Kaepernick on Hyde: “We had a running back in college similar to him. Not quite as fast or agile.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick was interviewed Wednesday afternoon  in the 49ers’ locker room. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Nothing like the home opener, especially in a new stadium, so I know you guys have been looking forward to this game.

“Yes, very much so.”


Is there any special meaning for you, your first start came against the Bears, so much has happened since then, is this game still any kind of benchmark for you that you look for?

“Two and 0 benchmark is what we’re looking for.”


How long did it take you and RB Carlos Hyde to click running the read-option?

“Not very long. He ran it in college, was very familiar with it, and he has very good instincts.”


Were there any minor adjustments from the way he ran it there to how you guys do it here?

“No, not too much.”


Any surprise that a guy that big, 234 pounds, can run the read-option like he does?

“We had a running back in college similar to him. Not quite as fast or agile, but he’s a good fit for it.”


Who was that?

“[Former Nevada RB] Vai Taua.”


It must feel pretty good to have so many great receivers to look for. It’s kind of like a buffet for you. Christmas in September?

“Very much so. It makes it a lot easier on me, a lot easier on the coaches.”


How did those guys react after the first game, where TE Vernon Davis and WR Anquan Boldin got a lot of the production, but WR Michael Crabtree and WR Stevie Johnson and WR Brandon Lloyd didn’t necessarily? What was their reaction afterwards in terms of just being unselfish roles in the team offense?

“They were happy about the win. That’s what we’re here to do, we’re trying to win games regardless of who’s getting touches.”


Do you feel like it’s still kind of a mystery a lot of teams may not know what those guys can bring to the offense at this point?

“I think they know what they’re capable of. I don’t think they know their role in our offense yet.”


Did anything surprise you in Dallas that maybe you didn’t realize was an asset for you that you realize you have going into this Bears game?

“No, I think I was confident in all the players on this team. We have a lot of great ones and they’ve shown that they can make plays.”


When you go into a game, do you have an idea who’s going to be the receiver that you look to the most, or is that pretty much just dictated on what happens after the snap?

“It’s dictated by the defense. That’ll determine where we’re going.”


Is that why so many balls went to Anquan, he was just open a lot, especially out of the slot?

“Yeah. That’s what the defense was giving us, so we’re going to take it.”


Your head coach said his new word to describe Anquan is ‘stalwart.’ What would your word be?



Chicago poses a big threat off the sides especially. What are you seeing from their defensive line? They’ve got a lot of speed it looks like.

“Very physical, very fast. Do a lot of things well.”


They allowed the second most points in the NFL last year. I assume you’ve seen Week 1 tape as well as tape from last year. Have they changed things up as far as personnel much or what they’re doing defensively?

“Personnel is different, scheme is the same for the most part. We’re going to have to bring our A-game.”


So far, what do you like better about this place better than Candlestick? So far.

“It’s newer.” [Laughter]


Do you need to go out and see the field at all or see what condition it is? Is that something that even affects you at all?

“I play on whatever field we step on.”


Is it just a little bit more nerve-wracking though for you since you are kind of christening this new field and with the regular season beginning? This is the Kaepernick era that you’re starting here.

“No, not at all. To me, football’s football. Doesn’t matter where you play, when you play.”


Is the distraction element somewhat taken out since you guys have played a couple preseason games here?

“I think everyone’s focused on Chicago. I don’t think we’re worried about having our first game here. We’re worried about trying to get this win.”


When you went up against CB Dontae Johnson during training camp or during scout teams or anything, what does he bring as that rookie DB because he may be asked to step in and start this week?

“I think confidence is the biggest thing. I think that’s why they were able to put him out there and he was able to go out and make plays. He’s confident in what he’s doing and he trusts himself.”


He had said that really he’s still learning the cornerback position because in college he played several DB positions. Do you see a quick growth in him? Does it seem like he hasn’t–?

“Yeah, he picks up on things quickly. He reacts to the ball. He’s ultimately just a football player.”


What was your reaction when you heard that RB LaMichael James had been granted his release on Monday?

“I don’t get into those things. I let the people upstairs handle that.”


Looking back to your start against the Bears in 2012, you were told the night before the game that you would start?



Did you get any sleep that night? What was your sleep pattern before the game?

“Sleep’s never been a problem for me.”


You weren’t nervous about it?



How’d you grade last Sunday for yourself? Coach liked what you did.

“I thought I could have done a few things better, made a few different reads. Ultimately, we got the win.”


So just different reads? You liked your decisions in terms of when you took off a few times, you stayed a few times?


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  1. [Runs in; tosses down Kaepernick quote]

    “Yeah. That’s what the defense was giving us, so we’re going to take it.”

    [Slips out side door quickly]

  2. Now I see why beat reporters have to go the sensationalism route. Because they’ve lost the art of personal relationships. Establishing them, building them, growing them. Give respect and you get it back. Work on building trust. There are no short cuts.

    We are back to the NFL season. We are about to play our first game ever at Levi, these should be exciting times. These reporters sit around all day and these are the most creative questions that they can ask? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

    How about these for starters…..
    Colin you worked with George Whitfield this offseason. Watching you this last game, you looked smooth and confident in the pocket. Is there one thing that you could point to that George helped with with that you carried over to your game in Dallas?

    Colin, we are seeing crowds become a factor at home games with the intensity and the noise that they bring. What if anything would you ask your home crowd to bring this Sunday?

    Colin did the team make the players try the food at the stadium yet? If so, what was your favorite?

    Instead reporters ask things like….
    Colin, do you think the NFL came down too heavily on Ray Rice.
    Colin how is Ray McDonald doing.
    Colin why did LaMichael James as for his release….

    It’s no wonder these guys give vanilla interviews. Stale…..

    1. Bay:
      The media, these days, are all about the zingers. It’s like Keeping up with the Kardashians. They also go over the same material ad nauseam.

    2. Did you guys see Kaeps post game with Erin Andrews. The guy remembers every negative word. He called her out which I liked.

  3. Colin isn’t giving a ton of information here, but at the same time, his answers seem a little more informative than in 2012 and 2013. It’s hard to tell given that we don’t have the video context.

  4. Ckone Rules!!!!!!

    “Wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are on the top of that list after each of them got dinged during last Sunday’s loss to the Bills. Marshall injured his ankle, although he returned to the game, and Jeffery left early with a hamstring injury.

    The team returned to the practice field Wednesday without either man.

    With Marquess Wilson already out, the Bears would obviously be at a significant disadvantage if either player can’t go. If they’re both out, it could be a long day for the Bears offense.

    Chicago also has issues on the offensive line where left guard Matt Slauson and center Roberto Garza are both battling ankle injuries that have been reported as high ankle sprains.”

    Woo-hooo……..lets go niners!!!

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