Jonathan Goodwin: “Everyone wants to play better.”

SANTA CLARA — One center spoke to reporters today, and he was Jonathan Goodwin. Here’s the complete transcript of his interview.

Q: What did you think of the offensive line’s performance on Saturday?

GOODWIN: It’s ok, but there’s always things you can clean up. I think every offensive lineman is still searching for that perfect game, but, you know, you can always improve, and you can never play well enough.

Q: Have you ever been in a situation where you have a new offense coming in and you didn’t have an OTA?

GOODWIN: No, no. This is the first time, but it’s part of being a football player. Sometimes you have to learn on the fly and things could change at any time. Definitely the first time learning an offense in a short period of time, but it’s something I think I can get down and continue to get down.

Q: Does that make it harder for the center?

GOODWIN: I think it makes it harder for everybody. It’s not an easy task but it’s something I think we all have the capability of doing.

Q: What was the mood inside the offensive line meeting room?

GOODWIN: Guys weren’t happy. I think everyone wants to play better. No offensive lineman wants to see his quarterback continuously getting hit, so we definitely weren’t happy and not satisfied, and from what I’ve learned about this group in a short period of time I’ve been here, I think it’s a group that will go out and work hard and try to come back stronger.

Q: How well do you think you guys are picking up the scheme.

GOODWIN: I think we’re doing a decent job picking the scheme up. We’re still in the learning process with it, but I have faith in this group, and it’s something that hopefully by week 1 we’ll have a lot of confidence in and a lot success with.

Q: When things weren’t going well out there what was the mood in the huddle?

GOODWIN: I think we’re supportive. Guys weren’t happy but I don’t think it was anything like guys getting down on each other or upset with each other.


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