Kaepernick on Manningham: “It’s not going to take much time for him to get back up to speed.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


What’s it like having WR Michael Crabtree back on the field and WR Mario Manningham active and some reinforcements coming in?

“Always good to have the receivers back out there.”


How are they both looking at this point?

“Look like themselves.”


What did you do with your time off?



Did it feel good, a little mental rest or?

“Rest is always good. Back to work now.”


What does it say about Crabtree and how he’s worked himself back to be in the position to play maybe sometime this month?

“He’s always been a worker. He’s going to make sure he’s ready to play. He’s going to do everything he can to try and contribute.”


Were you able to throw to him at all during his rehab when he started running after practice or did the two of you, were you able to work together at all?

“No, we were focusing on winning games with the receivers we had out there.”


I didn’t know if after practice you guys just did extra work.



How well did you get to know Panthers QB Cam Newton during the draft process a couple years ago?

“Roomed with him at the combine. Spent those few days with him, but other than that, I haven’t been able to talk to him too much.”


Did you get competitive at all with the other quarterbacks just as far as the combine itself and who was going to run faster or throw the ball farther, stuff like that? 

“Everything’s a competition from being at the combine to being at practice to being in a game. Everything’s a competition.”


Was it good natured between you and Cam throughout that week?



Do you still keep in touch?

“No, I haven’t talked to him since.”


What were some of the memories from sharing a room with him?

“He’s a good guy. I think how people look at him is different than how he really is.”


Do you see your game as similar to his? There’s so many comparisons between you two because of running ability, ability to throw hard, make things happen. Do you see your game as similar as others do?

“I think we have similar attributes but I think we’re both two different players. I think we’re both just trying to do the best we can to put our team in a good situation.”


What’s the biggest difference you see?

“I’m going to leave that for your guys’ judgment.”


Are you full go with Mario, meaning I know he’s been back at practice, we really don’t know how much he’s been able to practice though. Have you gotten all the time with him that you feel you need?

“Mario, he’s a receiver that’s easy to throw to. So, it’s not going to take much time for him to get back up to speed.”


But he’s not up to speed yet, you think?

“You’re going to have to ask him that.”


When you say those two are back to being themselves, what do you mean specifically?

“They’re out there working like they always have been. They’re out there doing what they can.”


Has Crabtree amazed you at all with the way he’s come back from this thing?

“I wouldn’t say he’s amazed me because I know him and this is an expectation for him.”


How good is it coming off the bye facing a team that’s going to give you guys a little more competition than what you faced over there in London?

“It’s a competition every week. It really doesn’t matter who you’re playing, you have to go out and perform your best.”


Do you feel coming off the bye that you guys are just kind of itching ready for a challenge? I know you say it’s a competition every week, but to have a team that’s just really going to challenge you?

“Every week is a challenge, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing.”


So no team in the NFL is more challenging than the other?

“More challenging? Yes, but every week is a challenge.”


In terms of the stats or rankings, you guys are ranked 1st with the rushing offense, you’re ranked last in terms of passing yards. Does that concern you? Does that bother you being 32nd in the pass?

“No, we’re winning games. There’s teams ahead of us that are obviously doing better in the passing game that aren’t where we’re at record-wise. So, that’s what we care about is wins.”


What type of challenges does the Carolina defense pose you guys?

“Very physical. Very fast. Very disciplined. They’re a great all-around defense.”

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    1. Not surprising. It’s like trying to interview Jim but with shorter answers and little or no sense of humor. Neither of them want to give anything to the competition

      1. I agree it’s getting to be a really boring interveiw and conversation with Kap…and clearly he’s been coached from day 1 what to say and not to say, but it really is terrible! I suppose I understand, but even Joe said more back in the day. Steve had candor and still does, hell, Garcia is pretty talkative these days….but Kap ain’t say Jack!

    2. I think as Kaep’s game improves & more refined as his career goes he’ll be…shall I say…more tolerant & more comfortable with expanded answers.

      Besides in my opinion that’s not my top priority for #7 right now, it’s his production on the field come Sundays.

  1. Love that CK sat front and center in Jim Harbaugh’ “How to respond to media questions” 101.

    Class Session #1.
    Give a short and direct answer.

    Class Session #2.
    Be courteous but do not engage.

    Seems to work every time (lol).

    1. Sounds exactly right. Harbaugh seems to be from the Bill Walsh school of teaching players that the media only wants to tear them down and to never trust a member of the media. Only use them when you want to get your message out. Harbaugh has now passed that distrust of the media down to CK.

  2. James looked awfully shaky in fielding punts before Williams took over. Cox may be a better punt returner. LMJ showed well in kickoff returns last season. Potentially much more explosive than Dixon. Aloha from Honolulu Paul.

  3. Above he says “rest is always good”, but last June he said “”If your body never knows rest, then it never craves it.”

      1. Welcome to America. Heard this story this morning. It was planned for 7 weeks and not one parent said anything till the last week. And that’s not a sure thing. My coach would have done the same if Hooters was in California back then. Lol

      2. I took my team to Hooters and they were 13 and 14′s. I actually promised it at the beginning of our season and it was the parents that reminded me of the promise later on. They were on board.
        The boys loved the idea of it. It ended up being fun. World class wings baby…

      3. That’s just ridiculous. It’s a restaurant for crimany’s sake. I took my son to Hooters for his 13th b-day. He had a blast. The girls took their picture with him, and gave him a “Hooter Girls Dig Me” t-shirt. Hilarious. He even wore it to school. Not one teacher made a comment.

      4. >>Welcome to America.

        You mean the America where parents have the say- so as to whether their pre-teen kids will be subjected to overt-sexualization by some pervy coach? That America?

