Kaepernick: “I signed a contract to play football. The media is just something I have the obligation to do.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.


What impresses you most about Seattle’s defense?

“Very physical, very fast.”


After Monday night’s game, do you change anything on how you guys approached them in the second week?



TE Vernon Davis said, ‘We don’t like them and they don’t like us.’ Does that have any bearing on a game like this?

“It means you’re going to go out and play hard to win. You’re going to do that every week.”


So, no bearing. How do you feel about the Seahawks in terms of a personal thing? Does it every get personal for you?

“For me, they’re another team in our path to where we want to go.”


Did you watch Monday’s game?

“No, I didn’t.”


How does S Earl Thomas pace that defensive secondary? What is his unique skill that as a quarterback you need to be aware of?

“He’s a ball hawk, has great speed, can make a lot of plays back there.”


How good is he at reading your eyes?

“He’s very good.”


So, at a level compared to other safeties what do you have to be aware of with him?

“That he has that ability to read your eyes.”


What do you like most about the way you guys are playing?

“We’re executing. When we have the opportunity we’re making plays.”


You and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson are often compared together, how similar are your styles?

“I haven’t watched enough of him to really say. But he goes out, he makes plays for his team.”


Could you see this developing, you guys have a rivalry as a team, do you see this, like you two guys, going against each other for years and years in games like this? Do you look forward to something like that? How do you feel about that?

“I don’t worry about things like that. I’m worried about the next game that’s on our schedule.”


What can you say about what G Joe Looney did to come in in a tough situation on Sunday having never really played?

“Joe did an amazing job to come in, perform the way he did. He pretty much locked their front down the whole game. So, hats off to him. He came in and did an amazing job.”


How helpful is it to play these guys at home now, as opposed to in their stadium? And what kind of home advantage do you anticipate there at Candlestick on Sunday?

“Home field advantage is always a big thing. You get to use your cadence. You get to use a lot of different audibles that you can’t use if you can’t hear on the road.”


WR Anquan Boldin and WR Michael Crabtree began the game really feisty it seemed like, a lot of jawing with the Rams receivers, a lot of fisticuffs. Is that something as a quarterback you like to see in your receivers?

“I love it. When they go out and compete and aren’t going to back down from anyone, that’s something I love to see.”


Aside from helping your team or trying to help your team win games on the field, what’s the most important part of your job as the quarterback?

“I think the biggest thing is keeping everyone motivated. Keeping them focused on what we need to be doing.”


FB Bruce Miller was saying yesterday that the Seattle DBs have sort of earned a right to be chatty, and you guys just have to sort of ignore that and keep your composure. What are your thoughts on that?

“I think you have to earn that every Sunday. And this Sunday we’re going to make them earn that.”


How would you describe this rivalry?

“Physical. I think that’s the best word to describe it.”


You’re the kind of guy who seems to like physical games, is it hard in a game like this to slide and go out of bounds when everybody else is banging into each other?

“No, you still have to be smart regardless of how physical the game is.”


That was the first smile I’ve seen with all the media around you in a long time. Do you not like this, you’re so guarded it seems. Would you just like to cut loose sometimes and speak more extemporaneously or just let it all fly?

“Well, I signed a contract to play football. The media is just something I have the obligation to do.”

    1. “I think you have to earn that every Sunday. And this Sunday we’re going to make them earn that.”

      I love THAT!

      I want to see the 49er get after the Hags all game long.

  1. Colin,
    If you use the seemingly peripheral opportunities
    to improve your public speaking habits via the
    regular press conferences to which you are invited
    as a professional athlete, you will grow in ways
    which you could never have imagined. Your post-NFL
    life will be enriched, both personally and financially.

    If you continue to view media relations as a chore or
    a hassle, your shortsightedness will rob you and the
    fans of … again… more than you can imagine.

    Let me make it short and sweet:

      1. To some extend I agree with you, ck needs to mature and learn how to handle the media by being just himself regardless of all the bs written about him. It’s funny since a few years ago I kept hearing you know, you know, you know, in each sentence.

