John Clayton: “I still think Seattle can win because they’re the better team at this stage.”

John Clayton was interviewed on Tuesday about the upcoming 49ers-Seahawks game. Here is a transcript.

Q: What do you see happening in this game?

CLAYTON: I still think Seattle can win because they’re the better team at this stage. I think they go down there hitting them at a good time. Michael Crabtree is not going to be 100 percent because literally he’s having his training camp now. You can see when he got on the field he was able to help Colin Kaepernick be more like Colin Kaepernick, but still. In a sense, all you have to do is find a way to cover Vernon Davis, match one guy up with Anquan Boldin and then see how you can do as far as covering Crabtree. If that’s going to be the case, I still think they match up very well against them, and I still think Russell Wilson can run around there and make enough plays, but it’s going to be a tight football game. San Franisco is going to be geared up. It’s desperation for them, and there is pressure but not immense pressure for Seattle because they can lose this game and still win the next two. The No.1 seed is all within their grasps.

The fact that Joe Staley is going to be out and Mike Iupati, that takes away from their power run blocking. And when you take a left tackle away and have to move a guard over to do that — didn’t we see that earlier this season with somebody named McQuistan filling in for somebody named Okung?

Q: What stood out to you about the Seahawks’ Monday Night demolition of the Saints?

CLAYTON: The two things that really stood out were how effective Russell Wilson is at being able to pick up the nuances of the game – understanding when there is Cover 0 and then making big plays out of it.

And then also how well the two young cornerbacks held in there – Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane – to the point where they helped hold Drew Brees under 200 yards.

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  1. John Clayton is a Seattle homeboy. Of course he is going to say Seattle will win or he would be driven out of the state! He is on Seattle ESPN all the time and plays to the home crowd.

  2. I hate to say it but Seattle looks pretty amazing right now – at least at home, they dominate in a way I haven’t seen since the 1994 and 1984 Niners. I think we can beat them at the Stick but every Niner is going to have to summon his best game…coaches too.

      1. Almost a moot point. The best team doesn’t win games; the team that plays best wins. Usually one in the same, but not always–that’s why they play the games.
        One thing I’m sure of, though: Seattle is going to come to the Stick FULL of confidence. Humiliating the Saints on Monday Night Football will do that for ya. I reckon we find out who the Niners are this season on Sunday. Go git ‘em, boys!

      2. The better team did not win the SB last year, the team that played best in THAT game won.

        Ask the Sharks how they feel about being the ‘best’ team during the regular season and how far it got them. The point is, we have as many as 7 more chapters in the book of 2013-14 to be written. There will be twists and turns unforseen by all, happens every year. Shoot the Ravens were 1-4 in DEC last year, anything can happen and probably will.

        GO NINERS!!!

  3. Seattle has the inside track to their first Super Bowl Trophy…..plain and simple. They’re playing the best football in the NFL right now…

  4. The Seahawks played most of the of the 1st half of the season with 2/3 of OL starters out due to injuries. The backup rookies who stepped up, were baptized by fire playing against some of the NFL top elite defenses. The Seahawks won these games partly because of Russel Wilson’s talents on the field, and 2ndly because the defense ability to shut down opposing teams, keeping the score low, and allowing RW to scramble and find away to win the games without having to put up allot of points. (something stats don’t reflect) Now that the OL line starters are back, they have had 2 games to knock off the rust before playing 40Whiners next Sunday. If you boyz were watching the MNF game, you would have notice that RW had allot more time to stand in the pocket to make his reads. Far cry from the beginning of the season when most of the starting OL was out. Seahawks have show a commitment to win every game… A total team effort!!!

    MNF game, “the Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan decided that the all-out blitz was a good idea against the Seahawks. In the second quarter, the Saints put nine guys on the line of scrimmage with no safeties back, declaring the obvious intention to come full boar after Wilson.”

    The results ?? RW burned the Saints defense by play action pass, drawing the safeties in close to stop the run and then throwing deep to gain huge chunks of yards!! Obviously Rob Ryan for got to take into consideration that the Seahawks OL is Back!!