    1. I can understand why some are upset but the bottom line is the coach should have known better. Just because it sounds like an awesome idea to some doesn’t mean that it does for everyone. If one of the kids parents had a problem with it then the coach needed to do the right thing and change it. In this situation it sounds like more then just one set of parents had a problem with it and the Coach made it even worse by standing his ground. Going to one restaurant versus another shouldn’t make a difference for the occasion.

      The coach made a poor choice. I guarantee 6 months from now if someone asks him about it he’ll say he regrets the decision he made.

      1. Yep CFC, poor decision. I love me some wings, and breasts for that matter [real only!!!] but I’ll never step foot inside a Hooters, exhibit A is the pic Crab posted, gross fake ass biotches with a NASCAR flair.

      2. >>Pee-Cee wins again…

        PC??? What is it about parental consent and supervision you guys are not getting?

        The PC-crying crowd loves to go on about lax parenting and all that other crap, and here’s an instance where the parents (or at least some level-headed parents) said no thanks, and you guys are crapping on them? Well done.

      3. Coffee i hope you are right, i hope the coach regrets his decision in 6 months but i would’nt bet on it, he sounds like a real bone head. I have known literally hundreds of coaches over the years and all of us at least a few times a year take players to a restaurant and not once have i heard of a coach taking his players to a Hooters or a restaurant like that. sounds like a real dumb ass to me.

      4. >>not once have i heard of a coach taking his players to a Hooters or a restaurant like that

        And considering some of his players were in the 3rd f-ing grade???

        That guy should be kept far away from children. I’m not casting any pedophile aspersions, but someone with that stunning lack of judgement should no way be responsible for the safety and welfare of children in a contact sport.

      5. I don’t think it is right to have a school function at a place like hooters, but to call either the coach’s or his players interest in attractive women a pervsion is kind of extreme. The waitresses there aren’t dressed any more provocatively than NFL cheerleaders and nobody is getting all worked up about them.

      6. 7 X 7,
        you have to be patient with some of these guys. Some of these guys in the room are uptight and it shows through. My dad would probably side with them, it’s generational.
        In the big scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. Especially if the parents are on board. Old Coach, agree or disagree, you don’t have to attack.

  4. Here’s what I think is the biggest take from this interview:
    “Mario, he’s a receiver that’s easy to throw to. So, it’s not going to take much time for him to get back up to speed.”

  5. Go OREGON!!! You played like —- against the hapless Bruins, its going to take a strong effort to stifle a smart physical Stanford team.

    1. Undercenter i’ll be there tonight. I’m not sure who to root for, i’m a bayarea guy but i would love to see a national championship game without a no academic standards SEC team and the best chance for that is an undefeated ORE, Baylor and Ohio st.

      1. That’s great Coach I wish I could be there also. I lived most of my life in the bay area, Fremont to be exact. Should be a great game.

      2. Don’t kid yourself old coach, the west coast schools relax their admission standards for football just like the SEC schools relax their admission standards. The west coast kids can probably spell their own names a little better than many of the kids at Alabama or Georgia but it’s not far off. Have you ever heard Marshawn Lynch speak? Where did he go to school again?

      3. Houston you are correct all schools even Stanford [recently] have 1 standard for general student entrance and another for athletes but the difference between the 2 is much larger in the SEC [other than Vanderbilt] Many if not all of the SEC teams use prop 48 as there standards for football players entrance that is 2.00 gpa and 800 on the SAT’s. This is the reason Saban probably wo’nt take the Texas job. The money at U.T. will be millions more than Bama but UT’s academic entrance standars are so much higher than Alabama’s he could’nt recruit approx 30% of the players that are currently on the Bama roster. I recieved this info from a close friend who was a scholarship athlete at a SEC school and went on to be an asst. AD at a SEC school.

      4. I don’t disagree with you. I have many friends involved in college football to varying degrees, 2 of whom have actually been on Saban’s staff at Bama. The admission standards are laughable at many schools including SEC schools. I’m just saying your comment was a bit one-sided. California schools give preferential admission treatment to foreign students willing to pay full freight, student athletes -primarily football players, and one other group. The admission standards may not be as lax as they are at Bama but they are ridiculously low even at places like Cal and Stanford. Once you’re in the school, there are plenty of blow off classes that football players are encouraged to take to insure eligibility. That’s how college football works across the country and it is no different at Bama, Ohio St, Stanford, Cal, USC, or UCLA. It just seems like you were playing into a stereotype that quite frankly is true but it’s true for everyone and not just a few schools.

  6. I’ve given much thought to the Hofer bashing that went on yesterday. I liked Hofer he was one of the posters here who i could talk with about the pre Walsh 49ers. I did’nt agree with him on about 50% of his opinions regarding A.S. but always enjoyed our exchanges. What bothered me about the hate spewed toward him is i never read anything from him saying he was leaving the blog [i may have missed that] one day he just disappeared. I hope it was’nt health related IE a massive stroke or he just up and died. Know that if i plan on leaving the blog i will announce it, if i just disappear know i’m either really sick or i’ve stopped breathing so have a bourbon on me. Remember we do’nt know each other by our real names and anyone of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow and hopefully our blog mates would’nt call us names after we are gone.

    1. Old Coach,
      absolutely agree with you. I don’t think anyone on this blog is so callus that we wish bad things to happen to Hofer.
      You are thinking way too deeply about it. On the surface Hofer portrayed himself as a die hard Niner fan. However he was over the top in his love and support for #11. King of the Alexcuses IMO.

      It just comes across as strange for those of us that have been here a while that the first full season after we moved on from AS, that Hofer disappears. So it’s it’s health related, I’d be the first to wish him well and to apologize. BUT, if it’s not health related, then he comes across as the biggest phoney on the blog. Remember how many times he was asked point blank if he was related to Alex and he refused to answer?

      I have an idea, Grant you have his email. Why don’t you check in on him.