    1. You are the punk by the name you carry. Go be a chiefs fan and leave your insults there. Your beloved Alex is not going to the SB.

  2. Uh…no, Kaep. Your job is to shut the Seahawks DBs up, not make them earn anything. Embarrass the heck out of them.

  3. Since Kaep took over in the middle of last season he’s been ascending a steep learning curve. He’s still working on that ascent. The game and the media are both on the hill. He’s gonna be fine. He’ll be a great one.

    1. The only reason it is so hard for ck is that he needs to know so much with the playbook. I think with his talent he should he should go to the line of scrimmage and just sling it. I remember this same qb without the full play book outdueled Tom Brady in New England and for the last touchdown audible to a hot route to crabs and won the game

  4. Good answers, if the media doesn’t like his interview then I would suggest to go interview someone else. Like Harbaugh, CK isn’t a good interview as far as the media is concerned, me, I like their responses.

    1. Alex was very methodical and tight lipped as well… I don’t like it either but let’s be fair… This is the Jim Harbaugh way!

  5. I agree with Kap. He’s contractually obligated just to suffer thru the inane questions of the press, not have to enjoy them… :)

    1. Joe Cool had just as big a chip on his shoulder as Colin in a competitive way, but Joe deflected or dodged questions with an evil Joe Izuzu smile. He’d deliver a stock cliche answer, but the look in his eyes said “You know I’d never answer that”, and he didn’t get away without criticism for it from Glenn Dickey, Ira Miller, Padecky and Lowell Cohn. We don’t get much good information from any part of the 49ers anyway. I just wish CK didn’t let it bug him so much, but he has to do it his way.
      >In your life they’ll be some trouble
      When you worry, you make it double
      Don’t worry
      Be Happy

      1. You reminded me of the Joe Isuzu ads!!

        I’m not sure that the questions bug Kap as much as his answers bug the reporters and some fans.

  6. He is here to help the team win, a few fans and social media want him to be endearing and entertaining, those are not requirements and everyone is different on handling business.

    That’s like asking your 10 year old to be happy when he ‘has to’ clean his room. Just doesn’t make sense, just get the job done.

    Sheesh, doesn’t Kap know you have to win with style and grace [300 yard games galore] and speak with style and grace [smile when spoken to or speaking, while at work!!] to be successful? Never will understand that POV.

    1. Bray? You make a great point. However everything I have heard about ck from people that has been around him it’s been positive but this is entertainment! If I was his agent I would be all over ck to coach him how to have fun with the media to promote his brand! Regardless of all the dumb statements I have heard from the anti ck stocker he has a point about experiencing more success in life if you learn how to interact with people by using emotional intelligence skills!

      1. Football is entertainment, no question. But I don’t understand the need to have someone smile during a press conference. I’m just not a pretender in any way and I don’t expect other’s to pretend for the benefit of people watching. Being a decent human is fine enough for me. He seems to have made it this far with his interactions with people, nary a negative word about it. Many of the all time greats were aloof.

    1. Good for Hundley, like to see these guys stay in school and finish what they start academically and honoring an obligation to their school and team. Its telling me he and Mariotta are smart, making a wise decision, and that is a good quality for an NFL QB.

      1. I like when these kids stay in school too, as long as it’s the right choice for them. They shouldn’t feel the need to fulfill any perceived obligations to universities.

    2. Hundley will be better for it. He has good coaches at UCLA. The rookie salary cap changed things. These guys used to get massive contracts that would handcuff the teams, cap wise. Without those deals, many are inclined to stay in school instead of going to a bad team in the NFL.

    3. I really hope you are correct. Hundley staying at UCLA makes them a big contender next year. Been a long time since the Bruins mattered. Now if only Barr would stay…..

    4. He’s a second round pick on other boards, and lucky to be that. As a Bruins fan, I’m torn about him staying, as he has many of the same issues as Kap, without quite as much talent.

      btw… Derek Carr is up to #3 overall on Rang’s CBSsports board and climbing.

