Kaepernick: “I was taught to throw on the run when I was nine years old. It’s just natural to me.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Well, I guess the idea would be that if there’s any sentimentality towards this possibly, probably being the last game at Candlestick. Do you have that and want to take one final look and say thanks old building?

“I think for us, we want to leave Candlestick with a win. That’s what we’re worried about.”


You grew up a 49er fan, Bay Area fan. Was it a place that you always thought, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to go there. I’m going to freeze my butt off’? What kind of place was it for you?

“I was a Packers fan growing up, so don’t quite have the same memories.”


When you were in Turlock, did you grow up either watch the San Francisco Giants as a kid or the 49ers?

“Not at Candlestick. I hadn’t been.”


What was your reaction when former WR Terrell Owens had ‘The Catch 2’ against your Packers?

“That haunted me for a lot of years.”


When you look at the Tampa win, overall would you say that was your best game of the season?

“As a team?”


No, as you personally. Just in everything, your decision makings and being able to execute.

“It’s hard to say. I feel like it was a good game for me and helped up get the win.”


We just talked to LB NaVorro Bowman and a lot of your teammates think this team is peaking at a good time. Do you feel that things are rolling right now, that things are flowing for this team offensively?

“I feel like we’ve put some wins together and we feel good about what we’re doing and that’s what we want going into playoffs.”


What does TE Vernon Davis do that continues to amaze you, if anything, with the way he’s brought it this year?

“He makes plays. That’s the biggest thing to say about Vernon.”


What do you expect from the Atlanta defense?

“They’re going to bring everything they have. Played them last year and had a comeback on them. They’re going to come out ready to play.”


Everyone is talking about the play, that third down play that your threw to WR Michael Crabtree. How designed was that? How free-lanced was that? Can you talk about what went into that?

“They had a blitz coming. They had one more than we could pick up. So, for me I ran away from it and Crab made a great play.”


With the Falcons being 4-10, they were in the Championship Game with you guys a year ago, but their window’s closed for this season. Your window obviously is opening up. Do you guys think about just the reality of, ‘We’ve got to take advantage of the situation right here and now because next year we could be like the Falcons right now’?

“We don’t ever want to be in that situation, but we know we have to take advantage of the opportunity while we have it.”


When you talk about Vernon, I think everyone knows the mismatch he can be, but what does he do in the running game blocking-wise that a lot of people don’t see because he’s out there on that field for almost as many snaps as you. He plays more than any other skill player.

“He’s physical. He does a lot of things for us in the run game. He gives us a lot of opportunities to get [RB] Frank [Gore] into open space.”


Head coach Jim Harbaugh said you’re the best quarterback at rolling out to your left and throwing. How did you develop that skill-set? What really helped you grow in that area?

“I was taught to throw on the run when I was, I think, nine years old. So, I think doing it for so long, it’s just natural to me.”


Playing baseball be a part of that?

“I guess could be a little bit.”


You don’t throw pitches on the run.



A lot of those plays Sunday play broke down and a lot of free-lancing and some of that was kind of absent earlier in the year. And with Crab back, what goes into that chemistry where you’re able to locate Crab on the sideline after the play breaks down and that relationship you guys have?

“Well, I think him and [WR] Anquan [Boldin] both have a great feel as far as where openings are in defenses and finding them.”


I know that players take it one game at a time, but when you look at a tough loss in the playoffs, do you expect Atlanta to come in sort of with a little chip on its shoulder, something to prove even though they are 4-10, to come back? Is that something you need to be aware of on Monday?

“That’s exactly what we’re expecting.”


You ever met former QB Brett Favre?

“No, I haven’t.”


Is he someone you grew up watching his arm strength? How did you, I guess, take his game and incorporate in what you do?

“I loved his game. He played with a great passion. He played having fun. You could tell he loved the game and that was something I always admired.”


What’s colder, playing at Candlestick or playing in Reno?


  1. He’s a better athlete than Farve, and if he can train his mental game by continuing to text with Montana, he’ll be unstoppable…..

      1. What’s more important at this point in time…

        Kaep improving as an NFL QB & winning games for the 49ers or grooming to be a Spokes Person?

        C’mon nw let’s get your Priorities straight.

      2. He signed up to play football. The media is an obligation. I like the way he is with the media. It’s so easy for them to twist words, so you have to be very careful. If he wanted media attention, he’d be an actor. Have Kap around kids and fans, he lights up like a kid at Christmas, that’s the real Kap.

