ago

      #49ers make it official, release Ahmad Brooks. It means Eli Harold will start at SAM linebacker …

  28. Keiana Martin‏ @KeianaMartinTV 1m1 minute ago

    Shanahan on Beathard playing behind Hoyer on Sunday: “I’ve seen Barkley play in the NFL before. I’d like to see Beathard play a little more”


    Notice he didn’t say Kap ?

  29. So ladies and gentlemen, with the current promotion of CJ, if he continues to develope nicely, how many of you think we will still go after Kirk next year? My stance has always been, this team isint ready to fully compete for annual playoff runs, so why risk paying that much to QB who will no doubt put up the numbers, but won’t lead to anything. It’s like prime said, we are in year one, they won’t to develope a culture of our own. So y spend the big bucks elsewhere when you have your own QB developer in house. And what’s looking like a good start at qb. Just my opinion. Oh and I also think Washington is going to give this man the moon. I don’t think they let him leave. My prediction, Kirk is the highest paid player in the league, by this time next year.

    1. Steele, after looking at his preseason game, I just do not see Cousins surviving all season unscathed.
      If he becomes injured, all bets are off. If he leads the Native Americans to the playoffs because both the Cowboys and Giants have suffered setbacks, they will never let him go.

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