Joe Staley: “That’s what we can do every single week.”

SAN FRANCISCO — Joe Staley tried to explain to a group of reporters at his locker after the 48-3 demolition of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just how the 49ers got so good so fast.

Here’s what he said.

Q: What did these coaches bring that made you 4-1?

STALEY: I think it’s about the confidence in the locker room right now. The players are believing in the coaches and the coaches are believing in the players. It’s really very detailed. Everybody’s very detailed on what we’re supposed to be doing. Everybody knows exactly how we fit in the offense. How this block is important. How this route is important – maybe it opens up something underneath. Everybody’s executing right now and it’s very exciting. I think it’s the confidence more than anything, though.

Q: When you say it’s more detailed does that means there’s more classroom time?

STALEY: Everybody’s taking it upon themselves to know what their responsibility is. Everybody knows where they fit in the offense.

Q: What’s an example of that happening in the game?

STALEY: Watching pass routes on Monday when we watch film, the receivers are running their routes at a full 100 percent speed so they can clear out a safety and get the ball underneath. It’s about getting different kinds of adjustments called at the line of scrimmage without having to say more than one word. Everybody knowing exactly what their responsibilities are.

Q: Joe, are you studying harder this year?

STALEY: My preparation’s always been the same.

Q: So it’s the general culture on the team?

STALEY: Yeah. Everybody sees the success that we have when we’re on. Today’s a great example of that. It was a full team win, and that’s what we can do every single week. That breeds confidence in the system. It breeds confidence in your teammates.

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