      1. OK, Bay, let me disagree on a couple of points. Like Coach I enjoyed Hofe even when we didn’t agree.
        1/I think it is a mistake to read motives into his absence without any knowledge. I see the circumstantial clues that you link together, but you’re doing it without any evidence whatsoever. You and I know as much about what he’s thinking as we do about Incognito’s and Martin’s thinking; pretty much nothing.
        2/ What if it is sour grapes and Alex-love as you state; isn’t it better that he moved on to go root for his guy than hang around here whining and pining? I think so. Plenty of stalwarts from this blog have moved on; Andrew from Rishikish, Stampede, etc. Do we need to assign devious conspiracies to their absence, or did they just get tired of our sh*#? : >)
        PS: He also gave me much better wine recommendations than you ever have!

      2. >>However he was over the top in his love and support for #11. King of the Alexcuses IMO.

        And that is contrary to being a die hard Niner fan how?

      3. Look it’s one thing to be like Grant and completely ignore facts and common sense and continue to say the Cowgirls are actually a good team but Hofe wasn’t exactly alone in his support of Alex and frankly if you asked me he was far from one of the biggest excuse makers. I thought DS was the one we couldn’t understand because he was always trying to talk with Smith’s junk in his mouth.

      4. Has anyone asked Grant if he’s simply posting under a different name instead? He can match up ip’s i’m sure.

      5. HoferFan was a legend in here. He was a top blogger even though he sniffed Alex’s jock and said Crabtree would be a bust.
        First, a tree actually fell on Hofers house. Then Alex was traded so Hofe abandoned the blog and vanished into the night (disgusting deadbeat behavior). However, I would hope that Grant would put a shoutout to Hofer….just like he did to 9erGirl.
        Come back Hofer…..”All arrows up!”

      6. Well, if we’re going to speculate baselessly as to other people’s motives (hat tip to Brotha), let’s consider the possibility that Hofer left because he got fed up with the unending b/s and lack of respect coming from jordan, bay and, to a lesser extent, ninermd. Hofer dared to have a different opinion on Alex Smith, he refused to accept their fictions and opinions masquerading as facts, and they tore into him. They relentlessly attacked him, questioning his football intelligence, his emotional maturity and even his fandom (bay is still doing that today). And once Harbaugh elevated Kaepernick and it became clear that the 49ers were going to trade Smith, the 3 Amigos kicked it up into another gear.

        So, maybe Hofer just got tired of all that b/s and found a place where he wouldn’t have to put up with it on such a regular basis.

        And while we’re riding the baseless speculation train, please allow me to switch to another track. Maybe bay keeps asking about Hofer because he feels a little guilty about the way he treated him.

      7. Coffee,
        The talking with junk in the mouth bit was funny because it’s true. I was drinking my coffee and started laughing. My wife asked me what was so funny. “Nothing….nothing.” She knew it was something inappropriate, lol. Boys will be boys. Hofer was a good guy, but he was a die hard Smither. He would strive for balance with his comments, but ultimately the wheels would fall off every so often. I hope he is doing well.

      8. You guys are jumping to way too many conclusions on Hofe’s extended absence. Perhaps he’s just trying to sign up for Obamacare so his computer has been tied up… for a month.

      9. @Bay

        You just don’t get it, do you? Even in agreement, you keep trying to paste crap on anyone who disagrees with you. I liked Hofer, probably because I mostly agreed with his opinions…I too am an Alex Smith fan, and I think that all of us are going to regret ‘offing’ him the way Harbaugh did. I hope you are well Hofer….

      10. Claude HOF was tougher than nails when taking hits in this blog. Me and hoff over a 7 year span saw eye to eye and didn’t at other times. No way he was “tired” of the trash talk and told you so’s. he was here when Smith deserved every ounce of bashing for his play. The bad years. But he held his ground with class, unlike onelame who blew his top daily until MM booted him twice. That’s why I’m calling him the biggest loser on this blogs history. Fronted like a 49er fan and bailed when smith was traded. We can all predict why he left, but we’ve all been through health discussions with us and family. He never stated he was sick, and getting hit by a bus is a little more far fetched than him being related to smith and bouncing out with him.

      11. >>him being related to smith and bouncing out with him.

        Unlikely as HoferFan was here long after Hofer left the team.

        Another well-regarded poster no longer (or rarely) here is Adam. He probably left for more intelligent venues as well.

      12. Adam wasn’t here as long as hoff was. Everyday back in the day you could count on hoff posting something on here. I know most want to protect the guy because he had class when posting and often tried to make peace, but it doesn’t take an investigator to see he left when smith did and started when smith did. Hmmm what are the odds? Hoff was a fraud. Nothing more. I’ve been here long enough to know what Hoff was like.

      13. Ah Claude Armand,
        so cute that you make it seem like there are three amigos. The room was filled with folks that were happy to make the switch from Smith. Deal with it. Myself, Jordan, MD, 49ergirl, BigP, Tim, Nick Row and Neal off the top of my head.
        As for you Oregon what’s your deal? I don’t even get what you are trying to say.

        “Even in agreement, you keep trying to paste crap on anyone who disagrees with you.”

        Start by writing with more clarity please. As for Hofer, yeah decent dude. But his nose was so far up 11 rear that you could write a couple of comedic blog articles just on the depth of his love for old blue eyes…. On DS was more pathetic.

      14. Niner md i could tell by talking 9er history with Hofer that he was a long time 9er fan [hell his screen name tells the story] i do’nt know when he came to the blog or for that matter when he left but i will go out on a limb and tell you he was a long time 9er fan.

      15. >>KC’ fans are not very intelligent

        Not sure which is less intelligent. Cheering for your QB’s injury or chanting for Carr.

