Kaepernick: “I don’t think there is any concern on this team.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick answered questions in the locker room Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: The deep passing game hasn’t been effective the past two games. Why hasn’t that come through?

KAEPERNICK: It’s a variety of things, whether it is how the defense is playing us or we’re just not hitting things. There is a lot of things that can go into that.

Q: Did the Saints do anything special against Vernon Davis?

KAEPERNICK: They just gave him looks that weren’t going to allow him to get down the field.

Q: You’ve said there is a lot on your plate. Have their been discussions to streamline that a little bit maybe?

KAEPERNICK: That’s not my call. We’re going out and executing the plays that are called.

Q: What do you mean by a lot on your plate?

KAEPERNICK: There are a lot of things this offense asks of us. It’s expected of us.

Q: As far as volume?


Q: You’ve thrown a lot to Anquan Boldin. You’ve thrown a lot to Davis. Where are you in terms of your chemistry with other pass catchers? Are you not as comfortable passing to them?

KAEPERNICK: I wouldn’t say not as comfortable. Vernon and Anquan have played in this league for a long time for a reason. They make plays down the field and they get open. Any time we have the opportunity to get it in their hands, we’re going to.

Q: How does Michael Crabtree look and how ready do you think he is to get back in the mix?


KAEPERNICK: You would have to ask him. That’s going to be 100 percent his call.

Q: What is your perception of how he looks?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t see him too much. He’s training.

Q: You ran the ball a lot last year. Is that something you’d like to be doing more now?

KAEPERNICK: I do whatever this offense asks.

Q: With all the turnover you’ve had at receiver, what has that challenge been like for you?

KAEPERNICK: It’s something you have to deal with. You make it work with whatever personnel is on the field whether it is five wide receivers or three tight ends and two backs. You make it work.

Q: Is there any concern about your ability to execute against the top level defenses?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t think there is any concern on this team.


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    1. We don’t need to read to far between the lines of CK’s responses. He is not a happy camper ATM. And it’s BS, as outside of Harbaugh, he is the public face of the team. “I just run the plays called” is a cop out of the first order.

      He showed his extremely thin skin during that Dolphins cap dustup, I can only imagine how he is taking legitimate criticism coming from the fanbase.

      1. Sounds like Kaep is as disgruntled as we are. He wants to make big money and win and it will not happen under the Roman regime.

      2. Jack,

        I beg to differ. Roman calls the plays.

        Harbaugh: “Greg Roman is the play caller.”

        Posted on December 7, 2012 by Grant Cohn

        SANTA CLARA – Thursday, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat learned the 49ers divvy up the offensive game planning. Today, I asked Jim Harbaugh if they divvy up the play calling, too.

        ME: Does Greg Roman call all of the offensive plays during the game, or does John Morton call the pass plays, and Geep Chryst the red zone plays?

        HARBAUGH: I think we’ve gone over this multiple times. Greg Roman is the play caller.

        ME: When you’re on the sideline, are you only hearing one voice in the headset?

        HARBAUGH: I don’t really feel the need to dissect it.

        Harbaugh didn’t quite answer my question. I think he’s suggesting that Greg Roman is the one person calling the plays through the headset during the games, although he never actually said it.

        If my interpretation is correct, that means while John Morton puts together the game plan for the pass game, and Geep Chryst puts together the game plan for the red zone, Greg Roman calls all the plays during the game – not just the run plays.

        Is this how you interpret it? Do you think it makes a difference if there is one voice in Harbaugh’s headset or if there are three voices?

      3. Neal full meal deal, Harbaugh radio ins the call from Roman. So if he does not like it, he can change it. He is the head coach with final authority so stop with the Roman hate. The QB cannot execute the plays.

      4. Neal,

        Sorry but this offense is the same offense that Harbaugh had while he was at Stanford before Roman joined his staff. While Roman, as offensive coordinator calls the plays this is not his team or his offense and Harbaugh’s role within the game planning should not be dismissed.

        If Harbaugh were to fire Roman it won’t change the offense or his philosophy.

      5. >>Sounds like Kaep is as disgruntled as we are. He wants to make big money and win and it will not happen under the Roman regime.

        Backtracking on Roman, eh Neal? Or do you stick with your theory that a “limited” QB is holding him back? And if so, why do you hate CK?

        Neal says:
        October 26, 2012 at 5:50 pm

        Roman value is not high for a head coach in the NFL. The offense still sucks on third down and red zone play and 29th in the league last year, same crap this year. If he had a real QB, his stock would be way up. AS is a career killer.

        Neal says:
        October 26, 2012 at 8:01 pm

        Yes, Roman won’t get the head coaching job he wants in the NFL with a limited QB. He can call a great play book, it won’t matter.

      6. Ribico,

        Not at all. I never liked Roman, and since we gave Smith 8 years, lets give Kaep 3 years, which seems to be the right amount of time to evaluate a QB, I have not bashed Kaep, other then he played a few bad games. Also Rib, I can back track any freaking time I want, since when does my opinion matter to you, yours has no significance to me , lol Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

      7. Neal it doesn’t matter, we have too long a history of insults.

        But it is a hilarious display of utter hypocrisy. A year ago Roman was prevented from head coaching consideration due to his masterful playcalling being undone by a $hit QB. Fast forward a year and the very same guy now calls “horrific” plays.

        No one ever said a fanbase has to be consistent.

      8. Ribico,

        Are you that naive? Do you really think that the reason Roman could not get a Head Coaching position, was because he went to the Super Bowl, and all of the positions were filled by then. Roman did not even get a job interview at Cal, now that is pathetic. Of-course other Super Bowl coordinators, won Super Bowls and had no problem getting head coaching jobs at top colleges or the NFL. Have you ever heard of Romeo Crennel, Buddy Ryan, Charlie Weiss, Marvin Lewis, and Mike Martz to name a few, that won Super Bowls and got head coaching jobs.?Roman is not head coaching material, and that is why he can’t even get a bloody interview other then Penn State.

