Kaepernick on Jenkins: “He has looked good. We expect more, though. We need him to step up.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the 49ers’ media tent Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said, courtesy of the 49ers.


Since WR A.J. Jenkins came back from his hamstring injury he’s been quite active, he looked pretty good these last two practices. Has that been your impression of what you’ve seen from him?

“Yeah he has looked good. We expect more though. We need him to step up.”


We were just talking to WR Anquan Boldin about the concept of chemistry with quarterbacks and receivers. Is that overrated as far as you’re concerned or is it something that you have to truly develop in camp and as you play together a little bit?

“I think that’s the most important thing. If a receiver and the quarterback aren’t on the same page, there’s really no play you can draw up that’s going to work out well.”


Having said that, with him being kind of the veteran guy around camp with WR Michael Crabtree down, how important it is for the two of you to develop chemistry and how is that going?

“I think it’s going great. He makes it very easy on quarterbacks.”


How so?

“He’s a savvy guy. He’s played in a lot of games. He knows what the defense is doing. He knows where the weak spots in the defense are and where he wants to get to.”


How has he helped you grow as a quarterback?

“He helps me see things more from his perspective as a receiver, what they’re looking at, what they need from a quarterback to help them be successful.”


We see your car is always in the first spot in the parking lot. Who are you battling every morning to get here first? Who else is here when you’re working out?

“I don’t battle anybody, I’m here.”


Who are the other guys in early?

“We have a lot of players here early, a lot of players that are here to work. So, I’m not going to single anybody out and say they’re here early or not.”


The offense last year got a lot better when you took over at the quarterback spot. This year, TE Vance McDonald came in. How does having a large target like him that can move so well help you out in the red zone?

“Well, he has big shoes to fill with [TE] Delanie [Walker] leaving. So, he’s someone we need to step up quick as well. And we need him to be able to make plays for us not only in the red zone but in the field.”


How excited are you to get back to Candlestick? When you think about the last time you were there the Green Bay game.

“I’m just happy to get back on the field. Practicing against our defense is great, but I’m ready to play somebody.”


WR Kyle Williams is back, he’s a very explosive player. Do you feel that he can be that matchup nightmare from the slot like WR Victor Cruz or WR Randall Cobb?

“I think he has the talent to be that guy. He’s someone that the more he works the better he’s getting. The more he’s on the field the more comfortable everybody is with him. So, we need him to step up and make plays, and be a little bit of that x-factor for us.”


The other guy in the equation is TE Vernon Davis. How is Vernon different than other tight ends with the things he brings to the table?

“I think everybody knows why Vernon is different. He’s a matchup nightmare, he’s a physical freak. You can do just about anything with him.”


What’s been the biggest difference from these two weeks coming in as the unquestioned starter of this team and growing into a leadership role?

“Nothing. For me it’s work. I’m here to work. I’m here to get better. I’m here to make sure I’m ready to play.”


Is your approach to Thursday’s game any different as the starter?



Have you ever met QB Peyton Manning before?



When was that?

“Going into my senior season in college.”


What was the occasion?

“The Manning Passing Academy.”


Did he have any words to share with you, anything you remember him saying?

“He shared a lot of different things with all of the quarterbacks that were there.”


Anything he said to you that stuck with you?

“Just tips, on the field, off the field, how he prepared for games.”


What ones are you using to this day?

“All of them.”

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  1. “…We need him to step up…”

    I love, the dude (AJJ) is on notice. Crabs went down, others went down… they brought in 2 vets. Patten has a finger issue…. dude the job is your step up or step out. I don’t care if you are the #2, #3, #4 WR just contribute and make yourself a contributing team member.

    Go Niners!!!

  2. When Kaepernick speaks I can almost see Harbaugh’s lips move…
    Seriously, I hear he’s a smart, friendly guy. I hope down the road he relaxes and opens up a bit during interviews.

    I’m a big AJ supporter shortly after he drafted. Loved his smoothness and natural way he snatches the ball out of the air without seeming to strain or slow down. He has to show it this year. If not I’ll admit I was way too optimistic and cut bait.

    1. I was a fan of AJ in the 2012 draft too (though admittedly I had hoped the 49ers would look at him late in the 2nd round – taking him in the first was quite the surprise). Unfortunately to this point his limitations have outweighed his good attributes. I will be very interested to hear whether he is able to keep up his momentum from the past couple of practices.

      1. It only took seven minutes for Officer Hammer to seize an opportunity to take a crack at Jenkins. I look forward to his performance Thursday evening.

      1. Tarzan what’s your deal? You have a problem with anything that is written, reported or commented on. You want attention, join your local YWCA an zip it clown!

      2. The Falcons are one of the best teams in the NFC and are expected to again contend for the Super Bowl. Losing their starting RT is newsworthy as it may help the 49ers.

      3. E
        What is the difference between reporting Bulaga and reporting Johnson? Not loaded question, just wondering.

      4. Jack
        Gotcha. Thanks.

        Bulaga will be out in the first game, which means Aldon will lead the league in sacks after Week 1 with 5.0.

      5. Yeah, baby. And if they shift the protection towards the Smith Brothers, (I would), the other side needs to dominate. I bet the Pack come with a bunch of screens to their new RBs. Jordy Nelson also might not be ready by Game#1.
        (Since you’re one to critique illiterations, I apologize for beginning a sentence with ‘And’)

  3. Had a couple of questions….the last 2 days AJ was having good days against the scout team not the ones? One more….Nnamdi has looked good going against the 2s? Has he worked against Boldin or Vernon Davis? Thanks, sorry if its off topic

  4. Andrew Luck attended the Manning Passing Academy with Kaep. When Luck returned to Stanford in Fall, Harbaugh asked him which QB most impressed Luck at teh camp. The answer was Kaep.

  5. I love the interview…however, Harbaugh has create a monster (Kaep) that’s prepared for a feeding frenzy. If people thought Harbaugh was cold with short answers, man they must think Kaep is an ice cold jerk! He won’t even indulge them with the slightest information. If Kaep is this focused, sharp and abrasive on the field this year, I’m ecstatic for us a scared for the other teams.

  6. Where’s NinerMD?? Certainly you’ve been putting words in CK7′s mouth with your blog’s bias against AJ, Grant, in the same way that you haunt AJ’s psyche making him drop balls and pull hamstrings. I’m sure that by the start of training camp your obvious bias will have turned all of the Niner Nation against AJ dooming him to failure.

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