      16. Coach….. I know football fans that know a lot about the 49ers also. And it’s not their team. Doesn’t make them a fan because they know history of a team. He split when Smith did. And anyone who knew hoff knew it was always about Alex Smith. He was the front runner of the Alex smith bandwagon. If you said the slightest negative thing about smiths play, hoff was there to make an excuse EVERYTIME. Hey I hope the guy isn’t sick or dead, but two and two equals 4. A little to convient for him to leave after all the years on here after Smith was traded.

      17. Oregon,
        “I too am an Alex Smith fan, and I think that all of us are going to regret ‘offing’ him the way Harbaugh did.”

        Lol, really? He wasn’t disrespected, he was replaced by a better player with more potential. That’s part of football. I like Alex Smith, but give me a break. He isn’t a victim, the team paid him a ton of money during his tenure with the team. He was paid as the #1 overall pick but never produced like one. Some of that isn’t his fault, but he was a bad QB until Harbaugh came along. Harbaugh minimized Smith’s weaknesses and improved his game. It was Harbaugh who gave Smith his template for success, built his confidence back up and supported him unconditionally. Smith now has an opportunity to succeed in K.C. under similar conditions. Good for him, but stop painting him as a victim, he isn’t one. He is a much better football player because of Harbaugh, and the Niners are a much better team because of Harbaugh.

      18. Adam was “well-regarded?” Wow, that’s news to me. Wasn’t he the guy who invented the Alexcuse? Wasn’t he the guy who tried to prove through statistical analysis that Alex Smith was the most accurate passer in the NFL? It was always the line didn’t block for him or the receivers were never good enough. Adam was certainly great at pulling obscure stats but he was horrible at being objective. It’s great to say the 9ers drop alot of passes or the QB doesn’t have enough time but you can’t ignore the fact that Alex Smith and David Carr had eerily similar stats through the first 8 years of their careers. One you consider a bust and the other is “the most accurate passer in the NFL.” I’m sure Adam was a nice enough person but if his posts were “well regarded” I need to rethink the company I keep.

      19. md, your posting history is indicative of a mindset that precludes any subtlety, awareness or acumen. You are the last person to be making judgements over why anyone would leave here.

      20. Big P you come off as a football know it all. None of your other cronies could answer this but maybe you can.
        Greatness is defined by players making other players around them better. Who in your mind has CK made a better, more productive player this year?

        (Note, not Q or VD, those players are already established)

      21. Rib…… Yawn. You’ll never be a true Faithful. You know it, that’s why you continue to use the “real fan” quotes. Really hit home didn’t it #11? Lol you’re a Claude flunky. His coat tails are all you have here. Have a great day “real fan” lol

      22. lol. wow md, are you really that unawares?

        The “air quotes” around the term “real fan” is used to indicate my utter and complete contempt towards the ignoramuses that bandy it about. Like yourself. Got it?

      23. Big P everything you posted about Smith was totally true. I’m also a fan of Alex Smith the man but there is absolutley no reason to feel sorry for him. Harbaugh saved his career, he made a ton of money while he was with the 49ers and the 9ers traded him to a team where he plays for the only undefeated team in the NFL. Feel sorry for Alex Smith? hell no, envy him a little maybe. I love CK and have since his college years but i will always have a soft spot for A.S. Joe Montana gave us 4 super bowls but my favorite 49er will always be John Brodie. Go figure.

      24. To which “facts” are you referring, ribs? Adam was trying to turn Alex Smith, with a career comp % less than 60%, into the most accurate passer in the NFL based on # of drops, catchable balls not caught, and time to throw. IMHO, that is simply ridiculous. Every QB deals with every one of those things and they do it better than Smith. You can spot an accurate passer just by watching the games. If you need stats then look at actual production instead of stats that offer excuses as to lack of production. Alex Smith never was and never will be a highly accurate passer. I don’t need a stat to tell me that “FACT.”

      25. Houston accuracy is a great measure in which to evaluate a QB but really, too many subjective factors in play to get an accurate reading.
        I think the best way to evaluate a QB is like Prime Time said, making others around them better, more effective players.
        Brady does this with nobody’s every year. Drew Brees has made Colston and Lance Moore and Meachem into quality NFL receivers.
        Aaron Rodgers has made Jordy Nelson into a legit threat. This and wins should be the only measure of a productive QB

      26. >>you can’t ignore the fact that Alex Smith and David Carr had eerily similar stats through the first 8 years of their careers

        You keep saying that, Houston. What, in your opinion, is it that has made AS a starter throughout these years, the QB with the best W-L record in the league the last 3, while Carr has actually had the career the Jordo keeps predicting for Smith. Carr is now out of the league and Smith is sitting at 9-0. Does Alex have the incriminating photos of the coaching staffs where he plays or what?

      27. Prime. He made Crabtree a whole lot better last season. He’s made the offense better for his running abilitys alone. Ck is the best qb we’ve had here since SY. And he’s only played 17 games? Give him some time. I know you wished him bad luck in the beginning of the year. Has your outlook changed yet? Kids a stud. He’ll bring a title back to sf.

        And Ribico…. Lol do me a favor and let them breath brah. You’re still nothing but a Claude clone. How does that feel?

      28. left yourself wide open for this one Primeslime,
        who has Alex Smith made better in KC? He’s got one of the highest paid WR’s in football and his stats have declined dramatically. So who has AS made better?
        I know his defense has made the team better. I don’t know why I even bother. You double name posting hater. Yeah hater. I can pull up a gazillion posts of yours hating on Crabtree and Kaepernick who happen to be current players on my Niner team.

