Kaepernick: “I don’t think one game can be called a hot hand.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Here is the complete transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s postgame press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


When were you told that you were going to be a starter?

“Last night was when they officially told me.”


Did you have an inkling that was the way it was going as the week went on?

“I started getting more reps on Friday and Saturday. We really didn’t know Alex’s [Smith] status until last night.”


Can you talk about your performance tonight, how was your first NFL start?

“It just felt good to be back out on the football field playing. I mean, I thought we did a good job as an offense. We put points on the board as an offense, our defense did a great job out there holding them. We came out on top, so that was good.”


You’re facing a defense that led the league in takeaways and you guys never lost the ball once. Were you particularly protective or were you just playing your game?

“That was something we were very cautious of going through the week. We knew they had a lot of great players that try to strip the ball and try to make some plays on the ball. That was one of the things we emphasized going through the week. At the same time, we had to go out there and just play like we can.”


Considering that [QB] Alex [Smith] seems likely to play next week, were you looking at this as your big opportunity, your one shot to show what you can do?

“Definitely, I wanted to come out and show what I’m capable of and show that I can be a starter. That’s what I’ve been trying to prove since I’ve been in the league.”


How much did those reps from earlier in the year help you?

“I think it helped a lot, just being out on the field, seeing the speed of the game, getting a feel for defenses. I think it helped a lot going into tonight.”


Coach Harbaugh said he tends to stick with the hot hand. Do you feel that you are the hot hand right now?

“I don’t think one game can be called a hot hand.”


It felt like the offense opened up tonight, were you surprised that was the plan in your first NFL start?

“That was the game plan we had through the whole week, so I don’t think it was surprising for me. I think we had great matchups out there and great receivers making plays.”


The second pass was a deep one to [TE] Vernon Davis, did that put you at ease and put you into a rhythm?

“I mean, just being in a rhythm like that feels good, being able to trust your players to make plays. Our offensive line was doing an amazing job up front giving protection so I felt very comfortable out there with it.”

Consider your reputation in skills, I think more people expected you to run the ball more and yet you played more by the book. Was that more predetermined?

“Like Coach said, our offense isn’t really going to change, no matter who is in there. Our offense is our offense and we’re going to run it.”


Did [Offensive Coordinator] Greg Roman give you two plays in the huddle and then the power to choose at the line of scrimmage?

“Yeah, we had a lot of plays where we had different options.”


How do you think you did in your reads to choose a play?

“I felt very comfortable with them.”


In one of your first plays, it was a run play to [RB] Frank Gore. Do you remember if you changed that play?

“I can’t recall off the top of my head.”


What was the interplay between you and [QB] Alex [Smith], what was he telling you?

“He was telling me to trust what I was seeing. He thought I was seeing the field well, he was just giving me little reminders here and there.”


What were those sideline conversations with Alex like?

“Just different plays, what we saw, what the defense was doing. What his take was on it.”


Was it helpful?

“Yeah, very.”


Can you compare your comfort level with this week to lasts, and if anything made a difference, what was it?

“I think I was comfortable both weeks. I just got the start tonight.”


Can you go over the touchdown pass to [WR Michael] Crabtree?

“Yeah, we had a straight progression read, got through the progression, started to scramble and Michael made a great play to run to the back pylon. And our offensive line did a great job protecting to give us time to let that play develop.”


What does it mean to get this kind of win, to lead the team like this?

“It feels amazing. I mean, the biggest thing is being back on the field, it feels good.”

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