1. Montana take home messages for Kaep:
    1 – learn to throw to covered receivers
    2- learn to throw out of the pocket, even when it is collapsing
    3- be accurate
    4-keep your head up when you run

    I’m sure it’s nothing Kaep has already been told. Here’s Joe’s kicker:

    “if you can bump and run those (49er) receivers and make him (Kaep) make tight throws all the time, Seattle has a chance to beat the 49ers.”

    1. Chewie, Joe had great recommendations. I always wished for Colin to pay more attention to his receivers when he is running around.

  2. Kap will be cool, im only worried about the rain that we might have. We all know last year in the rain, we got our door bown

  3. Kap will be cool, im only worried about the rain that we might have. We all know last year in the rain, we got our door blown

  4. Anytime I see Joe, I can’t help but smile. If I was Kaepurnicus, I’d hire him as my off season quarterbacks coach…..

      1. It sounds great in theory, but Joe never does anything football related unless he benefits or gets paid from it. He didn’t even show up to the final game at the Stick, which is a slap in the face to the franchise and the fan base.

    1. Seriously doubt Joe would do it, he wouldn’t coach his sons to be quarterbacks. Doubt he would do it for someone else paid or not. (there was a story awhile back about joe hiring a quarterbacks coach for his kid. joes wife had to explain to the son that his dad is more of a player than a coach)

      1. I know for a fact Joe was very involved in his childrenns sports. Some times kids wo’nt listen to dad maybe thats why Joe hired a coach

  5. Videos are great, but a transcript for fans in stuck in dial-up only areas (like me west of Healdsburg) would be great.

  6. I loved this video and seeing my all time favorite player. Hey Grant if Joe Montana did not have 4 rings, he would of been just a average QB . lol.

  7. Joe Montana is a living legend. He is the greatest QB to ever play the game.
    But at the risk of sounding sacrileges, legends don’t necessarily make great teachers.

    Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, just to name a couple of legends did not have the ability to transfer their greatness on other players when they were coaching.

    Sure, there are some things a player like JM could teach others, but there’s no guarantee that any of his mentoring will be a ticket for a player to achieve greatness.
    In many cases, a player either has ‘it’ or they don’t.

    I can base this on Joe’ very own son’s. Montana’ boy’s had the greatest QB of all time training and mentoring them and they still were unable to crack an NFL roster.
    Same could be said of Michael Jordon’ son and Walter Payton’ son.

    CK is a special talent that would be snatched up by any NFL team even with his flaws.
    CK is progressively growing into his position and will learn all the nuances of the game as he plays more.
    Even with his footwork flaws CK has taken this team further than the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck who are QB’ known for their great footwork technique.

    With CK, the best is yet to come.
    OK, that mantra is a broken record, but I’ve been posting it since about the 6th game of the season and the progress is there.

    1. AES ..
      still … it never gets tiring …

      I, too, see some untapped greatness in the kid ..
      maybe … just maybe … if
      u-hhh .. when he dispatches the SeaChickens ..
      we’ll see some of it …

    2. AES,

      Agree. I don’t think Montana would be a good coach. He does not come across to me as having the passion to teach.

      When I see Montana, I am reminded of him mentioning in more than one interview how he wakes up with pain pretty much every morning. I watched him with the Niners 1987 onwards and for every incredible throw that I remember him making, I also remember him taking brutal hits. It’s great that QBs are protected by rules these days, despite silly penalties like those called against Brooks and Skuta.

      This particular interview is pretty uninformative and uninspired, despite Collingsworth’s efforts. Joe is all vague and general. I used watch Inside the NFL in the 90s on HBO, and the new version seems to have dropped a notch in quality. These days I watch the poor man’s version of the program on NBC Sports, Turning Point.

    3. AES:
      Larry Bird: 1998 NBA Coach of the Year, 3 years coaching, first two years, Eastern Conference finals (98 lost to Jordan’s Bulls), the third and last year, NBA finals, lost to Lakers Kobe and Shaq. I think that proves he can coach. Also 2012 NBA Executive of the year. Looks like he can be on par with the Warriors Mr. Logo Jerry West.

      1. Good call on Bird’ coaching ability, but can you remember off the top of your head which player under his coaching tenure he made much better that wasn’t already good?

        That was my point regarding Montana making CK a better player if he gave him instruction.
        He might help CK on a couple of things, but CK already has the tools to achieve greatness. Kaep will continue to improve with playing time imo.