      29. Rib,
        what a soft punk you’ve turned into. Had the Chiefs defense played like this last year they would not have only won two games.
        The entire NFL world can see that Kansas City’s defense is carrying this team. And Rib busts out with, “Alex made the team better”. Gee Rib, do you knit while you watch football games too? Man up already.
        NFL.com lists the top 15 QB’s in the league and Smith who’s team is 8-0 isn’t listed as one of them. Hmmmm. They are wrong though cause the Smither’s said so buahahaha.

        Here is a Cassel / Smith comparison over 8 games with the Chiefs
        1796 Yards 58% completions 22 sacks 6TD 12INT
        1790 yards 59% completions 24 sacks 9TD 4 INT

        My opinion is that Reid could have taught Cassel to throw underneath and be more protective of the ball. Look at the stats. The only difference and it’s a big one, are 8 turnovers. My point is, the way KC’s defense is playing they’d be playing winning ball with Cassel back there too. Especially if they “managed” him like they are with Smith.

      30. @MD this year pal? With a full training camp how come he could not make guys like Moore, Patton, Lockette, or Williams slightly productive? I know stud, potetial, big arm, whatever. Greatness is defined by making others around you better. It’s has not happened and that’s a fact.

        @Baydouche, not only are you stupid and can’t read, you cant stop thinking about Alex Smith and tying everything back to him. I asked about CK not Alex dummy!
        Go ahead and spend an entire afternoon looking up old posts. You look stupid and there is nothing more I enjoy seeing then the entire blog laugh at you.

      31. bay:

        Is it poor reading comprehension or are you deliberately trying to set up yet another straw man? I wasn’t talking about the switch when I referred to you three as the Three Amigos.*

        I was talking about the disrespect that the three of you showed Hofer because he dared to disagree with you about Smith. Others could disagree with him on that, or any other, topic without being dicks about it. You three couldn’t. You continually questioned his football intelligence, his integrity and his fandom. Just look at your comments today; you’re still doing it. He “portrayed” himself as a die hard Niner fan, but he wasn’t. He was a “fraud”.

        I’m sorry you don’t like the Three Amigos nickname; I’ll go back to calling you the Three Stooges.


        * Most commenters on the blog supported the switch. That’s because most of us (unlike you, jordan and ninermd) trust Harbaugh’s judgment when it comes to QBs.

      32. >> Had the Chiefs defense played like this last year they would not have only won two games.

        So tell me bay, what big playmakers on this year’s Chiefs defense weren’t there in stinking up the league last year? The biggest difference in the turnaround? Your own stats posting – the offense isn’t giving up nearly 3 turnovers a game. That’ll sap the heart out of any defense.

        >>My opinion is that Reid could have taught Cassel to throw underneath and be more protective of the ball.

        Well, they had the chance to, didn’t they? Cassell had some good years, but he turned into a turnover machine. If Reid couldn’t cure Vick of that, what makes you think he could have done the same with Cassell?

      33. Claude,
        if you supported the switch, then shut your pie hole about it already. Who appointed you Claude protector of the blog weak.
        As for Primeslime, who did CK make better? Try Davis and Crabtree both of which have career high stats with CK as their QB douchebag.
        Prime, now tell us why you post under two names in the same blog comment thread? And laughable that you called Jordan a welcher. Are you not a welcher? Hmm a real estate attorney that doesn’t pay his debts.

      34. >>You’re still nothing but a Claude clone. How does that feel?

        Aw. That really hurt me. But then I remembered this is coming from a guy whose posse consists of bay and jordo. End of discussion.

      35. The Chiefs go from 2-14 last year to 9-0 this year, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the change at QB?

        Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

      36. Rib,
        the 49ers went to the superbowl and their QB was one of the most exciting players in the NFL yet you kept your Smith avatar even after he was traded. Why?

      37. Baydouche pay attention! Crabtree has not played this year. That’s not my question. I said this year. VD had productive years the last 4 years and please spare me the stats nerd.
        One more time, Who on the current 49ers roster not named Boldin or Davis has CK made a better player out of?
        I’m talking about average players that guys like Brady, Rodgers, Brees that have made no names into legit players? CK no one!

      38. You and the other 2 stooges keep lying about that, I didn’t. But I considered it, just to rub the hater’s stinking noses in it.

      39. What’s the purpose of your question anyways prime?
        You can’t see the 3rd down conversions and red zone % are better? And how can he make receivers better when he never throws the ball? Think that might have something to do with coaching this season. Lets wait until he gets his receivers back, then measure his field presence. Are you not a fan of CK?

      40. So Rib, an oversight? Or are you just a liar? My opinion is that it’s an oversight by a douche that keeps poor company…..

        By the way, this was under the thread titled Alex Smith has been traded.

        Mr. Everything says:
        February 27, 2013 at 9:22 am

        Maybe Ribico can finally try associating himself with a winner now!!!

        ribico says:
        February 27, 2013 at 9:59 am

        Run along doggie. Your master, Pavlov, is calling you.
        Mr. Everything says:
        February 27, 2013 at 10:00 am

        Still fronting #1 ???

        You are a tremendous loser! Just tremendous! Til the day you die, huh Ribs?

        Go Alex!!!
        claude balls says:
        February 27, 2013 at 10:04 am

        @ ribico:

        What will it take to get you to keep the AS avatar? The entertainment value of PBL’s and Bay’s head exploding on a regular basis would be significant.
        Mr. Everything says:
        February 27, 2013 at 10:07 am


        Just for you, buddy old pal! My head is not exploding, but you and Ribs are predictably snug in each others’ rears.

      41. My opinion is that Reid could have taught Cassel to throw underneath and be more protective of the ball.

        That’s nice, but Reid, the guy who actually knows something about quarterbacking, doesn’t share your opinion.

      42. Bay,

        Despite winning only 2 games, the Chiefs sent 5 defensive players to the Pro Bowl. That would suggrst those interceptions were very costly.

        Also, Reid could have stuck with Cassel, but chose to trade for Smith instead and has been rewarded with the best start to a season in his career.