    5. If Hundley does stay in school it’s a good move. I thought that was best for him earlier in the year and even more so now. He’s not an NFL level QB yet. Great physical ability and intangibles but he needs to work on so many things in the passing game.

  7. Juvenile manner in dealing with the media, and resembles the contempt and arrogance his head coach has for the media, too. Chris Ault did not teach him this at UNR because reno begged for every and any interview and media exposure they could get because they were part of a non-automatic qualifying conference. NFL HQ on Park Avenue has expressed its procedures and protocol because they thrive on the media to promote their product to mainstream society. It’s all about the money, and CK needs to realize that it is the fans who buy the tickets who pay his salary.

  8. I’m sorry, but the guy is acting like a jerk. He should take up with Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Either one of them would make a perfect partner for this guy.

  9. I don’t really understand people’ obsession with Kaep needing to be more open and friendly with the media. He’s an athlete. Not a public speaker or presenter or in any way affiliated with the media. Just because there is a lot of media scrutiny on the NFL, its teams, and in particular the head coach and QB, does not mean they need to like working with the media or be open with them.

    Personally, I would find it a chore also. I can understand not wanting or liking to give interviews or press conferences. Especially when large sections of the media like to focus on the negatives and are happy to twist words or lead people to answers that have negative consequences. I bet RGIII was wishing he was a bit more tight-lipped after the media highlighted and displayed his comments and take about the problems with the team. To be perfectly honest I’m surprised more players aren’t as cautious with the media as Kaep is.

    1. They reflect the personality of their respective coaches. Carroll has never met an interview he can’t talk around, while Harbaugh hasn’t found a conversation he can’t make agonizingly, haltingly awkward.

      1. No doubt razor, but I don’t think its fair to vilify or call out a coach or player for not being open and gregarious with the media. Who honestly cares whether Kaep comes off in the media as really likeable or as taciturn? The only thing that matters (from a football team perspective) is the perception of his team mates, coaches, and other colleagues, and that won’t come from his actions in the media unless he says something negative.

    2. Scooter- Agreed, I’ve posted something similar. IMO the people who are so put off by him are the ones with the problem. He isn’t living up to ‘their’ own personal idea of how he should act. He shows up, finishes the interview and answers the questions, which is good enough for the NFL. He is fulfilling his requirements. So he gets a C for press performance, he’s not an actor, he’s a football player and that’s where his focus needs to be.

      The media has created this situation, more and more players will become guarded with their answers as many ‘reporters\writers’ turn comments into TMZ like stories to generate readers or blog hits. Most of us would grow very weary and leery of giving any tidbit of that could be misconstrued.

  10. Collin is over rated.. Hate to let u fans know he actually sucks!!! He cant help improve other recivers around him…Tom Brady Drew Brees Aaron Rogers Russell Wilson can do so much more with less talent at the receiving corp. any jerk off quarterback could hit Vernon Davis ,Michael Crabtree, and Quan Bolden… Trade up in the draft and get a real quarterback… Not some guy with average accuracy and speed… What good is arm strength when you’re not accurate..

      1. 23 Clown,
        Why do you keep comparing Kaepernick to Alex? What is your obsession? Really.
        Why don’t you compare Kaepernick to Russell Wilson? Both were starting on playoff contending teams. Both have talented personnel and coaching around him.
        Why are we simplifying our playbook? Why are teams stacking the box daring him to throw?
        Since when did throwing for under 300 yards agains the two worst pass defenses in the league become the standard of excellence?
        Why do you accept this average play and bash a player that’s no longer here? Why do you go on the Chiefs blog and post comments on Alex?
        Do you think the real Michael Jordan would accept a player that was not playing up to his standard?
        Maybe we really should start calling you 33 Pippen.

      2. 33 Pippen? Not even. 34StaceyKing for more like him.

        “I hope there’s a jump shot in there,” Jordan told struggling rookie King as he walked into the locker room with a box. — The Jordan Rules

  11. I only hope that as Collin matures into the young man he needs to become, he realizes that when he speaks to the Media, he is thereby also speaking to the Fan Base of the Forty-Niners.