      9. Prime Slime MooseHead, I hate children, Gays and Cancer Victims. He interviewed for the Head Coaching job at Penn State, have you ever thought of that dummy.

      10. >>Ribico, Are you that naive?

        No I’m not naive. But when a hater’s words come back to smack himsef in the face so blatently it’s just worth pointing out.

        Carry on with your 180.

      11. Ribico says

        “A year ago Roman was prevented from head coaching consideration due to his masterful play calling.

        Way to skirt my response with several coordinators who won Super Bowls, and got head coaching jobs for the next season. You got to be kidding, but haters will only hate.

      12. I rarely blame a loss on scheme if ever for that matter. In my head if both sides of a play execute their position on the play perfectly the offense should still succeed over the defense because they have the advantage of knowing the play. 99% of a bad looking play is poor execution. Scheme should help put the players in position to succeed even when the plays aren’t executed perfectly but at the end of the day the players have to make the plays.

    2. Jack

      It is the same offense, but Roman selection and choices of plays is horrific in many situations. You can have a West coast offense which I know we don’t have, but run the wrong plays in the system, and you get the results that we have been getting.

    3. FDM, Roman calls the plays, Harbaugh does not radio in the calls, Flash Gordan.

      Prime Slime, you back on for couple of days, bash any gays, cancer patients or children lately.

      1. Roman playing calling for Smith is much different then Kaep, Kaep does not have as many check down options, but a “limited fan” like yourself Rib, can’t figure that out. hahaha

      2. Ribico,

        Get over Alex Smith, it was always hilarious, if we did not want AS to be our QB, we were haters. well the wheel has turned, you hate Kaep, talking about being a hypocrite.

      3. >> you hate Kaep

        Au contraire mon frère. I’m disappointed in Kaep and the .500 ball the team is playing with him. Even so, you aren’t going so see me posting nonstop $hit like Jordo, bay, md, yourself, and others did when this team was winning at a much higher clip. *That* is the definition of hating.

  1. I would have asked him “Colin, your QB rating is down this year, the consensus among people outside the building is that you are not playing up to the level you did last year. What do you attribute that to?”

  2. He set himself up for this hostility from the fans starting with the bicep kissing, and then the offseason maneuvers. When your play doesn’t back up your brash, be prepared for the backlash….

    1. Razor, you may not be aware, but the biceps kissing is actually a snub against a sports-writer who tore into Colin last year for having tattoos and looking more like he belongs in prison than the face of a franchise. He did it once as a response and it grew a life of its own after that. It (initially) wasn’t Kap being brash, iow.

      1. Automatic,

        You might want to do some research on your assertion. You couldnt be further from the truth. You Gotta do better than that. You’re not even close.

      2. I was under the impression he was honoring the scripture verses on his bicep after a success.

        What tatoo gets the blame when where’s not a success – e.g. what gets kissed on a 3 and out or int?

      3. Rib, that’s the second part of it I failed to mention. I’m thinking he might get one on his G.maximus so folks can kiss his ass?

        Jordon, I missed half the story… but that’s still close (in horeshoes and hand grenades) right?

  3. Jack,

    You mean his words get twisted to fit those on this blogs perceptions. Take Ribico’s perceptions. Lol. Thankfully, he is oblivious to what we think.

    Funny thing is, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So all the haters may as well get used to it or find another team and blog.

      1. Jack, our Jordo forgets there’s this thing known as the “public record”. Just a small sampling over a two day period. Multiply this garbage over 2 f-ing seasons. Two seasons where the Niners were playing .800 ball.

        23jordan/I told you so. says:
        October 26, 2012 at 11:24 pm

        Amazing how Smith’srecord is attributed to him like he’s a boxer or something. If our defense was ranked 27th in the league last year along with the special teams, I’d be more inclined to credit him with the wins. When I see him make a difference, I’ll give him credit for the wins. The guy is a 5th wheel. We are of late, left to hoping that Smith does not throw that pick 6 to lose the game.

        23jordan/I told you so. says:
        October 27, 2012 at 7:09 pm

        I can’t wait until Monday. Alex has the car in reverse. He’s about to crap everywhere again. I can see him running into 3-5 sacks. Throwing a pack or 2. Selling out like he always does. We win in spite of Smith.

        23Jordan/ Claude is a Clown says:
        October 28, 2012 at 2:23 pm

        So the finger was the problem? Does his finger tell his brain to tell his arm to for passes through those dreaded tight windows he hates do much?Does that finger tell defenses to look for his horrible throws into two defenders? Does his finger scratch his head when he makes those dumb interceptions?

        23Jordan/ Claude is a Clown says:
        October 27, 2012 at 7:23 am

        The N.Y. Football Giants have completely exposed Alex Smith as the fraud he is.

    1. >> Thankfully, he is oblivious to what we think.

      That’s doubtful. ““This the hat y’all mad at? I’m goin wear what I want regardless of what you think” ring a bell?

      1. Ribico,

        I’m just thankful this is Kaps 1st full year and not his 8th. He’ll figure it out. After all, he’s got at least 7 more years before you turn on him right? Sorry old blue eyes is gone. Can’t believe it still hurts you. Get counseling!

      2. I’d respond with a Jordo-like blathering about the play of our current QB, but I also give him a mulligan due to learning curve and circumstance

        But as he was given the keys to the Benz and not a Yugo, he gets just one more year before I go full Jordo on him.

      3. Find a way to enjoy your team and get over Alex. You’re gonna miss great things from from this QB. Last year wasn’t a fluke. Let’s get his weapons back in place. I’m not concerned at all.

      4. >>You’re gonna miss great things from from this QB.

        Nope, I’m here no matter who’s playing on the team.

        Your comment must have been directed at bay. You know, the guy who actually WAS going to bail on the team because he didn’t like the personnel. Oh and didn’t you also “threaten” the same thing?

        “Real fans”. LMAO.

