Kaepernick: “I felt my reads were good. That’s something I want to continue to do going forward.”

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick spoke in the 49ers locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: How does it feel to start again this week?

KAEPERNICK: It feels good.

Q: After watching the film, what did you take from the Rams game?

KAEPERNICK: Can’t make mistakes. That’s the biggest thing.

Q: How hard is it when the snap isn’t right where it should be, you have to look down and then back up?

KAEPERNICK: If I catch the snap, it’s fine.

Q: What did you get out of the failed pitch play that will make you better?

KAEPERNICK: Just knowing the situation of the game. In that situation, I should have just gave him the ball and let our defense get back on the field.

Q: What did you do well in Sunday’s game?

KAEPERNICK: For the most part I felt my reads were good, got through progressions well. That’s something I want to continue to do going forward.

Q: When you look at Miami’s defense, what stands out to you?

KAEPERNICK: Their front seven. They have a great pass rush. They’re very good against the run.

Q: That was your first loss as a starter. What kind of support did you get from your teammates after the game?

KAEPERNICK: The biggest thing was just move on and get ready for next week. They said don’t worry about it, we’re a team. We’ll win as a team and lose as a team. We’ll get ready for Miami.

Q: It’s known as a copycat league. Do you expect the Dolphins do some of the same things that gave the offense problems on Sunday?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, defenses are always going to scheme to stop you and do what they think is best. We’re doing that on offense, trying to scheme them up as well.

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