  12. I don’t have a problem with CK’ media interviews. I’ve been around long enough to know that how a person speaks to the media does not define who he is in real life.

    How many professional athletes have we seen in the past that have been ‘media darlings’ only to turn out to be losers in their private lives?

    Also in reference to blazer’ comment, I must say that the media in no way shape or form represents my fandom with the 49ers. I was a fan of the 49ers before sports media became a profession and the sport was being covered by regular news personnel (ok, I’m old).

    CK is treating the media a he should; with caution.

  13. Total speculation, have never met the guy, I’m not his shrink, but I’d imagine he’ll have an easier time in his NFL career if he doesn’t regard the media as his enemies. Someone put it pretty well recently, that when he speaks to the media, he’s speaking to the fans. Sure, many of those questions players and coaches get are redundant and sometimes downright stupid, but I’d imagine ratcheting up one’s paranoia, one’s us-against-them attitude unnecessarily when there are plenty of real enemies who are out to get them, can’t help.

  14. They are who they are. If they win, it’s acceptable. If they don’t, they’re not the most likable duo. Speaking of likable though, Wilson is the warm light to CK’s dark shadow. They will be defined by this contrast as long as they play in the same division. If I were Kaep, I would go the villain route and play it up big time. Be the heavy and own it. It would be way more entertaining.

  15. Does it really matter that he’s not endearing to the media? He still has the #1 selling jersey in football, so I think he’s doing fine in the PR department, as far as the fanbase goes. His status in locker room should continue to be fine as long as he keeps winning, maintains a strong work ethic, and doesn’t throw his teammates under the bus when things go awry.

  16. Most of the so-called reporters are little more than drama queens. Colin and every other athlete have NO OBLIGATION to even talk to those blood-suckers who prefer sensationalism and negativity to just reporting the facts. Go Kap!

  17. My cousin knows Kap well, her daughter attended high school with him and he has been over to her house several times. She describes him as a really kind fun-loving kid. Those of you who think he has an obligation to talk to you through the press need to get therapy. Ridiculous. He meets his obligation with short honest sentences. Don’t like it? Tough.

    1. Gary – Can you talk to your cuz please, I could use a couple of Kap’s extra tickets for Sea game and an autographed jersey.
      Also, that could prove Kap’s been to her house. :)

  18. “She describes him as a really kind fun-loving kid.” Let’s emphasize kid. That’s what he is. Expecting anything more from him would be folly. I do think he should play the villain though.

  19. If CK thinks that his “only” obligation is to be the starting quarterback of the 49ers, he is delusional…Just like Harbaugh, you are the “Face” of the Franchise, the fanbase wants to know your opinion regarding the game. Collin really needs to grow up, and put on his big boy drawers on, because weather he likes it or not, when he signed on as the starting QB with this Historical Franchise, dealing with the Media became a part of his job.

    I find it ironic that Collin didn’t have a problem with the Media when he was the cover boy for GQ, SI, or with his TV Ads, that have been running during NFL games…You can’t have both ways in my very humble opinion.

    1. And there is the problem in a nutshell. He has an obligation with the media but seeks the limelight whenever he can grab it. Karpenicking moments included. He’s taking the money from whoever wants to give it to him at this point and I can’t blame him. He is making his brand and it is for the under 40 year olds. They get him. He just about stated so much as is market segment in a past interview.

      He did sign a contract to play football. But he didn’t sign with the Arena League or the CFL. He has to play by the Goodell Rules. And they want Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and Russell Wilsons poster boys. Wholesome images. CK is not apologizing to anyone for not being from that mold. Nor should he.

      I’m over 40 and I guess he doesn’t care what I think of his image, interviews, persona or much else. I’m a Niner fan and all I ask of CK is playoff wins and thrilling moments. Being over 40 means I have been spoiled and hold high expectations of the Niner QB. Super Bowl or bust. And I think CK is on that program.

