John Clayton: “I don’t know that the Panthers can put up enough offense against SF’s defense.”

Wednesday on 95.7 The Game, John Clayton broke down the upcoming 49ers-Panthers game. Here is a transcript.

Q: How good is the Carolina team that comes to Candlestick on Sunday?

CLAYTON: “They’re good. They have some holes but they’ve started to turn the corner. You could see from the very first week that their front-seven may not be as good on defense as San Francisco’s, but it’s in the same shadow. I mean, it’s pretty good. It’s probably one of the top-two, three or four front-sevens in the league. San Francisco has the best in my opinion.

“Then you start to look at some of the things that are developing on offense – Cam Newton’s getting more confidence. Now, he doesn’t have a lot of weapons. San Francisco, until they get Manningham and Crabtree back on the field permanently, they don’t have the kind of weapons either, so there is a similarity there.

“The big hole that the Panthers have is in the secondary. They’re really patching the safety spot, patching the cornerback spot. The front-seven covers for it.

“I don’t know that the Panthers can put up enough offense against San Francisco’s defense. If that’s going to be the case, it should be a San Francisco win. But Carolina is a good team. I think they’re definitely in the hunt for the Wild Card.”

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  1. I like the fact that the Panthers are on a semi-roll & are in the hunt for a Playoff spot, that should keep the 49ers on edge to come out and play 49er Football.

    GO 49ers!

  2. I really see the niners running away with this one. They are in the same state as us on Offense. No real receivers. I know about Steve Smith and Ginn but we can handle the two.

    1. Hope you’re right, Larry, but their D is pretty tough. Up till last week’s game against the Falcons, they hadn’t allowed a TD in the first half all season. If the Niners’ offense can put it all together this game, it’ll be a HUGE momentum builder. Go NINERS!

  3. They are missing some receivers but cam makes up for it. Looking forward to see Teddy Ginn play. he looks better then he did for the 49ers.

  4. The 9ers will win by more than 7 if they come out throwing. They do’nt have to throw in alot more than usual just throw it more on 1st down. If they come out and try to play smash mouth from the first snap it will be close and we all know what can happen when you let an inferior team stay close.

  5. Panthers fan here. What we do between the tackles will be gravy. The real contest is between Cam and Smith. Aldon will be amped up, so we will hit him with some naked bootlegs and other misdirection plays. Not that we will avoid the clash between the tackles, I just have too much respect for Bowman and Willis.(in that order)

    We have seen what Wilson did to SF and will use some of it. DeAngelo will get a few screens and misdirections. We’ll keep them hionest with the run, but I think the gameplan will include a few to Ginn deep, which will open the field for Olsen, LaFell and Smitty.

    1. Ha! “We’ll keep them hionest with the run, but I think the gameplan will include a few to Ginn deep, which will open the field for Olsen, LaFell and Smitty”. Your offensive line is in shambles. The only deep Ginn will be getting is sleep after Reid/Hitner tuck him in….

    2. qdog112 Welcome to the blog. Lucky to have Ginn show up as a deep threat (smart of you guys to sign him).

      Aldon has improved against bootlegs/draws since his rookie season. (Lemonier has a little trouble with misdirection as expected of a rookie). Aldon’s also improved at setting the edge. What could still sucker Aldon? I’ve seen him crash down on inside runs, then the RB bounces outside.

      1. I haven’t seen the Panthers play this year, so take my chatter for what its worth.

        I hear the Panthers have an aggressive young 4-3 with guys like Star L inside paired with fast linebackers. It sounds alot like the Lions, but with better linebackers.

        vs the Lions the 49ers often ran sucker plays inviting D-linemen in to shoot gaps, with Miller laying persuasion (wham) blocks to spring Gore. When the timing works, its a big run. When they don’t, Gore gets splatted.

        I would not be surprised if to see a herky-jerky run game. 2 or 3 plays stuffed, then a some long run, then another few stuffed and so on.

  6. Under the category of “high class problem”, I sure hope we can air it out against the Panthers this weekend and give Gore a bit of a breather. I’ll take a win either way…

  7. The bye week gave the Niners additional time to prepare a good game plan for Carolina. I think it will be a good game but Niners will dominate the second half and win comfortably by two scores.

    1. Mood,

      You are probably right. They are 6-0 when playing with an extra week of preparation and the opponent has a regular week.

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