John Lynch on Brian Hoyer: “Right now he’s our guy, but we’re always going to explore.”

San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch just spoke on NFL Network. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What can you tell me about what you’ve done at quarterback and what you still plan to do?

LYNCH: We’re really excited about Brian Hoyer and him being a part of the 49ers. Brian obviously has been with Kyle (Shanahan). Kyle knows what he’s getting in Brian Hoyer. I’ve been an admirer from afar. He’s got an opportunity to come and be our guy, and that was important to Brian. We’re really thrilled. We think he’s perfect for what we wanted and we’re excited.

Q: A lot of people are calling him a bridge quarterback until you get maybe further along in the next couple of years you bring somebody in. Is that an accurate way to describe him?

LYNCH: I think we were very transparent with Brian in terms of what we’re doing. And right now he’s our guy, but we’re always going to explore, particularly at that position, to be the best we can be. That’s what we did with Brian. We’ve got one (quarterback) on our roster. As of 1 o’clock today here we had zero on our roster. So we feel a lot better there, but we’ve got some work to do.

Q: Obviously you’ve got to find more quarterbacks. Where do you find them? Where do you pick them up?

LYNCH: Free agency is not over, and obviously the draft is out there. We will look at those options and look at those options really hard. That process has begun. It continues and we look forward to it.

Q: Kirk Cousins rumors are swirling. We know that he and Kyle have an association and a trust and like there. Is it a possibility that he still comes here?

LYNCH: I’m not at liberty to talk about guys under contract. But as I’ve said, we’re going to look at every option to try to be the best we can be. Kyle and I set out here with an organization that’s coming off a couple bad years, but we’re here to build championships. And so to do that, we know how critical that position is. That’s why feel so strongly about Brian right now. And as I said, we’re going to continue to look and delve into every and any option.

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    1. Snyder won’t budge on moving Cousins because of a request by the player. If he gives into that, he opens up a can worms for every disgruntled player.
      Owners across the league would not be happy with Snyder folding it up at the request of a player.
      Cousins need to just play out the year and never talk about it again.
      Otherwise don’t sign the tender and sit out the year.

    1. Why would WSH trade a guy at the most important position in football, whose played well for them?
      Because he wants out?

      1. If they do, it will be because they can get more for him now than a compensatory 3rd when he walks in FA next season.

        1. That’s exactly the key issue and the key point. I am at a loss to see why it’s so hard to grasp. Now you will get more than next year plus if you refuse to trade you pay a one year’s $24 million rent on the disgruntled QB who’s going to leave at his first opportunity. Get it?

          1. You can’t back down at every players request. Disgruntled or not. This is about precedent.
            You don’t try and handcuff ownership. It’s a bad play.

      2. Because at this point he’s so pissed he’s probably never going to sign with them. So when he’s a FA next year and they tag him –$34.75 million. Which they’re not likely to do and that means he walks and they get nothing.

        If they trade him now, they get something.

    2. As much as I want Cousins here. I’m at the point that I hope Washington holds onto him this year and 49ers get him for nothing next year.

      At this point Snyder is just cutting his nose off to spite his face.

      1. I don’t mind Snyder carrying that sack of Shanny bricks all year long. Captain Kirk won’t beam up to the Redskins bridge until just before labor day, where he’ll sign his tag for 24 million. Then barring injury, he’ll be reassigned to the USS Shannytize in 2018…;>)

          1. Taking this further, what part would Seb have…the faceless young yeoman who beams down with Kirk and quickly becomes a casualty?

            1. I feel like one of the planetary inhabitants of a world with black on the left side, and many on this site have black on the right side.

        1. This is bad business on Snyder’s part. If Cousins has to play out the year he will be a rebel in the org, if not the locker room. The players will rally to him, putting management on the other side of the divide and Grudin in a difficult position.
          Like the Harbaugh divorce in Santa Clara, this is so avoidable with grown up behavior.