    Pete Carrole on Percy Harvin’s return,
    “I’ve already heard from the trainers [Tuesday] morning, Percy came in jacked up. He had a little procedure done last week that made a difference. He wants to play so bad. There’s nobody that wants to get out there more than he does. He’ll do everything he can possibly do toward that. It’s been frustrating, but he’s going to pop out of this thing.”

    1. seachicken fan go back to your gloomy site and stop your crying since all NFL teams struggle with injures. You have a cheat for a coach and bunch of players on dope.

      1. Pete Carroll, a wanna be Sean Payton, both jerks to the max.I will be fine if the Niners don’t win the Lombardi trophy,frankly we are not good enough, but please anybody except the Seacheats.

      2. It’s funny though, Neal. Many folks around the League think the same of Jim Harbaugh. Maybe those traits are resume bullet points for an NFL coach? Lombardi, Parcels, BB, Jimmy Johnson: check, check, check. But not necessarily a requirement: Bud Grant, Tony Dungy, Dick Vermeil, Tom Flores, John Madden.

      3. Brotha,

        Jim ego is as big as Yankee Stadium, I can’t say I like Harbaugh, as I did Bill Walsh, George Seifert or Mooch. He is a good coach, not a great one, without a Super Bowl.

    2. Goodness, are the Seahawk fans juicing too? Put down the Adderall and stop posting. Your fans are ill equipped to handle success.

  5. As a Niner fan i will admit Seattle has been the better team this year in all aspects however this is football and just one injury can change the destiny of any team at any given moment. Just look at Green Bay or Atlanta!!! This is a very big game against a very good team but a victory is possible if we play the best game of the season this sunday. Niner Faithful get ready to rock Candlestick and make some noise. GO NINERS

  6. I think the 49ers can win this game if Harabugh finally decides to take the training wheels off of Kaepernick and just lets him be himself. Let him make mistakes. We all learned last year what a competitor he was.. the fire burning inside him would take over and he would come back strong after every mistake. Something happened this year and they took Kaepernick, a fiercely competitive guy much like Brady, and turned him into a robot back there. Let him loose Harbaugh and see what you have in this guy. I’m not sure going into the playoffs with a coddled QB is going to get you anywhere this year. We don’t need Alex Smith’s robotic emotion-less play right now. We need a leader, a competitor and a hot-blooded red-a$$ out there who wants to do whatever it takes to stick it to his opponent. Don’t turn him into a robot, please.

    1. 4+
      You’re partially on to it. We saw a glimpse in the last game. Crabs seems to be CK’s security blanket and thus his confidence turbo boost. We want to unleash that. But another key strategic and tactical priority is to not make mistakes. Our D may be able to keep us close. ST coverages, good Defense will be key. Avoiding stupid penalties and turnovers too, obviously. So over-aggressiveness is a sin too.
      But Grant was right, sustaining drives isn’t this team’s strong suit this season. Nothing I d like to see more, but….. So, some shot plays will be forthcoming.

      1. Tuna,
        That’s a forgotten point from the first game. All the penalties. Granted CK stunk up the joint. At the beginning of the season, both RW and CK were going to be the next great QBs. RW has played like crap, but he’s clutch. And now we see how much better he’s getting in the pocket. We need Colin to grow up fast if we are going to make a serious run at the lombardi trophy.

      2. Don’t forget the five (?) TO’s in the first game. The Seahawks offense that supposedly dominated the 49ers’ defense had scoring drives of something like 2, 6 and 17 yards. All off of TO’s.

  7. can someone make the case for me that kaepernick is better, or as good as, Russell Wilson…as a niners fan i’d like to believe it but i’m just not seeing it

  8. the rookie, Kaepernick, presents himself
    so poorly in the post game interviews…
    it really did not matter when he was asked
    to share the stage with Boldin and Crab.

    Think about it: notwithstanding his youth,
    So for Colin to have the least to say, by far,
    and for Crab and particularly Boldin to dominate
    the conversation/responses Sunday evening…
    Please do not pretend he is yr team leader, okay?