  20. Kap was a much better interview before he became a “star”. I realize that it rapidly becomes a chore and you find yourself answering the same questions multiple times, but bigger stars than he have handled it with grace and wit and not resorted to terse and often monosyllabic answers. It’s hopefully a long way to post career alternatives, but if he ever hopes to become a commentator down the road, he definitely needs to release that personality that endeared him to us last year. Stop acting like you’re having a root canal, Kap!

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kaepernick show up after a game wearing a beanie with a propeller top, playing with his transformers, while listening to hip hop on his headphones. He shows up to those conferences looking like a little kid being forced to go to church. The guy is so full of himself that he doesn’t realize that someday he’s going to want the press in his corner. The reason he gets those big $$$ is because of all the publicity associated with NFL football. Kaepernick sucks in the clutch, and the only things worse are his press conferences. Get someone else to lead the team, this guys too much of a kid.

  22. Here’s a message for all you forty-whiner fans…. The Seahawks defense is going to have a field day against the Niners. They haven’t beaten a good team yet, reserve the Packers week 1. Meanwhile, the Hawks have only lost to the Colts.
    The Hawks defense has been ranked first or second overall in every week this season, so CK needs to get his head out of the clouds and give credit where credit is due. Listen to any Seahawks press conference about the Niners game coming up. Hell, just listen to Russell Wilson. He gives credit and respect to Kaepernick and the Niners defense, and anyone else who he is asked about. Kaepernick doesn’t do that. He needs to be humbled and start talking about other pro players like pros when he is asked about them.

    Just remember, IF the Niners are the playoffs, they have to beat the Saints and the Hawks, both on the road. Good luck.

    I’m not replying to anything, so there’s no point in responding saying the Niners are better. It’s not true at all. The record shows it. Just want you guys to know. Even if the Hawks lose, we still win, because of playoff spots and home field. Just want you all to know that. Go Hawks.

      1. These Superbowl starved c-hawks fans are talking as if they actually won something.

        If and when they can win a few SB’ perhaps then they can talk a little trash, but as of now they are still the epitome of fans suffering from short man syndrome.

        Oh, and 12th man, yes your team is better at the moment. But don’t try to shine a Lombardi Trophy that you haven’t earned yet.
        I remember the Patriots fans ridiculing the NYGiants team leading to the SB saying that they did not belong on the same field. Ah, we know how that turned out.
        When you have a few Lombardi’ get back to us bud.

      2. Awwww, it’s cool. We were giddy in ’11 on towards the end of the playoff run. But you and I didn’t bother to go roil other sites.

      3. AES: Right, here’s the thing…. San Francisco hasn’t won a super bowl in 20 years. Talk about living in the past. I also didn’t remotely say the Seahawks are going to win the Superbowl.

        Razor: Boxing has nothing to do with it. I also don’t know what you meant about making the Hawks defense eat their words. Because what they say is legit. Have you heard Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, or any of our players talk? They didn’t badmouth any Niners players outright. They say something about how dynamic they can be, then say why they’re better. That’s it. And it showed,too, in the week 2 win we had over you guys. That endzone must have smelled so good. But CK couldn’t do anything to get in. Same with last season (remember that he did not start in the loss to you guys).

        All I’m saying is that he should watch out when he says things like “you have to earn that every Sunday.” That really fuels the Hawks D.

        Tuna: I can stand my ground,too and not hit and run. Just thought I’d equalize the responses against Kaepernick. I actually came here to read the interview he had, because I was interested in what he would have to say. I also heard Wilson’s interview. You should check it out…

    1. First, it is 49er fans, not “forty-whiner” fans, not unless you like being called a PharmaChoax fan, or 1/2 Man, do you? Then you proceed to preach about Kaepernick needing to respect the Seahawk players….LOL, do you even see the irony?

      Next, you may want to re-read what AES wrote, he did not imply that the 49ers have won a Superbowl recently, rather to paraphrase him: If & when your team wins a Superbowl, you can then back up your trash talk.

      You also may want to re-read Kaepernick’s interview, in particular his responses to the questions regarding Seattle’s defense, Earl Thomas and Wilson….oh nevermind, I am begin to doubt your reading comprehension ability.

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