        Deduce from that whatever you like.

      43. Deduce it yourself Jack. Even pro bowlers can play at a higher level. Those pro bowlers regardless of the turnovers did not sack the QB as much, force as many turnovers and ultimately score as much the year before. That’s a fact.
        Anything you say to the contrary is just an opinion. Why don’t you write a blog article about it……

      44. The purpose of my question MD is that some of you are so happy to see Smith go and instantly put CK on this all encompassing greatness QB.
        What I have seen so far this year from CK is that the organization decided to go cheap at the WR position because they thought CK could make guys like Patton, Moore, Lockette, Wiliiams, mediocre players into productive players. He could not.
        I also think the coaches had to simplify the playbook for him because at the beginning of the year they wanted to ride CKs arm. That didn’t work. Now with a renewed running game emphasis and play calling he is succeeding.
        My other point is all this was seen as an excuse for Alex. Now CK is under a similar situation and it’s looked upon as different? C’mon man.
        If anyone is going to label CK as a stud then he needs to start making players around him better. Not the Davis’s, Boldin’s, or Crabtree’s but the 4th, 5th and 7th round draft picks and undrafted free agents better. You wanna pay CK 100 million dollars, well then your salary cap just got a little tighter and you will need some no names to be productive.
        Greatness is defined as making others around you better!

      45. And this proves what, bay?

        remember what happened yesterday when you went on your unhinged past posting search? Looks like Grant had to flush your toilet after you. Probably was none too happy over it either.

      46. if you supported the switch, then shut your pie hole about it already.

        I’m not talking about the switch. I’m talking about what a d!ck you are when people don’t accept your “expert” opinion.

        Who appointed you Claude protector of the blog weak.

        The official title is Revealer of Bayareafanatic’s Ignorance, Hypocrisy and General Uninformed Bullsh!t

      47. ribico says:
        November 7, 2013 at 12:00 pm
        You and the other 2 stooges keep lying about that, I didn’t. But I considered it, just to rub the hater’s stinking noses in it.

        Uh ummmm. I told you to
        Lay off the trees. Like I said you can call anybody a liar you want, and I can call a duck a dog. Still don’t make it right. Tell me rib. What’s it like being a Claude lab made troll? Everywhere he’s at, you’re their. He copies and pastes and so do you. He trolls after 23 and Bay and guess what???? So do you. Are you Claude himself? Of not he’s made a spot on clone. You talk about company folks keep, I guess a clone has one master to follow. Filthy lab troll. That’s evident.
        Might as well throw up the smith jersey again.

      48. LOL. Anybody have a snappy acronym/contraction/name for bay’s 2012 Kansas City defense excuses?

        You are really flailing around this time, bay. And that’s saying something.

      49. Hey Claude….
        I have a question. Why do you constantly follow Bay and post on his posts? If you can’t stand him?
        And please leave your clone at home for a day. He’s an ankle bitter. Poor little guy can’t do for himself.

      50. btw MD, what is that blob that you call an avatar? It looks like a cop car breaking up a Candlestick parking lot disturbance.

      51. Jack one play Big Sleeper makes Bruce Miller better? That’s more coaching and the art of deception that CK game making Bruce Millers game better.
        One area CK has helped is the oline. They don’t give up as many sacks because CK can flee. But as far as WR’s, NOBOOOOODDDDYYYYY!!!!!!!!

      52. Prime Time says:
        November 7, 2013 at 10:43 am
        Big P you come off as a football know it all. None of your other cronies could answer this but maybe you can.
        Greatness is defined by players making other players around them better. Who in your mind has CK made a better, more productive player this year?

        (Note, not Q or VD, those players are already established)
        1. I have NEVER said CK was a great QB. I have consistently maintained that he is a good QB with the potential to be great, which is why Harbaugh chose him as his starter. I think Harbaugh absolutely made the right choice and I support it.
        2. Smith is a good QB that does not have the potential to be great. Smith has never made anybody better during his seven seasons, yet you demand All-Pro caliber play from a QB with a season under his belt. That’s your vendetta, I don’t care.
        3. Stop trying to lump me in with Bay and 23J and their opinions. I often disagree with them and let them know about it. They will be the first to admit it. They respect my opinion and and have always been cool to me, whether they agree with me or not.
        4. You constantly go after Bay and Jordan, to the point where you seem obsessed. You rip them for being anti-Smith, which they are, yet you are the exact same person when it comes to Kaepernick. I don’t even think you would post here if it wasn’t for them, you seem to really enjoy the back and forth. I really don’t care. I’m all about the Niner’s and whoever their QB is. Leave me out of your fruitless holy war with Bay and Jordan.

      53. Yea bay u rite…Reid could have worked wit cassel..but cassel wasnt worth 10+million dollars they would have to pay ..keeping him on their roster. Cassel had success in new england and that kc playoff yr in 2010..It could’ve worked

      54. Big P I will happily lump you in with those 2 losers because you always come running to their rescue with your peanut gallery commentary so nice try on the leave me out of it joke!
        Lastly, if you are saying my comments toward CK are similar to those of Baydouche and 23clown towards Alex, well pal, you are as equally slow as them.

      55. Same old Smithers. Must be doing this one for HOF.
        Sure give Alex smith ALL the credit for a 9-0 start. It’s the bottom of the barrel argument. Lets guess what two things are in common for Smith in the past 3 years. can anyone guess what happened in 2011 and 2013 for the 49ers and chiefs.? Anyone?

        And had pretty much the same roster as years and year past. Hmmmmm?

      56. Jack I know you can’t handle being wrong but Millers game has not improved because of CK. He’s a full back.
        Sorry guy, I do disagree and you are wrong this time.