      3. I agree about his natural personality Kayla. But to your point, “The media is an obligation”, he signed up to be a QB, and got paid accordingly, and will again. Pressers are part of the job description. Let’s just say he could round out his game (with the media) a bit.

  2. “….What’s colder, playing at Candlestick or playing in Reno?..”


    Could Reno afford those space-age heaters on the sidelines ?

    The Stick is an ice box ! lol

      1. Big P ..

        Who was it who once said …

        “… the coldest I’ve ever been was..
        the summer I spent in San Francisco…”

        I felt that way every summer …
        (growing up in So. City)

      2. The lows recently up here in Sac have been in the 20′s, but you just gave me a shiver mentioning So. City. One of the great NorCal experiences is heading to a Giants night game from Sacramento. You head out about 3:30 or so and it’s near 100 out but you have gone into your winter drawer to find your sweatshirts and jackets that you haven’t worn in Sac since April to take to the game. By the time you get to the game it’s 50 and windy. You freeze all game and then on the drive back it starts getting warmer and warmer until its about midnight in Sac and about 15-20 degrees warmer outside than you were all game. It’s really incredible.

      3. MWNiner
        That was Mark Twain
        The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco
        And he spent a lot of time living in Reno!

    1. SF being cold is over blown. That question comparing Reno to Candkestick was stupid. The temp at the Stick rarely drops below 40deg. Stop complaining press guy :)

      1. Actually it wasn’t Mark Twain, but a lesser known writer not very famous. CK7 is an absolute tool when doing media, he is the Belichick of athletes. Writers have their work cut out for them. But he not paid to be stellar in front of Mic.

        As a writer do your homework, don’t assume CK7 was a 49er fan as a kid. It’s common knowledge he grew up Packers fan.

    2. That’s why we have snow on the ground, ice on the roads, and a self-caused smog inversion trying to keep warm up here in Reno. Our temps are 10-40 degrees while SF sits at 50-65. You slackers have no idea what cold is until you actually get into it. We laugh at your attempts to drive in snow storms (after we avoid your idiotic crashes for assuming you can do the posted speed limit on ice).

      1. No kidding Angus. Worked outside 2 weeks ago and it was -44 with the windchill. I put Christmas lights up last weekend because it had warmed up to -29. I’ll take what ever weather San Francisco has to offer.

      1. I think Brooks has been the Niners DMVP this season, but I don’t think any one Niner has been consistently excellent enough to be considered for league DPOY. The Niners’ excellence on D this year has truely been a team effort, which included two incredibly gutsy performances (at home vs. Seattle and on the road vs. Saints).

      2. Razor, Mr Willis is not fully recovered from his injury, he just does not appear to have his typical speed to cover the TE and WR like the past years. I hope he gets better every game so our Backers can bring wood when needed

      1. He’s pretty much the same way as far as the animation goes….but he really took to the Niners….he loves it when the game comes on and roots for them for about 5 mins then he’s over it and asking me to put on the Disney channel….

        But I love his enthusiasm….almost makes me tear up…lol

        But yea I’ve had him run a few routes and throw on the run….I got a 1 yr old too…its almost time to get him started too

      2. I don’t know that my four year old boy understands football much yet, but ask him who his favorite football player is, and he’ll tell you it’s “Captain Nick”.

      3. Ah thats awesome Euclidite….

        Yea he still doesn;t understand either….he thinks the niners are supposed to kill the other team….like literally kill them

      4. Yes, WineCountry, the most recent batch of alvin and the chipmunks movies are filmed ‘normally’ and the talking chipmunks are added by computer afterwards. If you look closely, you can tell the actors never quite look right at the chipmunks when they are talking to them. Thanks to the invention of the dvr, parents get to watch these movies over and over again….

    1. If I had a young son I’d chain him to the ground and force him to find a receiver while I charged at him full speed. He’ll learn to read that defense real quick :)

      1. I might try that…thanks Coffee

        I usually just make it fun for him…run around and throw the ball…he loves it….he’s gotta be the most uncoordinated kid ever though….hopefully he’ll grow outta that

      2. Heh it was really more of a jab at my dislike for this “need” for ultra mobile QB’s. I’ll take a QB in a wheelchair if he’s got vision and accuracy.