        2. Razor, Rapoport just said Cousins will sign the tag. $24m fully guaranteed is a nice placeholder fee for Cousins.

          1. Rapoport also reported Jed York was getting relieved of his duties. I know he’ll sign, but the timeline could still be in question….

  1. A lot of holes have been filled or improved through free agency and now the draft. This allows them to trade back and get more picks to help fill in more needs and build for the future. There are still holes to be filled on defense and that is where the draft is deepest. Let us see how that works out. If need be they can always sign Ponder as a backup and draft one of the 4 QBs later in the draft. I don’t think that all four will go in the first round.

  2. Hoyer got a B by both the guys rating our FA pick-ups. Others haven’t been so nice or consistent.

    Juice got a D- (not special in any way and over-paid) from one while the other gave him a B+ (gives Shanahan flexibility and is great check-down receiver). Really, D- and B+. They’re worse than PFF in their routine inconsistencies.

    Smith just got bad grades (C- and a D-). Can’t cover TEs. Can’t stuff the run. Can’t rush the passer. Called him a ‘fungible’ linebacker. Better LBs were available, and for cheaper. The C- reviewer thinks he’ll be useful in the transition to 4-3 but is definitely not a difference maker, HOWEVER, he says Smith is an above-average run stuffer… At least they’re both on the same page he’s not a coverage linebacker.

    But then, he’s probably a WILL and wouldn’t be covering…

    Anyway, at times the football yakking industry just makes me want to cringe. Nobody can agree on anything for any player, except for the very elites where it’s so obvious that even my cat could probably tell Tom Brady is a good QB if she was interested in football…

  3. QB Kirk Cousins will sign his franchise tag soon, source said. He’s a good soldier, knows he’s likely not going anywhere. – Rapoport

    1. If we have to wait a year we will no problem. In the meantime we can build a winning roster that Cousins can step right into 2018 season. However, I’m still not convinced he doesn’t end up in 49er scarlet and gold prior to this year’s training camp. Let’s see who the new GM will be for the flushed-face ‘skins . . .

  4. I think the 49ers double down on pass rusher with their 1st pick.
    However, the following article describes how Shanahan likes to set up his play action passes…To do this you need a reliable back, not one with an injury history.
    So Fournette would be my second pick, unless a Deion Sanders, shut down corner is available as they describe, the OSU conrer.

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that WCO coaches like to put up points. Bill Walsh and his 55-10 victory over Denver in the SuperBowl, or 38-16 win over Miami in the other blowout SuperBowl.

    Hyde has an injury history Shanahan’s aware of.

  5. ” I’m not at liberty to talk about guys under contract.”

    Snyder would love it if KS or JL stumbled into a tampering charge. NFL has a real hair trigger about that.

    1. You would think that the reporters from a league sponsored television station would know about tampering charges and probably not ask that question. Reporters are savages.

    1. CBS analysis, 2011

      Strengths: Very quick off the ball. Has great speed and is a vertical threat. Long strider. Combines aggressive hands, head fakes and a strong pressure step to win at the line of scrimmage. Accelerates quickly after the jam. Very effective on slant routes. Locates the ball very well in the air. Has reliable hands and looks the ball all the way in. Has good leaping ability and catches the ball at its highest point. Catches the ball in traffic despite lean frame. Very good route runner and does a great job creating separation. Gets his body around quickly on comeback routes. Good zone awareness, knows how to find the soft spots. Gets upfield quickly after making the catch. Agile enough to weave through traffic to gain extra yards on screen passes. Patient blocker and does a great job staying square and keeping the defender in front of him. Keeps a wide base, uses his hands aggressively, with good knee bend when blocking.

      Weaknesses: Long, lean frame that allows defenders to out-muscle him for the ball. Not very physical downfield, often tries to run around defensive backs. Tends to round his routes off instead of planting-and-driving. Does not sell the pass on running plays. Lacks sideline awareness, at times running out of room on out routes. Does a poor job securing the football after the catch and fails to tuck it away. Scouts will ask about 2008 suspension.

      –Jackson Boyd

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