    1. Old Coach,

      He didn’t forget how to play the game. I’m sure you know that having Crabtree on the field will help Kap. No, the numbers won’t group dramatically in the passing game but there will be a boost in his efficiency. I call it like I see it. He has not played well but he has not had all the tools to be successful this year. Having Crabtree back will be interesting. Until then, Kaepernick just has to continue to maintain and don’t let the peanut gallery get the best of him. He’s got thick skin, he won’t fold. He hasn’t punched a reporter yet! Lol

      1. Jordan i have’nt given up on Kap but i am concerned. There are many examples of QB’s who have played well early in their career who appeared to “forget” how to play. IE Josh Freeman\Mark Sanchez/Sam Bradford. I’m rooting like hell for CK to not be added to that list.

      2. 23
        Someone with thick skin brushes insults/slights off like they are not even there WHAT HE DOESNT DO is favorite all the negative tweets to use as “fuel”. QB’s need thick skin and maturity because as the face of the franchise they will inevitably get too much credit for wins and too much blame for losses (especially if they pass for <180 yards) Kaeps responses illustrate that his polish is nowhere near what it needs to be, but thats understandable seeing how he probably didnt face hoards of media at Nevada

    1. This is the third or fourth comment from you I’ve read today wherein you’re bashing Kap. What makes you think he’s a jerk? Because he’s not giving the media (or you, as a fan) long-winded, meaty answers? Because he hasn’t been playing well? Because you perceive him as over-exposed? Or are you just unhappy with the team losing and he’s your target of choice?

      1. Because he is rude, takes little or no responsibility for the demise of the offense and is a humorless dweeb in funny clothes…

      2. Perceptions of someone taken from podium appearances at Pressers often don’t show a full picture. You’re entitled to like the guy or not, like the QB play or not. Whether you do or don’t approve of his tats, hats, fashion statements isn’t all that compelling. Neither would be my opinions on same. You are, I believe, decidedly incorrect about Colin’s sense of humor. Like Harbaugh (for better or worse) CK has a well developed sense of humor that he rarely shows publicly. So he’s not candid and open and all cuddly, perhaps because he’s guarding against comments like yours from people who don’t know him and quite frankly haven’t got the first clue about what kind of guy he is.

  4. Amazing how people can interpret someone basically saying “I will not challenge my coaches. I will do whatever they and this offense asks of me” to mean “He is not happy with the offense and the coaches”. I will agree he is angry but not with his coaches but with the way they as a team have executed (or failed to execute) the plays called by the coaches.

    1. +1 The first thing a coach asks for/demands is that his players trust him and his staff and do whatever they ask. The coaches coach. The players play. Sounds to me like folks are interpreting Kap’s comments to fit their own bias.

    2. Purely a fallout of how well the team is doing and what the player stats are.
      I am sure Panther fans wanted Newton gone last year – the media sure was piling on.
      Wait till Kap starts doing much better (may be next year), everyone will be on the Kap-wagon again.

  5. Q: What is your perception of how he looks?

    KAEPERNICK: I don’t see him too much. He’s training.

    So he hasn’t even thrown the ball to him? And some people on here are talkin junk and asking to just wait till Crabtree gets back and that will help the offense. Really? By the time CK and him get up to speed we might be out of playoff contention!

    1. Prime Time, Michael Crabtree coming back to save the day is the same fans who are crossing their fingers and praying for Colin Kaepernick to not be the dreaded label of “spoke to soon”.
      The struggles of his play is not a result of personnel. They have tried everyone from training camp on and he just cannot seem to find the open guy against defenses. Boldin and Vernon Davis have actually made Kaepernick look better than he actually is because they are seasoned veterans and know how to get open and make plays. Kaepernick’s issue is being able to decipher defenses, find the open guy, make a quick read and throw. Its got nothing to do with personnel. That’s just a lazy excuse.

      1. Yup. They got rid of so many WRs but it’s going to be the same. It’s up to him to pull the trigger. He looks confused and lost. All QBs make bad throws but he looks like he doesn’t even belong out there. Not like last year. There’s so much tape on him now. All the other teams know what to do now. During the win streak, the Niners ran the ball well, it’s not like Colin passed his way to victory.
        It’s a Monday night game. It could all change if he shows he’s learned how to go through progressions. I doubt it, but that’s what you play the game!

      2. FDM,
        Who is saying that Crabtree’ return will ‘save the day’?

        Speaking for myself, I’ve noted that Crabtree’ return will help the team by opening up opportunities for other players.

        Asking Crabtree to save the day or as someone posted a few days ago ‘be the savior’ is absolutely absurd.

        If Crabtree can catch 3-5 receptions per game when he returns that will be a plus for this offense.
        Saving the day, or being a savior would be nice as well, but I’m not holding my breath on either of those.

      1. MWN,
        I agree, except that I would add inexperience over limitations.

        CK has all the tools needed to be a top tier QB for years to come.
        I base that on what he has already accomplished last year and in some games this season.

        We know he can run for huge chunks. We know he has a canon for an arm.
        We know he can thread the ball through tight windows.

        What CK is missing is the experience that comes with playing (maybe a few years) and mentally learning how to read the fine nuances of the game and reading defensive alignments ala Brady, Brees, and Payton.

        It took these guys a little time to garner the experience needed to be top flight QB’s in the league and I’m confident that CK will do the same.

      2. I am including his inexperience in the list of his current limitations AES. Like I have said, I think Kaep would be in a better position had he already started a full season from beginning to end.

  6. I didn’t take his comments the way some here did. I didn’t read too much into it. Pretty straightforward. He has seemed more chippy and defensive at other times imo.

  7. Since the Panthers game, I decided to study the reviews of the Niners offensive woes and Kap’s play by former NFL players (Brent Jones, Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, the folks at NFL Matchup, the folks at NFC Playbook on NFL Channel, etc.) and some bloggers who had analyzed all-22 film (Barnwell, Fahey, etc.)