  3. I watched Kaep for four years at UNR. He was awesome! The only college QB to ever run for 2000 yds AND pass for 2000 yds every year, and he never missed a game.

    If only they would let Kaep be Kaep and set him loose, as they did last year.

      1. I think so too MWNiner. Come playoffs, Kaep will be doing his ‘gazelle’ thing a lot more than in the regular season. Damn, I’m gettin’ excited!!

    1. Agreed Reno,
      But too risky. If CK goes down at this stage of the season we likely won’t sniff the Superbowl.
      Harbaugh is still the QB Whisperer, and he is molding CK to be a successful QB for the next decade and beyond without having to be dependent on his legs.

      Also, I believe that Harbaugh will unleash the kraken once we hit the playoffs. It would not surprise me one bit to see us re-visit the read/option (albeit in small doses) in the playoffs.
      Our offense is hitting its stride (like I said would happen about 6 weeks ago) at the right time.

      Reno, I saw CK play a couple of games at Pittman High in Turlock and saw something special in him back then. And when he singlehandedly abused my Cal Bears while at Reno Nevada, I thought that he could have great success playing on Sunday’s.
      With CK, the best is yet to come!

    2. We REALLY need to go after a good backup QB this offseason. That way we can let Kaepernick play however he wants, knowing that the season won’t be lost if he misses any time due to injury. Like you guys said, I feel like the coaching staff is kind of holding him back this year, over protecting him.

      1. I agree LSX…I hope they go after one in the draft, especially since we have so many draft picks. I really thought BJ Daniels could have been that person, but obviously they didn’t think so. But if he falls McCarron would be great from ‘Bama. But we’ll see.

      2. Leo
        Would you feel comfortable with a young inexperienced QB behing CK? He would still have to go through all the same “learning curve mistakes” and would really be under the gun if he had to come in and perform in a pinch (seing as 2nd QBs only take a handfull of snaps during the week). Not to mention the “good headache to have” if our backup performs while our starter strugles and a QB controversy is brewing (2012 anyone?).
        Id much rather go with a veteran prooven backup a la McCown or Jason Campbel someone
        who wont usurp the starting spot
        won’t need a ton of reps to “develop”
        who could fill in a few games and not crap the bed but not necesarily set the world on fire either
        Who could provide a second set of eyes on the sideline for CK
        Who is solid if unspectacular
        Will keep us in contention but won’t start a QB controversy (because they will have a proven career record of mediocrity the calling card of a good backup QB)

      3. very true BOS…

        I think I meant for more of a developmental project as our 3rd stringer. But you’re right we need that vet for sure. The only thing with a Campbell or McCown with the way they’ve been playing they maybe looking for a team that they can compete for a starting position. Either that or they may want more than we’re willing to pay for a back-up. I’m not really sure what other FAs will be out there next year but would any of them really be much of an upgrade from McCoy?

      4. Leo
        Good point, as a #3 I think McCarron would be perfect, we have seen that a qb who makes good decisions while relying on superior D and run game can win in SF. Im not all that against Colt staying as the backup but he is young enough to still harbor dreams of glory. Give me an old dude on the way out with no illusions of starting (dilfer Carr) someone in their 30s

        1. McCarron probably will get picked in the first or second round.

          The 49ers like drafting injured players. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Niners draft Aaron Murray in the fourth or fifth round.

  4. You all would be proud of me. I live up here in Seahawk country, about an hour from Seattle and I convinced my nephew that his team should be the 49ers, he has sinced followed his uncles advice and when the 9ers beat that Seahawks he was happy to talk trash to his friends. Not bad for a 9 year old. How about a + 1 for a converting one from the enemy?

    1. Well done Dude. I’ve been teaching my three-year old niece to say “Go Niners” to the chagrin of my Chiefs and Cowboys loving relatives. What really frosts them is that she now says it without me having to be there. Her father is a Dolphins fan and hopes to sway her to the mediocre side one day, but it will be hard to do when she has an uncle like me who actually has taste when it comes to picking a team to root for.

    2. Though I love the effort, coming from a father of 2 boys (3 yr old and 1 yr old) I hate it when my in-laws try teaching my 3 yr old to root for either the Cowboys or Raiders….But he’s as die hard as me…i love that kid…Pride and Joy

    3. My 11 year old son IS a bloody Seahawks fan!!! I can’t believe it, nor do I understand how it’s happened….oh the humanity.