    Just listen to Russell Wilson in a post game presser;
    confident, lucid, intelligent, well-spoken, thoughtful.
    No one is interested in having him “share the mic”
    with two of the ‘brothers’…his “supporting cast”….
    Why not? because he “carries the day” just fine –
    all by himself. Just fine. Holds our attention, hmm?

    1. Who cares about the “rookie” Kaepernick or coach “Harbaw”.
      Let’s talk about one a.douglas smith aka Chief smiff, working on a 0-3 run, and having squandered 2 golden opportunities to the secure the number 1 seed in the AFC playoffs……back-to-back losses at home, with one of the best home field advantages in the NFL.
      The loss to the Broncos, came in a game where the Chiefs:
      —won the time of possession
      —won the turnover battle
      —scored on a special teams play
      Yet, somehow, someway, elite and awesome Chief smiff, managed to lose the game. How can this be?
      Oops I forgot, smiffy is 2-30-1 (0-3 this season), when the opposing team scores 24 points or more. Oh btw, “rookie” Kaepernick already has 4 wins, in this scenario.

      Anyways, no sense in dwelling in the past, think Chief smiff can beat the lowly 3-9 Redskins?
      Even “running” QB’s like Vick & Kaepernick have scored 27+ points on the hapless Redskins defense. Surely, a “real” QB & winner (since 2011) like Chief smiff should be able to score 40+?
      More importantly, will you be here if the Chiefs lose this game?

  9. When do you sleep???

    Alex …myth and facts…. is posting at 3:00 a.m.

    He believes that the Niners have the juice and will
    beat Seattle. Do this, fella…. post a little something
    Monday morning (after the Seahawks do the deed).
    Give us a post game comment or two. Win or lose.
    We will need to hear about the 49ers, okay?
    From your unique perspective…..

    1. Pay attention, little fella, what I think or believe about the 49ers is irrelevant.
      Here is another smiff fact for ya this morning:
      Chief smiff is 1-1 in the playoffs (same as Tim Tebow). LOL, that’s if he makes it there, no guarantees at this point, 0-3 could easily turn into 0-6. Btw, “rookie”Kaepernick is 2-1.

      Hmm looks like a slight chance of snow for smiffy’s game, keep that in mind for a possible alexcuse.
      So, will you be here if the Chiefs exit D.C. with a loss?

  10. With all due respect to Clayton, I think there is much less of a drop off going from Staley to Boone than from Okung to McQuistan. I think Boone will make that comparison look silly.

      1. We need to extend Boone’s contract asap. Iupati’s a stud guard. But Boone’s ability to play T and G is huge. Hopefully, we can get them both done.

    1. Coffee,
      Lol, I was thinking the same thing. I can’t help but think of Salisbury’s rip whenever I hear about or see John Clayton. He definitely has a face for radio……..and a legendary comb over.

  11. This room is full of squabbling and angst most of the time, even after a win. Now arguing points back and forth is just debate, but some here just can’t seem to get along. And yet there are two points of near unaminous agreement: We love us some 49ers & we think Alex(save me from myself) aka Tweedledee is the lunatic homeless guy screaming on the street corner.

    1. Brotha Tuna:

      Yet, for some reason, many commenters keep responding to him. They wouldn’t stop and debate a lunatic in the street, but they can’t seem to stop themselves from arguing with him in a blog comment section.

      Now, he even has an equally nonsensical imitator arguing with him.

      1. I get your point, Claude, but as Space pointed out, ignoring him in the past didn’t help. So I lob guano back at him (shrug). See, in this case the lunatic has wandered into our Pub; a bit harder to ignore and then too there are the fleas and the lice and the zactly breath.

      2. Brotha:

        I understand how frustrating he is. I just think that giving him attention is only going to keep him around longer.

        Also, I hope you realize that I was not referring to you when I wrote about the “equally nonsensical imitator”.

      3. Claude, these guys have been active on blogs for years. They are as close to being professional “trolls” as you can get. They know how to create new identities with new IP addresses (they choose any city or country they want) and emails with ease to prevent moderators from permanently blocking them. If they get banned or “ignored” while using one name, they simply plug in another identity on file and start posting the same drivel.