    4. AES – Good post bro. Singletary and Art Shell were great players but sucked as head coaches. Larry Bird was a good coach but I don’t think he liked coaching (too many lazy NBA players). Magic had the personality but needed Larry Birds brain for the X’s and O’s……Lol (Bird brain).

  8. I love Montana, but I have to respectfully disagree with him when he said that our defense right now is not as good as last year.

    1. +1 our defense this year looks fresher than the end of last year. fangio did a better job of rotating in players and keeping them fresh this year.

  9. No-name,
    That’s a good take on S.Young because their styles are more similar. But I’m a little concerned that many fans are forgetting that CK only has one full season as a starting QB in the league and their expectations may be too high.

    CK does have his flaws, but he overcomes many of them with his physical abilities, dynamic mental toughness and will to win.
    Also, lest we forget, Harbaugh is still the QB Whisperer and at this point in CK’ career I can’t think of a better person the learn under.
    Kaep is going to be even better a few years down the road when he learns to better read defenses and become more discrete on running.

    But I do like the S.Young take.

  10. I’m betting that Joe’s decision to stay away from the football limelight in his retirement years indicates he nas no interest whatsoever in coaching.

    Real estate development? Now that’s another story.

    1. Joe and Jennifer both had lucrative careers and they’ve amassed a big old pot of money. Managing that portfolio and presiding over a family are pleasantly enough. Real Estate? Yup, that’s making your money work for you. The Santa Clara hotel deal leverages both his fame and money. It all seems reasonable to me.
      Personality-wise I’ll guess Joe never wanted to be a coach. The hours and commitment are brutally taxing. Steve likes to think and communicate football, but he opted out. Ronnie Lott, nope. How about Brady? Nah, he won’t coach either I’ll bet.
      I don’t know about Peyton. He lives and breathes football. He’s a gym rat and a film nerd. Nothing he likes better than emersing himself in it. But would he be frustrated trying to get others to do and see what he sees? Archie didn’t coach.

      1. elite guys typically don’t coach or don’t make good coaches.

        they’ve given their all to being a player, still love the game but physically and mentally can’t give more.

        don’t feel like conforming to someone else’s coaching structure.*

        they are not capable of understanding players with lesser talent and/or lesser drive than they had.

        *we all love hearing from Rice, Young and Montana. Many fans think that these great players still love the game and have great things to say in their 3 -15 minute segments on TV and the radio. But as media analysts they can say what they want and how to do things the way they think things should be done. On a coaching staff they would have to conform to the way the head coach wants to do things. Even as a part time offseason mentor consultant, Young would have a hard time reconciling the way he thinks offense should be played with Harbaugh’s controlled, extremely structured and low yield passing game. Taking players on runs up the hill is great and all, it shows competitive drive and perseverance. But I can’t see Rice’s ego bending to the way Harbaugh, Roman and Johnny Morton want their receivers to run routes.

  11. The 9ers used Roger Craig as a wide out, throwing to him at the line of scrimmage and letting him run. Why don’t they do that now with the running backs that they have? Wouldn’t that relieve the pressure off CK as well? Also, Joe was a great quaterback but he also had a team owner who was willing to spend the money to get players to surround him which forced the league to institute the salary cap to make the competition a little more even.

    1. North Bay, I think Uncle Eddie has schooled young Jed York, (Esq) fairly well in what it means to take good care of your players. Maybe he’s not quite so extravagant, but they’re going to Seattle a day early, and some players have spoken openly about the bonding that’s happened being road warriors the past several weeks.

    2. That was the beauty of the WC offense. Instead of Gore staying in to block a blitzing LB, let him run to the flat and catch a quick pass. It’s how you burn them for blitzing and keep them from doing it again.

  12. BigP says:
    January 16, 2014 at 11:14 am
    “It sounds great in theory, but Joe never does anything football related unless he benefits or gets paid from it. He didn’t even show up to the final game at the Stick, which is a slap in the face to the franchise and the fan base.”

    Big P,
    A Montana sighting at the Stick is rare since his retirement. I don’t know this for certain, but my thinking is that Montana may still have a little resentment on how everything transpired when Steve Young was made starter.

    Joe Montana no doubt has obviously made it clear that he is and will always be a 49er (enshrined into the HOF as a 49er) at heart so his true affiliation is never questioned.

    Do you know if he put out an official notice as to why he did not attend the last game at the Stick?

      1. BOS you are correct his son was playing in a bowl game the night before and his whole family was there he wanted to spend time with his family after the game

      2. coach
        A bowl game on a “non new years day” sunday? must have been that therealcreditcardscore.com east west nutmeg bowl. But cant blame the man for wanting to spend time with his family

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