      1. This will be good for him, when the Hawks lose , it will show him disappointment and how not to be a sore loser. It will be great experience for the young man. Now when the Niners win, don’t rub it in.

      2. @AngusinCanada – Well, look on the bright side: the Seahawks mascot/logo resembles a thunderbird. Maybe your son will wind up attending – and maybe even playing for – UBC . . .

      3. Bay,
        I live in Ontario. My grandpa was a Giants fan, all my buddies grew up Bills fans, (we got one game on tv back then, and it was for sure either the Giants or the Bills) but I fell in love with Freddie Solomon streaking down the sidelines in 1981 playoffs in bright red. I was 9.
        I’ll convert my young guy yet. I guess this is just his ‘rebellious phase’ coming a bit early…

  5. Unfortunately I’ve never been to Candlestick, but you California guys have it easy. I’ve been to several games in Cincinnati and it’s not fun in the winter. I went to the Bengals/Colts game a couple weeks ago, 16 degrees. That one was a bit rough.

    1. You grew up a 49er fan, Bay Area fan. Was it a place that you always thought, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to go there. I’m going to freeze my butt off’? What kind of place was it for you?

      I can just see Kaep holding his head and reaching for some aspirin after this question.

      Playing baseball be a part of that?

      “I guess could be a little bit.”

      You don’t throw pitches on the run.


      Then why was the question asked?! Paris Hilton is proud of you now. Good grief.

      1. No doubt Kap played more than pitcher when growing up and position players must learn to throw on the run from the first time they play the game. Maybe whoever asked the question wanted Kap to think about the question a little and provide a reasoned response. Please forgive him for trying to do his job and get some serious dialogue and not just one word answers, then “next question”.

  6. I’m going to be at the game Monday, and it’s my first (and last!) time visiting Candlestick Park.

    I’m just barely old enough to remember all five Super Bowls. I followed in my Dad’s footsteps and have been a 49er fan as long as I can remember. Love for this team has always been a bond we’ve shared.

    Throughout my childhood, going to a game was always one of those things I wanted to do, but for various reasons, it never happened. Once I grew up, I moved a couple states away. When planning a visit this holiday, I noted that the last game at the ‘Stick would be during my stay. I made sure to get tickets to the game for my father and I. They’re not great seats, but they’re there. Couldn’t be more excited. Like I said, it’ll be my first. I know Dad has been before, but I think it’s been at least 30 years since the last time.

    So I wanted to ask advice from the community here. Is there anything that I should be sure to see or do on our visit? Any useful advice for someone attending for the first time? Any tips on anything at all (parking, food, etc.) is appreciated. This is my one and only opportunity, and I want to be sure to do Candlestick right. Thanks.

    1. It’s not a great venue, but the ghosts of seasons past definitely roam the grounds. Just enjoy it. I would recommend getting there early, especially with it being the last game. If you are feeling adventurous, head to El Zocolo in the Mission for some papusas, they are the bomb! That is my candlestick game day routine, I will miss it. If you get teary eyed with nostalgia, just go use the restroom and it will wear off quickly when you realize that you are jockeying for space to pee into a trough.

    2. Euclidite, it’s awesome that you are going to the stick for the last game! Since moving to Chicago I have flown to San Frasisco routinely to watch the Niners but unfortunately will not be able to attend this game.

      My suggestion for you is to plan to be at the park at least 2 hours before the game even earlier if you want to Tailgate with friends. Also I would suggest to take a limo or the über black car service to the park so you can enjoy yourself drinking and not worrying about transportation/parking! Ok as far as places to visit with family you can start by going to china beach on sea cliff ave, arrange to eat at any of these resturants( there are so many more!):

      Kokkari Estiatorio, Greek on Jackson St
      San Tung, Chinese on Irving st
      The house, Asion Fusion on Grant Ave
      And one of my favorites Boulevard, American on Misdion st.

      Also I recommend the View lounge located in San Francisco Marriot Marquis Hotel in union square. This place has great views for out of town visitors and your family should enjoy it. I hope you have an amazing experience and drink a few for me as well. Cheers my 49er friend.

      1. Chi -
        kokkari is awesome. Unfortunately it’ll take an act of god to get in there. Usually need reservations three weeks out. One of my wife’s favorites.
        And good suggestion regarding the rooftop bar at the Marriott. Awesome views.

      2. I grew up loving the Cliff House but last time I was there which was about two years ago now it had changed and for me lost a lot of what made it special.

