Justin Smith knows what’s coming

SEATTLE — At least four times in the first two quarters, Justin Smith has moved prior to the snap to the direction the Seahawks’ play is going to be run, and the Seahawks’ left guard, James Carpenter, had no chance to block or cut off Justin Smith’s pursuit angle.

Justin Smith definitely has a key based on the Seahawks’ backfield set as to where Seattle is going to run the play. All plays where he has beaten the cutoff block have gone to the Seahawks’ right side and all have been stopped for losses.

The Seahawks need to self-scout what they’re doing in the run game because the 49ers, especially No.94, have got them nailed.

  1. That’s not the only thing which is coming..that
    Justin Smith knows about ….

    What else is coming ?

    A good .. old fashioned

    Beat Down !!

    GO NINERS !!!

      1. Gore has not successfully run against Seattle the last three games. We went up by ten and Harbaugh tried to milk the game feeding it to Gore who isn’t a good matchup versus these guys.

      2. Blame Harbaugh all you want but Harbaugh did not force throws into coverage all day and Harbaugh didn’t turn the ball over three times late in the game.
        Now I’m not blaming CK but anyone blaming this on Roman or Harbaugh has no clue!

  2. Looks like our D is going to have to win it. Need Reid to make that int and both safety’s not give up big plays.

    Keep pressure on Wilson. He will make a mistake.

  3. Very observant Grant. Nice, but please keep this on the down low. Seachicken fans read your blog and we don’t need Slippery Pete getting any ideas.

  4. Steve, the better team won the NFCC game today, that’s why the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl. The best teams in the NFL with great defense played against each other in the NFCC game. As expected, the Seahawks and the 49ers didn’t disappoint anyone with their great performance, especially their defense…

    1. I guess “Aloha” is in order in response to your gracious post. Hello to you for,the classy comment, and Goodbye because you’re going to the SB and ‘we’re’ not.

      1. I’d agree with ya Jack, I should have added a coy smile to the post as it wasn’t really a prognostication.

        I added up the salaries currently on the books and although we need to resign some people we might not be as bad as I initially thought. I didn’t finish adding every salary but I was down to the 300k type salaries and we were in the 117M range.

      2. There might be a problem though because although we might currently be $6M under the cap we still have the following players that are free agents to resign:
        Boldin, Goodwin, Whitner, Wilhoite, Osgood, Dixon, T. Brown, P. Dawson, E. Wright.

        Those players earned approximately 20.8M last season so if we sign each player with no pay raise we will be $14M over the cap before we pick up any new players or get to the draft.

      3. Coffee,

        Understood, but I would still rather be in the 49ers position.

        Goodwin is not coming back. With the injury to Bowman I would bet Wilhoite is brought back next year. As an exclusive rights free agent he would cost about $640K.

        Whitner is a tough call. Would they be willing to franchise him for about $8mil after not giving that to Goldson?

      4. We’re in for a tough off season. Without a doubt there will be some tough cuts and we’re going to have to say goodbye to some popular names around here.

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