Kaepernick on his progress


Colin Kaepernick spoke to a group of media members again today.

He answered questions about his progress picking up the offense, and he answered them with the same winning smile he’s had all of training camp. It’s a smile that just won’t quit.

Here are selected quotes from that interview. Enjoy.

Q: What’s it been like transitioning from the pistol to this pro-style offense?

KAEPERNICK: It’s more just picking up on the terms than anything, and getting comfortable with the progressions. It’s similar stuff that we did in college just called something different and we go through progressions a little bit differently, so it hasn’t been too bad.

Q: You’ve earned a lot of high praise from teammates and coaches. How does that feel?

KAEPERNICK: That’s great to hear. As a rookie coming in you really just want to work hard and show everybody that you’re here to play and be successful and I think when you do that your  teammates will start to respect you and from there you can really start to try to take on a leadership role.

Q: After four practices do you feel like your closer to making your goal of starting in the NFL a reality?

KAEPERNICK: Definitely. Once you get into an offense and you start picking up on plays, you get more confidence about what you’d be able to do on the field. There’s still a lot more I have to learn, there’s a lot more I have to do out here to get to that spot, but I think I’ve made pretty good progress the first few days.

Q: Are there things you see as obstacles that you’re trying to get past right now?

KAEPERNICK: Not so much, I think it’s more just getting comfortable with the progressions. A couple of those picks were roll-outs, just getting used to the flow. Typically in college you don’t have a safety running underneath the drag route when you roll out. It’s just getting your eyes trained for things like that, and don’t let it happen again once it does happen.

Q: Is the speed of the game tough?

KAEPERNICK: I wouldn’t say it’s so much the speed. It’s just not thinking about things. I think once you start thinking about things when you’re at the line, you slow down so the game seems faster. Once you get the offense down and you stop thinking you just go out there and play. Everything goes back to normal speed.

Q: How much are you thinking?

KAEPERNICK: Right now I’m a lot more comfortable than I was day 1. When I get to the line right now I feel comfortable with everything that’s going on, so I’m not thinking too much once I get up there.


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