      3. Uber?Scabs.Kokkari…Boulevard,nice bring your pocket book though.El Zocolo or fish tacos at El Metate in the mission ,working class heaven.You wanna high roll it go to Tadich’s Grill maybe walk around North Beach have a pop at Vesuvios go next door to City Lights for some culture daddio. Take a cab(make sure its Desoto) to the Stick, dress warm be cool pay homage to the greats who played and play there!Go Niners.

    3. @ Euclidite,
      everyone has their “Stick” tradition. I suggest you take in the staple items that the Stick has to offer for your last and only time there.

      If you are driving from the South Bay, you’ll hit the car line at the Candlestick exit. Scan the view to your right. You’ll see the bay and in the back drop, you’ll see the Stick and the silhouette of the Bay View Hill right behind it . ( That hill was the ONLY thing that blocked the wind at that park lol )Remember that view more than anything else.

      My suggestion is to park in the Corporate building lot on your left immediately after you get off of the 101 freeway. Don’t freak out, the Niners are going to bend you over on this night. Parking is $50 bucks. But, you’ll get some good tailgating in, and when you leave, you have almost immediate access back onto the freeway.

      After you tailgate for a while, I suggest you grab a beer and walk to the main lot. Mingle with the fans there. There is where you will see the most elaborate tailgate setups. Beer pong, music blaring, dads tossing footballs with their sons, bean bag toss, hot girls proudly sporting their red and gold. ( and that’s just at MD’s tailgate lol ) Stand there and soak it in. Then, enter the stadium. But enter it from the tall escalator on the east side. ( before you get on the escalator, buy a program ) As you get on the escalator, turn and face the lot. Take in the view of the massive amounts of cars. Take a picture of that, it’s an awesome view. Close your eyes for a second, and take in the roar of the Niner fan crowd. Remember those things. They are the most simple, but what I will miss and remember most.

      When you get into the stadium, unfortunately the Stick does not have a “signature” dish. Unless you want to do the garlic fries lol. If you do want to see a treat, go pay the $20 bucks to get into the stadium club. Take your camera and take pictures of the photo’s hanging on the wall in that joint. Sweet vintage action shots of players from the 80′s and 90′s mostly.

      Lastly, go watch the game. And remember, when the Niners get a first down, do the Gladiator chant. Hoooo, Hoooo, Hoooo. You’ll hear it soon enough. Have fun man…..

      1. Great stuff Bay!
        I’ve only ever been to one game at the Stick – about 10 years ago or so. The drive from Ontario’s a bit of a killer :)

        Bring on the damn playoffs now!

      2. Great tips on enjoying a day/night at the stick, Bay, especially the part about watching the game. It may sound basic, but I bet a lot of people forget that part of the experience.

    4. Get there early. If your not Tailgaiting take the T Line (muni rail) on 3rd Street and get off on Jamestown (Sticks actual address) Thats where the Buses and some ex players will be driving in from! And you get an amazing view of the bay and the stick. Trust me and get there early and take pics. Actually do this if you tailgate or not.

  7. Yesterday on Eastern Sports Promotional Network some ex-players shared their memories about playing at The Stick. I think it was Damien Woody who said he was 0-4 there. They all talked about how the place could feel “electric” for a big game. When the crowd gets worked up, it does. I hope its like that Monday night. I remember Al Michaels coming on air before a big MNF game and said something like “We’ve got about an 8.4 Magnitude Crowd tonight!”
    Yesterday Schlereth recounted being at the edge of the tunnel and feeling the energy in the place. It was the game where they retired Joe Montana’s jersey number, AND Jerry Rice returning from injury. Mark said he turned to one of his teammates and said ‘I do believe we’re going to get our asses kicked tonight.’ He said, yup, that’s how it turned out.
    Go Niners! Go Faithful!

    1. BT ..

      I never attended a Niners game at The Stick
      where the atmosphere wasn’t
      electric .. although, it does bring to mind the
      Randy Cross “white-wine” incident …

      Grant ..
      in the run up to the final game ..it would
      be interesting for you to do a piece recounting
      your first trip to Candlestick ..

    2. I was thinking how retiring the Stick could be the edge that sends this Niner team forward past all obstacles.
      There’s so much history to the Niners and Candlestick personifies championships, excellence. Despite all the flaws of this team, they can overcome all with the will and heart of the champion.
      Seattle’s Century Link is not a field of champions. They need a juiced up crowd, and players, to win. At the Stick, it was the players, the legends, the greats.

