Kaepernick says he’s excited to start, was inspired by Brett Favre growing up

SANTA CLARA – Just after he was named the starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick spoke to reporters in the 49ers locker room. Here’s what he said.

Q: What’s your reaction to being named the starting quarterback?


Q: Are you surprised at all by the decision?

KAEPERNICK: I’m just happy to be back out on the field.

Q: Did Harbaugh tell you if you would be starting the rest of the season or just this Sunday?

KAEPERNICK: He didn’t tell us that.

Q: How did Alex take it?

KAEPERNICK: Alex has been great. Our relationship hasn’t changed.

Q: How has he helped you?

KAEPERNICK: He’s helped me a lot. He helped me a lot last year going through our playbook and how we’re going to do different things, different progressions. He’s been a great help to me.

Q: Did he have anything to say to you today?

KAEPERNICK: We really haven’t talked since it got announced. We just went on lunch.

Q: What did Harbaugh say to you when he made the announcement?

KAEPERNICK: He just told the team, “Kap’s going to be our starter this week.”

Q: Do you feel like you’ve improved since training camp?

KAEPERNICK: Yes, I feel like I have.

Q: Have you improved your accuracy?

KAEPERNICK: I think it’s just being comfortable with the offense and the receivers.

Q: What does this opportunity mean to you?

KAEPERNICK: It’s a great chance to lead this team and show that we’re a great team and we can go into the playoffs and win games.

Q: If you were to sustain a concussion in the future, would you hesitate to report it on the sideline?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t know. That’s not something I think about.

Q: Was there a quarterback when you were growing up that you wanted to pattern your game after?

KAEPERNICK: I was actually a Packers fan growing up, so I always watched Brett Favre. I loved the way he played the game. He had no fear of what the defense was going to do. He was going to go out there and take his shots.

Q: Are you a gunslinger too?

KAEPERNICK: That’s not for me to say.

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