    My conclusion, unsurprisingly, is that while some blame may be spread over all the participants, players, coaches and front office, as well as injuries to receivers, there is really not that much reason to complain. Niners offense is going through a low, coaches are making poor play calls at critical times, plays are not being sent to the field on time, and players are taking turns making mistakes. But the pieces are all in place for a recovery. (I’m hoping that Iupati won’t be gone for more than a week or two).

    It appears that the coaches underestimated the magnitude of the effect of losing Crab on the passing game. Harbaugh and Roman have not been able to sufficiently tweak their version of Schembechler-Infante inspired WCO to accommodate the growing pains of Kap.

    Kap has many strengths needed of a franchise QB and very few weaknesses. He will take some time to get good at progression reading. He’s gaining more experience with every game, and I think this team will enter the wildcard play in January as mature and smarter offense with Crabtree, Boldin, Davis and Manningham generating a solid passing offense. Lack of good receivers can destroy a team’s season — see Falcons.

    Meanwhile, many people have access to all-22 film and are making simplistic interpretations. But I overall like Cian Fahey’s take on Football Outsiders.

    Cheer up, 49er fans — stop moaning and bit*hing about Kap.

    1. >>Cheer up, 49er fans — stop moaning and bit*hing about Kap.

      I think a great majority of the moaning and bit*hing is directed at Roman.

      1. If I were to spend time spreading the blame, then I’d blame Roman more than Kap. Roman and Harbaugh have not tweaked the offense sufficiently to adjust to the personnel currently available. The offense of late has been the most predictable since Singletary days. They really need to stop running from 22 groupings and give Gore a chance. Conversely, they should stop passing predictably from 11 groupings.

        But I’m optimistic that things will turn around Monday.

      2. you reviewed all of the game and film analysis of Kaep’s play and that’s what you came up with? Play after play show Kaep messing up his progressions.

        Kap has many strengths needed of a franchise QB and very few weaknesses. He will take some time to get good at progression reading.

        you have two primary ways to beat coverage passing the ball. have your guys beat the coverage one on one or scheme your guys open (in the tradition of the West Coast Offense). The Niner’s receivers aren’t good enough to simply consistently beat their defenders. So they have to scheme their way open using passing concepts. But to use those concepts it requires the QB to read defenses and go through his timing progressions. And Kaep ain’t doing that right now.

      1. Great lookin’ out Hammer. I’ll bet if we had the same photos of Hundley it would be even worse. As big a dick as he might be, Manziel would grade out the best at finding the open guy for the yardage needed in the given situation.

      2. @Jack Hammer

        > What makes you say that Mood?
        Well, I just felt that you are not allowing for the fact that Kap has less than two dozen starts. He will have problems in pre-snap reads and will miss open receivers. That’s a given. In that article you linked to, you wrote that last season, “He didn’t have to play quarterback.” I would disagree. Last season, Kap did not have to play the traditional role of an experienced pocket passer, but he made many, many accurate throws on first reads (probably many of those were second reads). He made great plays on broken plays. These are all part of great QB play, especially for someone starting for the first time.

        As Ronni Lott pointed out this morning, the players around Kap need to step up. The Niners offense has take turns in missing plays while all the blame has gone to the QB, as it generally does.

      3. Mood,

        you seem to be heavily defending Kaepnernick. Why? Sure he’s young and still developing. But as fans we want the Niners to win games and he’s the primary reason they aren’t. this is a bottom line results driven league. you can’t go 6-10 and go “aaawww shucks…oh well! at least our QB has had a good learning experience”.

      4. Thanks for the feedback Mood.

        I stated in my piece last week that too much blame goes to the QB and coaches for a loss and too much praise goes to them for a win.

        Kaepernick did make those great plays last year, which is why many are giving him a pass this season and pointing the fingers at the coaches.

        Kaepernick did focus heavily on Crabtree, targeting him an average of 9.3 times per game during his 10 starts. That is an increase in targets for Crabtree from 6.9 per game in Smith’s 8 starts.

      1. Good post Jack, this reaffirms what I though was going on without the use of watching game tape. This is why a couple weeks ago I asked you if you saw Kap throwing to spots, he HAS to be able to see at least the most basic.

        The still where Boldin is in the slot on the left running a slant\quick post route with no safety over the top, but he throws to Davis on the fade instead, is a super easy read, can’t miss the easy ones. He missed Boldin on a similar play against Carolina.

  8. the Chronicle reports that when niners went with their 2 te sets, the saints ran a 4-4-3 defense a number of times…one being on the play where a lamichael james run on 3rd and short was stopped…the niners passing game is so bad they could not even pass successfully against 3 dbs

      1. i think you may be missing my point, which is the fact that the saints can defense niners with only 3 dbs and niners dont make them pay by throwing deep shows how far the passing game has fallen

  9. According to PFF, the 49ers used 22 personnel on 14 first down plays against the Saints and gained 22 yards – 1.9 yards per rush, 0.3 yards per pass and 1.6 yards per play. Ouch.

      1. well, if you were Roman and it was obvious that Kaep couldn’t handle executing a full blown passing offense, what would you do? make him pass more? or double down on the tight formations and run game and lean on the defense? what Roman did made sense to me.

        On the other hand at some point they need to do something different with Kaepernick in getting him to read defenses and make go through his progressions better and start trusting that he’ll eventually get through this by attacking those stacked boxes with an air raid. but from what Kaep showed early on…he wasn’t ready.

    1. The one thing PFF doesn’t recognize is the formation those plays were run from. The 49ers often will still spread out with their 22 group.

      1. A lot has been made of the 49ers using tight formations too often and need to open it up for the passing game to go.

        On the season the they have thrown 11 TD passes, 8 of those have come with 2 or 3 TE’s on the field. 4 of those 8 have been from 20+.