      The Falcons are toast. This game will be over fast and Niners beat them in all phases.

      1. Agree, fan ..

        The only thing that will beat the Niners ..
        is over-confidence .. but I don’t see that
        happening ..

        Kaep will throw 5 TDs in this one ..

        2- Crabs
        1- Vernon
        1-Boldin .. and

        Plus .. Eric Reid recovers a fumble
        caused by either Brock or Whitner…
        .. and takes it to the house ..

        Final = 49 -13

  8. I actually like that he plays it Smart when speaking to the media, Short and to the point answers because the media at times can be jerks. Niners all Day!!!

    1. Well done. I think it would be wise to establish Boobie as a threat to run the ball from the fullback position. Wrathman knows those plays.

    2. Jack, enjoyed reading your column, by the way, how many times do you see a starter get hurt and the next guy up, does the job just as well as the starter, except for Crabtree, because Baldwin and Kyle Williams sucked, I believe Dixon will be fine, and of course the extra incentive is that he is playing for a new team and a big contract next season , and that always seems to boost their performances.

    3. Another job well done Jack. One choice that I noticed wasn’t there was Vernon Davis. Is he an option or do you think the team will try to steer clear of that option?

      1. I am interested to know if Vance M was a Trent pick or a Jim H choice? Also why he is not getting more opportunities? Is it due to his lack experience, poor blocking, poor route running, toughness or just coaches don’t have confidence in him?

      2. I think that it has more to do with the fact that he is very raw at the moment. Remember, though he was listed as TE in college, he hardly ever played like one. I think it will be another year or two before we know what McDonald is truly capable of doing.

      3. Thanks MidWest.

        I don’t think they will put him in the backfield to lead in the run game. Their favorite groups are 22 and 21. In 22 they like to get Davis matched up one on one with a safety or corner, he is rarely the inline man. In 21 they will move him around, sometimes he’s inline, sometimes he’s the slot, etc.

    4. Jack,
      since you’ve charted plays, I have a question. Have the 49ers thrown any back side screens to the tight end?
      In high school, we had plays that set a team up for that particular play late in games. Always went for big gainers.

      1. Bay,

        Backside screens to the TE, no. They did run that fake everything one way throw back to the TE the other way against Seattle if you recall, but that isn’t a screen.

      2. To VD. Yeah I don’t like that play. Throws gotta be perfect or it can get picked…. But it worked against Seattle….
        I think the backside screen to Celek would work.

  9. Hey what do you guys think about Kawakami’s latest opinion piece about the Harbaugh contract saga? He makes it sound like there is more “unrest” in the building because Harbaugh is prickly and moody with everyone not including the players and assistant coaches.


    I personally think TK and others are trying to start a fire that isn’t really there. Besides, didn’t Walsh/McVay/Eddie D all have their blowups and yet Walsh won SBs and was coach for 10 seasons?

    1. Very well written! Frankly this article makes me like Jim Harabugh even more. He is in the business of winning football games and motivating players to leave it all on the field. As long as we keep winning I could care less about how Jim H interacts with the media.

    2. This article doesn’t surprise me or annoy me at all. There isn’t too much I’d disagree with based on my impressions of JH, and TK has been around him a lot more than most of us.
      If I had to work with him in the building as a non-coach, I’d always be ready to remind him every time he got prickly “Yeah, we’re on the same team Coach.” Then shrug and smile and move along because he’s not going to change. But I’d keep reminding him whether I was Jed or just a guy on the maintenance staff. Who likes a constant sourpuss?

      1. I don’t think he is necessarily a sour puss, he is just not political! If he is irritate with you then will know and if he is having fun you will know as well. In some ways I would prefer to deal with people that are direct and do not smile in your face and then try to back stab you when they get a chance!

      2. Agreed, Chicago. Life is too short to not be direct, but work is too relentless to always be combative. I’ve worked for that personality; gets old. Maybe with Jim it’s about who drinks the koolaid (players and coaches) and then there’s the rest of the world.

      3. Tuna good point about life is too short! I guess is easy for me to not care about Jim H’s emotional intelligence since I don’t have to deal with him personally:)

  10. I really despise Kawakami opinions, he is a drama queen wussy. Don’t get me started when he discusses the Sharks, he knows nothing about hockey.

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