Joe Montana: “The muscles along my sciatic nerve into my left foot have been numb since ’86.”

San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana recently discussed his physical condition in an article by USA Today. Montana describes having arthritis in his knees, hands and one elbow, plus nerve damage in his neck and one eye.

“My whole family likes to live on the edge, so some of the things I regret that I can’t do with them,’’ Montana said in the article. “Like snowboarding. I fell like 50 times within 30 yards off the top of the ski lift. … I love basketball. I can’t play basketball. I can shoot, but that’s about it. I can’t run up and down the court. My knee just gives out.

“I tried a little bit of skiing, but unfortunately when you get weight on one ski under my left knee, it’s just not very strong. After my first back surgery,  what kind of compounds things, is my sciatic nerve has been damaged. So the muscles along my sciatic nerve into my left foot have been numb since ’86.’’

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  1. This is the reason I don’t have much problem with what these guys get paid, or with players that hold out for the best deal they can get. Short careers, with long standing ramifications post career.

    1. I agree but only to a certain point because there are many people in the world dealing with ailments that affect their every day living not even getting paid close to what an athlete gets.

      1. That’s fair enough, but I would have no qualms with anybody in a career that has a high risk of long-term health issues getting paid a lot of money.

  2. I’ve watched Joe since he came into the NFL. One of the toughest Q.B.’s ever to play. I’ve never heard him complain. He’s not complaining now! He’s just stating the facts.He loved to play and he’s said a number of times how hard it is go give it up.

  3. Athletes in any sport that attracts fans with money to spend are entertainers and hopefully have good financial and medical information. The athletes and the owners are in it to make as much from their entertainment value as possible while they have that opportunity.

    The football owners take no risks. As long as they have TV money and congressional “wink, wink” approval they will get their ~$10B+ a year.

    The football players take the risks and some of them make very good money.

    “Come on boys! Let’s go play some ball.”

    1. How exactly is telling what issues he is dealing with from playing in the NFL an example of whining?

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to Eddie DeBartolo Jr, who, according to reports, has been voted into the HALL OF FAME!

    And thanks for the memories EDDIE D!

  5. Congratulations Eddie, it is an honor well deserved. You were the best owner the Niners ever had.
    Grats to Anquon, too. I hope they can re-sign him.

  6. Grant

    What do you make of recent statements linking present stars with 80s stars? Will there be more connection to Walsh under Kelly than previous coaches? What will Chip Kelly do with keys to the 49ers coaching canon?

  7. Congrats to Q. You are a warrior but a warrior who now needs to retire. No offense, we need speed at the WR position. The defenses we face in the division are all good. Too good for aging possession type WR’s.

    1. I beg to differ. I hope Anquan can play one more year and give veteran leadership to the WRs. With multiple WR sets, there will be a role he can play.

  8. 49ers 2016 Receivers

    Bruce Ellington – 4.3

    Torrey Smith – 4.3
    Quinton Patton – 4.4
    DeAndrew White – 4.3

    DeAndre Smelter – 4.4
    DiAndre Campbell – 4.3
    Dres Anderson – 4.4

    Eric Rogers – 4.6

    Rory Anderson
    Vance McDonald
    Blake Bell

      1. h-mm … maybe … but ..

        I kinda hope it’s Joe or Ronnie …

        I’m really .. shocked T.O.
        didn’t make it, though …
        ( /s )

        Could because he hasn’t made restitution for
        all .. those
        bridges he burnt

  9. BIG need is RB.

    We’ll grab one in the draft, and get Blount and either Martin, Miller, or Rodgers.

    Also OLB:
    Bruce Irvin & Aldon Smith

    1. Au contraire. Hyde, when healed, is an outstanding back. That first game showed what he could do to become a huge threat to the defense.
      The Niners also showed what a putrid O line will do. If they do not improve the O line, Roger Craig would struggle, too.
      The sack totals prove to me that the number one, numero uno, ichiban need is to get a pass rusher. Buckner would be my first choice. Jack ,if proven fully healthy, would be my second choice. Then there is Nassib, Reed, Allen, Lawson, Ragland, Dodd, Floyd,Calhoun and even Scooby.
      Defense wins championship, and when the team is 28th in defense, they need an upgrade. This draft is loaded with players who can get to the QB.

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