        You can see the formations and plays here: http://ninerchatter.blogspot.com/2013/11/49ers-2013-td-passes.html

        **Notice the first TD pass against GB is the same route concept they ran against NO on the throw to Boldin that some of us initially thought Davis was open. Apparently the play design isn’t so bad afterall.**

    2. The Saints knew the plan for the Niners was to run the football. I think we’ve been identified with some tendency like the rams recognized last year. With all that, we are predictable and our passing game garners no respect. I think we also put ourselves at a disadvantage by snapping the ball within a 3-4 second window of the play clock. No variation in anything except formation is killing us. We need a speed package. Oh that’s right, we don’t have any speed.

      1. “The Saints knew the plan for the Niners was to run the football.”

        And the 49ers instead threw it on 7 of their first 9 plays, and 37 of 56 total.

      2. Jack,

        the opening play was an interesting departure from the norm. but for the most part, the passing plays were in required and obvious passing situations. that doesn’t constitute a change in offensive scheme or philosophy.

      3. LOL….it was 7 of 9 plays, including 2 of the first 3 1st down plays. The incomplete throws on first down played a role in the down and distance.

      4. I’m aware of it Jack. Look at how the entire game was game planned. and tell me if they attacked with the pass or the ground game? again, I do find that first pass play and interesting attempt. I suspect the plan was to go to the air but they quickly figured out that they couldn’t execute it.

      5. Jack, you continue to miss the point about play calling and offensive game planning.

        raw numbers don’t mean anything. you could be the most run heavy team in the league (actually I think that’s the Niners) and if you’re behind or stuck in passing down and distance (which they were) you’re overall passing attempts will be high.

        let me repeat, passing in obvious passing situations is not a change in game planning or scheme.

        i do believe you’re right and that the Niners initially tried to attack with the pass but it became pretty evident that it wasn’t going to work so they tried their tight formation runs and controlled passes again (on non-obvious passing downs).

      6. I know that’s what they did in the 3rd and it worked. They took the read away from Kaepernick.

        Our view isn’t too far off.

      7. The put 8 in the box, only had three DBs in the game. They saw something in Kap’s game and exposed it. He either couldn’t make the adjustment, or was not allowed to change the play. The Saints sent an all out blitz and Colin called for a fade.
        It’s growing pains now. I was pretty happy with Colin being the QB this year, to start the new era. But to see the team come struggle against good teams because of unacceptable QB play is tough. They could make it back to the big dance this year. Not much separates them from the top teams.

      8. Hammer.
        Sorry to interrupt, but what did you see from Baldwin?
        He got into a couple of 1 on 1 jump ball situations and had chances. One, the db grabbed his jersey and the other he didn’t look for the ball.
        Was he open at times?

      9. Jack:

        Congratulations on the week you’re having. You published an article at 49ersWebzone (and used it to publicize the Niner Chatter blog), and your analysis of the 49ers’ passing problems is shared by Football Outsiders.

        That’s a good week, and you earned it. Your four readers are happy for you.

      10. Crappy execution. Everone has to do their job, Including coaches. Throw the damn ball down the field. Oh wait, we only have one guy that can go down tgere and catch it in the whold damn team. Pathetic!

    1. blake bortles of central florida looking awfully impressive in beatdown of rutgers tonite–looks to be big strong, nice arm and can move around for his size (6-4 230)….arm is pretty accurate

      he is a redshirt jr so may not come out

      1. Did you hear what he said? He Cowboy’d up, called Ahmad a good player, but he said (paraphrased): Say what you want about slow motion views, but I thought he’d ripped my head off. Personal perspective. Hahaha.
        The League needs to fix this.

  10. Watching M.Ryan get hit in the helmet region the way Brooks hit Brees last Sunday.
    You guessed it – No flag thrown, wow!
    Even the tv crew announcers said that the hit on Ryan was worse the Brooks’ hit.
    Go figure?

  11. Also, shouldn’t Graham’ bending the goalpost on his TD be called excessive celebration or at the least a delay of game penalty?

    I just love it when the Ref’s are consistent on every call – smh.

  12. I am finding this to be quite comical. Role reversal for sure amongst the fans. I supported Alex 100 percent and backed him, I support CK 100 percent and will back him. Sure CK isn’t setting the world on fire. He has his problems no doubt. But the problems don’t stop with CK. Receivers dropping balls, Staff decesions, may be a biggest issue of them all, players injured, lack of pass protection, penalties at inopportune time. Sounds like I am protecting Alex all over again, except he is gone and now the wrath is on CK. CK is very raw and the things he needs to learn is learned on the football field. Most QBs do not set the world on fire in their first year (he is just starting his second year. The sample size is too small to start with give the guy some time. No I am not saying CK is a good QB he hasn’t arrived at that plateau yet. What I am saying is that he is the Niners QB and that’s just the way it is.

    1. The overpowering stench of reason and logic emanates from undercenter’s comment….

      I had anticipated some regression (or at best, a plateauing of performance) from Kap this season. The sophomore slump among QBs is common. Cam Newton had one last season, and only in his third season as a starter is he beginning to see the field well and make progression reads efficiently. Russell Wilson is having some of that this season, but his numbers look good because he makes spectacular plays on broken plays.

      Defenses were expected to be more effective against the read option, and it has happened. It takes 2-3 years for the QB to get good at reading defenses and going through progressions (it took Alex even longer thanks to the revolving door of OCs and offensive styles). Some like Rodgers have the luxury of sitting on the bench and learning for 3 seasons before starting.

      Two things have happened that I didn’t anticipate:
      1. The receiving corps remaining inadequate this deep into the season. I had thought that a viable second receiver would emerge to hold the place while Manningham adjusted to his return. Never happened.
      2. The inability of Harbaugh-Roman to tweak their offense to accommodate Kaps’s learning curve. Right on top of this list is the complexity of the playbook that leads to so many delay of games and wastage of time-outs. They needed to cut down the number of plays and practice those far more times so that execution would have been better.

