John Madden on Jim Harbaugh

In a recent story in the Oakland Tribune, ex-Raider coach and Hall of Famer John Madden talked about the 49ers’ new head coach.

“I was surprised he (Harbaugh) took the job,” Madden said. “When I heard Andrew Luck (Stanford quarterback) was going back, I said to myself Harbaugh would go back, too. With everyone knowing the lockout was coming, this wasn’t the year to start being a head coach in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh is going to be a good coach in the NFL but it’s going to be a rocky start for him. The sad part is there’s nothing he can do about it.”

Madden felt the 49ers were at more of a disadvantage than other teams in not being able to participate in off-season workouts. A new coach with a new system needs more work than usual.

“Plus, they had a shorter season because there were no playoffs for them. On the other side, take Green Bay and Pittsburgh (Super Bowl teams). Their system, coaches, quarterbacks and defense are all stable. That’s really an imbalance.”

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