      57. Those pro bowlers regardless of the turnovers did not sack the QB as much, force as many turnovers and ultimately score as much the year before. That’s a fact.

        It’s also a fact that the team’s improvement in those areas this year just happens to coincide with the arrival of a QB who has cut down on turnovers and improved on time and length of possession. You provided the turnover numbers. Well, you provided the interceptions. I didn’t see anything about fumbles.

        In 2013, the Chiefs rank 5th in ToP, with an advantage of + 4.5 minutes/game; in 2012, they ranked 20th with a -0.5 minutes/game disadvantage. That’s a net gain of 5 minutes, or 2.5 minutes for each side of the ball. Also, in 2013, KC’s ranks 1st in terms of opponents’ average stating position – 21.68 yard line. In 2012, they ranked 20th, and opponents started on average at the 27.98, 6+ yards better than they do this year.

        But I am sure those things have nothing to do with the QB and have had no positive effect on the defense.

      58. ninermd:

        You first. Why do you continually miss the point?

        If bay would stop posting such utter b/s, I wouldn’t comment on his comments. But he can’t seem to help himself.

        Here’s another one for you. Why do you care? Are you a fan of uninformed nonsense?

        Never mind. I already know the answer to that one.

      59. MD
        I agree no QB should be given ALL the credits. I also disagree when a QB gets NO credits, and that was what happened in 2011.
        Some started to talk about TEAM when Kaep is limited by a weak, injured receiving corp, which I agree 100%.
        But how about the 2011′s weak, injured receving corp?

      60. “He’s a full back.”

        Yep, and he has been used at times to fill the role left open by the departure of Walker as well.

      61. Jack really? Maybe the blocking assignments he has filled in for Delanie but receiving? 13 catches for 158 yards? 4 carries for 7 yards? Nine of that relates well to CK.
        Please just say you were wrong and move on, don’t be a Bay douche!

      62. >>so why did you lie?

        bay, the only thing you proved with your OCD dredging up of those old posts is how classless and dickish the usual clowns are in their comentary. Or in E’s case *were* – he’s mellowed as of late.

      63. “Maybe the blocking assignments he has filled in for Delanie but receiving?”

        Yes. Last year Walker was targeted 38 times. In the first half of this season Miller has been targeted 18 times, which puts him on pace to almost match Walker’s total from last season.

      64. Targets for 1 yard dump offs when the play has been obliterated? Those targets have only resulted in 158 yards, 40 of those 2 weeks ago on a gimmicky play. How has CK elevated Millers game?
        C’mon Jack you finally gained some respect on the blog after a long time. Don’t piss it away with Baydouche rebuttal.

      65. “How has CK elevated Millers game?”

        In 8 games Miller has surpassed his reception total from all 16 games last season, and 15 games the year before.

        You asked for an example, I gave you one. You don’t agree, but all of the numbers state otherwise.

      66. Albert…. The 2011 receiving corp was depleted. The only time I knocked smith in 2010 is when he wouldn’t throw the ball to MC when he was open downfield multiple times throuout the year. I was on the smith wagon when Harbaugh came and he lit up the Giants in the regular season. From that point on I started having some faith in smith.

        The receivers this season are depleted also, but I don’t see ck throwing as much as smith did back then. And when he does throw he doesn’t go straight to a check down throw. He does throw the ball deeper to stretch defenses. As far as this smith just wins garbage. I can’t give him credit for riding string defenses who thrive in turnovers. He does very little to help the offense score td’s. I will give him credit for not losing games. By throwing pre 2010 int’s like he use to. It’s this simple if Harbaugh thought Alex smith just won games and could win a superbowl he would still be here. Plain and simple. Again starting qb’s “who just win games” don’t get benched after 1 week from a concussion. You know what got ck his job? He lit up chicagos defense with deep outs and deep post throws his speed and legs helped out a lot. ONE game!!! That’s not a coach who truly believes in his injured winning qb.
        Do you honestly think if KC’s defense was playing like they were last season the chiefs would be where they are? NO way not with smith. They are the stars of that team. And smith gets the credit??? What defensive position does he play?

      67. So because he got more touches than the previous year means Millers game is better? Don’t you have to turn those touches into production? How many of those receptions were for 1st downs, TDs or chain moving plays?
        My point is Miller is not a better FB because he has had more passes thrown to him when only producing 158 yards. That’s also not on CK making him a better productive player. Play calling maybe.

      68. Hey Claude here’s a thought. Why don’t you state your own opinion for once? Are you a cyber bully? Trolling after someone waiting like a coward for them to speak first so you can take cheap shots are a *itch move. This is why you aren’t liked by anyone but your lab rat. Hammer bent you over and over till you submitted to be his **tch!

        Now que the lab troll clone ribico/Claude
        Pretty easy way out Claude when you don’t say anything to start a conversation. Big man.

      69. MD
        “He does very little to help the offense score td’s. I will give him credit for not losing games.”
        How about moving the chain to get into position to score TDs? And he threw 9 and ran for 1.
        You will have to watch each KC game closely before you make that broad statement.
        Of course the KC D should get most of the credit, along with Andy Reid.
        But everyone should get credits on a winning team.
        Which KC games are purely a defensive/ST win?
        Majority of the New Age Smithers :) in KC take AS over Cassel for good reasons, and they don’t blame AS solely on the offense.

  7. My blog went over 30,000 hits yesterday, and I wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you that have checked it out.

    I owe a big thanks to Hofer for telling me to do it, Ribico for pointing me in the right direction to get it done, and Grant for allowing me to piggy back it off this blog.

    My goal is to eventually build it into a standalone site, and I’m looking into some things to get that done. For now I will continue to link the posts here, and you can also follow along on Twitter, @NinerChatter. Thanks again.


    1. Jack:

      That’s great news. Congratulations. I am happy to see that your hard work is paying off.