      A good contrast is Pagano who brought in Pep Hamilton to Indy. The latter instituted the power running game which eased the pressure a bit on Luck in his sophomore year. His O line is still porous and he is without his best receiver. But he is not under pressure every play and he has some scope of “adjusting to the adjustments” that defenses have made to his play.

      But the Niners are still 6-4 and has lost 2 very close games to very good teams. It is far from gloom-and-doom. I’m still confident that Harbaugh’s will to win will help him make changes so that the Niners will go into January a better offense.

      1. Niner LBs are faster than Washington’s. Is RG III all the way back from his injury?
        Running read option against the niners may not be the brightest idea.

    1. Kap has got to keep it and run. He cerainly had some opportunities against the Saints. For some reason he never faked that handoff and went around the corner with it.

    1. claude balls says:
      November 20, 2013 at 5:57 pm
      Jack: You’ll have to be more specific. What did Pereira say?
      Jack Hammer says:

      November 20, 2013 at 6:06 pm
      That it’s called a penalty 10 out of 10 times.

      Apparently not Jack, got any other incorrect Pereira quotes to defend a call that shouldn’t have been made?

      1. After having zealously defended the call all week and going so far as to even fine Brooks to show everyone just how right they are the league must have absolutely crapped themselves when they saw that missed call tonight. Have fun explaining this one boys.

      2. Jack,

        Did you know that Hicks was the same guy that hit Kaepernick last week. He must be a real Saint. He’s getting away with all the calls. Ryan gets hit in the facemask, no call.

      3. Mid take it easy pal. It’s not a fact. The NFL has mandated that player over aggression towards any hit to the upper body area will be flagged and fined. What does everyone not understand about making the gane less violent. Did anyone not hear about the million dollar settlement with former players due to concussions?
        Brooks hit was illegal, we lost, stop crying about it and move on!

      4. I thought prime had changed after getting banned the last time but he can’t change his stripes. He has no life. All he thrives on is chaos and trying to incite. He’s a troubled child. Real Estate Attorney my azz. He is a child. Probably doesn’t have a high school diploma. Sad fella indeed.

      5. If you want a less violent game, then take up watching paint dry Prime. No matter what precautions the league and players take, the game will always be one of the more violent ones in this timeframe.

      6. Yes it will Mid but the NFL is all about money. They don’t want any more lawsuits and don’t want to pay out anymore settlements.

    2. MWN,
      Silly question here. But can’t the coaches throw the red flag to have the ref’s review a close/missed call?

      I don’t believe they can, just not sure though. But if the league wants to be more consistent and fair across the board they should allow for coaches to throw red flag if they believe they have reason to dispute a bad call or no-call. These two incidents had grave results for the 49ers and the Falcons.
      Hopefully this spurs the league to make some changes that have the ability to be fair across the board in all games.

    3. AES,
      Calls made by the officials are not reviewable and I don’t expect the league to even consider doing that. This is absolutely tragic in my opinion because the refs are part-timers and, like all of us, are prone to making mistakes. All calls should be reviewable.

      1. I was discussing this last night, maybe the league should deal with these ‘hits’ to the QB the same as they do for running into the punter which is 5 yards with no automatic 1st down , or roughing the punter, 15 yards and an automatic 1st down.

        Not perfect, but there are the unintentional and intentional types of roughing the passer, this may make it a little more representative of the actual play.

    4. What I have a problem with is the media and commentators saying that if you hit a qb high or hit a defenseless player or whatever that it’s a penalty everytime. Enough with the bs and just say that it’s usually a penalty but it all depends on the players and teams involved.

    5. “The great @RonnieLottHOF on Brooks penalty: “I can see why the ref called what he called. At the end of the hit, you can’t touch the head.” On KNBR with Murph and Mac

      1. So what’s the great @RonnieLottHOF’s take on last night’s hit on Ryan?

        Can you touch the head at the beginning of the hit then?

      2. I can understsnd that Hammer.
        What would be interesting to me is how Mr. Lott would comment in light of last night’s hit on Matty.

        My argument is spured by the fact that last night’s hit was more violent than Sunday’s hit and it should have warranted a flag.

        Consistency must work across the board in all games and ref’s should be on the same page with plays of similar action such as the Brooks and Hicks hits.

      3. Really good officials regardless of the sport understand the difference between the interpeting a rule exactly as it was written and interpeting the rule by its intent. Also a calls effect on the game, a really good official never wants to interject themselves into the out come. Some of the worst officials i’ve known could quote the rule book but had no real understanding of their role in the game. I believe thats exactly the kind of call that the Brooks call was.

      4. “a really good official never wants to interject themselves into the out come.”

        Like the official at the end of the Super Bowl?

      5. Jack exactly like the official in the SB i would have clebrated like all 9er fans if we had got the call but in reality it was an uncatchable ball.

      6. How many lineman are getting their faces slapped and helmets smacked on pretty much every play? The hit on Brees was incidental contact. Brees had a bloody lip from Brooks arms making contact, but so what? That front of the face lower jaw hit wasn’t going to give him a concussion which is what all of this safety hullabalub is about.

        When I say the system is broken it’s because of these glaring inconsistencies. Some types of hits we’ll ignore because they are ‘different positions’. The only thing that really explains this is that owners aren’t willing to let their big investments get hurt and be non productive so they’ve allowed this inconsistency in the way penalties are called. At this point I can only hope that we continue to see bad calls effect the outcomes of more games so that the owners might finally get this fixed.

        In the game of football there is absolutely nothing wrong or even preventable about the tackle Brooks made.

      7. My issue with the Brooks penalty wasn’t all about the penalty, it was also about the timing of the penalty. End of the game you have to let players play unless something flagrant happens.
        Case in point, last year against Atlanta on their final play, Brooks bumped the receiver after five yards. No call. It wasn’t flagrant. Superbowl, Crabs was semi held on the last pass play inside the 4 yards line. No call. They let the players play.
        Last night in the Atlanta game the refs and the NFL just looked stupid for making such a big deal about Brooks play only to let a worse one go unpenalized against Matt Ryan.