        I know a lot of people think these are former posters like DS, but the two trolls known as Darren and V are the most likely. Who is the new anti-Alex? Probably one of them as well. They don’t like competition, lol.

      4. Spaceborn:

        Thanks for the information.

        I thought the anti-Alex was one of our regular commenters. One of his first posts indicated as much. He also referred to me as “Clod”, which made me think it was Bay. I could be wrong, however.

      5. Nah, no way it’s DS. DS, even if you didn’t like what he had to say, would engage the board and defend his positions. This Alex goon is just a hit and run troller.

      6. Spaceborn i do’nt think any of our recent posters are trolls. Darren was a troll. a few of my most techno savvy students explained to me that real trolls only make sense about 50% of the time and one thing they all have in common is that they bombard the site they will post at about a 3 to 1 ratio to all the other posters put together. Their goal is to shut a site down by getting 90% of the real posters to leave. I’m guessing thats why GC eventually blocked Darrin. The poster who are here now who you call trolls are nothing more than very irritating people who get no attention in their lives more than likely have no friends. they are very sad people who see any attention as positive. imho

      7. Claude, not surprising one would use “Clod” or speak to other posters with familiarity. They lurk constantly while waiting to see if they get responses and while doing so, they get to know who the regulars are and what transpires between them like bets and feuds. Just another tool in the troll tool box for them to use to disrupt and instigate.

      8. Damn those trolls to hell. Especially if they used my term of endearment “clod” when communicating with Claude.

      9. No doubt it’s Ds…..
        Look at the nursery rhymes it spews.
        Like the classic Bay Bay Go away.
        Bs has nothing to defend anymore. It’s an obvious smither now. It’s called itself a part of the chiefs team, and rants over and over and over. There’s a reason it hates harbaugh so much. Well we all know why. In fact on its way out it wouldn’t comment to anyone anymore. It just crawled away slowly, waiting for the first9 weeks of the season to come due to strength of schedule. Just to rub it in. Classic Bs!

      10. DS did not engage the conversation but just labeled anyone that did not agree with his/her opinion. DS was not a niner fan. He was the QB groupie. sorry but that is my opinion and i actually liked our past QB.

      11. >>DS did not engage the conversation but just labeled anyone that did not agree with his/her opinion.

        So you are basically saying bay, md, Jordo are all alters of DS.

      12. >>DS did not engage the conversation but just labeled anyone that did not agree with his/her opinion.

        So you are basically saying bay, md, Jordo are all alters of DS.

        To Quote Jules from Pulp Fiction:

      13. ribico says:
        December 4, 2013 at 6:46 pm
        >>DS did not engage the conversation but just labeled anyone that did not agree with his/her opinion.

        So you are basically saying bay, md, Jordo are all alters of DS.

        Lol your one to talk. You and your troll designer Claudia never engage in conversation if it doesn’t apply to your opinion. Instead you two come on here (always at the same time) and troll for fights. Funny I haven’t seen a comment from either one of you two until today. And surprise!!!! Both are back.

      14. Oh look, ninermd has a new conspiracy theory. That’s a surprise.

        I love how you think posting deliberately provocative nonsensical b/s isn’t trolling for fights, but calling someone out for posting such b/s is. It’s like you live in Bizarro World.

  12. After watching the Seahawks I say two things. One they do not get penilized for any thing and Russel is the real deal.

    But I think CK7 has done a good job and has lead to 8-4. Our team has been rocked with real injuries. No excuss. But we are going to come alive. I just want to get in the playoffs. Everything else can take care of itself. We need this win. One for confidence. Two for pride. Three we can not slip out of that 6th spot.

    God Bless

  13. Niners win or lose this game , I will put it on niner fan , if you are going to the game your team needs you period Seatle FAN did there job now YOU MUST DO YOURS MAKE THEM HERE YOU NINER FAN , this game is your game

    1. Emerald, Its about time for all this bs arguing to stop for this weekend and all niner fans to unite and support our team to beat the seahawks. Regardless of what happens, we need to show up and scream our lungs out on Sunday.

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