      How about some love for the four of us who have clicked on the site 7500 times each to get you there?

    2. Good for you Jack. I always love seeing the ones who come from the bottom reach the sky. Keep it up and maybe you can boot me off of your site one day. :-)

    3. The comments section not working for a while may have been a blessing though, rascals and hooligans that we are around here.

      1. Thanks Nick. Yes it is. I think the key to hits is getting the comments section rolling for the repeat clicks, and finding a way to get it out to a wider group of fans.

        I’m still a rookie so hopefully it will come along in time.

      2. Jack

        Do you make money? Your blog entries are far better than Grant’s. We should all migrate over to the self-made man’s site.

    4. Well deserved Jack. The research and information you put together is always an excellent read. Congrats and continued success.

    1. Jack, first congrats on your blog’s success. 30,000 hits is pretty awesome!

      2nd, good read on Carradine and thanks for link to Miller’s article which was informative as well. I’m guessing you agree that Tank’s better with his hand in the dirt? But do you think that is the only way the 49ers will use him?

      Last, I think Jerrod-Eddie will be the inactive.

      1. Thanks Space. The answer to your question is a little tricky because the 49ers move the linemen around and sometimes even J Smith doesn’t have his hand down.

        Put it this way, I don’t think we will see Carradine lining up at outside linebacker. He’ll be on the line.

        I am curious to see how they play this Aldon Smith thing though. I know his numbers have been huge, but his contract is coming up soon and do they want to invest in a big $$$ deal with him. I think it will all depend on how Lemonier develops, and what Smith is looking for.

    2. I wouldn’t rule out Dobbs Jack. After all, the team did cut a key piece on STs in LB Nate Stupar in favor of CB Eric Wright. Another good blog article by the way.

  8. Thank jeebus Cutler was cleared to play, I was gonna be up poop creek for my QB spot this week in the blog league.

    Course knowing Cutler’s boom or bust tendency I might be screwed either way.

    1. The Lions have a porous secondary Coffee. It actually looks good for Cutler this week. Oh yeah. Congrads on being the first to knock off Razor from the unbeaten perch. ;-)

    1. Ya know.. razor ..
      I watched a little of Alex Smith’s last performance..
      and I was struck by how much #11 in KC reminded me
      of himself with the Niners …

      because …

      I actually saw him doing his favorite
      49er play ..

      Since I have no idea what this play is called, there..
      allow me to describe it for ya ..

      With the 1st down marker 6 yds away …
      (and on 3rd down .. )
      Alex comes out from under center .. play action ..
      defender bites ..
      He rolls right … and throws a perfect
      intermediate pass …
      out of bounds !

      1. Who’s the hater now Rib. Liar and a hater….. You should be so proud.
        I watch most of the Chief’s games. Alex is average. Very average. But he excels at one thing. He protects the ball.

      2. rib ..
        in fairness, yeah .. you’re right ..

        (I was just having a little fun, here at
        the “smithers” expense) .. but ..

        I got a feeling .. beginning with the game this week .. what, with Mario comin’ back ..
        GRo has got something cooked up that
        will limit those out of bounds throws to
        almost nil ..
        and when Crabtree gets back … the
        Niners are gonna be scary !

        I believe in Kaep …

      3. As of right now Bay, average is a lot better than what the fans saw on the field yesterday. And no I am not sticking up for Smith or bashing Kaep. I am stating the mere fact that yesterday was beyond the level of unacceptable. I believe Kaep will get better, but he needs to practice on his fundamentals instead of bulking up and signing up for any endorsement deal that comes his way.

  9. Happy Friday everyone,
    a little Friday humor. Think this guy knows how to take a hint. Guy gets banned and continues to type anyway. Need friends or what lol…. Want this guy representing you as a real estate attorney? buahahahah

    Prime Time says:
    April 16, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Prime Time says:
    April 16, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    Prime Time says:
    April 16, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    MidWestNiner says:

    April 16, 2013 at 7:13 pm
    If they weren’t awake, your add-nothing posts would still be here Prime.
    Prime Time says:
    April 16, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    MidWestNiner says:
    April 17, 2013 at 3:54 am
    Coffee’s for closers says:
    April 17, 2013 at 8:23 am

    Keep trying Prime, it’s always fun to watch an idiot bang his head against the wall.
    MidWestNiner says:
    April 17, 2013 at 9:03 am

    This is Prime:
    Jack Hammer says:
    April 17, 2013 at 9:07 am

    You gotta admire Prime’s tenacity….

  10. Talk about desperate…..

    Chewie, good response…

    Prime Time says:
    April 24, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Can I play?

    Chewie says:
    April 24, 2013 at 1:05 pm
    With yourself?

  11. This string is comical….

    He gets to comment for just a second, and then poof buahahaha

    Prime Time says:
    April 24, 2013 at 9:19 am
    I can’t believe I got cut from the draft! Wow!

    BigP says:
    April 24, 2013 at 10:56 am
    I can’t believe you keep posting here.

    Nightingale says:
    April 24, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Prime Time says: (banned again lol)
    April 24, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Brotha Tuna says:
    April 24, 2013 at 5:31 pm
    Who, exactly, is bitter? Ahem.*snicker*

    BigP says:
    April 24, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Bitter about what? Even though your comments are constantly deleted, you seem unable to take the hint. It’s almost like your only option in life is to hang out where you aren’t wanted. Talk about bitter

    1. Come’on Bay, Football… this is a football blog, not 7th grade BS, look how dumb that guy looks, OMG can you believe what he said!!!

      Not funny and Nobody cares! You can bring something to the table when you’re not trolling the gutter.

    2. MD- Where is the 7th grade insult? That’s right, there isn’t one. To answer your question from the other day, I’ve been around this blog at least 6+ years, I know the drill.

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