      8. The timing of the penalty doesn’t matter, I’ve always hated that description. So a play in the first quarter is not as important as one in the last 3 minutes? That’s the last thing a player wants. Consistency is the the answer, call them ALL the same.

        Let’s reverse the roles here, Kap get blasted around the ‘neck area’ in the first quarter, flag thrown, 15 yards and a first down. Then in the 4th, tie game, Kap gets taken down in the neck area again, this time no flag. The ref says, it wasn’t flagrant, suck it up. Would you have a problem with that Bay?

  13. I don’t see the problem with his answers. He knows one slip and it will open a hug can of worms. Short sweet and to the point. I have a good friend who was a beat writer for the saints years ago. He said theyet with the players almost daily and you’d hear the same questions over and over. Maybe Kap is tired of explaining what’s wrong.

      1. Young also said last year, that ‘it’s just not as easy as it looks for Colin right now, nobody’s every been elite right away. At some point, the young man is going to struggle for 8-10 games, it’s inevitable”

      2. “a whole other can of worms that I don’t think anyone wants to talk about right now.” – S. Young

        Disagree there Steve. A whole lot of people want to and are talking about it. Right now. There’s one way to quell the talk, and CK holds the key.

  14. Hey Grant,

    Check out Niner Chatter and you will see that GR actually called all the right plays. Every still he posted showed a wide open receiver. I think this really just Ck having a difficult year and not knowing situational football and how how to stay patient. I think mostly he needs to settle down and just have fun.

    God Bless

  15. Just look at the bright side.
    We’re one game better than the Jets AND Dallas, (Dallas was Grant’s pick for the SB) and if we were in the NFC East or North, we’d be on top!

  16. To be honest this offense has never been “explosive” since mooch days…and converting third downs has always been a problem..I thought when harbaugh got here he would make us an explosive offense…The defense was already good and have players in place..just the offense needed to be upgraded..He even said he wanted to run the westcoast offense..looking at walsh tapes in 49ers library and all..But basically he’s carrying out singletary’s dream when u think about it..good defense..running attack…The passing game has always sucked..lol..Let’s be real..and not act like it just happened outta the blue..It was good enough and functional…these past two seasons..but it wasnt good..So if this sounds like im comin down hard on Harbaugh..then I guess iam..They never fixed the passing game..the talent..the schemes..It is what it is…

    1. You should have checked into Harbaugh’s Stanford teams.

      His WCO comments were smart PR. Tell ‘em what they want to hear.

      1. Jack you probably follow the rest of the NFL closer then i do, does anyone still run a pure WCO? I’ve read a number of times that the WCO is dead. There might be a few who run remnants of it but i do’nt recognize any O in the NFL today that i would call WCO. I sure do’nt see much of Walsh’s WCO in what A. Reid runs but i will bend to your expertise in this area.

      2. I think we were all happy with the team when they were blue collar guys. In the first year Harbaugh brought a certain tough guy identity. Now in year 3 either expectations are unrealistic. They made it to the SB last year, but really didn’t conduct themselves in a professional manner. It was like Jim was whining more because he was facing his older brother John.
        And now this year, even at 6-4, there’s something painful about the season. Less bi-cep kissing, more late nights in the film room could save the season.

      3. Yeah..good pr move…I was against the hiring of harbaugh because of the success at a low rare of college coaches to nfl… I wanted Brian Billick.as headcoach,lombardi as gm. A guy that knows offense and both have ties to 49er yesteryears..There was talk of marvin Lewis bein let go..I wanted him as def coordinator..Be Ravens West..which in some ways we were..nolan was there and sing was there..We been DA BEARS..For 5yrs now..smh

      4. people mis understand what the West Coast Offense really is.

        it’s about match up advantages. this is the core of the Niner’s offense which is to game plan the best way to attack a defense based on what personnel and tactical advantages you can gain.

        The Harbuagh Niners simply do it with a power run game backbone. And the game plan would probably be more diverse if the players could execute it (hint, hint…Kaepnernick).

      5. also, many of the triangle passing concepts that are the basis for the WCO passing offense are part of Harbaugh/Roman’s offense when they do actually pass (not counting play action).

      6. Allforfunplay i saw Walsh at a coaching clinic many years ago and i have to admit alot of what i heard that day was over my head but it sure seemed to me it the WCO was much more specific than just taking advantage of match ups it was certainly the terminology and very much about the style of plays.

      7. old coach,

        I’ve read a few books on Walsh. I can’t say I’ve had the privilege of hearing him give a clinic. the WCO passing concepts are there in the current Niner’s playbook actually in today’s NFL those passing concepts are in almost every playbook to some degree. I even think the current Niners use WCO terminology.

        Walsh the Boxer and Offensive Philosophy
        Walsh himself has said that the WCO is not a system per say and that it’s a philosophy. He HATED the idea of the tough talking drill Sargent kinds of coaches that employed the we must be tougher than the other guy. Not that Walsh didn’t believe in the value of toughness. Walsh loved boxing and he likened it to two big heavy weight fighters stupidly standing in front of each other and bashing each other until the other fell. He believed more in the Muhamad Ali kind of ducking, weaving, game planning and using combos of attacks; one to set up the other.

        The Traditional WCO Was Using Brains to Make Up For Lack of Talent
        Walsh created the WCO to make up for the talent deficiencies of the expansion Bangles team. If he’s said that if he would have had a strong armed QB to work with (Cook was his name I think?) his offense would have looked much different….also he needed plays that helped the receivers get open too.

        The Traditional WCO Was Created for Linebackers That Were Mobile NTs
        Also, keep in mind that the plays that Walsh designed were crafted for the time and defenses he faced. Back then linebackers were mostly just mobile linemen that were primarily run stuffers, so getting a WR to out run one with less chance of getting hit or a receiving back to get by them was much more effective. Today, you don’t see the same flat/split back formations that Walsh loved. with all the substitutions and the increased ability of linebackers to cover, you see more slot receivers and 2nd TEs in the same patterns that the fullback and halfback used to run.

        It’s a Faster Game Which Uses More Specialized Personnel
        But the passing CONCEPTS are much the same. By concepts I mean route combos with the other receivers which stretch defenses in specific ways that attack zone and man coverage (passing triangles are a big part of that and it’s still the same today as it was in Walsh’s day…just implemented a little differently).

        Same Philosophy Different Implementation
        The modern 49ers share the same philosophy as the original WCO which is match up advantages. And the passing game, when opened up is still the same. But the IMPLEMENTATION of the offense is much different. Walsh leaned on a short and spread passing attack to set up deeper passes and the ground game. Harbaugh/Roman lead with a ground heavy attack to set up the passing game (in the traditional ground and pound fashion). But when the match up dictates, they will pass the ball in the most efficient manner as possible.

        Walsh Was Clairvoyant
        I believe the Niners use the WCO terminology. As NFL offenses have expanded and become increasingly complex the terminology used to describe plays has increased to the point that one play may have 5-6 words and some numbers in it. and all that can change with a pre-snap read adjustment. Walsh speculated over 20 years ago that he believed that one day plays would be described so efficiently that the huddle would become unnecessary. Fast forward to today and you have that concept being implemented by Oregon and to a certain degree, the Patriots. Whom have special packages of plays that can be called with the a single word. I always hoped that the Niners could implement a package of plays like that; especially for when they play in Seattle. However it requires a complete command and understanding of the offense by the QB…which I’m not sure Kaep has.

    2. First mistake harbaugh did when he was hired..was keep alex around..he wasnt going to improve your offense..smh at that one still..id rather he put kap in then..no expectations at that point..for a first yr head coach…so u could fail and kap could learn on the job..another mistake..not tryin simplify things for him then…Getting reliable wrs.not rolling wit the leftover wr core from singletary era..

      1. Camp Alex.
        Without coaches involvement at that time, AS was the one who got it rolling. He was not just helping Kaep alone, but the whole offense. Everyone was learning a new system. The thing is Harbaugh wants his player to make a big jump from Year 1 to Year 2. Maybe not stats, but probably what he sees in films. Crabtree and Vernon improved greatly, while Gore, Miller, Walker, Hunter showed improvements. Only Kyle Williams and Kaep took a few steps backward.

  17. 1. The Offense is predictable. They run when its obvious they will run and pass when its obvious they will pass.
    2. It is clear at looking at Jack’s and Football Outsider that Kap has a very difficult time with pre-snap reads and then staying in the pocket and going thru his progressions. That will hopefully be fixed with time and hard work.
    3. The Offensive game plan is to avoid mistakes and turnovers. I understand this, but if you want to win you have to score points and sometimes you have to take risks to do so. This means throwing the ball down the field and giving your players a chance to make a play. If you want to get 8 men out of the box, throw some deep passes, and see if you can score points quickly, that will spread the defense out.
    4. I would like to know if the mechanics of the play calling is purposely slow to try to eat up the clock and shorten the game. If not, there is no reason why the plays aren’t in to the QB in 15 seconds or less.
    5. If kap is having a tough time going to his alternate receivers why not install 10-15 passing plays and have him go over and over them in film study and practice so he can prepare for any defense and know his progressions against each of them. In essence; make Kap an expert in a small number of plays, then add on to the offense slowly.

    1. “4. I would like to know if the mechanics of the play calling is purposely slow to try to eat up the clock and shorten the game. If not, there is no reason why the plays aren’t in to the QB in 15 seconds or less.”

      I think this is by design. Think of it this way, if your offense runs about 50 plays in a game and snap the ball with 5 secs left on the play clock, that will be over 4 mins of play time you will give your opponent.

      1. Ricardo in that Roman call 2 plays every down and it is CK’s job to get to the line and kill the first play if the D predicates it, i doubt getting the plays in late is by design. I do’nt believe the plays are getting in late, I believe CK is at this point just that bad of a game manager. imho

      2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say the plays are coming in late, but I think the coaches are instructing CK to consume as much of the play clock. Well, I hope :)
        But if you’re right old coach then we’re in much trouble :(

      3. old,
        that’s predicating your offense all together. i wonder if they call one run play and one pass play. If so, when kc kills or let’s it roll, it’s pretty easy to counter that on defense. for example: the miners show a running front, ck steps to the line , sees the defensive aligned to stop it and kills the play. The defense audibles and plays the pass. point is, we’re too predictable and stubborn ala mike Singletary. …..smdh

      4. the trick to simple plays is to add the complexity after the snap. the secret to Peyton Manning’s offense in Indy was that it was only a handful of plays. during pre-snap Manning made most of his route adjustments. but the real magic was in the site adjustments AFTER the snap that both the receivers and Manning made. They executed those plays with their many variations to perfection; it shows what can happen when a QB and his receivers are in sych, they can make just a handful of plays dominate most of the defenses they faced.

    1. Oh yeah, and as a fan it’s really frustrating to see our offense perform this way :( Maybe, the coaches are waiting for the reinforcement to come in and maybe then they’ll be more aggressive with the game planning.

  18. Kaep is stinking it up big time and MY 49ers are the victims. I’m a niner faithful but this guy is holding this team back far more than Alex ever did.

  19. “I don’t think there is any concern on this team.” This does not bode well. The first step, essential before you can do start to change, is to admit there is a problem.

      1. I think you mean they wont admit they over estimated how well their young franchise QB could grasp the entire offense and rely on him.
        Maybe why they went cheap at the WR position thinking he could make them productive with his skills set.

  20. note to Colin (6 and 4) Sack-or-Pick:

    RG III wants the win more than you do.
    If you say oh, look, … he is 3-7
    think about this: four of his losses were by
    an average of 7 points (that’s one TD).
    So he is tougher than his record shows.
    Fasten your seatbelt, fella.

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